Backpacker's Pantry - Pad Thai Veggie - 2 Servings

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Maybe I'm crazy, but I really like freeze dried food. I love that I can get a hot meal on the trail with little effort. Pad Thai is even one of my favorite foods. But... this was absolutely horrible. The taste was intolerable, the noodles were crunchy after more than twice the recommended cooking time, and the smell was awful. There are too many freeze dried options out there, don't suffer through this one.

I did not experience the issues with the crunchy noodles as some have, except for a few ends which I did not submerge properly in the boiling water; however, it requires so much water to get the noodles to soften, it ruins the flavor of the dish.

I had this after an almost 20-mile, 3-peak winter backpacking day. You would think that anything would taste good at that point, but I couldn't even eat it. It was so bad I had to stop eating with about two thirds of the meal left, and pack it out with me. I followed the directions, but the noodles were barely cooked. Good thing I brought pepperoni and chocolate or that would have been a very grumpy night.

As someone else mentioned, even though a few thought this tasted good, I wouldn't give this to my worst friend. Prison food must taste better than this. Perhaps, living in Seattle, I am too accustomed to what authentic Thai tastes like that I simply can't enjoy this version. I would not bet on that however. Try the Kung Pao chicken instead. It cooks all the way through and actually tastes decent.

This is some of the worst food I've ever had. I've had Pad Thai from dozens of places, both good and bad, but this is an entirely different level of bad. If I could give this 0 stars I would.

This product gives a bit of spice to the normal camp dinner. You do have to do slightly more work than add water shake and let sit. However the little extra effort is worth it and you almost feel like your really cooking on the trail. Great taste and a break from the hum drum pasta and chicken dishes night after night after night.

Planned to use this on an overnight trip to the White Mountains with my friends. But was unable to. During the packing and prep I left it alone on the floor for a while unsupervised and my dog got it. It Must have smelled excellent through the sealed package because she tore right into it and gobbled it up dry rice noodles and all. She gave it a 4 out of 4 paws! I will be buying it again for our next Backpacking adventure, but while packing for it I'll keep it high on a shelf.

Easy and tastes good. That simple.

I reviewed this before but have more experience now so I hope this is more useful the second time around, from a person who loves flavor and carrying as little as possible.

we cooked three of these meals. The noodles, no matter how long we waited (way past the recommended) were never soft. they remained crunchy and waxy. gross. over seasoned food - have water near by - you'll need it... your nose will run as you crunch your way thru hunger. awful. would not get again.

I really love pad thai so I may be a bit too critical about a freeze dried product. It is lower in sodium than most freeze dried full meal products. The problem is pad thai is a very salty dish and this one is definitely lacking in that department. I didn't think it was horrible. I think it is unfair to expect authentic pad thai from a bag in the woods. I plan to try it again and bring a few extra ingredients. Namely the sorely missed fish sauce and lime juice. It also needs the coconut milk but I don't want to add that much weight to my pack.

Took a bunch of these backpacking. Two were the pad thai and the first came out way to crunchy. We figured the high altitude affected the cook time. The second time was almost at see level and came out much better but still the taste was pretty bad. I am a fan of Pad Thai normally, this one just doesn't cut it. Easily my least favorite of the Backpacker's Pantry dishes. It is however easy to prepare and feeds two.

(Tried at home before going on trip) Great meal to eat at home added chicken, was fantastic!!! Provided a lot of food.

The Backpackers Pantry Pad Thai is my go-to freeze dried meal for backpacking. Every time I have made it, the noodles have rehydrated perfectly and the peanut topping adds the perfect crunch! It's definitely my favorite thing to eat after a long day on the trail. So quick to make, and very filling! I like many of the different pastas and soups that Backpackers Pantry makes, but the Pad Thai is my favorite!

This is great when you're really hungry. Always bring one!

My wife and I brought this along on a backpacking trip, as it was one of only a few vegetarian freeze dried options, and we love Thai food. It was horrid. It does not taste anything like pad thai, which is funny because pad thai is not exactly a difficult food and does not contain a ton of ingredients. Our friends tried it as well and no one would stomach more than a bite. We ended up dumping it and making some vegetable lasagne.

Do not get the pad thai. It's disgusting, soupy and takes a long time to prepare compared to other MREs.

I have had Pad Thai in numerous restaurants in the US, and have also had it several times in Thailand as well. This was very different to virtually every pad Thai I have had before. I was surprised that it comes with peanut halves and a little packet of peanut butter. The noodles are very short, and the medley of colors in this make it look very different to any Pad Thai I have had. It has a bit of zing to it, although I would classify this as only modestly spicy. Overall, it tastes ok, but I'm not going to buy this again.

I tried this... It had no taste so i shared it with three of my friends i was mountaineering with on Mt. Whitney in December. We just did not want to waste the food so we shared it and managed to finish it. That night we all had the worst gas ever. Heed my warning... It's not worth it.

I love pad thai and I am remarkably forgiving about backpacking food and will eat nearly anything after a long day on the trail....but this was just awful. Watery and tasteless. I only ate it so I didn't have to pack it out.

I feel this is easy to cook (just add boiling water and wait), but the flavor is not so good, even in comparison to other camp food. Not nearly enough spice and way too much peanut flavor. You actually have to add peanut butter to it. Blllllleeeeeeeeck

This is my favorite freeze-dried meal. The peanuts add a nice crunch and noodles always beat out rice (the all-too-common staple in backpacker food). Taste and consistancy are great. I always plan for this meal at the end of the toughest day of the trek.

This meal was awesome! By far our favorite dinner of our week in the mountains. The noodles turned out perfectly and the overall texture was excellent. Tasted great, way better than expected. Going to include this on every trip from now on.

Usually I can eat these two serving packs by myself but this one definitely is enough for two people (or one and a half). It’s VERY good; comes with peanut butter, lime powder and sriracha powder. Absolutely delicious.

Flavorful for a freeze dried meal, but lacks a certain something to make it authentic, but for camping freeze dry food, not a bad meal.

Not a big fan. I love spicy Thai food but this is overly heavy on sodium and spices.

First some responses to the other reviews. Yes, the noodles are a bit too crunchy if you do not ensure that everything is well submerged in boiling water. That is a bit of a challenge. A pair of full length chopsticks and a little patient work will do that trick. It's also a bit of a challenge to mix it up properly after it's been cooked. I had to pour it all out into a big bowl to mix up. And then pouring is difficult because there's lots of goodies that get stuck to the bottom of the bag. A good long spoon will get them. The flavor is a bit strong. A good handful of fresh bean sprouts helped a lot. A bit of good chili sauce and a decent table wine complete the trick. The flavor seems okay but for some reason, I refuse to eat more than one serving of this at a single sitting. I craved for m&m's afterwards for some reason.

I had trouble getting past the fact that it looked like vomit. The taste was a mix between band and flavorless. I feel like I may be being unfair since I love pad thai and the bar was set really high so I gave it 1 extra star. I also didn't like the fact that I had to wait 20 minutes after reconstituting the freeze dried food. With all the other freeze dried food out there that's better there's no reason to bring this on your backpacking trip.

Look, I know that tastes are a uniquely individual thing so I'm giving the benefit of a doubt by saying I must have gotten a bad batch of this stuff. My experience with this particular item was... pretty bad. Really bad actually. I cooked per the instructions and was rewarded with a bowl of limp, soggy noodles flavored with mediocre spices. That being said this particular offering should make for a great bear repellent.

Altho most camp meals are convenient, we usually try to sample them before we need them to be sure we like the taste and that they're easy on out stomachs too.

So freaking delicious, I can’t believe this is dehydrated food. I’m Asian by the way and I know pad thai and after a 20-mile day, this was an amazing treat. The lemon and sriracha gave this a complex flavor that I would not expect from dehydrated food. I also bought other flavors from this brand, and they were fine, but this blew them all out of the water. Will pack extras of this for my next trip!

Didn't taste exactly like an authentic pad thai, but delicious peanut noodle flavor. Lots of calories, so a good meal for the strenuous hiking days (for two people). You have to add a packet of peanut butter, which was slightly messy, but added good flavor and calories. I didn't like that there was no perforation to open the peanut packet, so we had to dig through the backpack to get a knife.

If you like Thai food, you'll love this. It is the best dehydrated dinner I have found yet, I think it is fantastic. It is higher in calories (410 per serving, I think, two servings per bag), which I like because I hate those tiny meals in bags. It is very flavorful and has a little kick. Thai is my favorite food, and if you second that emotion this is your trail grub.

I have been doing a taste test for my backpacking trip. I thought this was a great MRE, but you have to use the lime and the sriracha. I did not like it without it. I live at 9,500 and I didn't have any crunchy bits, but I did let it soak for the maximum time suggested for altitude and mixed it thoroughly. I bought it a second time. I say if your interested try it out.

That's just crazy, this stuff tasted great, I could've eaten the whole bag easily, but I must share with my lady. you HAVE to stir it constantly, she pointed that out and she was totally right. This was her first dehydrated meal and she liked it a lot, If I hadn't forgotten my spice rack, I could've thrown some salt in to this to help it out. Would buy again!

This was a disappointment. May have been better if I had put more effort into the mixing of the peanut butter and spices.

I was excited to try the Good to Go brand Thai Curry based on the good review, and was less excited to try this one, but really liked the Backpacker's Pantry Pad Thai a lot more. I actually had some fresh onion on me at the time that we chopped up and put in with the hot water, so I don't how much that helped, but the flavor was pretty tasty!

The recommended water amount creates a clumpy mess, where you're eating more sauce than noodles. The flavor was not good either. The sriracha powder caused me to have redness in my stool (gross, I know - the powder just was not digested). I would not even feed this to a dog. Which is a shame, because other products from this brand are great.

I have purchased this meal maybe three times in the past 2 years. It is very tasty and cooks up thoroughly. My fiancé and I really enjoyed this meal while Backpacking in the Channel Islands National Park on Santa Rosa Island. I believe I paid around $11 for this meal back then. The lower price makes this a sure deal for our next trip.

After a long day of hiking on the AT we settled into camp and I got to work making myself dinner. It took a little bit of time to prep compared to my hiking buddies who had canned soup and MREs but I'm sure I had the best tasting meal of the day. I was very hungry and could barely finish the whole meal even though it was delicious.

This little package is so flavorful and easy. Sure these packages take a little longer to cook than mountain house but it is so worth it ! With that lime package and sriracha packet this meal is amazing. My boyfriend hiked 57 mi in 5 days and we kept thinking about this meal and how we wanted it again and again

I found this to be a reasonably flavored, well-portioned meal for dinner after a full day of backpacking. Typical of freeze-dried foil packages, the flavor isn't amazing, but this dinner was also not bad. Technically two servings, this was the right amount of food for one hungry man looking for a large meal.

Have used this product every year for the past 9-10 years in Alaska, Patagonia, Norway, British Columbia on 6-11 day hikes .... they keep making it better.... and it was really good to start with. Very high on the taste scale, excellent calorie source, low on salt, fills you up, easy,..... one of my favorites

While calling it 'Pad Thai' is a bit of a stretch, it certainly does have some really nice Thai flavors, and is pretty satisfying on the trail. Positives: Great flavor, lots of protein, filling, simple quality ingredients Negatives: A bit soupy (maybe add a bit less water?), not quite a real Pad Thai

No regrets on this one at all; it was very well seasoned and the texture of each of the ingredients is distinct so, to me it was like eating something I made at home. Absolutely satisfying. The two-person is perfect for a hungry 150 lb. dude who has been hiking all day. You'll be full and happy.

The flavor was great, spicy but not so much that you have to gather extra water. The cook time was a little long but no worries there as there's always something to be done around camp while you wait. I actually ate mine in my coffee cup as it is a pain to reach deep into the bag.

Two of us shared one packet, with room in our tummies for desert. This meal was flavorful with some spicy heat. For a freeze dried meal it was good. Tiny noodles, and pulverized other ingredients re-hydrated well. To earn 5 stars it would need to be good enough to serve at home.

It was nice to find this lightweight, vegan, 460 calorie per serving, tasty backpacking dinner option. It cooked up exactly as described, in about 10 minutes, inside the package - which made it perfect for use with a Jetboil. There was enough food to satisfy two adult hikers.

Obviously minimal cleanup (it’s great not to have to wash a pot), and it’s absolutely delicious. Honestly, it was better than some Pad Thai I have had in restaurants. The peanut butter, lime, and Siracusa packets really add something to it. I highly recommend this one.

This is one of the best freeze dried meals out there. All the extra packets inside really bring the flavors together. Usually, after a long day of hiking, I can eat a whole bag that's supposed to be two servings. This is easily shared between two hikers. Super filling.

Had this a few times during a few camping trips. I'm glad this is available for a non meat eater such as myself. They're so convenient and all you need is just boiling water. The pad Thai taste really good, just make sure you mix it very well the peanut butter.

An associate recommended this one. Of course it's not fresh out the kitchen Pad Thai, but with the peanuts and add ins included it really is a tasty meal! Shared it between two people and there was still another serving left over. Bring some chili sauce!

I eat a lot of freezed-dried food while back packing in the Carolinas but this was the best tasting meal I had in a long time, I was a fantastic meal on Christmas day in the mountains (OPT OUTdoors) and it made my evening to have such a tasty meal.

Ok, so part of it might have been that I was hungry, but this was my favorite meal on this last backpacking trip I was on. It has little packets inside to customize the heat level you like as well as lemon flavor. I would highly recommend this meal.

I just returned from a 7 day BWCA trip and had several of these for dinner. For one, I had never had Pad Thai before, despite being a vegetarian for 19 years. Great seasoning and very filling. Sticks to your ribs. I'd highly recommend this entree.

My family liked this meal. It was our second favorite of our recent backpacking trip. it was relatively filing and liked our 10 year old, 14 year old, and 2 adults. We used 2 packages and augmented to round out our calorie needs for the meal.

Super tasty and not too spicy! Just enough zest to it. It is a lot of food so if you dont have a big appetite consider sharing. My gf and I each had one on the trail in the Eagle Caps with me eating mine and about a third of her's.

Personal favorite. It's definitely nothing like real pad thai, but as far as dehydrated food goes, this is the best I've had. As a vegetarian the options are limited but I'd eat this every night on the trail if it came to it.

This was my first time purchasing a meal from this company, thought I would give Pad Thai a try. Overall, my backpacking partner and I were not pleased with the taste, though we were both full at the end of trying to eat it.

I had this meal so many times and never got sick of it! I love all the little accoutrements that come with it - there is a little package of peanuts, peanut butter and the never version has lime seasoning! Highly recommend.

About the worst meal we've ever tried from Back Packer's Pantry. Three teens couldn't even eat it after paddling for 7+ hours, so that's saying something. Unless you really need the vegan version, go for the one with eggs.

This is one of those dehydrated meals I really look forward to eating. It has a very nice blend of spices with just a tad bit of heat to it. If you like it a little hotter, then take some cayanne pepper along with you.

I look forward to every camping trip knowing that this meal awaits me at the end of my day. Unlike most backpacker meals, it packs intense flavor. I've considered making one at home several times. It's just that good.

My favorite part of this meal is that there is fresh parts of the meal, fresh peanut butter and peanuts. The texture is good and the quantity of food is very satisfying but the flavor leaves something to be desired.

This is restaurant quality pad thai. Especially now that it comes with separate peanut butter and sriracha packets. I’ve literally brought this to potlucks and no one had a clue it was freeze dried or dehydrated.

I felt this meal was a plenty and I could barely finish my one serving. I like that the ingredients came separately, so you could choose to add lime, peanuts etc... It was good and I would buy it again to share!

This was a bit difficult to prepare (peanut butter makes a bit of a mess) and tasted thoroughly unlike pad thai. I still liked it overall, but was not one of the better meals we had on the trip.

I enjoy other flavors from this brand but skip this kind, first off at 10,000 elevation it takes 26 minutes to make and the taste was bad. good thing I brought extra seasonings.

The taste was bland penut butter. I had to let it sit about a half hour to take the crunch out. It think it recommended 20 min. Overall this was not what I expected and bland.

We loved this. IT COMES WITH A PEANUT BUTTER PACKET!!! And real peanuts... We thought added some dried fried shallots to this and maybe some dried mushrooms would be nice.

I have purchased this meal a few times and will continue to do so. It is one of my favorite trail meals. Even though it isn't restaurant quality Pad Thai, its darn good.

Our family of 4 gives this scores of 3, 2, 3 (me), and 2. Not bad but kind of disappointing. Had some spiciness which I liked more than the rest of the fam. Filling.

Love Pad Thai anyway, but this is excellent, great meal that easily fed me and my wife after hiking around the Alpine lakes wilderness. Definitely her favorite.

Didn't really care for this one... sticking with simpler meals for the freeze dried stuff going forward like spaghetti and scrambled eggs and such.

ITS SO GOOD, just buy it and thank yourself later! Tons of flavor, has a spice pack for those who like spicy pad Thai or leave it out if you don’t.

I can usually eat 2 servings of backpacking meals but this one was too much for me. It tasted pretty good, not something I’d eat off the trail tho.

If you're expecting this to taste anything like pad thai you will be disappointed. Even being famished after backpacking I could barely eat it.

I definitely enjoyed this, but unlike some other two serving meals, this is definitely too much for one person. This a great option to share.

Would 100% reccomend this to anyone who wants a delicious meal while camping or backpacking. Better than anything I’ve had at a restaurant.

After a long day in the trail and wanting something really good this always hits the spot. Spicy filling and loaded with peanut butter.

I like great food when at home... backpacking this is as close to great as one can get, bring a can of chicken and it would be perfect

This is an awesome meal for two people and it is plenty of food! The taste is amazing, very fulfilling and we would def get again!

Not even near the flavor of Pad Thai. In fact, it wasn't even in the ball park. Couldn't stomach it, and threw it out.

Not the greatest experience. The flavor was off and it didn’t seem to hydrate very well. I would not recommend this.

It was kind of messy to assemble with the peanut butter. Other than that, the taste was okay. We won't buy it again.

The BPP dinners have a enough spices to make them interesting. Also not overly hot as some Thai dishes can be.

I’ve been trying a lot of backpacking food lately in preparation for a trip. This is my favorite meal thus far.

We like this one a lot, the flavors are very good. We add a bunch of dehydrated chicken as it is all carbs.

Mildly spicy, decent flavor, minor variations in texture. I could probably eat this a few nights in a row.

Great tasting on the trail when you are ready for some variety, easy to prepare, bring a spork and enjoy!

Not REI fault. I realize it is freeze dried food but it tasted awful like sugar and peanut butter.

My husband and I were planning a trip to the Grand Canyon. While a great hiker, he'd never had backpacking food. And I'd never tried Backpacker's Pantry. So, like true planners, we bought this as a trial, to eat at home. When you're on the trail you'll eat almost anything - BUT if you eat this for dinner on a random Sunday night and enjoy it, that's impressive. We enjoyed it so much, we bought a replacement for our trip!

This one is delicious - my favorite! Add the whole sriracha packet, it isn't too spicy.

Easy to cook and tasty. The extra peanuts add great texture and calories for the trip.

Very tasty dinner for camping and/or backpacking trip. Good portion size for 2 people.

This is by far the best Backpacker's Pantry, better than some restaurants Pad Thai.

Not traditional pas Thai flavor without fish sauce but still would buy again.

It did what I wanted it to do, easy, taste good, nutritional, price right

This is always my go to meal when I am backpacking. It always hits the spot!

Not especially tasty, but definitely filling. Could use some more spices!

This was so satisfying and I may or may not have eaten it off the trail.

So good! I always choose this as my first meal when I am backpacking.

I did not order or buy this, and hope you have not charged me for it.

Wouldn't say it tastes like pad thai, but I would buy it again.

Let me first start by saying I LOVE Pad Thai and eat it about twice a month. I was super excited to taste this since I like freeze dried food and the packaging looks nice.

When will someone start to sell single serving meals!!?

Not as good as other flavors.

We mostly ate a variety of dehydrated or freeze dried meals. We decided to do a little review of our meals for fun and future trip planning purposes. In general, we had mostly vegetarian options, due to my view that dehydrated meat options rarely turn out very good. Hence, we used mostly beef jerky as our animal protein source. We were very diligent in following the directions, and always waited the requisite 15-20 minutes before serving.


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