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I'm more of a mountain-climber than a rock climber so I use these shoes typically as part of a bigger adventure in an outdoor setting. I purchased .5 size smaller than the size chart indicates I should. (I wear an 8.5 and have a 39.5 in this shoe). This allows me to wear the shoe barefoot for indoor climbing (which I do occasionally) and with a thin sock outdoors- I can somewhat uncomfortably squish a cushioned hiking sock in there but will avoid this unless it's super cold. These are comfortable enough to not have sore feet after climbing, a nice form-fitting feel. They work well in both settings I use them in. I'm not a technical rock climber so can't speak to that use. They also, being flexible, fit nicely into my pack with my other gear. They are not cheap, but comfortable feet are critical on my adventures, so I invested. So far, I'm glad I didi.

These shoes really break in to fit your feet! I have weird shaped feet; my toes are really far apart but I have relatively narrow heels, and my right foot is kind of wider.... These shoes worked better for me than the ones with the velcro straps, just because of the adjustability in width due to the laces. They are comfy and sticky, and you can tighten the laces around the ankles to secure them better. I got them wet once, and they shrunk a little bit, but stretched right back out to fit my feet. They have just enough give for if the front of your feet are kind of wide. For some reason, I feel like these don't smear as well as the ones I used before (these older model men's La Sportivas). They are a little pricey, but I expect they'll last me a while.

This is my first pair of climbing shoes and I love them! They are comfortable enough that I don't need to unlace them in between climbs (although I wouldn't wear them on a hike), but feel good on the wall. I went 1.5 sizes smaller than my normal shoe size and they fit perfectly. At first I thought I had too much room in the toes but they end up forming to your feet as you walk (if that makes sense). They are a little bit on the expensive side but totally worth it in my opinion!

I love this shoe. My other shoes are so uncomfortable but with these I get performance as well as comfort. I had to go a 1/2 size smaller because the leather stretched too much but now they're perfect. With the bigger size they made almost a [*] noise when I would walk on them(air in btwn arc and shoe) but they're not for walking anyway. They edge well. and are wonderful at slab. I like a more aggressive shoe for overhang and bouldering. they're good in cracks except the metal lace thing at the front digs in to my foot while jamming. ouch! still a fantastic shoe.

As a new climber these shoes were a great choice to start out with. I ended up going about a size smaller than I actually wear because I read that they stretch quite a bit. I found that mine did stretch but are still fairly snug (in a good way) and have sort of molded to my feet, which is great during climbs. Great quality shoe and super comfortable with the suede... not to mention durable. Very pleased!

I got these shoes as my first pair of new climbing shoes. It was quite uncomfortable for the first month or so, now they fit perfectly since they have molded to my feet. The only thing that I find that really bothers me is that between climbs they are not very easy to take off and slip back on. Other than that they are a great shoe whether indoors or outdoors, no matter the slope or terrain.

My street size is a women’s 9 and I got these shoes in a 38 which equates to a little less than a 7.5 US (this was the smallest size I could fit my feet into without my toes being curled) I climbed in them for the first time today and they’re surprisingly comfortable and they actually molded to my feet rather quickly.

This is a great all around shoe with a great fit. What you gain in comfort, you lose a little in performance because you have a more round than boxed toe. However, it's perfect for a recreational / beginner climber like me. Also, I got a lot of envious looks from other climbers :) The sales guy made me go down a half size, which was pefect. Thanks sales guy!

These are exceptional shoes if you like to boulder indoors. They're very comfortable, which surprised me because generally speaking climbing shoes are supposed to be tight on your toe box. The soles are the best part in my opinion - I feel like I can boulder fairly high on the wall and not expect to fall or slip. Oh, and they're really cute too. :)

I bought these for my wife since she just started climbing. The main selling point for us was that the laces wrap around the back (heel) of the shoe with a padding. She always has a tough time finding shoes that won't rub the area around her achilles tendon raw and these were perfect! They fit her perfectly but like any climbing shoe you have to try them on before you buy them. She climbs in a gym and outdoors on granite/slab. They work for her and she says it helps her on some of the cracks we are working on.

This is by far the best shoe I have found! I have a weird shape to the back of my foot and due to the fact that you are able to tighten and loosen the heal it fits perfect! I love them and would only buy another pair!

I used these shoes for trad, including multi-pitch, and I love them. They are comfortable to wear all day long. I wear Miuras for technical and/or overhung routes, but use these for everything else. The balls of my feet are wide and heels narrow. The laces give you the opportunity to customize the fit. They do stretch slightly. In Miuras, I wear a 38.5, but in these I wear 37.5 or 38. I've had both sizes and they were both fine, the 38's are a little more comfortable. Great all around shoe.

I like these shoes for longer climbs, and find them to be really comfortable. It feels like I'm able to really grip with my feet, and the laces help get the custom fit I want.

... and I still ROCK these at the gym. I love these shoes, I love the way the laces go around the heel to make them that much more snug on my feet. I bought them a little looser than I would for gym climbing just so I could use them on long climbs like at smith (monkeyface!) I would say though for gym climbing i might have gone down .5 size because they do stretch out and i like to have super tight shoes for gym climbing since i usually climb for less than 3 hours at a gym.

I absolutely love my Mythos. They are super comfortable, and just what I wanted. They are certainly not aggressive shoes, and I have had occurrences where a more aggressive shoe would have been helpful (these don't smear great) - but I can wear those shoes all day long and my feet never hurt, I never have blisters and I don't have to take them off between climbs. I've had these shoes as my primary shoes for over a year, mostly gym climbing 3-5/a week, and several outdoor trips in Joshua Tree/Pinnacles and the rubber is still good. I will certainly resole when it comes time. I wear a 6.5/7 in my normal shoes and am a 38 (aka 7) in these - unlike my aggressive shoes that I had to size up to a 9.5 in just to get my foot into. Would highly recommend these, especially for people who might be just taking up climbing.

I'm new to bouldering, and started with rental shoes. They were ok, but I learned quickly how much proper sizing matters. These are really comfortable for being a shoe you should wear snug. I am typically a women's 9.5 (EU 41) and I purchased 2 full sizes smaller (EU 39), and for me they are great. I've used them for a dozen climbs so far, and they are comfortable, have good grip and I can get the fit right in all the right places with the lacing.

I previously climbed in La Sportiva Tarantulace in a size 37.5. I read that the Mythos run large, so I ordered a 37. When I received them, they were way too big-- in fact, the Mythos in a 37 was ~.25" longer than the Tarantulace in a 37.5. I thought this was odd as both shoes are pretty basic, non-aggressive, comfortable builds by the same brand.

I have wide feet and long toes, so normally when I wear a new pair of climbing shoes, there's an initial period of pain while breaking them in. Not so with the Mythos. They're basically slippers. I'm going to make them my go-to crack climbing shoes, as well as for multi-pitch climbs where edging isn't a major concern. They run large, even more so than the TC Pro's. I'm normally 39-39.5, and the 38.5 Mythos was the best fit for me.

This is my 3rd pair of climbing shoes and is definitely the last model/shoe that I'll need to try out. If the Evolv Rockstars or the Evolv Elektras fit you well & are comfortable, this will fit even better. I have long narrow feet, a longer 2nd toe, and more straight flat heel. I find that most other models outside of these 3 are painful to wear because they dig into my heel a bit too much.

This is a good shoe to wear every day but isn’t for precision climbing. I tend to slip off small footholds a lot and I had to tighten the lace around the heel to keep it a good fit. Extremely comfortable with a much smaller shoe size than I’d expect. Good for 4 hrs of climbing before the disconfort registers. Great shoe for narrow feet and my second shoe as a growing intermediate climber.

My wife has been using these shoes for a couple of weeks now and she really likes them. They are apparently very comfortable although they're taking a while to break in.

Had to buy these as my feet cannot handle other shoes outside. Unfortunately I won't be able to do the really technical stuff outside until I get another size smaller.

These are my first pair of climbing shoes and I've been climbing for about 4-5 months now. (Sadly I have a bad sprain and have to take a break from it.) I love these shoes! They are worth every cent. I can climb for hours in them and my feet are still pretty happy with me. They smear great and I love the way they fit me. I couldn't ask for a better first shoe.

New-ish climber. Only have ever rented shoes before so finally decided to purchase my own. Did a little research before making a decision and had narrowed it down between this pair and another. Went to try them on in-store and decided that these were the ones for me. Normally wear a size 7, bought a 6.5. Would definitely recommend for beginners like myself!

These were my first climbing shoes, and they totally got the job done. Not a super aggressive toe, but really comfortable -- which is good because, it's kinda time-consuming getting them on and off due to laces. They are leather, so they will definitely stretch out over time, best to size down significantly, even if a little uncomfortable at first.

I'm on my second pair of these, and tried a different brand in between that I ended up returning. My feet were so happy when I put my new pair of mythos shoes on. These are the perfect neutral climbing shoe. However, make sure you try them on to find your fit! They run super large - I'm a size 6.5 or 7 shoe, and got the size 35 in these.

These shoes stretch a lot. I bought mine a size and a half down from my regular shoe size based on the recommendation of the sales person who said they would stretch. At first they killed my feet and I thought I had bought them too small, but after eight or so climbs they fit perfect. I am so glad I listened to the sales person.

If you haven't climbed with other rock climbing shoes, don't let these ones' comfort fool you! The biggest problem isn't the stretching but their terrible breathability. I have had several other tighter leather shoes but they never gave me a sweating feet like these. I definitely won't recommend these to anyone around me.

These are my first climbing shoes so take this with a grain of salt. I like them because I have tendonitis and these don't come up too high on the back of my ankle and aggravate it. I bought a half-size down this time and a few months in I'm thinking I should have gone down a whole size instead - these definitely stretch!

I bought this pair of Mythos as my "comfortable" pair, rotating them with my La Sportiva Miura lace ups. Wow. SUPER COMFORTABLE! :) I love them. I wear 39/40 street shoes, my Miuras are 38.5, and I had to exchange these from 38.9 to 37...and they are still stretching in volume! They are great, however. No regrets!

I am sure that the mythos is a favorite for many. I love La Sportiva and really feel that they make the best shoes. However, these shoes were not what I was looking for. I am a poor college student so I spend lots of time training indoors. I needed a more aggressive bouldering shoe...I was using Coyotes before I got these. I went into my local REI and was pretty disappointed that they only had 4 shoes to select from. I picked these because I was looking for some sportivas and I wasn't interested in the other shoes. My complaint with the shoe was how they fit on me. They felt very large on my foot, but I was not able to downsize any further because the back of the shoe was cutting badly into my achilles heel. It was too painful to even take a step. I do have very long narrow feet so that could have been the issue. I gave these a chance that night by taking them into my gym, but I felt so clumsy with these on. The toe is so huge and round that it is difficult to feel where you are placing your toe, which is definitely not what I was looking for in a shoe. I am sure these would be much better suited to some sort of trad climbing, but if you are looking for a bouldering shoe then these are probably not the best choice. Luckily REI has an awesome return policy so I returned them for some Katanas, which I love!

These are my second pair of climbing shoes and I couldn't be more pleased. The fit can be slightly uncomfortable when you first wear them but after half a dozens climbs they've really molded to my feet well and have gotten increasingly more comfortable. These are great all around climbing shoes!

I bought these for outdoor climbing to get a little more comfort while still maintaining a tight fit. These shoes are perfect for longer hours of climbing. They have stretched so far and will probably continue to. These shoes are extremely comfortable yet also mold to my feet. They are awesome!

I've tried so many different pairs of shoes at the store and these were the only pair that my feet loved. I didn't want to spend much since I wasn't planning on getting into climbing so much but these shoes were the best investment ever and they make me want to climb more and more :)

These climbing shoes are popular amongst climbers because they are comfortable, absorb sweat and have great rubber that grips. The leather stretches a little over time, but the shoes are comfortable and breathable due to the leather. These are a great choice! Highly recommend!

I've been bouldering in these for about 9 months. I was super worried about buying too small of shoes. Street size is 7.5 and I bought these in a 6. They really did stretch and mold to my foot. I can comfortably wear them for a couple hours. These were the shoes I bought when I first started climbing and they have gotten me through the beginning learning curve. I'm climbing v5 now, indoors. I wore these climbing outside once, but there aren't many outdoor climbing spots in my state so I haven't tested them much in that realm. The rand on the right shoe peeled back where it bends pretty early on but it hasn't really gotten worse. They've flattened out a bit over time. I climb maybe 5-6 hours a week on average. I'm looking to buy a slightly more aggressive shoe in the near future but will keep these around for more lengthy climbing days. If I'm still using them down the road, I'd like to get them resoled and see if they get some new life in them. I love the shoe and am more than happy that I picked it when I had no idea what I was doing.

I bought a pair of women's Mythos three years ago, and still use them occasionally. As a beginner climber I found these shoes extremely comfortable, especially when climbing outdoors on long hot days. I would highly recommend these shoes if you live in an area with slab climbing. While these shoes were great as a beginner, I found that my climbing plateaued around 10c-11a in these shoes; the lack of stiffness and support in the rubber makes small crimp foot holds and overhang challenging. I have switched over to a pair of Miuras when climbing higher grades and overhang. Overall I am happy with the fit of the shoes, the adjustable laces and leather feel like they have molded around my low volume narrow foot. When trying out these shoes, I would recommend buying the second smallest pair that fit on your feet, as you can expect Mythos to stretched a full size, especially in width.

These are only my second pair of climbing shoes I've purchased from REI, but they are the most comfortable ones I've worn so far! I have a high endurance, and now that my feet can keep up with me. It's all uphill from here.

I've been climbing in these shoes for six years. I have two pairs that I swap out month to month. They survive resoles without too much stretching and are a fantastic all-around climbing shoe for inside and outside.

These shoes are some of the best rock climbing shoes I have ever had on my feet. I have very small feet, but these were able to conform to my feet and I could crank down on the laces to get a great fit.

These are very comfortable. The laces make it easy to adjust the tightness. The harder soles help you to stabilize yourself on the wall. I have used mine for over a year and they are still great shoes.

I wore this shoe climbing and bouldering, for hours at a time, and my feet felt fine afterwards. Though not too agressive, it's a very comfortable design. I was surprised at how tacky the sole was too.

I have had this shoe for about a year and it is very comfortable but not good for anything with small feet. The toe slips and the rubber slides after wearing for about 6 months.

The mythos offer great comfort for long climbing expeditions. I have used them for face and crack climbing and have not found anything wrong with their performance.

As you would for any unlined leather, buy small, it stretches. This is one of my favorite shoes. I've been using them for years.

I've tried every shoe made for climbing and I've bought this shoe two times because it fits snug, yet is the most comfortable.

I love these shoes SO much, when I had to buy new one's, I bought the same exact shoes. All real women climber have these!!!

These shoes mold perfectly to my foot. They are lightweight and comfortable. The lacing system makes them easy on and off.

Really like these climbing shoes. Go two sizes down and they will mold perfectly to your feet. Comfy and light.

great shoe for first pair post rental shoe.

These shoes are super comfortable and rugged. The lace up design allows me to obtain a great fit.

I've really liked using these shoes. They fit and perform well and yet are comfortable.

comfortable all day long. they fit like a glove and get a great grip while climbing.

Doesnt tire my feet on a variety of climbs i do! love them!

These are a great value for the quality of the product.

This is my 3rd pair of Mythos climbing shoes !

used for indoor climbing, fits well

Mythos have to be one of the top 5 climbing shoes on the market. They've certainly been the best shoes I've had to date, and they've fully lived up to their reputation as a great technical outdoor shoe. The first time I wore them I instantly went up a grade, which given I'm a bit of a gear sceptic, made me laugh at the time. I'd give the Mythos 5 stars, but you never know what's around the corner, and also, I'm just now breaking in a pair of Muira lace-ups, and they might be even better (time will tell). Whilst I'd acknowledge that there are perhaps better purely indoor shoes on the market, if you're after a technical shoe for both indoors and outdoors, and particularly outdoor multi-pitch routes, then Mythos are hard to beat. If you get the sizing right they will initially be uncomfortable as heck (like a full size too small), but once you've worn them in they'll fit like a glove and you'll be able to keep them on for long periods. If you've got broad feet they're also probably one of the better fitting shoes around (though the Muiras are also pretty good on this count). First time around I wore out the toes quicker than with the shoes I'd had previously (maybe due to poor technique), but the Mythos take multiple resoling, so this hasn't been a big deal (at resoling I opt for the thickest rand 'rubber' available).

This is my first pair of shoes. I've had them roughly six months. I love them! I use them for everything: indoor, outdoor, top roping, bouldering. The first time I put them on they felt wonderful. They are 1.5 sizes smaller than my street shoe. I was concerned about the discomfort of breaking them in. (I have rather sensitive feet and too small a shoe can hurt for days.) I wish I had gone that extra .5 size down. The shoes stretched/broke in within a few weeks. I lost the solid feel in the toe on nibs. I can still climb anything my skill level allows, but I can see the benefit of getting that smaller size. As they are now, I can keep my shoe on for the duration of my visit to the gym. They don't do great for being upside down, but that could just be my skill level. They don't "hook" at the toe. I've been told they are more of a slab shoe. As for wearing, I couldn't be happier. I'm not terribly hard on shoes. I don't dyno (yet) and I don't smear hard. I have noticed very little wear and the leather is holding up incredibly well. Another benefit is that I don't have shoe funk. My feet sweat a lot, so that is a huge bonus! My skill level and frequency of climbing is C1+ and working up to C2-, top roping is at a 5.9 working up to a 5.10. I am in the gym 1-4 times a week. I go outdoors occasionally. Over six months, this (to me) is a lot of climbing. I've been told most shoes have about 6 months of life. These definitely have a lot of life left in them. I've known other climbers that have blown holes in their leather, worn holes in their toes, etc. in 6 weeks. I'm very happy with La Sportiva and will continue to buy them. They are worth every penny!

I wear 6.5. I originally purchased 36.5, but they were a tad too big so I exchanged for 36 (smallest that REI carries). I've climbed for 3 years and have experience climbing at bouldering gyms, outdoor multipitch and sport climbing. My review is directed for climbers who are wondering why it would be necessary to splurge in ~$130 shoes when you can find perfectly good climbing shoes for much lower.


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