Backpacker's Pantry - Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Mix - 2 Servings

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This was super easy to make and tasted very good. It was very creamy and light, tasted just like chocolate cheesecake. The only thing that bothered me was that the packaging said to sprinkle the chocolate graham cracker crust over the top. There wasn't any graham cracker crust provided It seems that this wasn't included with the package. Regardless, I would highly recommend this dessert. It was very tasty.

My son wanted to try some 'backpacking' food in preperation of his first trip, so we bought this and brought it home just to try. It wasn't bad at all. I wouldn't definitely take it along backpacking as a desert and it's enough to share. I thought there was plenty of flavor and would satisfy my sweet tooth on a trip.

I was looking for a desert to share on a backpacking trip with my daughter, I attempted to follow directions exactly, but the line of whip briskly for two minutes is difficult, at home I would expect that to mean using a whisk or something to fluff with air, not sure how I was to do this with only a camp spoon. Two other groups on our camp-out also had this same desert but the best results came from reducing water mixed in and none set up anything like a cheese cake, more like chocolate slime.

I'm generally not a fan of cheesecake, and I definitely wouldn't call this cheesecake because the consistency is exactly like pudding. However I did find that the flavor tasted like cheesecake, but not as strongly as the real thing, which I liked. It's basically just a chocolate pudding that tastes kinda like cheesecake. The topping is a couple of crushed Oreos, but it goes well with the pudding. I really liked it. There's definitely enough for 2 people in this.

This was not easy to prepare in the pouch, there were pockets of just powder left at the bottom. Enjoyed the taste though.. better with hot water instead of cold water (especially in the cold evenings in the moutains).

This is nothing more than instant pudding. It comes out runny, even if you use less than the recommended amount of water and let it sit for a long time. Flavor is good, but for the price, you could get the exact same results for much less money by buying instant pudding and adding a little powdered milk to it. 2 servings? Only if you use the recommended amount of water and don't mind a watery mess.

After reading the great reviews on this, I bought a pack and took it on a recent motorcycle camping trip. I couldn't wait to try it. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. It was easy to make, but the taste was terrible. It didn't taste anything like cheesecake, and the chocolate taste was off. I threw it away, and my sweet tooth went unsatisfied, because I didn't have any other sweets with me.

Seriously, just amazing. Very much like pudding but so so yummy. Also, I love that it takes cold water so its easy to make in the evening after dinner without breaking out the stove again, or in the morning, maybe for elevensies, possibly lunch, snack 1, 2, or even 3. Dinner and Supper are also valid choices, and the obvious, dessert.

I would not take this on a backpacking trip again. We had only sporks to mix the cheese cake, couldn't reach the bottom of the bag, so some didn't get mixed in, and still my hand was a sticky mess. Took a while to clean up (including the bag since we were packing out trash). I should have put the dry mix into my bowl, then added water and mixed. Yes, it tasted good, although too rich for me.

Cons: - messy (I would mix this in a pot instead of the bag) - Chocolate is chalky and bland, not at all like cheesecake OR a chocolate pudding - They were extremely stingy with the chocolate cookie crumbles, which would have at least curbed my sweet tooth a bit. Pros: -. Perfect for a ravenous pre-teen hiker who finished it in no time.

Came out pretty runny and was not appetizing. I could only eat a few spoonfuls. Not sure what texture they were going for but it reminded me more of melted ice cream or cake batter than cheese cake. I never expected it to have a cheesecake like texture, but I didn’t think it would be like this. The crumble cookie topping was delicious though.

This was by far one of the best desserts I've had out in the woods!

I love having something sweet after dinner so I decided to try this product. I was delicious because I was 20 miles away from civilization. However, it tastes like an okay chocolate pudding no a delicious Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. The name is misleading. I won't buy it again. (I do buy other products they sale).

I couldn't wait to review this and then noticed that I already did once. Just had it again this weekend and it is still the best camping food dessert I've ever had. I'm so shocked people find this unflavorful. I love it! Thick, creamy, sweet. Can't wait to go camping again so I can have more!

Wonderful Product, very rich and creamy, More of a choclate mousse pudding taste then anything but really delicious. A might bit challenging to mix in the bag though it can be done. Simple to make and takes less then 15 minutes. Have purchased 5 of these already and enjoyed each one thoroughly.

This was the messiest yuckiest dessert I have ever tried to eat. Taste like chemically enhanced powdered chocolate milk-ish pudding. A complete waste of money. I had everyone try it at the campsite and there was not one person that likes it.

It doesn't taste bad, but it is disappointing. Having to stir it vigorously for a couple of minutes is hard to do without getting a sticky mess on your hands, so I don't recommend it if you won't have plenty of water for cleaning up.

We actually goofed and used too much water, and didn't quite mix it up well enough..... but it was still delicious, even if a bit soupy. The packet of cookies is pretty small, but all in all it was a worth while backpacking dessert.

It is not cheesecake; it is pudding with sprinkles on top. The texture was o.k. The taste was industrial chocolate, but edible. The best part was lots of sugar and as many calories as a freeze dried dinner.

This is one of my family's favorite desserts. It takes a little time to prepare, but well worth it. We use two packages for three people. The texture is velvety and the topping is really good. Enjoy!

This cheesecake is amazing! It tasted as good as almost any dessert I have ever had.

We love this dessert to splurge every once in a while! It is great with cold or hot water, depending on your mood! Perfect for two but quite enough for 3 also! Very rich in flavor!

this was one of the best desserts that my dad and i took on our recent trip. i loved it, exept that after a while near the end of it , that it started tasting kind of sickning sweet.

Our family of 4 gives this scores of 4, 5, 4 (me), and 3. Came out more like a ganache than cheese cake but we gobbled it up. Great flavor and relatively low in sugar!

Will definitely consider buying again. It was weird consistency, but I don't know how else I expected for freeze dried cheesecake. Really rich and tasty!

Not a fan of this one...can't have it all, I guess. Not good cheesecake flavor; consistency like pudding...not bad, just not what it claimed to be.

It's chocolate pudding. Tasty, but did not remind us of cheesecake at all. The chocolate crumbles bring it one step above the typical Jell-o stuff.

No need to think about this - just buy it! It's delicious and easy to make, a real treat when you're in the middle of nowhere!

enjoyed this condor watching in Zion's big bend area. It was a good pick me up during our day hike.It was more like a pudding

Weird flavor to me on this one. The berry crumble is not bad (except that it has high fructose corn syrup)

It was more like dark chocolate pudding with good crumbles on top. tasty, but not cheesecake.

very strong "chemically" taste. not even remotely like cheesecake. Could not eat all of it.

Closer to chocolate pudding. Not our favorite. Not terrible but probably won't get it again.

I haven’t had a better dessert from any other brand/type/style of backpacking foods

Not bad, just call it what it is. Chocolate pudding, not chocolate cheesecake.

It's good--it's not bad--but I'd probably rather have a chocolate bar.

Very watery, even adjusted set time for altitude. Flavor was good

This was not horrible, but did not resemble cheese cake at all.

A very good chocolate fix that is easy to prepare.


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