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The Newports are comfortable like most Keens, and I love the toe bumpers. Also, they are pretty durable and easy to clean off. However, they feel clunky and heavy if I wear them for very long. Also, they are NOT great shoes to wear to the beach. I made that mistake and it was irritating to keep taking them off to get the sand out (they take a bit of work to get on and off, so it is not easy to keep taking them off to get stuff out of them). Also, my feet tend to get hot and sweaty in them when I use them for hiking unless I wear them with socks to wick away the moisture, which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing hiking sandles.

I wanted lightweight sandals to carry when I hike in case I need to cross a river. I have not used it for this purpose yet, but I have worn these sandals doing 2-3 mile walks on pavement. I have knee pain if my shoes are not correct for what I am doing and my knee did not hurt at all wearing these. I did not need to break them in before wearing them either. I also wore them going up and down a ladder and did not have any problems with traction doing that or walking in the rain. Overall I am very happy I purchased these. They have impressed me more than I thought and I don't want to take them off at the end of the day.

My Keens are very comfy and hardly took any time to break into. They're great for water sports, hiking, and just walking around town. Lots of traction on the sole of the shoe and the rubber on the front protects my toes. The shoe looks wide, but my skinny feet fit in them fine. A bunch of my friends have them and love these shoes. I just got my father-in-law to buy a pair. Mine are black and the dirt shows up on them very easily, but rinse them off and they're back to black. Dirt and pebbles are a problem because you have to take off the shoe to get them out. Buy a half size up because they run small.

Ok, after a few years of wear I can say I know these shoes. They work. They are comfortable and have held up to my abuse. I keep them next to the bed. Easy on and off. I got them because they offered toe protection. I am a notorious toe stubber. Answer to my prayers. I will say that it took a while to get used to a bit of clamminess you experience at first if your feet sweat even a bit. They dried out in the end. Weird feeling really. Also, don't think these are great in the desert. They collect sand in 1 minute and you have to take them off to get rid of the uncomfortable pile under your foot. I still wouldn't trade them.

I bought these to use on a hiking/canoeing trip I'm taking later this summer and wanted to have some time to break them in. Unfortunately, the placement of the straps didn't work for my foot, and I ended up developing a blister on my left foot after walking only a few miles. I absolutely love the idea of Keens and was so disappointed. I ended up returning these to the store and exchanging them for the Keen Whisper sandal, which has a slightly different structure and strap placement. I love the Whisper sandals! My advice: if one Keen doesn't work for you, try another. They are all built so differently, and if you have a good fit they're so great and multi-purpose! I am recommending the product to others because I realize that the reason they didn't work for me is purely because of the way my feet are shaped.

My feet ached after a month-long trip to Australia with tons of walking. My co-traveler wore Keen shoes and was fine. I bought this pair as soon as I got home. I thought I wanted the Keen Mystic or Venice styles. I tried them all on in the store. The Newport H2 was absolutely the best fit for me, so be sure to try the different styles. They do seem a bit hard to slip on and off so if you want an easy-off shoe probably not the best choice. I normally wear a size 6, but had to go to a 6-1/2 for toe room. So far so good so they get 4 stars. If they stay as comfy after miles of walking as they are right now , I'll come back and upgrade my report to 5 stars.

First I need to say that I am really commenting on the men's shoe, but that is no longer available through REI. I had no complaints at first, they have great traction, are easy to put on or take off. But by 7 months they started falling apart, stichting coming loose, and this has been progressive. For three or four of those months I was in tropical climates in wet season, so they did get a fair amount of use, but the majority of the time I was wearing sandals and I never was on a long hike (short hikes, walking in streets in heavy rain, river rafting and canoeing) Perhaps they would have done better in a dry climate where they would have had a chance to dry out more rapidly.

This is the perfect shoe you could ever have on your feet when doing the Kalalau Trail in Kauai. Or any hike that involves crossing streams for that matter. I had worn my Patagonia trail shoes the first 2 miles, but when having to cross the stream at Hanakapi'ai (Mile 2), I changed into these and I didn't need to change back into my hiking shoes. I felt safe ascending and descending on the many different terrains that Kalalau has to offer.

This is my second pair of Keen's Newport. Purchased the original and took them to Thailand. They were great there, as my feet were very protected as i climbed over rocks and through lots of water. My only complaint was they were fairly clunky, but my feet were always protected. i decided to upgrade to the new Newport H2, and i am very satisfied. Lots of protection but lighter in weight. They do run a little wide, and i don't have narrow feet. Also i usually wear and 8.5, but sized up to 9 just to allow for swelling during activity. Other than being a bit wide for me, i definitely would recommend these to anyone needing sturdy shoes for hiking or water activities. They dry fairly quickly and are not uncomfortable using wet. Great product.

I am a massage therapist in many different environments, ie. concrete (airport), grass (races), dirt (festivals), etc.

I was in a local REI and saw these shoes on the clearance rack. I tried them on and they were a perfect fit. I figured they would be since my favorite hiking boots are also Keens. Anyway, I wear the all over the place! They were perfect from the second I put them on my feet ... Zero break in time! I have the funniest tan lines on my feet because I wear them ALL the time!

These shoes are phenomenal. With summer upon us, I really wanted to get a pair of shoes that I could wear all the time. I'm pretty active and I have issues with plantar fasciitis, so I wanted a shoe that would be supportive of my arches and still be able to deal with water. This will be the perfect shoe for our upcoming cross country trip where we'll be hiking, fishing, dog walking and paddleboarding. They aren't easy to slip off when they're wet but they function well and I don't get any blisters. That said, they're not exactly a shoe you wear for nice dinners while on vacation. :)

This is my second pair of Keen Newport. I was hoping the Whisper would work since they are lighter and not as clunky. However, the Newport has superior support and sole is thicker. I've worn them all day, hiked, walked on cobblestone streets in Scotland. They can also be worn with short socks for warmth and comfort. I will use the Whisper for normal walking around and errands. Can't beat Keen for comfort. I do have Keen hiking shoes for more heavy duty trails.

Loved my burgundy Keen Newport sandals when I opened the box. I ordered 7.5 but they were painfully too small. I then ordered the 8 and the length was correct, the toe box perfect but the bands cut into my feet making my feet swell like sausages after only 10 minutes. There may be something off about the sizing. I have a pair of Keen McKenzies in size 7.5 that are perfect and the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Still love Keens!

This is my second pair of Newport sandals, so obviously I'm sold on them! I use them mostly for non-water activities (walking, light hiking) in a very dry climate. They're supportive of my flat feet, very comfortable (I've never had a blister from them), and durable. My only quibble is that it's hard to get sand out of the toes without taking off the sandals, but that's minor.

My husband, son and I all purchased this sandal for a river trip through the Grand Canyon. I love the footbed and toe protection- excellent features for hiking, and a big plus since we spent as much time scrambling up trails as we did in the water. However, we were all very disappointed when the stitching on all 3 pairs began to unravel on only the 4th day. We had barely worn these prior to our trip. The thread that was used was very light weight and totally inappropriate and unable to bear the stress of regular hiking. I mean really - 4 days into a trip? These failures could have had a very negative impact on our trip. Good thing the river guides had an awl - we had to sew our sandals back together.

We took a trip to the Oregon Coast over Spring Break, and expecting colder weather, I didn't bring my old Keen Venice shoes. I needed something other than flip flops to walk on the beach in and go tidepooling at Yaquina Bay, all the while climbing up and down the beach cliffs and trails going down to the ocean that was also comfortable. My old Keens are looking ragged, and though they're still physically intact and in good shape, I needed new ones anyway-so I purchased a pair from the Portland store.

I took these on a one month trip to Australia and New Zealand several years ago. They were the only shoes I took and they were and still are awesome. I bought them to wear with socks for cooler days and without for warmer ones. I did get a blister at first but never since and I think that was more from my sock selection. I sea kayak, boat and even wear to work (with socks) in these shoes and certainly would recommend them. I crack up at the label waterproof!!! I know they mean the material because the shoe is not protecting your foot from water..HA! Very durable also although my husbands are finally loosing a little stitching on them but he is very, very rough with shoes.

I was hiking, walking city streets (modern as well as uneven stone), doing a bit of wading, biking and generally covering ground in these sandals for a month in China from huge cities to rice fields, on trails, in subways and riverbanks. On slippery wet stone streets they had great traction. These sandals breathed, even in 95 degree heat. They are not cute but they are made to get you comfortably through all kinds of activities & that is a lot more important than looks. The closed toe is great protection when biking or hiking but not too hot or confining.

I bought these shoes for a trip to Costa Rica. Good thing I decided to break them in before the trip. I tried them at the store for a few minutes and they seemed fine. When I finally got to wear them they are extremely uncomfortable. Within 5 minutes the back of the shoe had already broken the skin at the back of my foot. They are hard on the base of the foot as well and my skin started peeling against the hard surface of the shoe. They are ok to wear with socks, but given that within 5 minutes they were already irritating my skin the shoes are going back to the store.

Was looking for an all-purpose shoe mainly for bike riding... I have very wide feet and always have a hard time getting a good fit. These are the most comfortable shoes ever... My feet have even extra room to breathe and my toes even have wiggle room;) Yayyy... To Keen and REI...

I bought these Keens to have an alternative to Chacos for walking and hiking, and they are SO comfortable- cushy and soft foot bed, great for a wide foot. A bit hard to get on at first, but they break in. A bit hot, but worth the comfort and support.

I wore these shoes for a 2 week trip to Italy where we walked for miles every day. I struggle with foot issues, between arthritis and plantar fascitis, so I try to baby my feet. These shoes were perfect and really provided a lot of support and comfort.

I had a pair of these two years ago that held up great for a summer of farm work and them a semester of stream ecology research, but the new pair I got is terrible. They get very uncomfortable when they are wet (rubbing blisters into my feet), they don't dry well, and they smell absolutely awful when they finally do dry. Since they are a "hybrid" shoe meant for some use in the water, I expected them to hold up better. I'm currently using them for farm work, same as my old pair, and these have barely made it through the first month. They get more uncomfortable every week and the seams at the back of the shoe are coming apart. I'm really disappointed because I loved the old pair I had, they were perfect, and this current pair is a complete dud. I'm not sure if Keen has changed how they make the shoe, but I'd only use the current ones for walking or light hiking; anything where your feet will stay dry.

If your looking for a good shoe for on and shore for kayaking/SUP/canoeing, these are the shoes for you. I've used these multiple times for kayaking and have been able to mange the mucky mud of inland beaches that challenge flip flop wearers. Downside is that it does trap sediment and rocks in. While this isn't a big deal for me when kayaking, I would not use them for hiking as on and off can be a pain, especially if wet. I bought them in coral and get compliments on them every time I wear them.

I bought these shoes specifically for the Kalalau Trail in Kauai. It's 11 miles one way with moderate terrain. I had done it 2 times prior and thought these shoes would be best as there is varied terrain, water crossings and potential of walking in mud the entire length. We were fortunate and had good trail conditions. About 3/4 of the way IN I noticed my heals slipping. I synched the lacing and they just kept slipping. I then noticed that the shoe was falling apart on BOTH feet on the outside stitching where it says "Keen" Anytime I had to push off my foot was moving. Not good!! I wasn't even to our campground yet AND I still had to come back out. Duct tape to the rescue. Returned the shoes. Very disappointed as I was really looking forward to putting many miles on them.

I love these Keen shoes, and these sandals in particular. I owned a previous pair of the same style, but rather suddenly (and not having had a significant amount of wear) the sole came away from the sandal). I was very disappointed that they had not lasted well, but because I like Keens I am hoping it was a fluke. My new ones are even more comfortable than the first pair - very happy with the shoe and especially with the sales experience. However - just this past weekend I was kayaking with a friend wearing the same pair, and the same thing happened - out of the blue. Not a good sign. Perhaps the more recent manufacture uses better, longer lasting adhesives.

I love kayaking and bought these to wear while in my kayak. I also used them at Boy Scout Camp 3 years ago. They are comfortable and I get excellent traction. This year I was packing to work the 2013 National Jamboree and threw them in the car at the last minute as I already had several pairs of shoes that I was taking, a pair of tennis shoes and two pairs of Merrell shoes, a pair of Sirens and a pair of Moabs. Well, the terrain there was covered with large, fresh gravel and I had foot bruises within 2 days of being there. I pulled out my Newports to try them on the rocks and they were my go to shoes for the entire 2 weeks. They offered much better protection from the rocks and gravel and were so comfortable to walk 8 - 10 miles a day. My only complaint was that some of the stitching had pulled out. I took out my sewing kit and stitched it back by hand, my efforts held up for 85 miles of hiking/walking. In water, it can be a challenge to clear out all of the sand and small rocks but I usually take my shoes off in the boat. For hiking, they beat my shoes that are designed strictly for that purpose. I will be buying another pair shortly, I LOVE them.

Loved these! Very comfortable for me. Did a hike in them to a waterfall. The hike was very rocky but my feet didnt hurt at all after! Worked great in the water! Only down side is they dont dry fast. Love them!! Recommend to all my friends

I recently did a 4 mile hike that involved crossing be creek multiple times and at times going through deep or shallow water. Perfect shoe. It gives you the support and grip you need.

I took these to Belize on a yoga retreat and used them to hike around Mayan ruins, hike/climb through a cave, canoeing, etc. They were a last minute purchase and did not break them in before I went, but they were great. Not the most attractive shoe but really comfortable for hiking around in wet areas. They don't dry super fast though. All in all a good purchase.

Great shoes for swimming and wading. Stylish. Good for sightseeing as well. Runs about 1/2 size too small.

The pull tab on the front broke on the first day I wore them! Might have only been about the 5th time I used the tab.

Overall, nice fit with and without socks. However, after wearing at home without socks, little toes were getting squished and feet were sweaty. Had tried on version with suede-y insole but they had different design and didn't fit right.

This is my first pair of Keen sandals and I love them. They fit snuggly, are comfortable even on longer hikes and great for ventilation. They also have an advantage over normal sandals as sand and gravel won't get inside so easily. The only disadvantage - they seem to take forever to dry so when you wear them for watersports or hiking through a river you might not want to wear them for the rest of the day, unless it is really hot.

I have own four different pairs of these and on every single pair the stitching that connects the heel to the ankle (where the KEEN logo is located) pops and comes undone. I have even taken them in to be restitched by a cobbler, but it just doesn't last. I am no longer spending my money on these.....

I've worn this sandal for 2-3 years and loved them. They are great quality and super comfy! However, I bought the exact same pair in the exact same size (REI pulled up my history), and now they are too narrow. We held up the old pair to the new pair and were surprised at the huge difference. I don't wear a 'wide' in other shoes, but the latest version is too narrow for my feet now. I bought the men's shoe instead and they work great!! I wore a women's 9 in the past, and the men's 8 is exactly the same length and width when you hold them up next to each other.

These look ridiculous but are perfect for a wide range of activities. I've used these on light hikes, for a walk on the beach, kayaking, dog walking, bike commuting, even for at home workouts to protect my toes from my jump rope. I've used them in cool/dry and hot/humid climates with excellent performance. No blisters or chafing even once. Good arch support and almost as comfortable as a pair of worn in Birkenstocks. I will use these for field work later this year when I anticipate hiking with equipment, kayaking and taking lake sediment cores.

These sandals are really comfortable and have good arch support. Because I've had fit issues with other Keene sandals (especially with width), I tried these on and bought them at my local REI store. The Keene website said these run small, but my normal size (10.5) fit well. I like the fact Keenes offer half sizes so you can get a better fit. I also like the turquoise color.

I really wanted to like these but after wearing them a few times, I realize that I don’t. While KEEN is a favored brand of mine and I LUV my KEEN Marshall’s, these Newport H2’s aren’t right for me in a few ways. First thing I noticed was that without any socks, they’re HOT & SWEATY! Second is, getting small pebbles out of this type of sandal isn’t as easy to do as in my Teva Fi 4’s (which I do not find hot & sweaty). Third (and most important) thing I noticed was how my big toe keeps striking the top of inside toe cap and becomes very sore/tender. This is not good anytime, but especially when planning on using these for an upcoming several hundred Km ‘Camino’; unless you want a guarantee of losing a big toenail or two! Finally, even though these are going back, apart from the bad (for me, anyway) is that everything else was good. Really liked the bungee lacing, reflective stitching and of course KEEN's super hard soles!

I bought this sandal to hike in Coyote Gulch. Lots of river crossings. I wanted the closed toe for protection, but it ended up being a nuisance when trying to clear pebbles that had snuck in.

I wear these Keen's everywhere! I am in many volkswalking groups, and commonly do 2-3 10K (6.2 miles) walks every week. Two weeks ago, I did TWO 10K's in one day, and my feet were fine in these (no socks)! The first few times I wore them, I would alternate between not wearing socks and wearing socks as my feet got used to them. It's also fun to slosh freely through creeks while everyone else is trying to keep their shoes and boots dry, lol

I bought this pair before I went on a 2 week trip to Europe with my boyfriend (he bought a pair as well). We trekked all over in our Keens and we love them. The Keen shoes were very breathable which was great since it was so hot and humid during our trip. They were so comfortable, our feet were always well supported whether we were walking in the city of London, hiking in Rome or wading on the beach. After my trip, I have been on a quest to purchase more Keens to fit my everyday life. They have such a nice selection.

I bought these shoes to replace a worn-out pair of sandals by another name brand, and now there's no going back! These shoes are super-comfy for everyday wear and hikes, and of course they are great for kayaking too. The traction is wonderful, and they have GREAT arch support. On a couple of blessed casual days, I've even worn them to teach in, and they are the only shoe I've ever worn that hasn't made my feet hurt by the end of the day.

I bought these shoes before a quick trip to the beach. They were comfortable with the minor exception of some rubbing on my little toe on one of the straps. They have good support and are easy to get on and off. All in all, what I was looking for in a sturdy sandal.

I use these sandals primarily for kayaking. I go to a lot of different places-- the ocean with the sharks and porpoises on my 14.5' or 17', the lakes in my tandem, the marshes, etc. Due to some financial restraints I was using either my bare feet or flip flops, and these make a WORLD of difference. They are so comfortable and I was able to use my peddles properly for the first time in a long time.

I got these shoes to wear for a month-long trip in Europe. The reason I bought these was because the sole is forgiving but also provides support. I preferred these over my sneakers because they breathed well and my heels did not hurt after walking all day, as they normally do in sneakers. They were easy to wash and do not require socks. For the first few weeks they rubbed me blisters on my heels. However, I was using these extensively, walking miles and miles everyday. I think with typical use, they would be fine.

I bought these sandals for a trip to Thailand as I was looking for a closed toe sandal that could handle getting wet and wouldn't be too hot on my feet. These shoes were amazing! They had hard use as we walked through the streets of Bangkok, waded into the river with elephants,and trekked through the jungles. They dried quickly and were extremely comfortable. I suffer from plantar fascitis and I had no foot pain whatsoever after wearing these day after day. I would highly recommend them for any adventure!

I didn’t notice the pair I bought had defective construction near the toe until I got home. It’s the third pair of keen sandals I have bought this year that had defects. The stitches popped on another pair, and the webbing was too weak on the other pair. Keen had a great design for water sandals and they are completely ruined by shoddy construction and apparently no quality control. I used to love keens but 3 defective pair in a year is a sign that they aren’t what the used to be, so it’s time to move on.

I've been waffling over these for months. I was worried about the sizing because so many people said they run small (they do). So last time I was at my local REI, I saw they were on sale and I tried some on. I usually wear a 6 but they don't stock 6, so I tried the 6.5. Fits perfectly! There's no way a 6 would have worked. I took these on a business trip and they are just perfect for dealing with airports - easy on and off for security, comfy for ridiculous amounts of indoor walking, stable and grippy for panicked sprints on carpet and zero-friction granite floors. (And they're great outside, too!) They were cool and comfy, though the right one seems just a tiny bit tight at the heel. I haven't had any issues with odor, but I typically don't. Love the fact these are leather-free, too.

I bought these sandals for a camping trip and am pleased with the durability. I've hiked and waded in the shoes - lots of rocks get stuck inside and getting them on and off is a challenge. They are hot too. That's why I don't give them five stars (the heat factor and on/off issues). They are comfortable after break-in and are high-quality sandals. All in all, a good purchase. (I have a slightly wider than normal foot, so that may explain the break in issues - however the sandals do expand a bit.)

I used these sandals on a 2 day rafting trip in Costa Rica and was very impressed with them. They are great to use in the water, for hiking on wet rocks, or just meandering around the city. They didn't make my feet too warm and provided enough cusioning to be very comfortable. They dried overnight, even in the humid weather of late May. I wouldn't go on any long hiking or backpacking trips with only these but, they are a great addition when you don't want to get your boots soaked. Of course I had trouble once in a while with little pebbles, and whatnot, but, they are sandals and it is to be expected. After beaking them in a bit they become easy on and off but, not so much that they don't feel secure.

These are categorized as watersport sandals, but they are truly great for a number of warm-weather sports. I did buy my first pair of Newports several years back specifically for paddle sports. I soon discovered how versatile they were and started wearing them for hiking, heavy gardening, and neighborhood walks. They are so comfortable, and they offer great support. The soles are sturdy with great tread for rocky Pennsylvania woods. I think they are more comfortable for hiking than my boots (also Keens). The only drawback is dirt and pebbles get in, because, well, they’re sandals. They are machine washable, which is especially useful when you have stepped in something particularly icky. They also last a long time. My old ones finally started coming apart after about 8 years of frequent, rugged use. I didn’t even consider any other shoe. I bought the new Newports. I’ve already been hiking in them twice, and I couldn’t be happier. They do need a little bit of breaking in before wearing them for more rugged sports, but I found that wearing them around the house for a couple of days was sufficient. Still the best summer sports sandals!

Good fit, durable, super travel shoe, wear with short socks until you get through airport security. Can walk forever in them.

These are so comfortable and support my feet perfectly. They are great for anytime and I can walk for miles with no problems

I bought these for a trip to Hawaii. I knew I would be hiking in rainforests and on volcanoes. Good for both. Perfect for my rainforest and waterfall hike. Dried in no time. Protected the toes while hiking through Volcanoes Nat't Park. Open-toed shoes are NOT recommended. I even wore them on the plane with socks to keep my feet warm, and they looked fine.

I loved my last pair of Keen sandals to death, literally. Since the elastic around the heel gave out on my last pair, I chose this style. It appears and feels more durable. The comfort is reduced slightly by the rigidity of the design as a result of the more tough design which lacks elasting along the back. The traction on the sole was stable on wet wood surfaces. I appreciated the color choices. Overall it is a good shoe and I'm hoping it holds up as well and as long as my previous pair!

I love this shoe... They are the most comfortable pair of sandals I have had in a long time and the fact that I can go from trail to water in confidence is awesome. I have an older pair that has transitioned into my daily commute footwear and I couldn't be happier. Only suggestion ~ more colors for females REI.. I see you have a boat load for the guys

I got this shoe for camping and outdoor activities and that was almost two-years ago...since then I think I have only put on a differnet pair of shoes three times! I wear these shoes everyday, with or without socks even in the winter snow and the rain! I can't stand traditional shoes; they are too constrictive and overheat my feet, but not these...only drawback is when something gets in the shoe, but that easily fixable as they slip on and off so comfortably - you gotta get these shoes!

These sandals are all-around great! They are great walking/travel/water shoes. They probable look a little bulky but are super comfortable and I can walk for miles feeling like I have a good sturdy pair of shoes on, but yet have the advantage of wearing sandals!

I will start by saying I normally wear a 7 1/2 in shoes, and this is the size that I ordered. They fit perfectly! They feel comfortable on my feet right out of the box. I live in a region that rains a lot. At work we have to wear closed-toe shoes but it rains so much that my shoes get soaked anytime I have to walk outside, and I am outside for a good portion of my day. I needed a durable, closed-toe sandal that would dry quickly and keep me within dress code. This will do the trick!

Bought my second pair for portaging in MN. I wear socks underneath for hiking, and can walk straight into the water confidently. They are so sturdy and guard my feet well between murky marsh water and rocky portage trails. They aren't the lightest of water-shoes, but they replace camp-shoes and hiking boots for a watery trail system.

Work good with wool socks when it's cold.

I wanted to like these more than I actually did. Comfort level in the store was great, but once I was wearing them, they felt heavy and my feet ached after wearing them all day. They may be better for intermittent use than all day wear. I returned them for another sandal that is lighter and more comfortable on my feet.

This is my first pair of shoes of this type. So far I've only used them for walking, but they would be good for any activities where you might get your feet wet. I like that they have a firm, non-bending sole but are relatively light-weight and cool. They seem very sturdy and well-made. Hopefully they'll hold up well.

I bought these shoes to use on my trip to Havasupai Falls and they were great for the long hikes and wading through water I did. I am super impressed with how comfortable they were without having ever being broken in. I wore them wet for 8 miles and only got 2 tiny blisters that were manageable. I love the closed toed sandal as it protected my toes from rocks but also let my feet breathe. So glad I had these shoes and will definitely be using them for my next adventure!

Purchased these two weeks ago and have barely taken them off since (other than to sleep)! They are incredibly comfortable, supportive, and cute. Although they are not appropriate footwear for me at work, I certainly wish they were as I can't wait to get home and put them on. I wear them as I would sneakers (to walk the dog, running errands, biking, light hiking, etc.) and with almost everything (jeans, shorts, sundress, capris). I so enjoy wearing them. Considering another pair, just for some variety, as I can see, unless at work, these will be my shoe of choice.

My wife has been looking for a comfortable shoe that can be waterproof too. Something to walk the half mile or so to the beach, or camp trails, be, comfortable, and easy to clean. We've heard a lot about the Keen sandals and have not been dissapointed. Comfortable to wear and easy to clean...

These sandals are great--comfortable and a great fit. I have trouble with the Keen Whisper--my heel always slides out the back no matter how I adjust. I have no such problems with these. And just a note--the "Slate Black" color is not black, it's brown.

I like these for the most part, they have great traction in wet and dry conditions. I recently hiked ~9 miles through a stream though and while the toe caps saved me from stubbing my toes many times, pebbles and sand got in also and rubbed other parts of my foot raw. I would say while bigger pebbles getting in was annoying, those I just shook out and went on my way while it was really the sand and smaller particles that rubbed spots raw. my aunt has the same shoes and her feet were also blistered and raw in spots. I think its hard to find a perfectly comfortable shoe for a ~9 mile hike in water though, and for the most part they did their job and I didn't slip on any rocks and they seemed to fit well (I went a half size up).

I bought these before a trip to Costa Rica and wore them the full time we were there (and airport). Great for hiking, even in the rain (they dry fast) and on muddy slopes. Also great at the beach/in the water. Plus they are stylish in a casual sense!

I brought these sandals with me to Hawaii and wore them the entire time! Whether walking through lava fields (where the toe bumpers REALLY came in handy), sandy beaches, or tropical rain forests, the Newport H2 exceeded all my expectations. While my fellow travelers had to stop and shake out sand, rocks, etc., the vents on the side let things slide right through. And no smell either! Takes a while for the inside to dry, but the other functions are well worth the expense. The fit is somewhat wider than normal "closed" sandals, but no blisters to speak of!

I love these extremely comfortable sandals. Leather-free to suit everyone, waterproof, anatomically correct, good arch support, great grips in most circumstances (wet tile can be a challenge), there is nothing to not love. I am somewhat flatfooted and have a problem bunion that requires a wider toebox (yet I have narrow heels), and the cushioning is superb. Yes, the feet get sweaty, and yes, sand gets in them (as it does all sandals), but I wouldn't wade in water without them. They are also more comfortable for kayaking than kayaking shoes/socks that fit way too tight for those of us with some ankle swelling. No break in necessary, and my daughter/granddaughter loves their pairs we purchased for them as well. While these will protect your toes from stubbing on rocks and whatnot, they will not prevent you from twisting an akle, so keep that in mind.

I know most people loves these shoes...but I don't. I've had a pair for over a year now and I think I've worn them 10 times at most and each time they hurt my feet. I have wide feet with flat arches and they feel narrow, the toe box rubs my big toes in a not very comfortable way that causes my toe nails to actually hurt and getting them on and off is not the easiest thing to do. I really wanted to love them because my kids love theirs, my family members love theirs...but I don't love mine. I'm sticking with Ahnu's which are a much better fit for me.

Excellent overall comfort, including support and weight of shoe. Got small sore spots/blisters from stitching on ankle edge, but will likely not be a problem once "worn in".

I love my new Keen sandals! They are very comfortable. I find that wearing socks with them is more comfortable than without socks.

I have had two knee replacements and attend water aerobic classes many times per week. Before finding these shoes, I experienced pain after a long period of exercise. These shoes cushion the shock to my knees while jumping. I love everything about them!

Supportive and also cushioned enough for my plantar fasciitis feet. My feet haven't felt this good in shoes in many years.

The Keen is a good shoe - but I find myself NOT choosing to wear them. I bought them about a year ago and have only worn them a few times. When I am grabbing a travel/hiking/adventure shoe, I continue to grab the Chaco Z/2. My feet tend to get hot and sweaty in the Keen, and if you are in water or loose dirt of any kind, you'll get a rock in the keen, and getting it out is obnoxious - You have to stop what you're doing and fish the sucker out. I work as a river guide in the summers, and simply couldn't handle the hot and rock-holding keen. Whether hiking, rafting, traveling, etc - I would ALWAYS choose the Chaco over the Keen. If you're just doing pavement pounding maybe they'll be a good fit - that is if you don't mind sliding sweaty feet.

I have had my Keen sandals for 4 years now, and I love them. They're especially great for short hikes on really hot summer days, when just the thought of lacing up hiking boots makes my feet start sweating. And whenever I go to Lake Powell, UT (every year or so), I don't even bother packing another pair of shoes because with all the rock climbing, cliff jumping, and swimming, I won't be wearing any other shoes. I've even worn these on overnight backpacking trips without any major chafing or comfort issues. I usually strap them to my pack on backpacking trips anyway because they're great around the campsite.

I purchased these sandals to wear on my barge and bicycle trip through the Netherlands. They were are excellent for any water-related activities. They handled slippery surfaces well, kept my feet comfortable, and you can wear socks with them as well at night. I'm overweight and like arch support, and these sandals are amazingly supportive. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

These are great sandals for water sports or just for cruising around town. I wore them to work today and they were SO comfortable. I wear a women's 7 or 7.5 and the kids' size 5 fit perfectly which saved me a bunch of cash. Also, the kids' version has a back and I'm one of those people who has problems with open back straps. My only complaint, after wearing them barefoot, is that my feet got hot. Today I wore a light sock and everything was perfect. If not for the hot feet when barefoot issue, I would definitely have given 5 stars.

I switched to these shoes after trying out Chacos that so many people I know swear by. Chacos just didn't seem to do what I needed them too. They weren't an everything shoe. These are. I can hop in the water and right back on the trail with no problem. They are super sturdy and provide adequate coverage and great support for my forever aching feet. These are truly excellent shoes

I bought these primarily for backpacking trips to wear around the campsite and for crossing rivers/creeks along the way.

These are the only shoes I wear for non formal events. I use them to walk around town, run errands, go to the beach, hike, and attend to every day events. They were the only shoes I took to my conference in SLC. My first pair lasted several years. I am very happy to get such wonderful support from a specific that I can wear while wadding through stream and touring a city.

Wife bought Keens, made it thur hurricane clean up. Move inland, set in garage till spring , soaked in bucket of cleaning water,and pressured washed. Thought for sure the glue would fail. Used two more years fishing and canoeing fresh water rivers. Finally they soles seperated. Repaired with glue and still use as back-up . These held up well to adverse environment.

I bought the Keen Whisper in a Women's size 8.5. It seemed to run narrow. However, I bought my daughter a Keen H2 Kids Size 6 (which is about a Women's size 8). They were wider than my Whispers so I tried them on. They are easier to get on/off than the Whisper as the Kids H2 has an adjustable velcro strap in addition to the bungee cord. They also offer more support of the toes, arches, and heels, but are definitely heavier than the Whisper (and perhaps than the Women's H2). For some reason, the Kids H2 has a full heel that feels like a water sock, that is not offered on the Women's H2. Plus the Kids sizes come in so many more bright colors that I decided to keep my daughter's Keen H2s for myself. Plus, the Kids Keens are significantly less expensive!

I wear my Keens everywhere. I love the toe protection on shoes/sandals I have purcased over the years. The good news is that REI will refund or trade your purchases. The sad news is that that quality of the Keen Newports seems to have gone down hill. This was my 4th trade in two years on the same shoe. Come on KEEN, you can do better.

Great with socks or without. I've worn them just for walking around, shopping, ballgames, etc. and camping. I bought a pair for my mom for Mother's day with some Smart Wool socks. Not her normal thing, but she loved both and she frequently wears them. She walked all over Boston on vacation and they were very comfortable for her.

Great for casual wear, stream beds and even working in my garden. A quick douse with the hose when they get dusty, and they look brand new. They look fun and funky with jeans, capris and hiking shorts. One comment about my true-to-size rating- I got the same size as my trail shoes (which are a size larger than my work/dress shoes) and they fit perfectly. Their shape makes the toe box feel nice and roomy. I've done some light hiking in them (wore socks to keep out the rocks) and they had good comfort and traction.

Ordered this shoe on the 5th, got it on the 8th!! I had tried on the 6 in the store, and it felt a bit tight....after reading reviews here I ordered the 6.5...and was worried they'd be too big (I am just barely a 6)

Totally recommend it to everyone. I was a big fan of Teva sandals till I discovered this one. I love the toe protection. Now my feet feels less dirty after wearing these outdoors. I have these for more than a year and they do chafe a little when my feet are really sweaty in hot weather. But this has happened only twice so far. Overall, I still recommend it any day. I use them everywhere airport, beach, on walks on dirt-trails with my baby, on short trip to grocery stores and even at work wearing them the whole day.

I love these shoes. I always take them traveling - Hawaii, San Diego, Northern California, the east coast. Great for light hiking (I love the toe bumpers), beaching, kayaking, museum strolling, and sunny summer days. I wear them around town, too.

I was so happy to get my new pair of Keen Newport H2's. Great fit. No squished toes or heal. Good arch support. I teach elementary school and am a photographer. These shoes go everywhere - school, hiking, nature photographing. Enough protection to keep feet safe. Enough padding and arch support to keep feet healthy. Enough ventilation to keep feet cool. Love them for indoors and out. They felt a bit tight when I got them compared to last year's pair but after a few days they seem to have molded to my feet.

I purchased my first pair of Keen sandals (Newports) when they first came out. I have been in love with them ever since. I am buying a second pair (finally) because I have just about worn these out.

These sandals are great for water activities; whether it's getting in and out of a kayak or playing on the beach with your kids. I do not recommend them for any sort of hiking activity though. It is very easy to get small stones, pebbles or gravel into these shoes and VERY difficult to get them out. I would basically have to remove the entire shoe, shake it out and put it back on, only to have it happen immediately again. I'm not totally disappointed in them they just don't suit what I bought them for.

I bought these last year. I had finally found a very good sale--I don't think any pair of sandals is worth $100. I have worn them less than half a dozen times. Even around the house, they make my feet perspire inordinately. I have not experienced this problem with any other pair of sandals, ever. I have read that this is a problem with Keen water sandals. Too bad. I'm giving them away. I don't like to be aggravated by my shoes.

I'm a seasoned hiker/backpacker and have in depth knowledge about sandal/shoe quality from being a runner/hiker since the late 70's. Have wanted to get Keen's for many years and finally got them with my dividend today during the holiday sale. Love the color (Black). Tried on a different right foot to get the proper fit (The toe box was too tight), walked out of the store with them (Street shoes in the Keen box), and went home to clean the pool cover that has been sitting outside with a tarp over it all winter.

I was looking for a shoe I could wear hiking and walking in water as well. I have Chaco Z/2s, but needed something that covered my toes. I wore these on a 7mi hike without breaking them in at all, and they worked great! They were very comfortable and worked well on a variety of terrain (sand, mud, very rocky/uneven, streams). It did take a bit of time for water to drain out of the footbed, but that didn't cause me any problems. I did have a bit of sand/pebbles in the shoes, but it wasn't bothersome enough that I had to take them off, and I've had similar issues with the open Chacos. These also seem to have better traction. I did have a little blistering, but I figure that is mostly due to wearing them with no break in and no socks. Overall, I'm very satisfied with these shoes.

I love these sandals. One complaint is that they are pretty clunky-looking. My feet get too hot in these also and they are pretty heavy. The best thing about them is how comfortable they are and the toe cover keeps me from stubbing my toes on the uneven concrete where I walk my dogs. I usually take a 7.5, but it was a bit small when I tried it on in the store and I got the 8 instead. It turns out the heel strap has stretched, so maybe I could have gone with the 7.5 after all and broken them in a bit.

I bought these before a trip and immediately liked them. I can wear them all day and am comfortable. I like them for hiking but also for just wearing around town. There is enough air that my feet don't get too hot yet there is absolute toe protection.

These shoes are very comfortable and require no break in time. Great for light hiking and for exploring a new town. Easy off at airports! REI sales staff help to ensure good fit - toes shouldn't touch, so walk around in them to be sure.

These shoes look really cute and I like how they feel. The only thing is, I noticed the strap tugged at my heel a little bit when I walked. I wasn't sure if it's just the way I walk, the shape of the strap or if I didn't tighten the shoes properly. Either way, I decided to return them just in case the little tug could become a blister. I think for most people for casual wear it would work fine. I think depending how you walk, it could cause rubbing at the heel if you used these for hiking.

At first I really liked these, but after wearing them a few times, I realized that they were annoying to get on and off, that rocks and dirt would get in them easily and not come out unless I took the whole shoe off (which, like I said, was a pain), and that they hit my little toe in such a way that I'm always afraid they're going to hit the toenail wrong and bend it back. So, they're going back. Bummer. I love Keens, but this is the second pair of shoes from them that I haven't liked much.

These shoes are amazing. I had avoided buying Keens for a long time because I think they look really large and clumsy but I want to wear these shoes all the time. I found them to be true to size and I don't think they look bad. I wore them kayaking and they were great. I bought them so I could go wading when I take my dog on walks and he wants to play in the water. They're a bit difficult to put on but I don't care. They have great support and I highly recommend them. Don't wait like me!

I have worn these shoes almost every day for a year and they still look great. I love that you can throw them in the wash and they come back clean. Though they took a few days to break in, once I wear them as often as possible. The only down side is that my feet smell pretty bad after wearing them. I am going to try some baby/foot powder as some one suggested to me to help that. If you are active or just want something to slip on for a quick walk to the mail box. These shoes are wonderful.

I don't know why I waited so long to buy these. Actually, I do know why -- they seem kind of expensive. But now that I own a pair I realize that I would pay even more for a replacement if anything ever happened to these! They are beyond comfortable -- I thought nothing would be able to hold a candle to my latest pair of Merrel sandals, but these have quickly won over my heart. If you're debating on whether or not to try these I would say give them a shot. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

I had hurt my foot and for about two weeks could not walk without limping. No shoes felt good. I heard about Keens from my sister whom absolutely loves them and now I do too. Very comfortable and solid.

Oh, how I love my Keens. This sandal was introduction to the brand and I now have three different styles. If they ever make formal heels I will never wear anything else. I was having major foot pain and fatigue, but have since had no problems, my feet are fine at the end of a long day even if the rest of me is sore. The only issue I have with the sandals is their tendency to get sloshy and sandy getting in and out of my kayak or playing on the beach. For regular wear they are superb.

I really like how these sandals fit. I stopped wearing flip-flops for various reasons and wanted a new sandal to replace those for wearing in the summer. These fit that need perfectly.

Bought these because my old Keen sandals were worn out after 15 years. The new Keens are even better than my old ones were. They hug the souls of my feet. Help me feel alive at 65.

I wear these shoes daily.They are the greatest pair I own & I own a lot of shoes.Wish I tried these out before investing in so many others.I had sore feet every day from walking on cement floors at work.Since wearing these fantastic shoes, I no longer have pain in my feet.I feel it's very important to have a good pair of feet & when a pair of shoes creates this, people should truly invest in these shoes because healthy feet are important.These are great for any age group.LOVE THEM!

Every year, I buy all 3 kids new Keens to take on our west coast summer vacation. Beach, rivers, mountains, lakes- the perfect shoe for each activity.

Great shoe and comfortable from the start. No break in the shoe needed. I have always worn socks with them as your feet get hot and sweat.

This is my second pair of Keen Newport H2. The best walking support shoe for whatever you are doing inside or outside.

Very comfortable-- more than expected. I often have trouble with sandals because I can not put an orthotic or insert to ensure comfort of my arch. But these fit so well to my feet that it has not even been a concern-- they are, again, VERY COMFORTABLE! The only drawback is that they do seem to smell a little if I exercise in them or get too wet, but that's not surprising. Not quite as breathable as I'd like, but that's the con that goes with the pro of the toe-protector.

This is my second pair and still my favorite hiking sandals. I love the great grip on rocks and I never get blisters.

I bought these for our rafting trip, because I injured my foot 4 days prior to the trip and I needed the support!!

I was a little hesitant at first to purchase this shoe because of the style, so I went bold and got a bright blue! I got them before I went to Cancun, Mexico and they were the perfect shoe for the trip. I wore them all around Chichen Itza and didn't have one mom had at least 3 with her shoes...I wore them jet skiing and they were great. They had the tacky bottom so all I had to worry about were the waves.

The best sandal I've ever worn. Can be used with or without socks. Roomy toe space for wide feet

I have had three pairs of Keen shoes. I have WANTED them to fit me well as they cost a lot of money. They ARE nice and wide in the footbed and are quality made. HOWEVER...the footbed is not good for my feet...My big toe gets a callous build up from these as well as the "Mary Jane" style. I also developed severe Achilles tendonitis after using Keen walking shoes for two years so that I couldn't walk more than five minutes without significant pain. I switched to a Teva walking shoe and the problem is largely resolved and I can walk an hour a day now again. Also, again though they LOOK like they should be utterly comfortable, the reality is that my feet get tired from walking in them. I don't know if it is the insole or the material, but they don't support my feet well for some reason as the Teva's or the Vasque shoes have.

I love the new colours available.

2nd pair of Newport H2, love my Keens is about only shoe I wear.

As soon as I laid eyes on these shoes, I fell in love. They have a look that only a mother could love and that non-Keen owners just don't understand. :)


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