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Probably one of the best all around boots on the market today. Hiking, backpacking, light mountaineering, 3 season glacier travel, 4 season trekking. Although not specifically labeled as crampon compatible, these boots work very well with strap on crampons from Grivel or Petzl - the soles are more than stiff enough to accommodate. Support and waterproofing are excellent. A good break in is a must.

I have worn the Asolo Brand of boots for more than 30 years. The Fugitive being the current boot of which I have two pair. I have never had to breakin a pair of Asolo's. I daily walk 5 miles on hard surfaces. I also spend many additional hours and miles in the bush and on the beach photographing birds. The only minus issue is the Fugitive heel rubber pad wears out after about two hundred or so miles. No one at REI knows anything about repair but can make recommendations. Uppers hold up well in all conditions. I spend winter months at about 3,300 feet elevation shooting various national rifle events; lots of snow, rain, mud, and slush to walk in. I do not hunt and kill animals for fun or food. My photography is preserving what as a youth I saw much of and as an old man I see very little that is left to seek out and appreciate. My boots get me there and are very much appreciated.

One hike, about 6 miles over hard-pack trail, the soles on both boots almost completely fell apart. I am going to miss work this week because of this. Enough said?

Comfortable, Expensive, Fall Apart Over Time

I bought these boots 6 years ago and have been my go-to shoe every weekend for any activity. They're performed well on day hikes and any weekend adventure for that entire time (and won't mark up a boat deck). The uppers stilll look pretty good; nothing is falling apart. To my recollection these boots have always fit well but I should point out that I have relatively narrow feet. My other Asolo's, powermatic 200, also fits my skinny feet well.

These boots required very little break in. I did a long trek after having only 20 or so miles on them. However, the sole has separated from the uppers on both boots. I've had them for about one year and have around 300 miles on them (pack miles). I can't believe it. I'm going to try and send the boots back to ASOLO to see if they will replace them (I'll repost about their response). It is possible that I have a defective pair, but the fact that it happened on both boots makes this less likely.

I loved these boots as much as anyone, but after about 200 miles in 5 years, the foam midsole started to Dry Rot. Now after a recent hike, the bottom rubber sole is about to completely separate from both of them. I don't think I've ever seen a material on a premium piece of gear deteriorate like this, it just crumbles indefinitely to the touch. Everything else on the boot, is still in great condition.

While these boots fit me extremely well, are light weight and have great traction, they have some serious quality issues.

I bought these for two purposes, to hike the JMT and for my Search and Rescue boots. Within two weeks of owning these I logged about 20-30 miles in them and they broke in super quick. Just in time for an over night search through mixed terrain, boulders, brush and creek crossings. All that I can say is that these boots were worth every dollar spent and are by far the most comfortable boots I have every hiked in. They have support in all of the right spots and are sturdy yet light enough to let me hike all night without feeling tired or sore. I haven't found any hot spots or blisters with these boots whereas most other hikers I have worn tend to rub the bottoms of my feet raw.

I have been wearing these boots almost daily (rain or shine) for the last 4 years. I bought my first pair to climb Mt. Whitney in 2014 after being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I am not a huge person but 3 pairs later,about to buy my 4th pair, they have never let me down. I don't use them in extreme conditions but I do hike in them regularly and I wear them rain or shine. No sole separation, no tears, no rot. Yes after about a year of wearing them almost daily they begin to wear down on the heal but then again that may be the way I walk. I usually keep one of the older pairs in the closet just in case a problem does occur as the heal wear is not that severe and is still serviceable. I probably retire a pair earlier than most people would because of my illness as I must have great grip due to balance issues and my higher than normal risk of falling.

Picked these up after returning a pair of TNF boots and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Just finished a trip in SA through the Andes and these held up great. They seem to get more comfortable with each wear. I was extremely impressed with the waterproofing. Got caught out in the rain a lot and spent a good bit of time crossing streams without a drop ever getting in. This is not a very warm boot as I discovered but a good pair of think wool socks kept me comfortable down to 5F in snow. ill be buying another pair preemptively. Don't want to ever be caught without these.

My wife and I bought a previous model of this boot and it was GREAT -- very comfortable, great support -- until it literally fell apart: meaning, my wife was 50 feet into the trailhead when the sole of her right boot simply fell off.

These boots were a near perfect fit right out of the box. It only took a couple of miles to completely break them in to a totally comfortable fit. Since then I have put 25 miles on them in the mountains, boulder hopping, traversing dead fall, scrambling steep bedrock and busting brush without a single issue either with the boots or my feet. Their light weight, have very good breath ability, superb traction, and great foot and ankle support. I also wear them on the job and at the end of the day do not have the foot and leg fatigue I normally experience with my regular work boots. So far these boots seem very durable , and with REI's one year return policy how can you go wrong. Happy Trails.

My wife got Vasque hiking boots and I bought these. We hike the same amount, but my wife wore her Vasques daily on the job for two years, too. the sole came off my Asolo after owning for 5 years, but I only wear them or hiking- once every two weeks.

Pulled the trigger on purchasing a pair due to co-worker’s recommendations, brand reputation and ratings. It is a belief in my line of work that mobility in the field is everything and you’re not mobile if you’re feet are messed up because you’ve selected a poor quality socks/footwear. I purchased the black/tan/red because they look the best to me. After about a year of light use (no hiking...just tactical field work) - the gray middle layer of the outsole started disintegrating which caused the outsole to separate from the foot bed of the boots. I visited the asolo webpage hoping that a repair/re-sole program is in place but no luck there as well.

Wow. I can't tell you how impressed I am with these boots. They are incredibly comfortable, and took about 4 miles of hiking to break in. Initially they are a bit stiff, but once on the trail they give you confidence to jump around from rock to rock and never hold you back. They are not terribly heavy, and I had no problem wearing them from sun up to sun down. Also, the waterproofness of these boots is amazing. I literally just strolled in a river for a few miles with no water intrusion. In fact the cold water kept my feet cool! I love these boots and can't wait to take them on my next adventure.

Don't buy these boots!

I love the feel of these boots and had them for about 4 years and approximately 500 miles of trails, 2 days ago i was a satisfied customer who would easily give them 4-5 star rating and recommend them to others, today i gave them 1 star.

These boots are AMAZING! I was an avid backpacker "back in the day", but have not been out for close to 15 years. I was going through my gear to see what was still functional for a weekend trip. When I pulled my boots off the shelf, the soles nearly fell off from dry rot. Since my trip was getting close, I needed boots ASAP. I really dreaded the thought of breaking in a new pair of boots on the trail, but didn't have a choice. The Asolo Fugitive boots performed extremely well. I packed extra moleskin and surgical tape expecting blisters and sore spots. Thanks to the very high quality and great comfort of my new boots, I made it through 23 miles of rocky trails without a single blister.

These boots are not my first pair of Asolo brand boots. The other, a full leather brand and not Goretex lined, sustained me throughout a hike at the BSA Philmont Ranch, New Mexico, for a 10 day, 62 mile trail adventure without incident, blisters or any real adjustments, other than a change in insoles. However, I cannot get these boots to be comfortable on a trail hike beyond 5 miles, no matter what insoles and/or insert combinations I've tried. 3 different trails in the Michigan area have resulted in 3 sore foot walking days. Nevertheless, if you require comfortable boots with a 30 pound or more backpack on, these are not it!

I did a lot of research before I purchased these boots, and at first I felt like it was well worth the effort. The boots are extremely comfortable, seem to keep water out, and have excellent traction. I wear them as everyday shoes in the winter and hiking during the rest of the year. I was looking forward to the hiking part, but they didn't survive the winter in New York City - as the back heel nearly wore down all the way - in less than 5 months. I know walking in NYC can be hard on boots, but I've had other hiking boots that have lasted 2 or 3 seasons before wearing down. I would like to give the shoes 5 stars, but it is hard to justify such a rating given their short lifespan.

my first review was after my first hike with these. and i loved them.

After my first hike I had to glue back the sole of both shoes, third hike I have to do it again but with the heels desintigrating, it's going directly to the trash.

Just ended a trip early after getting my feet destroyed by these boots. Yes I did break them in... however after hiking 10 miles one day and 5 another in the Missouri Ozarks I had to abort my trip. I stashed my gear and hitch hiked back to my car in my camp shoes. I never considered myself to have a wide foot (never needed to buy a wide shoe), but the toe box in these boots by the end of the day (after my foot spread out)created blisters on 6 of my toes and a blister on my heal. Moleskin helped but I'm taking these back today. Maybe I would have been better off with the wide option. At time of purchase I wasn't aware there was one or that I would need it. Purchase with caution.

I have only used this boot for a short period of time, but I can already tell that it's a solid, well-constructed boot. I had a pear of Vasque St. Elias GTX that started falling apart after less than a year, so I returned them and upgraded to the Asolo Fugitive GTX for a few dollars more. I wore them on a few local hikes to break them in and then took them up to the White Mountains for a longer trip, and they were very comfortable, not even requiring to be broken in. They feel better on my feet than the Vasques and lead to more confidence while hiking.

I bought these boots 3 days before I did an 8 day Backpacking trip with a 55 lbs. backpack. They were amazing! With a good pair of socks I didn't have any problem. Very durable and comfortable. Really no complaints.

I picked these up at the Spokane REI last month. Hiked up Mt St Helens 8/5 and Mt Adams (South Spur) 8/8 - NO BLISTERS! Very comfortable and light. Given the limited break-in (a couple of 3 mile hikes and wearing around the house for a few days), I was expecting some problems, but I found them very comfortable in rock and ash scrambling. I love these boots and will recommend them to my friends

I gave the Fugitive GTX boots a three rather than lower because I have had the boots six years. When they were new, I wore them on a twelve day backpacking trip to Philmont Scout Ranch with my son. They performed flawlessly. I have not been able to hike much since then. I went hiking at a State Park in TN last weekend and they felt great and wore nicely. However, when I got home I noticed that the sole underneath the toe of the boot on the inside was separating from the boot. This is a fatal wound to the boot. I didn't store these things in the garage or attic either. So I wore them on a 12 day backpack trip AND one 7 mile hike six years later and they fall apart. I won't be buying this brand again.

i owned these boots for about 5 years and they have done great. i've hiked too many miles to count in these boots like dayhikes, weekend backpacking trips, and even a week on the AT and they are still in great shape. i did have to replace the stock insole early on because of a lack of arch support. i experimented with a few different kinds until i found some that worked for me. once i did, i have not had a single problem since. if you take care of them like cleaning them after a trip and re-waterproofing the outside once in a while, i don't see why these boots shouldn't last ten years. mine are half way there and still working great.

I hike 3-5 times a week for 1-4 hours, climbing 800-3500 feet and back down. I have used these boots for the past 15 months. I love the great lateral stability of these boots and they have saved me more than once from getting a severe sprained ankle. They are light weight, comfortable, durable, and waterproof for my purposes. I like a softer more gripping (aggressive) type sole, and this one is middle of the road for me. I usually use these with a 6 point instep ctrampon and they are a great match. Original insole's are worthless IMHO, but so are most other manufacturers. I have 4 other boots I no longer use as I like these so much.

I was in need of some new boots for general hiking and some light backpacking. This brand was recommended to me by my wife and I finally settled on these. They broke-in quickly; I simply wore them for two or three days prior to really using them, which was a scheduled climb up Mount Saint Helens two weeks after the purchase! The boots did great on the mountain. Good support and grip, and most importantly, no blisters at all after 9 miles and 4500 ft up and down. Two days later, the boots took me on a weekend backpack trip to Packwood Lake, again with no blisters. Great boots!

Have had these for several years. Takes some time to break in. They are very tough, supportive & weight is good too.

Great boot. They fit like a glove. No foot fatigue or blisters on my hike into the Grand Canyon.

Read "Geolander"s review, he is spot on. The pics of his boots are exactly what mine looked like before I had to toss a pair of otherwise good boots into the garbage. Asolo knows that their EVA midsole falls apart in max 5 years. Lots of people have them fail sooner (me included). These may be a good option for only those of you who will put thousands of miles on your boots in 5 years, and expect your boots to fall apart by then. I, however, own many different boots for different situations, use each pair relatively infrequently, and certainly expect the materials and workmanship to last longer than 5 years!

I've had these boots for two years so they should be broken in by now. They have several hikes on them and have been worn for daily wear to try and break them in. The only thing I can think about when I wear these boots is how soon will I be able to take these torture devices off. The boots are heavy, hot and have almost zero give and flex to them. My feet just do not like being in these boots. It's a shame because they are great looking and well built. They would probably last a long time even under heavy use. Unfortunately, they fail the most important test for me and that is comfort.

Let me preface this review by saying, these boots are perfect for my feet so...

First time I used these boots they felt great, and caused no discomfort.This was a short 7 mile 4,600 foot ascent. Next hike was the same comfort on a short hill. I next put blisters on my feet walking a marathon in tennis shoes. A week later I covered 3 miles with an over night pack and gear and the boots felt really good on my recovering feet. The next day I ascended 4,000 feet over 9 miles with unfortunately 2 to 3 miles in snow and no gators. Needless to say the boots were soaked. My right foot had only slight discomfort where I already had blistered it. The boots dryed out over night. (very hot summer). Today I hiked 3 miles in complete comfort.

Wanted to like the product because I love the look of the boot. They hurt my feet, I do have wide feet but even in a wide size it wasn't happening. They are waterproof and do feel great when your wearing them. Just be careful if you have wide feel. I walked around the store for 2 hours before I bought these boots and after 9 months they just got returned. Thank you for taking them back REI, your return policy as a member is the best I will always stay loyal! 5 stars for the REI return policy.

I've owned 2 pairs of these boots. The sole wears out extremely fast, and the build quality has gone down significantly in the past couple of years.

I bought these boots prior to a week of hiking in Yosemite and they did not disappoint. They served me well on several moderate length hikes (6-9 miles) as well as the hike to the top of Half Dome. Wearing a pair of Wigwam SmartWool socks, I got absolutely no blisters or hot spots at any point, even though I hiked these boots with virtually no break-in period. Right out of the box, these boots are ready to go.

I have had these for a little over a year and have put them through their paces. The average load I carry is between 45-80 lbs and at times I have moved upwards of 30 miles a day in them with no problems. Watching others with so called "mountain" boots around me have one problem after another in some very demanding terrain and me with the best boots I have ever owned. Asolo made me a customer for life with these boots. As far as their durability, after everything I have put them through I still use them on a regular basis around town and get compliments on them. Way to go Asolo!

I got these boots and hoped they would be the the most comfortable and durable boots. The boots were very durable and waterproof, however, they hit a spot on my heel that caused severe injury and pain. I wore the boots and “broke them in” prior to a backpacking trip but with the weight of the pack and elevation gain my feet were a disaster. I hiked for a week in the back country with over 6,000 feet of elevation gain in just the first 2 days. I then hiked around and then out.

Overall, this is a good pair of boots. They are sturdy yet flexible, warm but not stifling. I've found that they tend to come untied rather easily with a single knot, but that's an easy fix. These boots do tend to give me blisters right in the center of the balls of my feet, but a one-inch square of moleskin prevents blisters. They are a little heavy to be my everyday footwear, but I know they will last through countless hiking and camping trips. My boots probably have about 100 miles on them, but they still look brand new. These are the boots for people like me: beginning hikers who want a strong, long-lasting pair of boots.

Im hard on shoes and boots and I have done everything I can to destroy my Fugitives - but I cant. Ive owned them for 3 years and put at least 500 miles on them. Ive hunted, hiked, stood, backpacked, logged, worked and backyard used them [almost daily] for the entire time Ive owned them. Im amazed that with a good cleaning, today, they look almost as good as the day I bought them. Most of the time though, they look like they've been through war and then some.

I really liked these boots while they lasted. They're 8? years old, and I hadn't used them much for a few years, but just took them on a hike in high country. The heel cracked and the back of the sole was basically hanging off the boot. I've since learned that these boots don't last too many years due to internal materials decomposing over time. The leather boots I had prior to these lasted 30 years...

I've only worn the boots twice and I haven't yet taken them on a "real" hike yet. The two I did do were meant as test hikes; I wanted to get a feeling on what I could expect when I make a difficult climb.

Believe the negative reviews on these poorly constructed boots made of cheap materials. The soles of these boots will fail on you during a hike and you'll wish you hadn't purchased these. Asolo even acknowledges the soles may do this on their website. They claim to offer a resole which they make you jump through hoops and just end up denying. Stay far away from this company and this boot.

I've had these for roughly a year and have put approximately 75 trail miles on them outside of the normal daily wear. They feel a 1/2 size small, but that's why I bought them at an [...]Store instead of ordering them on-line. The soles could use a little more padding, but they have held up really well over rocks and roots commonly encountered in the nearby Laurel Mountains. Anyone who has been through Pgh can tell you how wet and ugly the weather can be, so I'll just say that these boots are reasonably warm and very dry, as they should be. My only complaint would be that the laces broke on my first trip. I've replaced them and haven't had any problems since then.

These boots have been great! Owned one pair for a few years and they are reliable and comfortable. Have worn these boots on a multiple week trek though Nepal to Everest Base Camp, up and down Kilimanjaro and on countless trails stateside. I have hiked in the pouring rain, worn them while working on local trail projects and while training. They have kept my feet warm, dry and blister free. It's about time to retire them and I won't even look at other boots, I'm getting another pair of Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots.

From the moment I slipped these on they fit like a glove. I went 5 miles right away without even any real hot spots. If I would wear them in dry areas like AZ they would be perfect.

Purchased just before heading to Montana for the summer where I'm living in view of Glacier National Park. I've put about 50 miles on them in the last 3 weeks. Was concerned about not having sufficient time to break them in, especially since I have a collapsed arch on one foot. Bought Superfeet insoles to go with them, which I always do with hiking boots. Though these are tough mothers, they've not caused my feet to ache. In fact, after a week of wearing office shoes, I look forward to the comfort of wearing these in the woods. ---I recommend these wholeheartedly!

Sitting here today, ordering a new pair of these - first pair lasted me over 7 years, yes, over 7. These are the longest lasting pair of footwear that I have ever owned. Replacing because the stench has gotten so bad after all of these years, and the sole is now starting to come apart from the foot bed, but I could not have asked for a longer lasting boot. I have used these on long hikes/backpacking, in the Wisconsin winter as my daily boots, on film sets where I am standing all day, and any other time when I need comfort, and support. Seriously, can't go wrong with these - comfortable, and virtually indestructible. Reading a couple of these reviews that are talking about a lack of quality, and hoping that the quality control/manufacturing has not gone down hill, because I am buying another pair.

Full disclosure, I am a GORE-TEX MountainTech. These are probably the best hiking boots I have owned to this point, and I have owned quite a few. They are WATERPROOF and very comfortable. I found they fit exactly as expected: I wear an 11, and these were spot on. Minimal effort to break in, although I would not recommend going on an extended trip day one. They provide great support on trails and when carrying a pack for days, they still feel good. When mine finally do go, I will be getting another pair. Hope this review is helpful. If you want a great. all-weather boot that isn't to heavy, this is the boot.

so my review is based on the first trip out in these boots. i just got them a week ago so this was my trial run. to start out, my only real negative was my socks, tore the heal out putting them on. so i suppose new socks would have been a good idea. now the boots... my feet are never easy to fit. [...] so for these boots to fit well, made me happy. i may need a lil more arch support, but that can be fixed with an in-sole. i was happy with the way this boot feels going up and down hill. great support. the stiffer shank really helps the boot stay solid on rough terrain. and we did a bit of off trail adventuring, also good comfort. traction was as good as can be expected. wet rock is wet rock no matter whats on your feet. now the best part that i enjoyed was the gore-tex (pic included) completely submerged under the creek multiple times, my feet never felt a drop of moisture. and it was a cool day so sweat didnt build up either. not sure how well they will breath in hot weather, but to be honest, unless youre wearing tennis shoes, your feet are gunna get a lil warm with any boot. i am very satisfied so far with these boots. i have many plans to abuse them and will update later on after some good testing. break in period is almost not necessary. although, personally, i would recommend trying to wear them around the yard or around town for a few short periods of time to get you feet used to them. that might be my odd feet talking. but it did help a little. if you are reading alot of feed back on here. i will say that about 50% of the negative ad's about these asolo boots are taken WAY out of context and reality. clearly some were written by people whos sole purpose was to be as negative as possible about anything they possibly can. go try these boots on. and others. [...] if you get a pair that doest work, go get another one that does. hope that helps. ejnoy

I have owned these boots for 6 years, and loved them, until I started extended my hikes from 5-6 miles up to 15+ miles. These boots start to KILL my feet after 10 miles. It is because they don't properly "grab" your ankle, and your feet shift forward causing incredible pain on about 40% of the foot. I have tried on other boots, and have found that most every other brand lock my ankle into place. The Asolo brand boots just don't do it, it just took the extended mileage to see the flaw. They are also substantially heavier in weight than comparable boots IMO.

for those in the know, this boot is great. for those looking for a soft, lightweight day hiker that would be good for the occasional early morning mall walk, look elsewhere. these boots were put through the ringer in NW utah the day after i bought them, snow, ice, mud and lots of rock. they performed beautifully. they are even stiff enough you could kick some steps with a pair of crampons for short periods. i cant believe how awesome these boots are. but like so many people that buy stuff because it looks cool or one of their buddies said it was cool, they buy the wrong boot for the job. i would even go as far as to call these boots semi-technical (if thats even a thing)

I have loved other Asolo boots, but I can't begin to describe my disappointment in these boots. Maybe it's my foot size (13).

The first week with these boots, I was very temted to take them back. The sole was rock hard and didn't conform to my foot at all. After seeing this, I wore them for a week or two to work, they look great with a pair of jeans and tshirt by the way. I got them broke in just in time for a 10 day trip to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. I couldnt have been happier. No blisters, ultimate ankle support, they saved me from a broken ankle hiking down to the Colorado. Good breatability, although they would not be good for cold weather. Bottom line as long as you plan ahead and can take a sometimes painful breakin, a great set of boots

After 1 day, I like these. They arrived yesterday & I took them for a 25km walk through some sleet in seriously cold weather. Grip was solid & feet were dry & warm. The toe is great, nice and solid.Sole leaves something to be desired grip-wise on concrete (watch the stairs) but as I don't intend walking too much concrete in them, that doesn't matter. My only real gripe is a cosmetic one (b'coz lets face it, most people like to look pretty good when they do what they do). The red leather flashing on the back makes them look a bit mong but if thats the worst thing you can say about a boot then the boot must be pretty [*] fine.

I bought these boots in 2010. I've worn them for 100's of miles through the high peaks in the Adirondacks, rocky trails in the Ecuadorian Andes, Atlas mountains in Morocco, and even to the summit of Mount Fuji. I beat the heck out of these boots over the past 9 years and the soles finally started coming apart this spring. I never had a blister, and my feet were always dry as long I treated them with water proof every year or so. After 9 years of abuse, I feel like I got my money's worth. I'll be picking up another pair.

I bought these boots 3 years ago upon the recommendation of a rei sales associate that I upgrade from the Solomon's and Keen's I had been wearing out frequently. I looked these up and the reviews were amazing and I agree. I've taken them through rivers and all through ventana, big basin and Henry Coe. They show little or no wear, dry and comfortable. I did upgrade the insole to a pair of the blue smartfeet insoles. I cannot say thank you enough to Asolo for saving me hundreds of dollars from not having to get new boots every year. I'll definitely be investing in one of their lower end lighter style boots for day hikes etc.

A couple of years ago I used my dividends to get a good pair of boots. I tried out Salomon, Vasque and Asolo. Salomon was not a good fit and I felt a bite when I flexed. Vasque seemed heavy. The Asolo was just right in fit, feel and weight. I was traveling to Europe and hiking the Haute Route a 100+ trek across the Alps in Switzerland. The trails are very rugged with rocks and massive elevation changes. Before the hike I had to do a lot of Oregon challenging hikes to get in shape. The boots were awesome. I never got a hot spot and my feet felt comfortable. Since then I use them all of the time here in Oregon or in travels to the Redwoods, Olympic Park or even Joshua Tree (I didn't need the Gore-Tex there). I would get another pair and will when the time arises.

I've been wearing these boots for a week straight, mainly at work where I stand close to 10+ hours a day. Initially the boots were uncomfortable due to the lack of cushion from the insole, I removed the insole and replaced with the Dr. Scholls gel inserts, now I dont want to take the boots off, they are breaking-in nicely.

Unfortunately I’ve only had them for a few days and the laces have already broken. I like getting high quality products and these were recommended by the REI representative. Outside of this issue they could be okay, just don’t know yet. I don’t think they are even broke in yet.

I bought these boots thinking they would be great for backpacking. Boy was I wrong. These boots blistered the backs of my feet both times I attempted to hike Vivian Creek trail. The first time they blistered my feet within the first mile and the second time I made it further but still they blistered them up pretty badly again. I tried different sock combination's too. I just can't trust these boots to take on any backpacking trip and that's a shame because I have been drooling over buying these boots for a long time too. Thankfully I was able to sell them to a brave soul...

Buy them true to size, do not buy 1/2 size larger than you need, you will get blisters. Best advice is to wear a good hiking sock, with a thin under sock. If you go to big in any boot, you will get blisters no matter how great the boot is. The break in time is very short, you should walk in them for a couple of weeks to break them in , then do some half day hikes a couple times, and you will be good to go. I just finished a 15 day 120 mile trek with a 55 pound pack, and they were great, no blisters. They are completely water proof, you can literally stand in a stream for 5 minutes, and your feet do not get wet. I was recommended these boots from a Spec Ops soldier that wore these for 9 months in Afghanistan and he swore by them. I am now leaving on a 1000K trek across Africa , and you can guarantee I am wearing my Asolo Fugitives. I am hooked on them, and will buy the same pair when these wear out.

These are the first pair of hiking/backpacking boots I have ever owned and I couldn't be more pleased with the product I got. I bought these barely used nearly 3 years ago at an REI garage sale and have put them through the ringer since. These boots have been with me to the Grand Canyon, the Redwoods, Yosemite, and just about everywhere you can think of in the great Northwest and they could not have held up better.

I tried for two seasons to give these boots a fair shake and to be honest, I was glad when I noticed the sole was coming off. Now I finally have a reason to dump these and get a good pair.


Like others I have read all the reviews, some speak well of comfort but that the soles delaminated. Well, so far I have about 130 miles on them and the boots looks great. I am in the Arizona deserts and use them about 25 miles a week and the air temps in the early morning are 85-93 degrees and very dry, with humidity in the teens. So, I am pleased thus far, as I think all the dry air would negatively affect the glues utilized in the boot. As for comfort, I immediately liked the arch support often lacking in many boots. Occasionally, I remove the inner footbed and use a flat Spenco and both feel nice on the feet. No blisters, a snug heel, arch support and easy to lace up are also positives for this item.

I picked these boots out because I have narrow feet. They felt great in store and with minimal heel slip feeling. However, on the trail, with a multitude of different sock combos and insole inserts, they just wouldn't lock in my heel. They are absolutely fantastic boots in spite of my heels lewd shape and narrow feet. Blisters riddled my clubs and the original insert felt like walking on concrete after the first 6 of 15 miles the first day. The support it gives your ankle, waterproofing, and lacing system is amazing but the traction is subpar in my opinion. Though I really liked these boots for certain features, they just didn't cut the mustard for my slender pigs.

I am a seasonal day hiker on moderate to expert trails. These boots stave off fatigue by providing amazing stability, security and comfort. They breathe well so even hot days with wool hiking socks doesn't seem that bad! They are waterproof, fast drying and stylish enough for everyday use. They are also very durable. I have been wearing them about 4 out of 7 days a week for 4+ years and have plenty of tread left for more hikes. The only con I can speak of is the long lace time to put on. Lacing is required for each use as the they are too long otherwise and uncomfortable inside the boot. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Tldr: the sole of these Asolo Fugitive GTX boots will fall off after 5 years, regardless of use.

I bought these boots a few years ago thinking there were going to be the best boots. After a 31 mile hike my feet we're covered with blisters and severely bruised.!!! Not so fun. After wearing them in a little more, the blisters were gone, but it felt like I was walking on concrete the whole time, which killed my feet.

I bought these boots after reading pretty good reviews. I really do enjoy them and they have been great.

These fit like butter the first time I tried them on, and I knew I had to buy them. I have used them on all sorts of terrain from deserts to mountain tops, and for day hikes to multi-day backpack trips in the Montana wilderness. I have never had any issues with these boots as they were comfortable from day one. They tend to get a bit warm during longer hikes in hot weather. I would also recommend getting an aftermarket insole as the ones they come with are not so great.

I have bought two pairs of these, to make sure that I have one pair to dedicate to backpacking, and one pair that I have had about a year that I know wear everyday. The first pair I bought, the laces lasted about a year before they wore out. The second pair the laces have busted in less than a month. [...] I will say that the factory insoles suck, so plan on putting a pair of SuperFeet in them. Those paired with these boots make the best boots I have ever owned.

I purchased by first pair of Fugitive GTX around 2005. They were excellent, durable, and would stay sturdy and waterproof for the next 8 years. I loved them so much that my wife bought a pair in 2006; excellent shoes for about 9 years. We both bought new GTX boots (mine in 2013, hers in late 2014). Both failed within 2 years. They were trash. The leather and waterproofing are no good. There are much better boots in this price range.

I bought these boots, and they felt and fit fantastic. Did some day hikes in them, no backpacking at all, rarely in the snow and wet weather. The rest was all casual streetwear. These boots did not get the usual abuse I give my hiking boots since I went through a time I was unable to do much of it. Then the soles on one shoe started to peel off, then the other. They can fit and feel great, but the soles came right off with only moderate wear. I cannot recommend Asolo, nor will I go back to this company.

I have been hiking in the Cascade Mountains for the past 10 years. I bought the first pair of these boots after I could not get my Vasque boots to stop giving me blisters. I went to REI and they fitted me for my first pair of these and I loved them. My feet are a size 13 and really narrow and I am 6'5" and weight about 210. The pair I purchased are size 13 with a medium width and they fit very well. I used these to climb Mt. Adams with crampons and Mt. St. Helens. I have hiked 20+ miles in one day and although my feet were tired (who's wouldn't be) I had no blisters. I probably put about 1000 trail miles on these boots before I wore them out. They do require some breaking in and to do so I wore them frequently around town and also when I was coaching little kids soccer. :)

I picked these up last week in the Manhattan Beach store. It was the second pair of boots I tried on and It was a great fit. Having a wide foot, I was pleased to find they have a wide size. I think alot of the reviews are right that this boot will either fit your foot correctly or not, even with the right size. I originally wanted to spend less, but the fit was so good I went with these. The only thing to watch out for is that the laces are of a really rough material. As I was lacing up the first time and trying to pull them tight, I actually skinned the top of my finger.

I’ve read some reviews of people having issues with soles. I must say I’ve never had this problem. I’ve definitely put these boots to the test. They’ve worked well on rocky areas, climbed trees with them. My all around work boot around the house as well. Covered them completely in mud, snow, sand and just about any thing you could possibly put them through hiking them, then did it again and again and again...(you get the point) Granted I soak every square inch of these bad boys with camp dry. It’s possible that they may have bought a defective boot. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of these boots.

I hike about twice a week in all conditions, I do log a lot of miles but these boots are not up to the quality boot you'd expect. The first pair went two seasons and were completely shot - stitching blown out, leaks, etc. I brought them and showed the REI staff in a local store and they replaced them with the same model. I had exactly the same experience - stitching blowouts, etc. They sure are comfortable, I just think boots should last longer than one-two years even if you do ride them hard. Maybe if you hike infrequently they would be a good choice.

I am an experienced climber, hiker, mountaineer, adventurer. I bought the 10W as I have a wide forefoot that most European lasts crush. The fit out of the box was spot on. I wore the boots for a week before heading out for a 4 day 30 mile trek through the high alpine wilderness in GTP/Jed Smith. We encountered boulders, rock, trail, scree, glaciers, and streams all the while carrying 40 pounds of pack. The ankle support was superb and the one piece tongue construction a nice touch. The insole is flat as a board and at the end of 30 miles left me a bit sore. Absolutely recommend a replacement insole if purchasing this boot. Overall a good performer in varied conditions. Will be wearing them for for summit climbs of the Middle, Grand, and Teewinot in the coming weeks. Will give an update if any significant changes encountered.

I haven't had these boots for very long and so can't comment on a lot of their features. However, I am going to return them because they have a weird fit; I apparently have what is known as a "low-volume" foot, and I've spent the last 5 years in a pair of Hi-Tecs that were size 10.5. Apart from blisters from heel slippage, they worked great. The Asolos that I got were size 9.5, based on foot measurements and the salesperson's recommendation. Well, even with Tognar foam padding inserts, the Asolos still have a very loose heel and thus cause blisters much more easily than my way over-sized Hi-Tecs. I don't know if the heel is just larger than average or what, but I would imagine I would need at least a 9 for a better heel fit, and I've never worn less than a 10 in any kind of footwear except Tevas.

I work for Tough Mudder Inc as a production IC. This is the 4th pair of these exact boots I have owned. 1 pair per year. I typically work 80 hours a week building courses in rugged environments. Mud, swamp, desert, prairie and high mountain. The Asolo Fugitive GTX boots never disappoint. They keep my feet dry and provide a stable adaptable base without much weight. I seldom overheat in them. I also use them for backpacking and hiking in places like Mt. Katahdin, Tahoe, Breckinridge and the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. When it comes time for my next pair of boots, it will be good 'ol reliable Asolo.

I purchased a pair of these boots about three years ago. I only use them for hiking Colorado and am only a day hiker. As I live in Texas and only visit Colorado once per year, I've used them at most, half dozen times in the past three years. They're always stored in my home closet. This summer, while wearing on a day fishing trip, the front sole completely separate from the boot. I had to tie fishing line around the toe of the boot in order to get back to my car with them! - These boots cost far too much to fall apart like a cheap, value-brand shoe. The uppers still look virtually new, but the sole completely separated from the upper. Do not buy Asolo boots. They're not the boot they're promoted to be. Find a better brand.

I bought this boot after about two weeks of research, and trying on 4-5 other pairs. I kept coming back to this boot because it's been around awhile, has good ratings from a large number of people, and is a cross between a hiking boot and a light mountaineering boot.

I was issued Asolo Fugitive GTX boots in Afghanistan in 2009. I wore my beloved boots all over Afghanistan, hiked the Grand Canyon and portions of the Amazon Rain Forrest in Venezuela. In all the years and all the miles I put on the souls of these boots, I never once received a blister or even a hot spot. Excellent and durable all-around hiking boot. They truly stand up to time and the terrain. I can’t recommend them enough.

I should know. I’ve owned three pair. Can’t blame the manufacturer for the first pair as American Airlines took them, but my replacement pair blew out on Mt Kilimanjaro in less than 6 months of ownership. . REI replaced that pair. The third pair blew out/came unglued at the toes in the first year. I’ve had them fixed three times. Brought back to REI today and they wouldn’t do anything as they are too old. This is just a real poorly made boot. It’s too bad because they are comfortable. Will try a different manufacturer and a different retailer.

I first purchased these boots ( or their slightly different predecessor) when Backpacker magazine named them the Editor's Choice in 2006 I believe. I'm outdoors constantly in my trade of carpentry and outdoor passions of hiking, hunting , birding and fishing. I get a new pair every time I get my 20% off coupon and that allows me some break in time. The heel portion of the sole and the portion of the upper by the baby toe are always the first to show signs of ware. They give me great support even when I'm carrying lumber, standing on a ladder or hiking with a loaded backpack or carrying a climbing tree stand into the woods or even dragging a deer out of the woods. I wear them everyday!

I've had four pairs of these boots and kept coming back because they fit well and keep my foot in place. The toe/sole delaminated on my first two pair. I've had my 3rd pair resoled with a Vibram sole and the boot performs much differently than with the original. I'm now getting blisters and bruised toes. I typically do 4-6 miles a day on mostly rocky, hard surfaces. Not the kink of money I'd like to spend then throw the boot away when they need new soles.

I bought these boots because of the way the felt as soon as I put them on. I will buy another pair because of the way they wear. After 3 years, and over 400 miles of everything from trail hiking to heavy backpacking, these boots finally wore out. I normally tear up a pair of boots in less than a year. When my wife saw that I had worn these out, she asked when, not if, I was getting another pair. These have been hands down the best boots I have ever worn, and I wear boots 25 days out of 30. It didn't matter if I was hiking on sand to a boy scout camp out at the beach, or finishing a weeklong 50 miler on the PCT, these boots were solid. Do yourself a favor, and at least try them on.

I hike moderately often (around a dozen times per year), but after only two seasons of use, the side wall of the boots blew out. I would expect better from a boot of this price.

asolo uses great materials and designs and has built a strong reputation over the years. That being said, they seem too be on a mission to destroy that reputation. My first pair lasted one day and the seems were splitting open do to a very bad stitching job. I figured everyone has a bad day and thanks to REI I quickly had another pair ready to go. Three day hike ahead and a new pair of boots I couldn't be happier. First day they were good, second day the left boot started leaking third day both boots had water running in, complete failure of the water proof lining and seems. asolo no longer builds in Italy maybe they need to hire a few more quality control people. I feels sorry for REI having to deal with so many problems with asolo's poor quality.

These were the best fitting, most comfortable boots I have ever purchased. However, the first pair had an issue with the construction with the heel. Exchanged the pair, but the second pair leaked water.

I bought theses boots a year ago. I broke them in and hiked 100 miles of the AT through Tennessee and North Carolina. At the end of the trip my feet were in pretty bad shape - blisters on the heels and toes of both feet - but I figured it was probably due to how wet my feet had gotten at one point on the trip. But since then, even when I wear them for day hikes I get bad blisters on my toes and heels. They look great and saved me more than a few times on slippery ridges, but the cost to my feet is too great so I'm returning them.

Dear Asolo,

I bought these boots about 45 days before I was to climb Kikimanjaro. The break in time was great, about 3 week. The boots are pretty light but substantial enough for the load I was carrying, about 30 lbs. Excellent waterproofing, great traction and didn't freeze when hiking through snow in sub 30 temps. The sizeing was good, I have very wide feet and their wide boot fit just fine.

This is my second pair. Bought them because they were supposed to be waterproof. The first leaked badly the first time I wore them on wet grass. Just walking on wet grass! No puddles, no rain. Right foot leaked and got very wet inside, left foot stayed dry. I returned them to REI and replaced them with another pair of Asolo Fugitives. So far the second pair are holding up and staying waterproof (just walking in the park). I like the comfort and styling, but was disappointed with the quality control. Especially for a $240.boot. I hope the boots hold up when I really take them out in the trails.

I have owned four pairs of these and have been happy for each pair. I have not had the same issues as other customers have had with leaking or material defects. The only thing about these boots that I found is that they do have a break in period as many other boots do. After break in they were comfortable and I have worn them all day through work, play, and tactical training.

Put a hard 10 years on a pair of these through many day, overnight and week long pack hikes and they just now came apart at the sole. The sole itself though still has great grip/tread remaining and is very durable. Pretty good water resistance, wasn't able to stand in a stream like some other reviewers but that may be due to breakdown after so many years. am about to purchase another pair after the new color options come out. super comfortable with a Surefoot insole.

I used these boots for my back packing trip to the Pictured Rocks. The trails are full of tree roots and these boot provided excellent support. I had no problem with traction on the steep rocks and trails. These boots are 100% water proof. We walked through many streams and my feet never got wet.

It felt great to finally have a pair of boots that fit well, comfortable, and did not need a break in period. However, I must say that I had to use my “superfeet” insoles to give me better arch support.

It's about time to reorder these however, I could probably wear them another year. I couldn't believe my order history said I had ordered these 5 years ago. I live across the street from a green space and walk my dog twice a day through sometimes mud, over and through creeks and they have held up quite well. I believe I received my money's worth.

Bought these for a hiking trip in the Tetons, great boots! Very comfortable for day use, no problems breathing. I even came down wrong on my ankle and would have turned it if not for these boots laced tightly up top. I did get some minor blisters on the back of my heel as another reviewer noted, but I have a tendency to get those anyway so dunno how much the boot contributed. I liked these boots so much I suggested them for my father, who loves them too!

I bought a pair of these and used them for about 4 backpacking trips of about 10 - 20 miles as well as small day hikes. I probably put no more than 200 miles on them. The sole came loose from the boot and I needed to duct tape it on my last hike. I brought them to my local cobbler and he basically said, "These are garbage. They do not have a weld. Buy a real pair of boots and expect to spend about $400." These are fine boots for looking fancy and taking little hikes around town. They are not suited for long distance reliability.

I have owned three pairs of these. First pair I bought paying full price. Shortly after that I found a used pair at the REI garage sale, half a size larger. I like the fit of the first pair so much I happily bought the second pair. They are light and comfortable and for a boot of their flexibility they offer exceptionally good protection from uneven sharp services. After a few years the soles separated. Otherwise the boots were still in fine shape. REI reimbursed me for the failed boots, fortunately the parapet failed first was not the garage sale pair. I assumed that a company like ASOLO would fix a manufacturing defect this extreme so I took my refund and bought a 3rd pair sized for summer hiking like the ones that just failed. The following winter larger pair fell apart. I wasn't too concerned because they too were or the older vintage. This week the next bear fell apart.

I bought these boots in preparation for hiking Mt. Whitney on the recommendation of a friend that had recently purchased them for himself. The boots seemed to be well-made and performed well on several practice hikes in Malibu and up Mt. Baldy. After about 3 months of use (and right in the middle of my ascent of Whitney), the toe caps began to detach from the boot. Unbelievable! Having spent nearly $200 on a pair of boots, I figured I'd at least get a season or two out of them...wrong! Also, the break-in time is pretty substantial with these boots as well. Over several months hiking on varied terrain, I routinely got blisters on my heel/achilles regardless of the types and combinations of socks I used. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these cheaply-made boots!! Luckily, REI graciously took them back and I was able to get a different pair that have worked better for me thus far...

I am a fan of anything that makes you get dirty. I will be the first to make a new path through the woods and getting lost is more fun than using the same run down trials. I bought a pair of Columbia boots for the winter and hunting. They are 200 grams of insulation so when it came spring they proved to be to warm for any kind of day hikes. It was a toss up between a pair of Danners or the Asolo. Since you can only get the Danners I wanted online I decided to go for the Asolo Fugitive GTX in the Greensboro REI. THEY ARE BEAST! I went traversing through streams, over rocks, under rocks, rocks rocks rocks and more rocks. I was sure I would put a dent in these shoes but not at all. They almost looked more pristine than when I first got them! As with any boot a break in time is needed. Only thing I saw that became kind of bothersome was on the front of my ankle area, where that main vein goes down your leg and crosses your ankle, became irritated with the tongue of the shoe. I was doing a heel lock style lacing and switched over to a looser ankle grab since I knew the terrain. I will give it more time to wear in and see if this part of the show will give a little more. Over all I LOVE this boot. I cant wait to punish it out in the Wilson Creek Gorge in NC this spring for our backpacking trip.

Comfortable. Reasonably waterproof. Short trail life.

These boots are my primary boots for Search & Rescue here in the mountains around Tucson Arizona and Pima County.

I am amazed to see all of the reviews here regarding the extremely poor quality of the soles for the Asolo Men's Fugative GTX Hiking Boot. I experienced similar issues. After light seasonal use, the soles started peeling off the boot. Shortly thereafter the grey plastic portion of the soles began to disintegrate leading to the total failure of the boot for all intents and purposes. These boots are expensive and should last a long time, imho. When is REI going to take this issue up with the vendor?

I bought these boots three times. Same problem all three times. The soles. The soles will detach, that is a guarantee. I love the comfort and style of this boot. But if you don't have a roll of duct tape on your outdoor adventure, you're screwed. This boot is not made for outdoorsy type. It's for the person who wants to look outdoorsy. And if that's your goal, this is your boot!

I've had these boots for about seven years now, and they are still in remarkable shape.

Bought this boot after a recommendation after trying out other boots on the market. Have owned the boots for about 4 months, and taken them on extended hikes both in Colorado and California in both hot, dry weather conditions, as well as wet, rainy weather conditions. The boot held up superbly in all conditions. Super comfortable. Easy to lace and pace. Excellent, tough material.

These boots tortured my feet. I used mole skin, wrapped my feet in tape, and did everything short of wearing them to bed. After 6 consecutive steep hikes of 10 miles each, I gave up. The toe box is too small and the top of the boot bore into my foot. My foot slid foreword going downhill and crammed my toes. There is ankle shift.

For the price, this is just about the most solid boot you can own.

I was looking for a pair of solid hiking/backpacking boots for a Teton hiking trip and chose these due to their stiff sole. I had a week to break them in before the trip so I wore them every day at work, they were a bit tight on the ankle but eventually when it was time to hike they did not bother me one bit. They're a bit heavy but that's the price to pay for stability and support on uneven terrain, loose rocks.

If the Asolo brand fits your feet - These are fantastic boots. I have used them on Mt St Helens (wet boulder scrabling) and NEVER questioned my footing or traction on the wet rocks. as well as Day hiking and light backpacking 200+ miles. These are quicky broken in and light for a boot, but provide great traction and support on the rocks. I have had both the Sage and tan versions of the boot - and they feel like a custom fit boot when I put them on. I wouldn't suggest them for Heavy pack loads - go to the TPS - but for everything else you'll be wanting to wear them every day..

I love the look and feel of this boot, while sitting down. Seriously! I wear 11 Wide... I bought the 11 Wide "Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots"... Over the past 4 years i've only been able to use them 3 times because they simply aren't 11's and they aren't "Wide". I'm guessing 10.5 and normal width is what you get if you order 11W... If you're purchasing online, buyer beware, you need to increase size by 0.5 and if you wear "wide" shoes... these boots don't know how to do that.

Maybe it was because I had tried out a pair of Asolo TPS 520 GV and got very disappointed. And I ended up returning them the following day after a not so difficult hike. I tried this Asolo Fugitive GTX out at the store while returning. This Labor Day weekend, I just came back from a training hike, over 9 miles with 2,740 feet elevation gain, and this pair of boots was just great. Toward the end my left big toe felt a bit of friction, which I was suspecting a blister, but it turned out to be nothing. No blisters with this pair. My toes never touched the front of the boots, which is a big deal for me. I like these boots a lot and can't wait to test them out on the two upcoming backpacking trips in Mammoth and Zion.

I loved these boots. They stayed very supportave and got me many great places. Sadly one sprung a leak pretty bad. I did take them back in and even though rei claims 100% satisfaction they still try to make it seem like your fault. But in the end they did do the exchange. Just be clear with them on what they will cover when you buy stuff and youll have that for backup later.

I bought these boots last year based on [...]recommendations. I had only two weeks to break them in before heading out on a 13 miles hike of Pikes Peak (with 7,000 feet elevation).The boots performed admirably. They were light, sturdy, and provided excellent ankle support. The boot felt slightly loose, but a surgeon's knot and good socks prevented foot slippage and resulted in no blisters after a solid 6 hours of hiking uphills.The tongue is somewhat ridgid, so a good sock is required or else it will cause some rubbing & discomfort on the front of your foot / lower leg.

After several years of dealing with blisters (Scarpa’s, Boreal’s, REI’s) and hot spots, I tried these boots. I bought them on a Thursday, wore them that following Friday for a few mile hike and then proceeded to climb Gannet Peak in Wyoming. For those that know the length and climbing needed to summit you’ll know it’s no walk in the park. To my pleasure I had no issues with blisters or hot spots. That was in 2005. Since then all I need to do is walk into REI and ask for a size 11, and away I go. I hope they never discontinue this boot.

I had been hiking for years with just running shoes but after foot surgery my usual pair left me limping. The surgery left me with my right foot 1/2 size smaller and 2 sizes wider than the other foot. Also I was no longer able to bend it very much. I knew it was going to be tough to find a pair of boots that would allow me to hike comfortably. I tried on EVERY hiking boot at REI(props to the shoe sales people at the HB store). I hit Nirvana with the mens Asolo Fugitive. It was the only one that fit me and had a stiff enough sole to support my foot. I wore them for a couple of days at work and did about 5 hikes with them. Finally they were broken in and my happy feet and I spent 4 days hiking all through Zion and Bryce over Labor Day weekend. By the end of the trip both soles were completely coming apart from the uppers. Of course, REI was great and took them back with no problem but now I'm without hiking boots. It could be it was my unusual situation or just an isolated event but the other recent reviews say otherwise. Our local [...]store recently had a used gear sale and there were many Asolos there with the same problem. Maybe they should consider switching to the Vibram sole? I think Asolo makes a great boot but they really need to get a handle on their quality control.

I am a meter reader and wear these shoes everyday. I wore my first pair for 16 months, over 2500 miles walked on them. Only reason I don't wear them any more is because the sole finally gave out, no more traction. They have held up in snow, rain, mud, heat and cold. Coupled with smart wool socks or equivalent my feet never get too hot or cold. Temperature extremes have been from -5F to +105F. The only con is that the original insole wore out after 6 months, but super feet insoles extended the life of the boots considerably. After all the wear and tear I put on these boots the stitching finally started to give way and the boots began to squeak. I am now on my second pair, I can only hope they will last as long.

I've had mine for 8 years. I beat the s--- out of these things! I wear them causally, on the AT, brought them to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, with over 60lbs on my back because my 10 year old couldn't shoulder his. Right now, they look horrible, worn out and tired. But I"ve put 8 years and a thousand miles on them. I'll still use them in the yard, but I will replace them with exactly the same ones as soon as I can scrape up the money. They are definitely worth it.

They worked well on my summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (except for a little cold toes on the final ascent).

I bought these boots on a whim and finished the last 10 days of the Colorado Trail with them. I was looking for a lighter but fully waterproof boot with minimal break in and they fit the bill. I mailed home my other boots and walked out of Creede thinking I'd be good. I immediately regretted it. These boots don't have a vibram sole and that makes a huge difference in how your feet will feel at the end of a long day hiking. You will feel every rock and your feet will curse you. They are also extremely hot. My feet sweat more in these than in my full leather/goretex Zamberlan boots. I was very surprised by this but it's true. Foot rot will set in if you don't stop frequently and air dry your socks and feet. I wish I could return them but they weren't an REI buy so too bad for me. I'll just use them for work and motorcycle riding.

I was forced to buy new hiking boots the day before starting the JMT. I decided that since I'm a type1 diabetic I should invest in footwear. These boots were amazing from day 1 through the day 13 on Whitney. That said, here's some considerations I'd made. To be honest, I'm returning them because one of the clasp for the laces started tearing out after the 2nd day. I'm sure it's just a small manufacturer oops. Nothing to rethink buying a pair. Now, these are a good fit for narrow feet. I met a person on the trail with a narrow foot who said that they're tight even for them. So, go wide. The other issue is that for the price you'd expect a good insole. Not the case. Replace it with something better. These boots have STIFF SOLES! So much so, they'll likely bruise the bottom of your feet. If you choose to replace them, rethink your boot size. Might need to go bigger. I would've killed for a little more cushion.. All in all, these boots did great. To hike 210 miles in 13 days without blisters in boots that weren't broken in is pretty amazing. I'm going wider with better insoles. Other pro's; light weight, great grip on all types of surfaces, great ankle support AND they break in quick. Very nice boots.

I bought these the day before a 20+ mile hike after blowing out a pair of older boots. I chose the Asolo's based on mostly on fit (I have a narrower foot) and cringed at the price. However, I have several friends who have 10+ years on Asolo boots, so I was able to justify the expense as an investment. I've been using that pair of Fugitives for 3 years now, and they still look brand new, although I have had to replace the stock footbeds.

3 of 4 pairs of Asolo boots have self-destructed after little use, but after the 2-year warranty period. The molded foam midsole that makes them comfortable just crumbles to pieces. This cannot be repaired. Asolo denies responsibility. AVOID Asolo.

I had great ambitions to break these in "proper" but in the end I just wore them on a day hike. Sure enough, steep terrain, I got blisters, my bad. Second outing though and these were feeling comfortable. Third outing was an overnight backpack, rather moderate climb/descent but the boots feel fine.

You may need these a 1/2 to full size larger than your normal foot size. I did.

I was in the store and told her what i wanted. A boot that is water proof yet not to heavy. I also want it shorter, but not a shoe. I also want good grip, and durable. Oh and i don't want to break it in forever.

The best thing about this boot is its rigid sole (provided by what feels like a half length shank) combined with austere support (minimal padding), this makes it comfortable if you fit them slightly roomy and wear really thick socks. Thus it is also a lighter solution than a full leather boot like Vasque Montanas, a favorite classic.

I love these boots. After a five mile hike and a couple days of wearing these boots to work, they were broken in and comfortable. I do have to say the sizing seems a little off. I have never worn a wide shoe in my life, but when I tried these on in the Asheville REI, I was forced to ask for a wide, mainly because of the toe-box[...]Also, I understand why boot companies like to use round laces, but they just don't stay tied all day long. Normally that isn't a problem, but when you are carrying a 30LB pack on your back, it can be kind of a pain. I know those are small problems, but that is all I could find wrong with them. These are great boots, but do yourself a favor and try them on before you buy them to get the right size.

I purchased this boot a two weeks ago. Have put about 25 miles on them already. So far I love them. A bit stiffer than my old Merrels but after a half day hike my feet felt great. My Merrels left my heals on fire. Granted they are a good 10 years old. The Asolo's are much stiffer but I can still feal the ground. Accidentally fell in a small creek and was amazed my foot was still nice and dry. Break in was quick and not one blister. Glad I listened to the REI rep and purchased a half size larger. plenty of room for my toes on those long walks down hill.

my second review. had them a few trips now. still 100% water prof. been through creeks, snow, rain... still have dry feet. i like the solid support for climbing. great ankle support for rocks. help up well in snowshoes too. as long as they fit YOUR feet well, i recomend these boots to you. i just did about 17 miles in two days almost 100% on snow and dont have blisters or soar feet. very happy about that. but if you get them like any other stiff boot. spend alot of time in them if you cant. they are hard to break in much, but mostly to adjust to them.

After reading all the reviews on this site, I went in to the store determined to buy this shoe. Based on a review of my needs, the shoe guy recommended a more flexible boot with better traction (for less money), but after comparing the two boots exhaustively in the store, I went with this boot for its stiffness and secure fit. Plus, the other one began to rub my ankle in a couple places after standing around in them for a while.

My wife and I hiked 5+ miles in these the day after we bought them and had no ill affects (blisters, hot spots, etc.)- she has the women's version. Despite the wet weather we often encounter, our feet always stay dry. An added benefit: these look good with jeans and are comfortable enough to wear around town.

Quick profile: senior citizen; 165#; very active.

I took these right out of the box onto a 5000ft vertical/10 mile roundtrip hike in Colorado. Break-in is virtually instant. I would emphasize getting sized properly. Your boot should ideally be snug (bring the socks you use) because after hiking it will loosen a little bit but most importantly, if your foot is moving inside the boot then your asking for trouble, especially on downhill sections. I hiked through streams, over rocks, talus and normal trails. These performed wonderfully. One of the best attributes is they are very light!! That was a big concern of mine going from a low rise hiking shoe to a boot. No worries these feel much lighter than other boots. Unless your carrying very heavy loads then these will hold up for you.

I purchased a pair of these boots several years ago and used them on hikes including a 5-day backpacking trip in Torres del Paine in Chile during winter in the Southern hemisphere. Most of the trail was rocky, but I felt stable even when hopping from one boulder to another along the water’s edge. My ankles felt supported and saved from a couple of what could have been nasty twists.

I spent the money for these boots thinking that I was buying a quality boot because they weren’t The first hike of about 30 Miles in southern Utah they were great and I put them away for the season .The second hike was into the Wind rivers in Wyoming and got about 5 miles in and had to stop due to extreme pain , to find out that sand had accumulated under the goretex lining right behind the toes and was like having a rock inside the boot, With about an hour of tapping the boots on a log I was able to get enough sand out so I could continue with the hike. The next trip into the wind rivers the lining came loose and started bunching up under the insole and felt like a loose pair of socks that You could never get to lay down flat. The last trip was into the High Unitas to red castle and tried some superfeet insoles and they were better but never great. With reading other reviews it looks like Asolo knows about the problems they are having with this boot but don’t seem ya care about taking strides to remedy the problems . I am glad I wasn’t heading out on the PCT with these boots thinking I had bought the right boots for the hike only to find out falling apart after barely getting started.

I've been on a minimalist kick for many, many years - hiking all over the Pacific Northwest in glorified trail runners without any issue. However, my feet aren't getting any younger, and I feel every rock and root I step on so I needed a stiffer sole, which the Asolo Fugitive provides in spades.

Wish I had read the reviews before purchasing. I have made 6 hiking trips of less than ten miles each, and have worn them around about 10 times, like going to stadium events, etc. The soles are now coming apart. The usage that I've put on these boots would be described as exceptionally light!! Will be attempting to glue them together to get a few more very light uses out of them.

I bought a pair of these about three years ago and they're fantastic. No break-in time, waterproof, and durable. I normally wear a size 10, but found that 10.5 fits better for me. Originally got them for backpacking but I've since converted to ultra-light and don't need the weight. However, they're perfect with my Atlas snowshoes and wet weather in general. I'd definitely buy them again.

I must admit that I haven't yet hit the trail with these! That being said, I have enough trail experience to know just how well they will perform. I have worn them for a few days now, just walking around, and let me tell you, they feel great! They do run narrow, as others have stated. So, if you have wider feet, be sure to get the wide version.

I was looking at boots for this upcoming spring/summer and although i saw many online, i wanted to try and feel them prior to purchase.

We use these for hard core mountaineering. They work well, are light weight, water proof and have no break in period. I can write a pair of these off in about 5 or 6 climbs, but you can't have everything. They are comfortable, (even on a 20 hour day), so if I have to choose between tearing up my feet or my boots, I choose the boots.(I just look for sales and buy a few pairs) We have used them on winter and swow climbs and they are not very warm, but we can get by going a size larger, with an extra pair of socks and some foot warmers.

I needed new boots and tried these on after reading many favorable reviews. I usually wear a medium width but they only had the wide in my size and it was a very comfortable fit. So far I have only worn them for walking the dog and short 4 mile hikes to break them in. I find them supportive with no foot slippage and no hot spot rubbing. I will be taking them on a backpacking trip in April and hope to update this with a rave review for there work under the added weight of a pack.

This is the 4th or 5th pair of these boots I have purchased from REI.. They fit my feet like a glove does to your hand.. I can wear them 12, 14, 16 hours a day & my feet are no less for wear.. My only complaint is that on my last purchase, the REI store only had the Tan colored boots in stock (US 9) & the two pairs they had in stock both had blemishes.. So I took the lesser of each boot & made a pair out of them.. asked for but no discount at the checkout due to the blemishes.. next time I’ll plan ahead and order them online...

I have used these boots all over the world for the last 4 years. An earlier reviewer said that his boots came apart after 1 trip but I think he must have been stuffing elephants in them or something because I can not fault these boots on durability.

I am an insane hiker - doing some 24+ mile day hikes lately. These shoes have been awesome. They take my abuse and somehow still remain comfortable. I recommend the Wright Socks in summer and add a wool thicker sock in winter. I have 800 miles on these boots now and they are holding up very well. They been all over north Georgia and proved very useful on my recent trip to Yosemite. Half Dome was awesome and these shoes had great grip on the slick granite.

I loved these boots when they were new. However, after light use, and a few years stored in my cool, dry closet, the soles delaminates and disintegrated. My previous boots lasted 20 years. The rep at REI told me that 7 years is beyond the lifespan for a pair of boots. Really? At $265, with modern materials, they should outlast my mid-range Vasques that I had before.

I bought these for my fiance and he only wore them for about 4 months before the toe seam gave way. He loved the boots though and would like another pair but spending 265 dollars on boots when they don't really even last more than 4 months without wearing down to the point that water was getting in. Not so great. Hope this was just a one time defect in these boots.

i'm an outdoors person who doesn't have specific shoes for a specific terrain; so i use these ones for everything, from walking across grassy fields while pheasant hunting, to hiking up in tahoe, to even wearing them around the house these shoes seem to accomodate my every need. one draw back i have noticed is that the sole tends to pick up gravel sometimes and if u wear them around the house can scratch up the floor so you should be mindful of that; but as an outdoor shoe i think they are a great all terrain and all purpose shoe

Bought these boots to take on a 10 day 65 mile hike in New Mexico. Boots held up very well on the very rocky terrain. We got rained on everyday and walked through 3 hail storms, feet stayed dry the entire trip. I am usually very prone to getting blisters which is why I tried getting a more expensive boot, glad I did, went the whole trip blister free which has never happened before. My only complaint on these boots in the insoles. They are flat with very little cushion. After the first couple miles my feet would start to ache and get very sore, it was like walking on concrete barefooted for miles at a time. Another guy with me had the same boots and the insoles were his only complaint as well. Next trip i will slip some superfeet insoles in these as i am sure that will help. Overall, its a great boot!

Originally purchased Saloman 4D Quest boot. After a few hours of wearing at home, I experienced pain on the bottom left of my foot (normal size 12 D). Returned the Salomans and tried the Asolo Fugitives in 12 Wide. What a difference. Comfortable right out of the box! Wore them past two days straight and nary a concern. Apparently Salomans run narrow, according to one REI employee. Very impressed with Asolo construction, but footbed is sparse. May require an insole once a weighted pack is used. Overall, very pleased with the boot.

As I am sure you've seen other report the foam and glue used in the sole of this shoe basically fall apart after a couple of years even with little to no use. I had two good hikes of less than 20 miles each in these boots. Stored them in my closet and on my 3rd trip the boot foam disintegrated before we made it out of the parking lot. AVOID at all costs.

Iv'e spent a crazy amount of money on backpacking gear and after 6 months of regular use I have to say that these boots have been one of my best investments so far. I tried on several pairs of various brands in the store and these Asolo Fugitives were by far the most comfortable.

I have been using this boot for two yeas now. It's the best set I've ever owned; great comfort, waterproofing and durability. I use them all year round in the NW for day hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing. I don't usually write reviews but I just got back from a two day hike with slushy snow and river crossings. When I was almost to the car I realized WOW my feet have been completely comfortable this whole trip even though my boots have been soaked walking through streams and constant slushy snow. These boots amazed me today!

Bought this as a last resort because I had recently lost a pair of Meindles. Needed boots quickly for a mountainous/rocky region and let me tell you, these boots were more than what I expected. The half size bigger to accommodate wool socks was minimal compared to a half larger size in other boots. Great for warm or cold weather. Pleasantly surprised!

I've owned these boots for several years. They've held-up beautifully and are very comfortable. After lots and lots of hard miles, the soles are worn nearly smooth and the lining is beginning to detach, but they are still a great pair of boots. Now that I am (finally) ready to buy a new pair of hiking boots, Asolo is definitely on my short list.

I really like the comfort, sizing, and waterproof qualities in this boot. The boot fitter at the REI store in St. Louis was exceptional and did a great job helping me select a boot with the right fit. I bought them with the intent to use them while doing 14ers in Colorado. Having used them now in a variety of backpacks and dayhikes, I am generally pleased. However, there is one serious disadvantage - the soles are incredibly slippery when wet. Unlike Vibram soles on my boots in the past, which were very grippy, the soles on these simply have no wet grip at all. If the soles had any wet traction at all, this would be a great boot. I am concerned about how well they will do in the varied conditions on 14ers. Loss of footing on a peak is not a good thing.

I've owned 2 pairs of these Asolo boots. Both pairs after a year or so of limited use(no backpacking, I wear them at the deer lease and around camp) the soles of both pairs began seperating from the shoes. Very disappointed in the brand. Spending $150-$250 on a pair of boots, I believe that they should last. Don't waste your money here.

I have been using my pair of these on hikes for the last 8 years, and they've only now begun to fall apart. They're comfortable, have great grip, and as you can tell are obviously extremely durable! I've taken them through the Grand Canyon, Glacier, the Rootburn, and many other trails, and look forward to doing so again with my next pair!

I was very excited when ASOLO started releasing their wide version of their boots. I purchased them over the internet, and had them sent to me in Afghanistan. Incredible stability, and built quality...however, they are NOT, I repeat NOT wide. They are what I would consider a medium (-). So...try em on before you buy them. I wear an "E".

No, I'm not a Boomer, but I work outside for a living and I'm getting tired of pouring money into outdoor gear and just watching how quickly it falls apart compared to even 10 years ago. These boots, are the most expensive boots I've ever bought. The laces snapped within a few hikes through mostly grasslands, the metal is rusting, and the tread is showing more wear than they should for being 6 months old. They are rugged and are stiff for heavy packs, which I need so that's good. The waterproofing is still effective too.

These boots feel awesome every time I put them on, and stay comfy for hours. No blisters even in the first 40 hours of wear. I'm sure I'm going to love these for a decade or more. I bought these boots a half size smaller than is typical for me, perhaps the manufacturer expects users to wear super thick socks. I was uncertain at first about the non-vibram sole, but after a bit of wear these soles have improved their tack. And I'm psyched they're made in Romania.

I just finished 1000 miles with the GTX..10-20 degree steep primitive gravel road, all weather, 110 degrees to 5 degrees below zero to snow and rain..100% gravel. Excellent wear, never any breakin time..very good soles considering the milage, still wear them..quite comfortable. I definitely will purchase another pair when needed.

So I've had these boots for close to five years now and I feel I owe it to them to write a review. Simply put, the best pair of footwear I have ever owned. I've taken these things everywhere up and down the west coast and they haven't failed me yet. Cascades, Olympics, Yosemite, Alaska, these boots have taken them all on with flying colors. Again, I've had them for nearly five years and have put them through the ringer and they still could almost pass as new. I will absolutely be purchasing another pair before too long.

My review stems from experience with two consecutive pairs. On the positive side this is a very comfortable, hike all day, stable and "waterproof" boot. It needs virtually no break in period and construction above the outsole is outstanding. On the negative side, unless you hike the heck out of it quickly, the polyurethane mid sole will dry rot even as they sit in your closet. And this happens in just a few years. Because of this I just sent my second pair in to be resoled for day hike usage as I'm not sure I can trust them for anything longer then that. This is a real dissappointment for a boot in this price range which I would expect to last longer than it takes to wear down the outsole. REI only carries a single legitimate true hiking boot made with leather and a Norwegian welt (the Merrell Wilderness $400) which is a disappointment. Had enough of glued on soles. Planning to shop around for "old school" boot, break it in, and have it last for a decade or more.

Picked up a pair of these for my upcoming trek across Nepal. After about 25 days of indoor training consisting of incline treadmill and stairmaster the seams on the inside of both boots started fraying and coming loose. Didn't inspire brand confidence so I returned them and picked up a pair of Lowa Ticam II's.

I just returned these after using about 10 times. Last summer after using these I started getting heal pain (Plantar Fascitis). This summer sure enough the first steep stuff and started feeling the same tweaks in my heal. I had read about heal pain with these (after I bought them) and wasn't sure they were causing it but after my experience this summer I am sure of it. They are not flexible enough and therefore I believe they place unnecessary strain on your foot when hiking steeper terrain. This happens because I believe the sole doesn't flex enough to allow the heal to raise easily and thus straining the muscles in your lower leg/heal/foot. The small toe box also caused problems on steeper slopes when going down. [...]. I exchanged and got Keen Targhee II boots.

I've been wearing these boots back and forth from class to break them in. I have probably put 12 or so miles on them and they seem great. My only argument is that they run small. I usually wear a 13 in everything, and had to go to a 14 in the Asolo, and it is still a little tight on my right foot around the toes. They are a narrow boot, so if you have wide feet you should definitely pick up WIDES if they have them in your size!!! I will be taking these on an AT thru-hike and hoping they will work wonderfully!

I have very wide feed and always have to buy wide shoes. Asolo’s wide shoes are not very wide. After a short 12 mile hike all my toes were hiking me. For a comparison New balance and keen wide shoes are always wide enough for me.

I had a pair of Asolo boots that I wore for 9 years and worked great. I put around 1500-2000 miles on them. I never got any blisters. So when buying new boot I decided to stick with Asolo. I bought these boots. I wore them around campus and to work to break them in for two months before I started putting them into heavy use. They worked great. The boots were comfortable and sturdy. However when I put a backpack on they changed totally. I got the biggest blisters on my heals that I have ever had. I tried all different sorts of socks and bandaging techniques to fix my heals but the boot just kept eating them up. Finally I had to return them for a pair of boots that I could carry weight with. I also found that they leaked water. Even when waxed they still leaked.

just bought mine today, first time buying these boots, i usually wear danner boots but they quit making my model so i thought i would try these.

I have put over 400 miles on these boots carrying between 40-75 lbs at a time in some very harsh terrain. They are hands down the most comfortable boots I have had in my life. I needed to move fast and these boots allowed me to do that while not having to worry about rolling an ankle or having a blowout midway through. While other people around me were destroying their boots mine lasted the entire time with no issues. I will definitely be buying another pair when (if) these finally do give in to the punishment.

I had my doubts about these when I first bought them. I tend to have a wide foot and was concerned about hot spots but the local boot expert in Austin convinced me I had the right size. After breaking them in around town, I finally went on a trek with them and I have to say they were comfortable, easily adjustable and fit my foot well. I used an insert rather than the included insert because I also have a bit of a high arch. They are definitely water resistant but I can't be sure if they are water proof or not. In the mornings they were still damp in the toe but that could be from sweat, not external water. I had a very mild blister on one heel after 4 days and 25 miles, but I think its because I let them get too loose a couple of days. I was prepared for much worse.

I bought these last week after literally trying on 60+ pairs of boots. My foot runs wide and even boots that were a "wide" size weren't working. After almost giving up and going with the best of the worst the gentleman helping me at REI suggested we remeasure my foot and check my arch length. Let's just say I'm glad we did. As is always the case the REI staff really knows their stuff and never get frustrated. As for the boot maybe not favorite in terms of styling (I have the brown with the red) but that's not why you buy hiking boots in this range anyways. I hike in Rocky New England and have broken two other pairs of boots (Keen Targhee II and LL Bean Trail Model hikers) in the arch over the last 10 mos. I don't see this being an issue with this boot as the sole is thicker and tougher and although not as flexible as the other two boots I mentioned it still flexes enough to be comfortable. I wore these around the house and office for two days then they got their maiden voyage on Sunday up Mt. Monadnock's White Arrow trail. They were great no hotspots, no blisters, etc. The only thing I will change with this boot is the insole I have a superflat arch on my right foot and need some more support but that's my issue not the boots. The terrain at this time of the year went from all sorts of dry and dead debris like pine needles, leaves, etc. to tree roots, different size and types of rock as well as mud, small spring streams and some remaining ice. On the way up the boot was a bit slippery on some smoother rock but by the time I was headed down the sole had enough scuff to give great traction on all surfaces. I expect each time I hike I'll love these more and more. Can't wait to take on Washington and feel the difference.

I spend a fair amount in backcountry hikes and also do a lot of hunting. These boots are great! They perform flawlessly, are nice and light, keep your feet dry and toasty and you can wear them all day without hurting your feet. My boots have worn a little bit at the top by the tongue where I scraped the boot against some lava rocks, but lava rocks can tear just about anything to shreds. I would definitely buy these boots again and recommend them to anyone looking for a solid, well performing, all purpose boot.

I had my old Asolo boots for hundreds of miles and 20 years, but they finally broke down. In the meantime, Asolo has improved the uppers but kept the great fit. After trying on several different brands, the Asolo fit my feet best. Looking forward to another 20 years and comparable mileage!

I bought these for my honeymoon and have logged about about 400 miles thus far in HI, PA, WV, MI, and even good old OH. This is my 3rd pair of Asolo's and the quality hasn't disappointed yet. These seem to continue to the tradition of being great 3 season hiking and light backpacking boots.

Great boots, after a 10 mile hike in to break them in, I immediately noticed a hot-spot on my left heel. The hard plastic ankle support ends right at the bottom of the achilles, and in one shoe, had begun to separate and flex into my heel. Terribly painful, insta-blister.

I just ordered my third pair of these boots. I bought the last pair in 2012 so I got three years out of them. The tread is almost completely gone and the upper portion is just starting to come apart in a few places. I don’t know how long Gortex is supposed to last but they are no longer water proof. I don’t do a lot of hiking but I wear these boots almost every weekend (and many weekdays) as work boots. I find them very comfortable, have never had a blister. I am happy enough with them to order my third pair.

I've had these for over a year now with no complaints. Followed a break in routine and never had a blister. In my area, it is rife with a lot of ankle twisting rocks (golfball to baseball size) and these puppies have saved my ankles way more than a few times. Nice stable platform.

Felt great out of the box. When I started to wear them around I started having foot aches. No hot spots, no blisters, just aches. After 30 ruff miles they feel awesome!! I do wear 2 layers of socks. I read some reviews about traction. The reason why they wear so fast and eventually tend to slip in wet conditions is because the traction was so good in the beginning!! I bought these boots for eventual replacements when I start portion hiking the A.T. I now have 80 miles on them and there ready to step in!!

This was my second pair of boots, after returning my Salewa Alps Trainers (great boot, just didn't fit my foot), needless to say, I was very impressed! Very comfortable, waterproof and durable. While they are not the lightest, the amount of support and durability they provide is worth the few extra ounces (my packweight is 35lbs and up). Just like any other boot, certain ones fit certain feet, just be sure to include this in the list of those you try on. Plus, who doesn't like the rugged, classic styling?

These were great boots while they lasted, but in one weekend trip of B5 bushwhacking and slide climbing these boots deserved the . . . boot.

I bought a pair of these several years ago. Previous pairs of boots had always tended to separate at the sole from toe-bending. These are durable and comfortable. I wear them daily in the winter for after-work walking on a route that is both on and off road. I'm pleased to see that the sole is actually wearing out before the rest of the boot. Having a boot come apart before it wore out was always annoying. I'll buy Asolo again.

All the good things they say about this boot are true. Unfortunately, the weld holding the sole to the shoe box failed at the beginning of a 3 day trip in the ADK high peaks. While these boots are 4 years old, they probably have less than 400 miles on them and show little sign of wear. Reading the other reviews, there are just too many stories of this type of failure for this to be isolated instance. I invest $200+ in a boot to be safe in the back country. I won't buy Asolo again. Too much risk.

I was a bit leery buying this book for local hikes. I thought it would be too much boot for the weekend hikes I do. but I was very happy with the product. great fit, and the boot comes in a Wide cut, which is perfect for my feet. very happy with this boot.

I bought these boots in order to hike my remaining 14ers in Colorado. These seemed best for their light weight (I have very bad knees), waterproofing, durability, and ease of use with crampons. I took them on a 14 mile hike through the mountains the first time I wore them and had only a very tiny blister on my pinky toe. This was not due to the boot, but rather not enough hiking during the winter/late spring months. The size matches my shoe size, however I went with a 1/2 size larger to accomodate swelling and thick socks. I am truly impressed with these boots. If they were a woman, I would marry them and have little baby Asolo's. Although I was at first reluctant to shell out [$], they were worth every penny. I will definitely pick up several pair at the next REI garage sale.

I bought these boots almost exactly a year ago.

These are GREAT boots, but I would caution to take your time when picking size. Asolo recommends a half size smaller that standard US sizing and that holds true. I also found through trial and error that they are narrow as well, as I bought a wide size. Once you dial in your sizing, these things are like wearing slippers right out of the box. Effortlessly cruise through miles and at the end of the day/week/month your feet are no worse for the wear. Best out of the box trekkers I have ever owned.

Love these boots. I previously had Oboz and they were great but came apart at 400ish miles. They were also not as stiff as these are. First day I bought them, I wore them on a 15 mile long hike and no blisters or break in necessary. Definitely recommend.

I wore these on a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon and on some long day hikes. I really havent worn them a whole lot. I have owned them for about a year and one is already falling apart. The toe and the sole are coming apart. I noticed that someon else wrote a similar review. I deffinately have a defective boot. I am going on another trip to the Canyon and I will not be wearing these boots. They were fine on the trail besides being kind of hot.

These boots were great while they lasted, less than 2 years. This is my second pair of Asolo's, and will be my last ever. The sole is separating from the rest of the boot. For the money there are better boots out there, I hope I can find them.

This boot servered me well for the time it lasted. That said after only 30 to 50 miles of hiking the soles started to seperate. You add to that, how long it took to break in (20 or so miles) and I just can't recommend this boot.

this is my second pair of these boots and they are the only thing out there that actually fits my size 14 low volume skis. the last pair is 4 years old and still going, though lacking traction these days and no longer water proof. but they were once and i could stand in a stream with out leaks. my new pair is a better fit for length, but the left boot is not water proof at all. i could wring out my sock after a day hunting in the rain, where the right boot was fine. i plan to swap them for another pair, but wonder about quality control after reading other reviews. they're great if they are up to specs. no break in and really a great mix of flex and support. perfect for my needs- once i get a waterproof pair. i wear them fall, winter and spring in all conditions and for all adventures.

I purchased Asolo boots similar to these several years ago at REI. Previously I never owned "high quality" hiking boots. Over the years, I probably used these less than 35 miles of hiking. I really loved them during this time. I never got them wet, even though they were waterproof. After each hike, I stored them back in the original box in my closet. I live in the Bay Area, where the weather is moderate. One day I was hiking at Castle Rock on the SF Peninsula and it felt like something was sticking to my boot. I look down and was shocked to find that half of the front Vibram sole of the right boot had fallen off (like a tongue)! Thinking I could repair it with Shoe Goo, I stepped carefully back to the 2 miles to the car. After a few minutes, I felt the same with the left boot and that sole was also coming loose! Well I got home and tried the Shoe Goo and was surprised that it did not work. I contacted Asolo and here was their response: "It is normal and expected for the rubber materials to start to show their age on a boot this old. The rubber molded compounds along with adhesives will dry out after several years and become brittle. This is called dry rot. This natural breakdown process occurs even when footwear is not being worn and is not unique to Asolo footwear. While the boots are no longer under warranty, they can still be repaired. We recommend Dave Page Cobbler. He is based out in Seattle WA." I'm guessing this happens frequently, and "Dave" gets a lot of business from their "partner" in WA. If this is their standard response, there should be warning stickers on the box regarding dry rot! I know a lot of hikers and this has never happened to them! So much for expensive, "high end" hiking boots! I tried returning these to REI after Asolo refused to fix them as they were out of warranty, as at one time REI had some type of "satisfaction guaranteed" slogan. The female Asian manager there said "oh this is common. I had a pair of xyz high end french hiking boots this happened to". Net I was NOT satisfied, and REI did not care! Perhaps REI should be more responsible in providing written warnings to prospective buyers of these types of boots. I am now using Keen boots, and quite happy with them. Hopefully no dry rot in the future.

This was a birthday gift to myself. I tried on the merrel, vasque and lowa and did the walk and stomp in-store and these felt the best and fit the best too. i have done a few hikes with them and they feel great. i got them in wide.

I got these boots 5 years ago at my local REI. I have used them on hikes all over the US they fit perfect and had a short break in period they now fit perfectly to my feet. Lots of wear but no issues yet best 250 i have ever spent.

After three hikes the outsole peeled away around the perimeter of both boots. Based on the many positive reviews, I hope this is an outlier. Otherwise, I found these boots to be comfortable and effective for all hiking surfaces.

Generally use these boots for day hikes. Have put about 15 miles per week on these boots for three months but still can't break them in. Really found nothing good about them except for a very snug fitting heel. The outter sole is very hard and almost brittle. Most of the sole cushioning comes from the innersole. If you remove the innersole to insert orthotics you have virtually no cushioning or shock absorption and I have suffered stone bruises from just short walks over light gravel.

Updating my previous review....I brought these on Via Ferrata in the Dolomites, climbing routes with the equivalent of 5.8-5.9 footholds, & they performed remarkably well. Not like climbing shoes, but as good as a good pair of approach shoes.

Shoe laces wore completely through and broke in first 2 weeks of light use. Why would Asolo make such a great product and skimp on the most important part I dont know!? Upon exchanging them for a new pair, the new pairs laces broke in the first week of normal use. I replaced with 550 cord which lasted about 4 months... Bottom line, eyelets suck on these shoes, they cut through your laces. Other than that, great product, but thats a pretty big flaw if you ask me!!!

I have two different sized feet so buying hiking boots is often a challenge. However, I have always loved asolo because not only are they tough and quick to break in, they generally have a flat and open insole that your feet will make their own over time. So those of us with two different sized feet don't have uncomfortable arch support poking in the wrong spot. Plus, excellent heel shape with room for My toes to spread. This is my second pair. My others are still great for light hiking.

These may be great boots, but I couldn't get my EE foot into the boot. Didn't try my EEEE foot. I bought 8 wide. REI took them back with no issues. The Lowa8 wide boots fit perfectly and I love them.

For the first summer, I too, had the heel rub problem. It must be a design issue. The first summer they were fine. Just started summer #2 and during an 11 day hike the stitching on the inside edge where the foot bends is coming apart (on both in the same spot). Also, it seems the Gortex completely gave out. They were fine last year. I treated them before my trip and still had wet feet. This boot is probably great for average hiking but if you put on long miles look for something sturdier.

These boots never came close to being waterproof. Any hike in snow or rain left my feet soaking wet. My main fuss about these boots is that the soles wore out quickly. They wore out in just over one year. On my last backpacking trip they were not reliable for steep hiking and scrambling. It felt dangerous. If you spend [$] on boots, you should be able to rely on them for much longer than these lasted.

I hesitated spending the money for these but since I had a $150 gift card, I decided to pull the trigger and get them. And I am sooooo glad I did. These are hands down the most comfortable boots (shoes) I've ever worn! They are incredibly light for a hiking boot. I wore them for the first time right out of the box on a 5 day back packing/camping trip and never took them off! Even when everyone else was slipping their sandals or slippers on after a long hike, I continued to wear these! I absolutely love these boots! Reading some of the other reviews about the lack of durability, I can't comment on since I've only owned them for a short period of time. But for amazing comfort and stylish looks (I get tons of compliments on them) these are well worth the money! If I could give them 10 stars I would!

I've had toilet paper more water proof than these. 4 months old... tiny little snow on top and right thru. A little bit more snow today, soaking wet. I must find something to exchange these for.

First let me point out that if you buy these boots thinking they are for backpacking with 60+lb packs, that is your fault.

I just purchased this boot for backpacking and am very happy so far with it! It is extremely stable, and after breaking in is also very comfortable. I can't wait to try it on a real trip!

Loved these boots until the soles came apart last month. My last pair of Vasques were good for 12 years. The Asolo's sole and uppers are still in great shape. The mid-sole denigrated.

This hiking boot was by far the best hiking boot I have ever bought in all categories. It is definitely more for backpacking, especially if you have a larger pack like something 70L and above. However I have used it on trails without a pack and I was not brought down by the stiffness or massiveness of the boot at all really, because it is so naturally comfortable and one of the lightest of its kind. It won't beat a day hiking boot if that's what you do in terms of dexterity, lightweight, and comfortability. It would definitely be overkill, but if you're thinking you'd rather be more secure in your ankle support and durability and want to use your boot for several purposes I would recommend at least giving this boot a try. For an experience-based review, I hiked about 10 miles non-stop with this boot for its first test-run and it felt like it was already broken in and I got no blisters or pain anywhere afterward!

Great pair of boots for the price. I worked for a backpacking outfitter this past summer up in Colorado and a friend recommended these to me. They held up great, fit snug around your ankle and foot, breathable, and keeps water out. Unless you submerge the boot while crossing a stream, once water gets on the inside, your gonna walk in damp boots for the rest of the trip. But besides that I love em. They have good tread and arch support which is good for guys like me with flat feet.

I've owned two pairs of the Fugitives. I love how they feel but the soles started coming off of both pairs after a couple of seasons. Way too pricey not to last.

I would have given these boots 5 stars if it wasn't for two small things. First the traction on the heel of the boot is not that great. Second is they need more width selection. I have a very low volume foot these boots are not as wide as some which is good but I still have to run a superfeet green insole and some heavier weight socks. Has held up to everything I have thrown at it including snow hikes with crampons, pacific northwest spring hikes, and multi day backpacking trips.

Overall a good boot. Light and stable with decent grip on rocks. Not the warmest thing in the world, but its not really made for that. My feet stay pretty dry and they breathe very well. My feet arent always sweating in them like some other boots. As long as they are used for what they are made for, they are a great boot. I paid full price [$]. I would probably be a little happier if I had gotten some deal. But the gortex is very nice and hey, you get what you pay for.

Ive always been a Vasque fan, but after years of seeing this boot and hearing good things, I finally decided to buy a pair. I got them in wide, they seemed to fit well in store (wore them for an hour or so while walking around), and I have worn them on small hikes for about half a dozen times.

I bought these boots in 2011, and they were comfortable from day one with no break-in period needed and no loss of comfort since (It's now 2017). These boots provide great support. They have been extremely durable with no significant sign of wear. Still waterproof. Great traction, too. With them I've hiked into and out of the Grand Canyon in August as well as many hikes in the mountains of North Carolina and Pennsylvania on wet and dry days, on hikes on volcanic rock in Hawaii, and in the Canadian Rockies for many miles. The boots have always been comfortable; never a blister. Plus I wear them for training and sometimes around town. The tread looks close to new. I've had many other hiking boots over the years. I like these the best, though I realize that what fits well for my feet may not work for all others.

I was browsing the boot section and looked at the reviews of these Asolo boots and was shocked! I’ve owned these boots for I believe 7 years now. I’m an avid hiker and outdoors person and am regularly telling friends that these are the best boots I’ve ever owned. I see 1 star reviews and thought I’d write a review to say that this wasn’t my experience at all. They are incredibly comfortable, rugged and well made. When I need a new pair of boots, I plan to get these again.

Picked these boots due to good reviews and price. After 1 year I gave them the to speak. The toe box is tight making downhill and rugged rocks a challenge for extended hiking / backpacks. OK for light duty use <8 miles. Sizing runs small and narrow compared to most other brands.

After hiking along the AT with a friend and seeing how these worked for him, I had to buy a pair for myself. I love the support for my ankles. That is one of my greatest concerns when hiking in the North Georgia mountains. While hiking along many trails here, good ankle support is a must when climbing over large rocks or in the sometimes soft, movable dirt. Good gripping is also important and these boots do an amazing job at both. I would recommend these boots to any hiker.

I bought these last minute before a little hiking trip in upstate NY and was very paranoid that I'd get blisters and such due to not breaking these in yet. I was wrong! These boots are unbelievably comfortable and I literally had no issues with them without breaking them in yet. In fact i like wearing them around as an everyday type shoe because of how comfortable they are. Sarah from REI in Cary, NC helped me pick these out and she deserve major props for suggesting them.

Bought my Asolo boots about 2 years ago. I have hiked and worked in these boots almost everyday since. They are one of the best boots on the market at this price point. Ive tortured them and it still took a full year before they stopped looking new. They are very comfortable, still absolutely waterproof, and if it wasnt for the sole wearing down to almost nothing I would still be wearing them. Now its time for a new pair and Ive learned that the Asolo Drifter model has a vibrim sole and the my Fugitives do not. So think Im going to try the Drifters next time. The soles wearing out is normal for a boot that is worn almost everyday for two years. Every other part of the boot is still held together flawlessly!! Ive even thought about sending them to Asolo to have them resoled. Thanks for reading and HAPPY HIKING!!

i've owned 3 pairs of this particular asolo boot, and feel completely loyal to the brand. i can't comment on the accuracy of the sizing, but can say that they feel wider than the boots i'd bought from nike about 10 years ago - i've been wearing exclusively asolo that long. my application is long city walks, day hikes and bike commuting and in that type of use they last about a year. afterward they're still together but not presentable for work and the tread has worn flat.

I need a boot with some extra toe room. I don't normally require a wide size but with this boot I do. Once my foot was it the wide size I felt I found the right size. I also tried a size 1/2 larger but it did not fit as well. After a few day hikes I found one toe, the one next to the little toe, was rubbing. A bandaid fixed that. The boot is very stable and short of being submerged it's pretty water tight. I wouldn't hesitate to use this boot on a long trip with a load.

Other posters have posted about this not being a mountaineering boot. That it is not. I did take this boot up Mt. Olympus with crampons and it did not fare so well. Wished I would have had my Millets. Nonetheless, this has been my favorite pair of hiking boots that I have owned. I like the style compared to other full leather boots, and boy these things stay dry with the Gore-tex liners. I have never had a pair of boots stay so dry. My only complaint is the the soles seem to wear a bit more quickly than other boots, but the tradeoff is that it seems to be a sticker rubber, so good for scrambling/etc on rock. These are very well constructed, have a very short break in period, and even though I have replaced them with a new pair, they still get worn quite a bit as I can't seem to part with my first pair of Fugutives.

Buy these at least a 1/2 size larger than your foot size. WITHOUT the help of the REI staff, I selected a pair that were my normal shoe size. I tried them on a tipped treadmill and the heel box ate up my left heel right on the Achilles tendon. I tried to break them in a couple more times on the treadmill, but in the end, I had to bring them back.

I bought these boots for work purposes. I work 10+ hours a day in various terrain and these boots have never once hurt my feet. There was virtually no break-in period and they were comfortable from the beginning. The only down sides to these boots is the weight and traction during severe conditions. Their traction on ice makes for a very interesting walk. Overall... I love these boots and I would highly recommend them to any person looking for a great pair of boots.

These fit my feet, which have very narrow heels. I have not found another pair of boots that addresses this issue better. They do wear very quickly, after 20 miles in the Easter Sierras with a backpack I was tempted to return them, but they have lasted me another few hundred miles, and like I said, nothing else fits. I would recommend these to someone with narrow heels, otherwise try something that gets better mileage. Other than the soles, they are very durable.

Purchased summer 2012.Good all around,3 season hiking boots. Great for day hikes, light backpacking. Good for mild winter temps, down to low 20s. After that not warm enough and I switch to my Garmont Momentum winter boots. Also, if you have your feet submerged in snow for a couple of hours, even in warmer (30-40 degree) temps, they will get cold. Good for up to class 3 scrambling. Class 4 and up I switch to my Salewa Mid-Trainers, as the Fugitives don't seem nimble enough. On hot days they can feel too warm. The suede section doesn't dry quickly. Even though the waterproofing is still holding up, when the suede is wet, they can "feel" a little damp and cool right through the boot. Nikwax helped somewhat. The sole seems to have decent traction on wet rock. The original tread is not very deep though, so I wonder if it'll hold up over time. They fit with Petzl Vasak crampons. All things considered, I am very happy with them.

I loved these boots - until the supporting foam connecting the boots to the Vibram soles disintegrated after 5 years. Can't be fixed, according to the repair shop. Time to buy another pair of boots. They won't be from Asolo, that's for sure.

Took them bird hunting in extremely rough terrain right after I bought them. Large rocks, slate rocks, loose dirt/rocks, side hilling, up and down 1000+ feet for 4-6 hours a day for 5 consecutive days. No blisters. Great grip on the large rocks when climbing up and down. Good ankle support when side hilling. Sole is stiff, good for carrying moderate weight. Traction started to wear slightly, but that also gives the good grip. Abosultely would recommend.

I wear these everyday to work and anytime outside of work unless I have sandels on. Break in for me is usually a week, but they fit my feet so well I normally don't notice. I do however remove the factory insoles and replace them with Superfeet Insoles. I typically buy a new pair every spring (work allowance) but even after a year they don't look too bad.

I have worn many boots but I finally found a pair that I like. The first thing I noticed is its weight - lite!!! This is one of the first item that I look for in a boot. The tongue does not have a lot of padding but I run my lace different so now it is not an issue. I have worn it on several different occasions in the Sierra and I am happy to report that it has good traction. I have two pairs now, one for hiking and backpacking and the other for around town.

I live in Wisconsin and bought these boots after xmas, and wore them the next day out hunting in about 15 inches of snow and my feet stayed completely dry. The next day I wore them sledding. Feet still dry. Recently I have wore them hiking in the mud and slush after some January rain. Feet still dry. Break in time was minimal. I am sold on these boots FOREVER!!! I think the only thing they need is a pair of Superfeet or Sole insoles and they will be perfect.

I have wide feet, and for the light-med hiker category, there are not a lot of options for a good fit. This model was available in a 12 Wide, and it feels great with my Med weight woolies on. I wear them 2-3 times a week to work, which means they are on my feet for up to 14 hours, and my feet really do feel good when they come off - unlike other shoes that I am kicking off as soon as I walk right through the door.

Purchased a pair of these boots in April 2015. Used them as work boots on construction sites as well as for hiking and camping. They have been hiking to Havasu Falls, in Denali National Park, Yosemite, Death Valley, Olympic National Park, and many other spots. They are a little heavy and can be a bit warm, but no more than the combat boots I was used to wearing in the past. Traction has been great and there was very little break in period. I literally purchased them on the way to Yosemite and used them right away. If you dunk your boot crossing a stream or have a rogue wave sneak up on you, they do not dry quickly...however, I have walked through many a stream on my tip toes, keeping the top of the boot just above the water, and my feet stayed dry. Just finished a trip to the North Rim and, after a little over three years, the liner has finally delaminated, forcing me to retire them. Plus the tread was down to zero in a few places.

These boots (if not all Asolo boots) are rugged, tough, and ready for anything you can throw at them. These are definately tanks! These are great boots that are good from around the town to some extreme hiking. I would just mention that you consider what kind of usage you are looking at in regards to the Gore-tex. The waterproofing seems less breathable in warmer weather. Of course a great compliment to these in any weather are a pair of Smartwool socks!

Hydrolysis and planned obsolescence is what we get today in TPU/EVA boots. My rarely used Asolo boots disintegrated while on a hike and Asolo told me the guarantee is 4 years. If you wear your boots then you will probably get your money's worth, but for people like me who use them on occasion then do not buy this expensive boot. Wonderful fit and comfort but now they go to the garbage and REI has a part in this. People should be warned before they buy.

I bought these boots because they were recommended, but me feet hurt after only a few miles. I was hoping they would break in after several hikes, but so far they haven't. The boot put pressure on the top of my foot even after I've loosened the strings. My heel begins to hurt after a few miles so I replaced the insert with a memory foam insert, but that didn't help. Bottom line, after about 5-6 five to ten mile hikes, I've decided to replace them.

I first read about how these boots work good in all types of terrain and work condition's, thats all great for the average Joe. I'm putting my review for the military guys out there looking for a great boot while moving along the hazardous mountains of Afghanistan. The first pair I bought was just a bit to small so I gave them to a buddy of mine and ordered another pair. While waiting for my boots to come in my buddy had nothing but good words about the boots. Other than taking a bit longer then the average boot to break in they were awesome. My boots just came in the other day and I put them to the test ASAP!!! Straight into the mountains, and let me tell you they work great!!! I feel like they're starting to break in pretty good in just about a 4 days. If you wear a wide then go WIDE!!! and order 1 size up. I highly recommend them.

I bought a new pair of these Asolo boots to replace a 10-yr old pair that had fallen apart at the midsole. Mine were the third of three pairs of these boots in my hiking group with this disintegration, each around 9-10 years old. We all replaced them with new identical models.

The tread on this boot is great! The nylon started forming holes within 6 months right above the leather. Which started to break down the gortex. With less than a year of average use I couldn't walk through wet brush without my feet getting soaked.

This boot has laces all the way to the toe. It will provide a secure fit. The boot runs ever so slightly narrow. In other words, if you have a duck's foot, you may want to look elsewhere. Requires minimal breaking in time. I use this boot for hiking, backpacking and light mountaineering. It is well suited for 3-1/2 seasons. It is the only boot that I recommend to everyone if they have only one boot. It breathes well and keeps your feet dry.

Unfortunately, I have short, wide feet (8W). In the last 6 months, I've purchase and returned 7 pairs of hiking shoes/trail runners, trying to avoid stepping up to a boot. I finally tried on the Azolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boot. As soon I tried them on, I knew I found my match. I am hiking the Camino de Santiago (500miles) in 4 months. I've worn my Azolos almost every day for the past month - no problem at all. I am confident they will serve me well.

Great light boot that still feels rugged and durable. I throw these things around and do a lot of hiking in the mountains surrounding the Kanto plain. Have had them for over a year and have put about 250 km on them. Good support all around and eyelets allow for very specific lace adjustments. REI representative helped me pick them out and is just another testament to the service they provide in excess of anything you can find online these days.

I too am surprised by the bad reviews referring to the quality of these boots. I've had mine for 5 years now, and I have put them through extremely rough and wet terrain on multi-day backpacking trips. Additionally, I don't take very good care of them, and yet they still look and feel relatively new. The only warning I can give about these is that they are narrower than most boots, so unless you have really narrow feet I suggest getting the wides.

I owned these boots for 2 years. During that time I was in love with them. Very durable and great traction. Unfortunately after only 200-300 miles, they gave out in one of the seams and started leaking. I would have thought this to be a one time defect except I have 2 backpacking friends who both wore the fugitive and they both failed around the same mileage. Very dissapointing. After much research and speaking to other avid adventurers, I have come to the conclusion that highly porous boots that rely completely on the gore-tex to keep them waterproof, are a joke. THEY ALL FAIL EVENTUALLY! Gore-Tex is not designed to be the first line of defence on footwear. Why they use it that way, I dont know. If you talk to any old timer who has logged thousands of miles in the mountains, 99% of them will agree with what I just said. I dont believe this is an ASOLO problem, I think this is a problem for ANY brand that uses Gore-tex this way. I have since gone to the ASOLO 200 GV which is a full grain leather boot, that only depends on the Gore-tex as a secondary line of defence. I only have about 80 miles on them so far but they were a very hard 80 miles through white out conditions in Glacier National Park. These boots are Bomber so far. Based on other reviews I plan to get many years out of them! Ill let you know.

I loved these boots. I could walk thorugh streams and not get wet feet. They are a bit stiff. The killer was when the sole separated on last year's back backing trip. I used up all of my emergency duct tape to be able to walk out the last 15 miles in two days. It was not pleasant. There was little warning. The sole just separated over a period of a few miles. I had worn these boots for about 3 years and 300 miles total with a heavy pack.

This boot is awsome. It took me two trips to REI to find the right sizeing. I have always worn a 10.5, but the toe box on this boot is a little small. I tried going with the 10.5W but it just wasn't big enough. After two trips to REI, I finally ended up with an 11. The boot fits great. While I was going through sizing pains I noticed a couple of things. First, this boot is very durable and it dosen't stretch. What you buy is what you get. [...]

I know some have complained but these fit great! My foot runs a little narrow and these may be the best fitting boot I have ever warn. The traction with these is great on rocks and loose gravel.

I am very happy with these boots...Asolo makes a great product...I wear these daily and find them very comfortable. The break in time was minimal, with no sore spots. I did find the open metal shoestring clips to be closed too much for the size of the shoelace. Just pried them open a bit more and problem solved. I would recommend these boots for all day and some overnight hikes.. Waiting to see if they are as durable as they are comfortable.

I was impressed with the overall fit of the boot to my feet. It has good ankle support and excellent traction, even on smooth, wet rocks when crossing streams. I noticed that the insole was slightly stiff, but I only really noticed it after 60 miles in the backcountry. Overall, I am pleased with the boot and would recommend it for anyone looking for an all around seasonal hiker that's lightweight, durable, and provides good support and fit.

This is my first pair of backpacking-weight boots that aren't all leather. I really appreciate the light weight, Gore-Tex liner, great traction, and reasonable cost. The downside is that I don't think the ballistic nylon offers quite as much protection as heavy leather on rocky trails or when going cross-country. I don't think that they fit as well as a leather boot can, either, but they do OK with a pair of expedition weight merino wool socks to fill the boot and add a little padding (I'm in between sizes and go up to the next size). The most significant drawback is that the tongue has no padding and can become uncomfortable if the laces are tight. They've served me well for fast hikes on steep and rocky terrain (much better than a pair of low-cut hiking shoes!), but would want to see if I could find anything better before buying another pair.

I use these boots for day hiking, mostly on the fire roads in the local SoCal mountians. The boots are waterproof, as long as the water doesn't get in over the ankles. Once that happens, they hold in the water pretty well. It's almost like you're hiking with your feet in two little waterbeds. So try to avoid this situation. On the positive side, I stood in a freezing snowmelt stream yesterday for about 5 mins. staight with no water ingress. Feet stayed pretty warm as well. The only other downside to these boots is the bad traction in slippery conditions. Got ice? Forget about'll need crampons. I even slipped in a thin sheet of running water in the summer. Other than these two issues, the boots are like nails. Broke in well and are holding up like champs. I did add a more high-end insert as well. Now they're like hiking on marshmallows!

Most reviews said these were best used for approach/day hikes, but I took them up Rainier last summer and they held up great all the way to the summit. Rigid enough for crampons and more comfortable than plastic mountaineering boots. They work great for lower level mountaineering like many routes up Rainier but are not recommended if temperatures are approaching zero fahrenheit or if the climb involves any pitches greater than 60 degrees.

These are the second pair I've had in 5 years. First pair were wore out of the box up half dome in yosemite. I put several hundred miles on the boots. The second pair were wore out of the box for 70 miles and an asent up and over Mt. Whitney. They only produced one small blister on my toe but performed exceptionally in stream crossing, snow and 0* weather. I would suggest adding superfeet pads to the shoe as the insert that comes with the shoe is worthless. In addition the key to long term use is to prep the shoe with nixwax with annual reapplications and clean the shoe with a stiff brush after each trip. The wax will help to further weatherproof the shoe and the brush will remove micro particles of granite that can break down the shoe, especially between the seams. In short care for the shoe and it will care for you! Hike tomorrow!

Love these boots, but my first pair I bought too small. I usually run 12.5 to 13 depending on the shoe. I bought 13 but had toe issues on anything longer than 5 miles or with a full backpack. I just replaced them with size 14 Wide... and they feel great... I feel very solid in this boot, it has a firm/rigid footbed and supports me great. Worth the couple extra shoe pounds with the foot issues I have. Waterproofing works great.

I use this boots for my work boots.

These boots seemed extremely comfortable when tried on at the store but a little less comfortable when walking around. Took them home and tried them around the house a few times and decided they were just going to be too tight in the toebox for any serious use. Construction appears exceptional and I am sure that they are great- if your foot is narrow enough. I exchanged them for a pair of Salomon Comet 3D. See my review of them.

I bought these boots for hiking and camping with my son who is a Cub Scout, however they are so comfortable that I wear them a great deal more often. We live on a couple acres and enjoy bon fires and such at the house, so I end up wearing these around the yard playing with the kids in the woods all the time. By far, these are the most comfortable boots I own and I probably have 8 or 10 pairs of boots for different activities.

I only have about 200 miles on these boots, most of it in Glacier Park & the Bitterroot Mtn's (trails not bushwacking). My longest hikes have only been 18-20 miles but have had no problems. Good tractions on wet rocks and have used them most of the winter on icy streets. I did go up a 1/2 size to insure the toe box has enough room for down hill. My feet feel very secure in the boot (almost like having my ankles taped)Good Boot.

I bought these after doing 20 miles on the AT and getting hooked on the idea of doing that more often and not wearing my Army issue boots. I broke my ankle almost at the same time I bought these so I'm now using them for stability and support. They are incredibly comfortable and have passed the rain/puddle test. Asolo was recommended by my friend who has them and has almost completed the AT. So, I'm very optimistic about them.

I use these primarily for Search and Rescue work, they have proven themselves more than once. All manner of terrain including various angle rescue work as well daily wear and training.

I use these for general hiking/camping use, and I've started to find myself not looking forward to putting them on. They feel like part of the old generation of "it'll be comfortable once you break them in" shoes that have since been surpassed by Merrell and other brands that are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable as soon as you put them on. They're durable, sure, but I'd give up durability for comfort in a heartbeat.



What product is recommended for treating the exterior suede on the ASOLO Fugitive GTX

The Granger's Footwear Care Kit is a great choice for cleaning and adding water repellency to these boots.


I bought these boots Nov 12, 2017. I have used them for 150 miles. I did a 5 mile hike yesterday and they seemed fine, but this morning the insides are damp in the toe area. Going to Kili in 5 weeks, any fix?

We suggest Nikwax Fabric & Leather Waterproofing Spray for Footwear:


Where can I get boots resoled? Referring to the Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots.

​We recommend Dave Page for getting these boots resoled.


Would you recommend replacing the insoles with superfeet?

Yes, most of the time replacing the insole with a quality aftermarket (Superfeet, SOLE, Sof Sol, etc.) version will improve your walking experience.


I've never needed to wear a boot in a wide version. However, from reviews, it seems that these boots run narrow around the heel and arch. I am flat footed and was wondering if I need to go with the wide version. 

This boot is a standard men's D width. If you think this may be too narrow, you're welcome to try a wide size.


I purchased these but haven't worn out on the trail. The disintegrating sole seems to be a recurring theme. What recourse do I have if the sole does come off prematurely? Not looking to waste 255 bucks.

These boots are covered under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should any part of the boot fail prematurely, you are more than welcome to return/exchange them.


Asolo makes this boot in Grey/Gunmetal color. Can I get it in that color from REI?

​As of February 2018, we do not offer these boots in the grey/gunmetal color. All available colors are shown online.


Is this to much boot for the 22 mile Mt. Whitney trail in one day? Have they addressed the falling apart issues?

​These boots are a great choice for the 22 mile Mt. Whitney Hike. As of January 2018, these boots have not been redesigned.


Which boot is better? The Asolo Fugitive GTX or the Salomon Quest 4DGTX II?

Categorically, these boots are very similar and designed for the same activities. The 'better' boot is the one that fits you more comfortably.


Any suggestions for heal blisters. Boots are broken in but I'm still getting heal blisters. Boots are always tied tight and are used with technical smart wool socks

For information on blister care and prevention, please visit the following link:


I've had a pair of Asolo FSN 95 GTX for years, resoled them once, but they are now giving out and it's time to replace. What is the successor boot, the Fugitive or the Drifter or something else? Just looking for something as close as possible.

The most similar boot to the FSN 95 GTX is the Asolo Drifter GV hiking boots.


What width is the "wide size" in this model? And if possible what width is the normal fit boot?

The regular width is D. The wide width is EE.


how are boots redrafted (resoled)?  Where?

For footwear repair, we recommend Dave Page Cobbler in Seattle.

Shoe DSP

In plain English what is the main difference between the Asolo Drifter & Asolo Fugitive?  Does either have a cushiony feel (ala Salomon GTX) or are they stiff as a board like Asolo 520?

​The 520 is a durable backpacking boot, where the Salomon's are a quality, light hiking boot. The Drifter and the Fugitive, are between the robust 520's and the cushioned and flexible Salomon's.


Is Asolo Fugitive good enough for the Tour du Mont Blanc? 

​These boots are a fine choice for the Tour du Mont Blanc.


  'What is the drop of the fugitive God boots

The manufacturer does not publish a drop for this boot; this result is typical for all hiking boots and shoes.


Is it possible to order these boots in wide online?  Cannot find an option for that.

We do carry the Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots in wide widths. Simply click the dropdown box that says "Choose Your Color/Size" and select the size that you need in wide.


Where are these boots made

The Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots are made in Romania.

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