Rolla Roaster - Marshmallow and Hot Dog Roasting Forks - Pair

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We use this product at home and away to roast hotdogs and marshmellows. Product is easy to clean and store. The price is great as they come in sets of two. The overall length when completly extended is perfect. The fork end could be bent if not careful. It's not really weak but don't use it as a light sabre. I highly reccommend this product!!

I am proud to say the first time I used these was in my hometown, just miles from where they were made. We roasted sausages and marshmallows over the fire in the backyard fire pit my Dad built. They are fun and easy to use for all ages. We take them camping and give them as gifts to friends who like sitting by a campfire with us.

My friends brought these marshmallow roasting sticks on a camping trip. They seemed a little goofy, but now I want some myself. It’s a must-have for people that love roasted marshmallows. They seemed well made and sturdy. I really like the telescoping sticks and turning handle.

Great forks! Love how they telescope -- great length when extended for cooking over a large fire, nice and compact when compressed for easy storage and transport. If you like trading your hard-earned cash for high quality gear/gadgets (as I've been known to do), these are for you. But, in truth, you can get the same functionality (minus maybe the rotating feature -- but how hard is it to flip a fork?) out of forks from a dollar store...

There are a lot of telescoping roasting forks out there in the world, these are the ones I got. And like everything I've found at REI, they are well made, simple, and get the job done right. The forks rotate so I just sat with my thumb on the little collar and kept my food turning without having to pick them up and twist and turn. Again, not a lot to say, but in this case that's a good thing :)

Word of advice, don't touch the metal near the fork after you just roasted a marshmallow! Oops. I've since learned to pull make the metal starting near the handle to shorten the roaster and eat my marshmallow off. Has been a great companion to many camping trips. I can burn any food residue right off and the metal holds up great.

We love spending time around the fire ring. I found these roasting forks on the REI website and purchased them to gain extra length for marshmallows. They are the perfect length and come on, the thumb rotation, IT'S AWESOME! I LOVE that they are US made too and liked them so much bought several more sets for Christmas gifts.

Impulse purchase at an REI store before a camping trip. Universally loved by everyone who tried them. Great for marshmallows, didn't try sausages, but, also worked well with a sweetcorn. Top tip: don't extend the final smallest section for corn, so that it wont flex as much. Still plenty long enough.

Bought these on a whim before our last family camping trip. The easy rotating meant even my 8 year old son was able to keep spinning his marshmallow to be perfectly toasted the whole way around.

These are high quality. They are the longest I've ever used, so even with a large campfire you can still roast your marshmallow without feeling like you are melting. I'm buying some for the people we camp with because they always steal ours!

These are the best toaster sticks. Got them as a Christmas present and I will definitely be giving these out to friends. The ability to rotate the stick is a bonus and the metal is pretty sturdy. Easy to clean off the marshmellow goo.

I had bought a set of traditional wood colored forks and somehow my 3 kids always end up fighting over the "clean" ones when we are ready to roast some s'mores. When I saw they had other colors I didn't hesitate and picked them up

Christmas time and bought every color put in a box with chocolate bars marshmallows Carmel’s and graham crackers! It was a great Christmas gift they was loved by everyone that evening around the fire pit while star gazing !

I have purchased many of these for friends and to a person, they love them!! Anyone roasting marshmallows or hot dogs will love it and wonder why they didn't get one sooner. It also comes in many different colors.

Bought a couple packs for a neighborhood wiener roast. They worked great over the fire pit. The extended length let people stand away from the smoke while cooking. Telescoping to 12" makes them easy to store.

I bought these for the grandkids for making smores. They really have enjoyed using them over the stove (weather has been too chilly for them to get outside) and can't wait to try them over an actual campfire!

My neighbor says it's cheating the kids by not having them hunt for sticks, I find comfort knowing the dog hasn't peed or pooped on them. They are very easy to use, easy to store, and well constructed.

This is a pretty silly product, but I was taken aback by how great it actually works. Plus you aren't running around trying to find an appropriate stick or something else to roast a marshmallow.

tried these out on an REI camp trip and when I had my $20 coupon I picked a pair up. No more burnt marshmallows. Easy to rotate, extend and clean. Never using sticks or cheap skewers again

I use these on my outside fire ring. They are perfect and the little roller makes it very easy to turn the marshmallows. My son actually confiscated them and now I need to buy another set.

These are great roasting forks. Love the collapsible feature to make packing them much easier. They turn easily and worked exactly as intended. Very happy with this purchase.

Great product, can extend to desired length without the extender slipping back and love that it collapses to a decent size for packing and storing. Handles stay cool.

These forks do exactly what they’re supposed to at a great price. All our friends were so impressed and said they were going to buy their own. Strongly recommend!

These things are great for marshmallows and hot dogs. I've used the same pair for three years and dozens of camping trips. A mainstay of my camp kitchen kit.

Work well, collapse down well and expand a good distance. A little swivel rotates the head. Used twice now over a fire pit and they have worked well.

Works good. Fingertip rotating was easy. How heavy the item your cooking may be an issue. Fork did bend under weight of a hotdog.

I used these to cook bacon over the fire! Worked out great!! Solid cooking fork. Great accessory for car camping. Worked great.

We absolutely loved purchasing these! They rotate while toasting so it gets your mellow perfectly toasted to perfection!

Can feel a little wobbly but they are in fact sturdy and work great. Great buy.

I can't say enough good things about this. And made in the USA!

Our Cub Scout pack bought a couple dozen of these 5-6 years ago. They have been on many campouts, packed/cleaned/transported by several different people, and used by kids of all ages without the most ideal care. They have held up fairly well. We still have about 6 that aren't broken. The main problem is that the extensible part is like a radio antenna. Once it gets bent, there is no way to bend it back like new. Also, if a boy pulls it out with too much force, it can be pulled apart and then it's never the same again.I see others claiming that these are easy to clean. Maybe they are easier than other toasting forks, but when I'm the one who has to clean the burned marshmallows off of these, I growl about it! The "roller" part of this item is just a gimmick; it didn't turn too well but most boys didn't even realize that they are supposed to roll. They just twist it with their wrist anyway.We need to buy another dozen to replace the broken ones. I have searched online and found cheaper versions of extendable skewers. The prices range from 50-90% of REI's price. None of the others are as long as the REI version. The "slider" version is harder to clean. Another brand is chrome plated steel, not stainless. Plus, when you add in the cost of shipping, you get a compromise product for almost the same cost as these. Considering all the factors, we will definitely go back to REI to get these Rolla-Roasters.


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