Gear Aid - Seam Sure Water-Based Seam Sealer - 2 oz.

Category: Tent

The product may be good, but I'll never know because the dispenser makes it impossible to apply it. The only way the dispenser is effective is if you are applying it hold the bottle with the bottom up. Problem is, in most cases the seam requires the opposite orientation. The instructions say "squeeze gently". I spent my time either wondering if I was actually applying anything (you can see the stuff on the seam) or wiping it up off of whatever is below the seam she it ozzed out.

Sealed both sides of the lower floor seams and the top floor seam where it meets the walls on a Kelty Salida 2 using half a bottle. I poured it into a small Dixie cup and used a high quality 1" paint brush instead of the bottle top brush to apply the product. I had no issues with drips or runs. The stuff dries practically invisible. I applied it on a warm day and left the tent set up in my garage overnight to dry. Everything was cured and ready to pack by the next morning. Haven't tested in rain conditions yet but application was pretty straight forward.

Seam sealer either comes out too fast or too slow. Brush doesn't work very well. Sealer material very thin so it goes every where. Not worth buying. You are better off using the old Coghlans or Coleman seam sealer (the roll on kind with the applicator) it works much better.

The in-store REI salesperson said this would be great to seal up the seams on my older tent, and it worked great. The applicator did not work for me, though, so I just poured out the liquid sealer into a cup and used a small foam brush to apply it to the seams.

I was starting to get a few drips when camping in rainy conditions. Now my Sierra Designs tent is old, probably close to 15 years old. But it's still in very good condition. After applying Gear Aid Seam Sealant as directed, I'm back to dry nights even in heavy downpours. The needle holes in the fly where the stitching holds the fabric together must have been the problem. A quick coating of seam sealant with the built-in applicator brush was all it took.

I thought it would be convenient and neat with the brush built in. Everytime I squeezed the bottle to get the liquid out it would drip from the lid, and would come out the brush in globs. Application was not neat. Got sealer all over the place. Not going to buy this again.

next time I'm just going to buy the regular seam sealer, bought this hoping to seal my tent but after applying and drying it just looks like Elmers glue and started peeling. also it was so runny and now my tent looks like a moose humped it! used a whole bottled and my seams don't look sealed at all.

The product was easy to apply, dried reasonably quickly, and seems more waterproof than the surrounding fabric in my raingear. Only problem is I should have euthanized my raingear, not extended its pathetic existence on life support.

This product is very watery which makes application a mess. It's now been over a week and the treated areas are still very tacky and my rainfly is all stuck together. I would give zero stars if that were an option.

I've used this product, before, and, to date, it has never failed me. Just follow the simple directions and it won't fail you, either.

I had to pay close attention to getting enough on, since it seemed hard to be sure. So far it's been working fine.

I applied it to a new tent and the seam sealer started pealing off during the first use.


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