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Product is great, although there seems to be a shortage because I was forced to order it from the warehouse.

The patches are a little difficult to apply, the patches want to curl up when you apply the glue. That said I don't know that the patches were absolutely needed, for the pinholes I had I could have just put a dab of glue and been done. I ended up holding the patches in place with my fingers as best I could to keep them flat until the glue got a little tacky and then glued the edges down on a second operation using a plastic bag over the flattened patch and a book to hold things flat. These hold well and sealed the mattress but I don't know how easy they would be to apply in the field. I'd go with a more compact and easier applied kit for carrying in your pack. But this one comes with a ton of patches and colors if you've got the time to do it at home.

I am generally happy w/ REI products, but this patch kit is worthless. The patches curl up when you put the glue on them, making them a real mess to work with. I ended up using duck tape to hold the patch down until the glue dried.

Completely agree with the other review. Patches curl making a simple fix a mess.

2 stars because of the wide assortment of patches. However, I’ve attempted to patch the same hole 4 times and it’s still leaking. I feel like I’m a star of an infomercial. I’ve used different strategies when apply the glue and used different sizes/style of patch. Just not working. I plan on buying self adhesive patches wen I return from my trip (assuming I survive sleeingnom a deflated pad every night).

There are no instructions. The patches have one shiny and one buff sides but you dont know which to use. As it turns out the shiny side curls up when glue is used. These patches also have to be ripped apart -- this is confusing. Are you supposed to use the two that are stuck together. Theer are many videos online but none deal with these issues. REI you can do better.

I bought this to repair two cuts in my Air Rail mattress. My first complaint is the adhesive amount is too small for use, making this a single use product. My second complaint is that the patches curl upon contact with the adhesive, making it required to weight them down to try and get a seal. My cuts happened to be on either side of the Air Rail, making it difficult to seal, even with the large patch. More adhesive and perhaps a better adhesive would help make this more useful.

I also had the issue of the patches curling around the edges once the glue was applied. It was very difficult to keep them down with my fingers since its a circular patch. Kept applying more glue hoping they would stick. After a minute or two the glue be came a bit tackier and the edges stayed down. But man that was a struggle. The patch site looks horrible with all the glue I applied, definitely noticeable. There has to be a better product.

Bought this repair kit, followed the instructions but the patch will no hold, it just curls up. Tried it with the provided glue with no luck. Tried it with rubber cement, same issue.

Couldn't get glue open with cap, had to use pin. Patch didn't adhere well, even following instructions. Also instructions not great re how to use patches, and patches split apart

Followed the enclosed instructions. Patches begin curling up the moment you apply adhesive to them, leaving you with a sticky mess and an unusable patch.

I had a small hole/tear on the back of my pad and used this kit to complete the repair. I followed the directions and everything worked fine. I haven't had the kit log enough to confirm if the glue hardens as others have described.

I've tried 4 times to use this kit to repair my REI camp pad 3.5. The directions are terrible so i read all the reviews left and none of the techniques work. Finally went with Aqua Seal which did the job easily. Total waste of $$$

These patches give me a great sense of security. They fit neatly into the carrying bag for the sleeping pad. My sleeping pad fits neatly in my closet. They are secure in the knowledfe that they aresafe from being used for a very long time because my wife does not like camping, we have loads of kids, it is winter, and I am busy.

If you have ever punched a hole in your inflatable mattress, you'll realize the value of this repair kit. Simple and easy to use. It will keep you from having to sleep on the hard ground.

This worked pretty well. It took a while (2 hours) for the glue to set. Have yet to take it in "the field".

Product served well and the service was outstanding, that's what brings me back...

Bought this for a second hand pad. I now have a REI air rail pad for the price of this kit. Yes it works. And knowing every kind of solvent based glue that I have ever used has dried in a couple months a few 1 shot foil packets of glue would be better than 1 large tube. Other than knowing I’ll have to buy another tube of glue when ever I open the other great product.

I saw the mixed reviews before I purchased this repair kit, but I took a chance because I think I'm above average at interpreting vague product instructions and performing small delicate tasks. I very carefully spread the glue over the tear in my Thermarest, let it dry for 2 hours, then proceeded to carefully spread glue on the patch. The moment the glue touched the patch, the patch instantly curled into a tight roll. I unrolled it, stuck it to the dried glue on the Thermarest, put a sheet of wax paper over it, and put a heavy book on top to keep it flat. I left it overnight, and when I checked back, the glue was dry and the leak seemed to be fixed. Overall, this would be a 4 or 5 star review except that it was sooo hard to get the wet patch to lay flat and glue got all over the outside of the patch. My sleeping pad is fixed, but the patch is a permanent ugly gluey mess. Next time I'll just pay Thermarest 20 bucks to fix it for me.

The kit works ok with small holes, but trying to repair a larger hole has driven me crazy. The patch curls up into a ball as soon as glue is applied to it. Then getting it smoothed out on a foam core mattress has been next to impossible. There has to be a better way. Has anyone tried waterproof Gorilla Tape?

In agreement with several reviewers: the glue runs out quickly. The glue provided should be at least roughly adequate for the patches in the kit. There should be at least three tubes in the kit. Also, glue should be sold separately. Finally, never put your sleeping pad on the dirt, however clean it looks!

Fortunately I haven't yet had to use this kit. Bought for emergency trail repairs. The kit has ample patch material and the glue is in a sealed container (which should preserve the glue functionality for a long time). Like all glue containers, once used I'd recommend replacing with a new tube.

I bought a used sleeping pad with a couple of holes in it and was able to fix one with a patch and one with just the glue. Until I patched it, I'd wake up in the morning on the ground--so glad the patch kit worked so I can sleep comfortably through the night!

They will patch a hole. I somehow got a huge gash near the edge of my pad. This patch worked. But was hard to work with. As soon as you put glue on, it curls up. Had to lift edges couple times and reapply edges that didn't stick.

Have a leak in my REI sleeping pad and used this to patch it up. Followed all the directions of application and the seal is already coming off. Only bought this early August 2018. Would not recommend

Went through every thing seems good. Way cheaper than a name brand kit. Have not been able to use because I have not been able to locate the hole in the pad. Will update later.

Bought this kit again because my previously purchased glue tube was dried up. Works great. Now I have more patches than I know what to do with. First world problem :)

I have a ThermaRest ultralight pad that had 5 tiny leaks from thorns. This kit fixed the leaks completely and now I don't have to replace it.

Worked great for my ThermaRest sleeping pad and didn't even need the patch. The glue stopped up the hole perfectly and works as good as new.

This repair kit really works. I have used this kit multiple times and found it to seal well and allow my sleeping pad to be functional.

Used it to fix slow leak in my Big Agnus sleeping pad. Did the trick. No more leak. Kit will now have a permeant home in my backpack.

Glue was solid in tube. bad news for me. The tube was never opened! When I went to use it first time....solid.

The repair materials have always worked great. Don't be shy about the application of the glue and sealer.

Never enough adhesive. One has to act fast once commited to application as the patch will curl.

I've used this kit to patch quite a few REI garage sale sleeping pads. It seals any size hole!

Works great I had a little trouble finding out what side down but YouTube helped with that

Nice assortment of colors and should be all you need to make repairs.

It worked . However we’ll see how long it lasts. Easy to apply



 Has anybody had an issue with flying for a trip with this item in your checked luggage 

​The epoxy is flammable and may not be allowed in your checked baggage.


I have an REI LITE CORE 1.5 that has a small tear through one of the rubberized ovals on the top of the mat. Is there a way to repair this area? Maybe remove rubberized thing with sand paper? Tried following instructions, leaked very bad.

This kit can be used to repair the tear on the face fabric of your REI Co-op Lite Core 1.5.


do you sell more glue only?

​The same glue is not available separately.


I got a bit of excess glue around the patch. Is there a solvent (acetone perhaps?) or something else that I can use to clean up my mess?

​Yes, we recommend using some acetone or nail polish remover on the excess glue. However, once this adhesive is removed, there may be some permanent smudging on the fabric.


which side of patch facing down?

​We suggest placing the brushed or peached fabric side down as it is intended to absorb the adhesive when placed on the pad.


Round patches and rectangular patches? The description only lists "six patches" and the photo shows only round patches. What patches come in the kit? Will this work with tears to a flocked surface of an air mattress? Thanks.

​This kit comes with 20 circles (10 colors/2 each) and 12 rectangles (6 colors/2 each). This kit will work for tears found on air mattresses.


How big are the patches? I have a 2.75" tear where the fabric separated.

​The round patches are 1.5 inches in diameter. The rectangle patches measure 3.5 x 5 inches.


Can this also be used to patch a down jacket?

Yes, the patches will work, but the colors probably won't match. We sell Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape in clear that would also work well:

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