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I use this product after bike rides or on any beautiful afternoon. I recently pulled it out after a hike to the top of a mountain and there was no better way to enjoy the vista. While bicycling across the country last year, I would pull this out every chance I got. I even slept in it ten of the 65 nights. It is spacious for two, but I probably wouldn't sleep all night with someone else in it. The fabric dries quickly and folds up small. I recommend the ProStraps and the Bug Net to anyone planning on sleeping in it. Also check the dew point each night.

I use this for summer camping and backpacking, and for everyday relaxing around my backyard and parks. I think the DoubleNest is pretty big for a person my size (5'6" 110lb) but it's nice to cocoon yourself in when you are so small. I really enjoy it, I dont think I'll go back to hauling around a tent when I'm packing alone again.

I bought the doublenest based upon reviews that the single might be a bit small. Although I do wish I had bought the single nest, the double is definately workable for one person on the average summer day and is wonderful for one person on cooler/windier days as there is plenty of fabric to pull the sides up and shelter you from the worst of the wind. After a week or two I broke down and bought the slap straps to go with the hammock and now I'm set up and reading within 5 min. It's a beautiful thing. Just for sizing purposes I'm 5'7, 145 pounds. If you are my size or smaller and not planning on sharing the space, I'd go with the single nest.

I have had the opportunity to use the hammock now in several situations. Family camping, it was a hit. Both kids fell asleep in it at one point or another. Concert camping, perfect. I slept in it for 3 days, in the afternoon I relaxed in it. I am hoping to have more trips with it soon. I plan on getting some for the kids too. Setup is a breeze as long as you have trees... and I imagine any number of other objects.

I love this hammock...great memories already had in it. I used the side stuff pocket as a drink holder--even fits the koozie and all! I even tested out up to almost 350 pounds and held up well. I took it out on a walk and found a small tree and a large tree and set it up in less than a minute with two people.

I got the eno doublenest last week and I am seriously considering quitting my job and just hanging full time in the hammock. It is heaven. Even my dogs like it, hopped right in and fell asleep with me.

The Eno line (hammock, slapstraps, dryfly) has been a great sleep system for me. I'm an avid camper/backpacker and I've used this combination for about three years now. I have friends that have splurged for the Hennessy's and Warbonnets. Those are great sleep systems, for sure...but I just don't need all the fancy stuff. Get the double nest if you're 6' or over. I had the single and gave it to my son as soon as I tried the double (I'm 6'6") and am very comfortable in the double net. I use it year round. A this coleman sleep pad under me and a 15 degree bag with a liner and I've been toasty warm down to 12 degrees F in high winds on ridges along the AT. The Dry Fly, with 8 guywires, gives great flexibility in set-up configurations. Slapstraps work great. Still on my original pair. Only problem is they do stretch (alot) when wet for some reason. Put a little weight in the sidepouch (usually my empty compression bag, slapstrap and dryfly bags and my cell phone) and flip the bag sid over the top to "cocoon" the Eno. I've never had a problem with bugs/mosquitos when the hammock is cocooned (although it can get a little warm this way in warm months). Sleep off-center of the axis about 10 degrees and it's perfectly flat (no hyper-extension of the knees). I sleep on my side most of the time and am very comfortable. Sets up in five minutes (including rainfly) and no need for level groud (key when setting up in the dark). Highly recommend this sleep system if you don't feel you need all the extra frills of the more expensive hammocks on the market.

I would suggest that REI list this under sleeping gear, because I think furniture takes some if it's uses out of context. I used this for overnights for the first time this fall and it was great. I use it in combination with a 9 foot Noah's tarp, which covers the hammock nicely and gives you other options. I thought that using a sleeping bag would be a challenge, but once you practice a a couple of times it becomes easy, just enter and exit the bag in the same motions you would enter the hammock. I think entering and exiting would be tough with the Singlerest. The Doublerest allows you to "cocoon" yourself in the hammock.

A friend of mine has one of these that he uses when we go backpacking, and I was a huge fan of it....so, I bought my own! orange/grey. I LOVE IT! I bought 2 climbing carabiners and the ENO SlapStrap Pro's to use with it. Although the straps do the job, they're very stretchy, so it takes some adjusting to get the hammock tight enough to where you don't hit the ground when you add your weight to it. The picture has a 5' tall 10 year old in it. It's super roomy and a great buy. I use mine only when we car camp. If I had trees in my backyard, I'd use it at home, too. My family loves it....even our neighbors at campsites admire it from afar. It's a great buy...

We have both the single and double Eno hammocks. I was hoping the double would be comfortable for two to lay down and read or nap together - it's not. It's like laying in the single with more fabric wrapping around you. It forces both people into the center and essentially on top of each other. The only way we could get comfortable was to sit side by side perpendicular to the hammock. If you want a single hammock and like extra fabric to cocoon or if you need the extra weight, go for the double. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend this for two people. I'm planing on returning the double for another single and just hammocking separately from my husband.

I love this hammock! It was easily one of the best investments I've made- ever. I bought it because a bunch of my college buddies down south use them around campus to hang out. But, I've been taking it all over the MT Rockies. It is small and lightweight enough to throw in a backpacking pack and versatile enough to take out biking or in a day pack to have a nice relaxing break from your activities. It is plenty comfortable to nap or sleep in, and big enough for two.

I'm new to the hammock scene, just a little over 3 months now. I started with ENO single nest, figured it will do just fine for my casual needs. Planned usage day trips, relaxing and the all important snoozing. Now I'm 6 ft and 215lbs. The single nest worked if I didn't stay in it long as I just couldn't get that comfortable for an extended period of time. Thought it could be just me being new, but after much research and how to angle lay, I still wasn't enjoying it to the fullest. Returned it to REI and purchased the double nest version. WOW super comfort right from first setup! Having that extra width made ALL the difference in the world!!! So unless you're really on the short side, go with the double nest and you will be relaxing in no time!

I bought this during the member REI sale earlier this year, so I got it a bit cheaper than it usually is. I have only had the chance to set it up a few times but so far it has worked great. Very simple and easy to set up (have not used it on trees - just columns so far; I thought the slack lines would have a problem on square columns but they worked just fine). I'm using it in the mountains of Puerto Rico, where it's hot during the day but gets cooler and windier later in the day. Works fine in the heat as it is breathable, though I can't imagine sleeping in it without sleeping bag, etc. (although I get cold easily).

ENO products are great. ive put over 550+ lbs into this and it still swung great. just be care to not get near twigs for if the hammock gets any kind of Small Snare/rip its going to Fail. other then this which would be user error its A+++

Easy set up, lightweight and perfect for lounging with your significant other in the outdoors. Get the Atlas Straps to complete the set up and you'll be hanging out in no time.

I bought this double-sized hammock over Memorial Day weekend, and love it! It is so durable, compact, and lightweight. Make sure to grab a pair of XL straps just in case you come along to some extra wide trees. Highly recommend for all hikers and backpackers.

I'll preface this by saying I backpack with a Hennessy Hyperlite hammock. With that, this hammock isn't ideal for shelter for backpacking because by the time you add in a tarp, suspension, and something to keep the mosquitos off your face you're at 5 pounds. I bought this for comfort and car camping and it's perfect for that. Do note that it doesn't come with any suspension at all, so don't expect to use this without learning how to tie knots or also purchasing the atlas straps.

It has almost been a month since I purchased. I have slept in this hammock 15 times now. I had never slept in a hammock before and it took about 5-7 times before I got used to it. Now that I am, I love it....so comfortable. I think sleeping on a sideways angle and on your back is best. Since I am a side sleeper this is what took a while getting used to. Very easy to set up...(also be sure to leave some good slack in it when you hang it). Quality seems very good so far. Also I was very surprised how cold I got on my back when sleeping in it, need a good sleeping bag to keep you warm. I am extremely happy with this purchase.

I bought this hammock thinking it would be nice to sit in my backyard and relax on a nice day. Turns out, this has inspired me to go hiking/biking for the sole purpose of setting up a hammock and relaxing somewhere in the mountains near a high alpine lake. Better yet, set this up between trees over the lake and let your feet sit in the water! Or even better, get your friends to sit in their hammocks all around a campfire! The hammock packs up real small and can be setup in a few seconds. I suggest buying the Atlas straps as well. They make the whole thing super easy.

This is my second ENO doublenest. I received one as a gift years ago and fell in love. I kept the hammock longer than the (then) boyfriend who bought it for me and used it nearly daily. Until it was stolen. Yes, actually stolen. So I've been eyeballing a replacement for many months and was thrilled when REI put it on sale for labor day. Just get this hammock. I've used it for camping- i tie my lab to one of the trees and he sleeps beneath me. I use it daily for working- sit in it sideways and it cradles you comfortably. They last, are insanely comfortable and are so easy to set up. And pro tip: take a set of nylon ratchet straps (cheap ones from your local wally world or wherever) and remove the ratchet. Wrap your tree or post with the nylon strap, layering it over itself. Tie no knots. The nylon webbing will tighten down on itself and will hold strong- no knots to untie and I promise this is secure. In the picture posted, I put this hammock up a week ago and have been in it daily and have not touched the straps. Again, don't make your life harder with knots- this just works. It doesn't get any easier.

I purchased this for use during our summers camping trips. We used it on the beach in Washington and in the campsite in Yellowstone. This was one of the biggest hits for kids and adults alike. I managed several cat naps here and there. The kids loved lounging. Most of all they loved flipping upside down with their arms and legs wound in the hammock and letting their bellies and hair swing in the breeze. At one point it had 3 girls sitting in it like a couch while doing some summer reading. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing another for our larger camping trip we're planning with friends this summer. You can't go wrong with this hammock!!

This was a hard one - the quality is really fantastic, and it's so much fun. Yes, there is "room for two", but NOT FOR SLEEPING! Have tried multiple times with my partner, and it's so uncomfortable. Have tried with and without sleeping pads, and we just end up squished together. It is nice to hang out in at the campsite before sleeping though, will fit two people casually the short way. Would recommend a single for SINGLE sleeping, to save weight, money, and sleeplessness. If you're planning to just use this to hang out in for 2 people, then it's your hammock.

I love this hammock, I bring it to the park, camping, backpacking, and keep it in my truck all summer. It's light, comfortable and packs into a manageable size for tossing in a pack. It is comfortable for two, but I have found that it takes a little adjustment if you're in it solo so that you don't end up like the filling in a taco shell as there is more fabric than one person needs. The stuff sack doubles as a drink/book holder and it's quite easy to set up. I used it the first year with paracord to tie it off, but then I finally shelled out the money for the straps and they were WELL worth the investment, makes utilizing it in different situations significantly easier.

Ya know what’s cool? Flying. And floating is pretty much flying. And being in a hammock is pretty much floating. So that’s pretty neat.

I bought the ENO doublenest hammock several months ago. The hammock's relatively light weight and quality construction impressed me, but I am not sure how realistic it is as a backpacking accessory. I brought it on a trip in the Wallowas this summer, and found it to be mostly dead weight. I did not plan to sleep in it, but intended it as a luxury for camp. That is fine if you plan on spending a lot of time in camp, but if you don't, remember the hammock and straps make up nearly two pounds you could take out of your pack. Having said that, the hammock is comfortable to read in, and I have gotten plenty of non-backpacking use from it.

I love this hammock! I did a lot of research before I commited to a hammock, but I've never been happier with a single piece of gear before. This hammock is light, super easy to set up, and really comfortable. I have had two people in it before and it works, but you do get squished together quite a bit. The only downside is that I get cold in it, even on a warm day, if I'm in the shade. But that's because it's light and thin, I just make sure to pack a warm layer if I know I'm going to be lounging in it for extended periods of time.

I bought this about a year ago at this point, and I have no complaints at all. I use my hammock at least 2 times a week during the Spring and Summer, whether it be for a casual hour hang, or to sleep in while camping. Admittedly you need to buy extra equipment for "rougher" activities, but for casual hanging you just need this and to buy a good set of Atlas Straps. It DOES NOT COME WITH STRAPS, makes sure you get those too, and avoid the frustration of buying nd not having straps.

Great hammock and well reviewed in the hammock forums. Easy to set up. I got two of them, one I use as it came with the caribiners and the ENO Atlas straps (don't get the other straps, the ATLAS are the ones that don't stretch) and the other hammock I modified with whoopie slings and straps from arrowhead equipment. Coupled with a bug net and a decent tarp, you can camp in this hammock anywhere you want. Or...it's awesome just napping in the back yard.

Since I baught my ENO I have not gone a week without using it. It is so easy to put up anywhere... I keep it in the back of my car so that I always have it with me. I took it up to Colorado when I visited my family and I barly got to use it myself (they were always in it). After that weekend they all went and bought some for themselves. I have used it camping (It was warm enough to just use it instead of taking a tent), out by the lake, by the river, in a park during my lunch break, on patios, in my back yard, and anywhere that I can find two objects that are close enough to throw my ENO between.

I bought a single person hammock like 8 years ago and used it for extra seating during camping. this year i decided to ditch the tent and sleep in a hammock. So i read the book ultimate hang. and i camp with my boyfriend and i know they said it is not comfortable with two people... but i wanted to try anyways. They were right. it was good for a nap, but we woke up 2 hours later with limbs asleep and i kicked him out to the tent. then i had a great sleep. But with this hammock i noticed it was harder to get out of because it was so large. so i exchanged it for the single nest and we both have or own hammock.

I bought this on a whim as I wanted a hammock. It seemed more flexible than a traditional rope hammock. Unlike other folks here (certainly no offense intended) I purchased off the bat the extra straps and also extra caribiners. That said, on a recent beach trip, strung it between two trees, in the shade, iPhone listening to baseball and off into La, La land, hence the Jimmy Buffett quote in the subject line. Easy to set up and take down.

I love this thing, it's so rad! I got the DoubleNest because I'm a fairly tall guy (6'2") and I like to have room when I lay out, and I must say it fits me perfectly! There's lots of fabric so there's loads of ways to change your laying position or even fit another person! It's a bit tricky to get two people in there but once you find a way that works for you it's incredibly comfortable. I use it in my front yard to chill, for day hikes, for camping trips, pretty much for anything where I might want to just stop and relax and soak up nature! If you're in the market to get a hammock I highly recommend ENO. They're not crazy expensive and the triple-stitching they use is tough as nails.

Bought this for a place to relax on a camping trip to NH and Maine. Easy to set up and fit my wife and I inside perfectly. I'm 6'2" and she's 5'4". Had a sleeping bag to cover is as we looked at the cool Maine sun rises and take naps in the afternoon. My nieces and nephews enjoyed it as well throughout the day to have relaxing time.

I bought this for a my wife an I to lay in on cool autumn days just a month shy of 2 years ago, and have laid in it less than 20 times. Yesterday my 130lb wife sat in it with my 2 month old daughter, and the bottom ripped out from under her. ENO warranty is spot on for the 2 years. For 70$ you'd expect better.

Just got back from an 8.5 mile trip into Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I bought the hammock on a whim (gear geek). I set it up in a matter of a couple of minutes, climbed in after a hard day of hiking and swimming, and fell in love instantly! I was just going to use it to relax for a while - within 10 minutes I made the decision to drag my sleeping bag out of the tent and spend the night in the hammock. It was the best night's sleep I have ever had backpacking. I agree that the air flow beneath the hammock cooled my backside - but it got down to the low 60's and I was still comfy. I was most pleasantly surprised that it was not difficult to sleep on my sides as well as my back. Outstanding piece of equipment!

I have tried several brands of hammocks, including Kammok, Grand Trunk, and Tribe Outfitters. I have set up the hanging kit in my room...And, after extensive experimentation in my room and in the oak groves of Santa Barbara, I have ended up defaulting to the ENO DoubleNest, and the ENO ember under quilt for my everyday bed!! I literally only come down to the bed to snuggle my GF for a while, then, it's into the DoubleNest for my actual sleep. I don't like my bed anymore!!! With their underquilt, I've been able to get by with only wool blankets on top. I like the workmanship of some of the other brands better, but the ENO is by far the most comfortable and versatile.

I bought the DoubleNest 6 months ago after trying out the ProNest and realizing it was too small. I was looking for a hammock to use for every night sleeping, since my room is tiny and a regular bed would take up too much room. This hammock turned out to be perfect, its incredibly comfortable, easy to set up and take down, and very durable. I've slept in in every night for a semester and have never had a problem with it, its also been to Hawaii were I set it up on a balcony when we ran out of beds and I'm planning to use it when I head out backpacking this fall. I'm 5'8'' and my brother is 6'2'' and we both use DoubleNest ENO hammocks and love them. I can't recommend it enough, the only other thing I can add is a suggestion for purchasers to also get the atlas straps rather than the other kinds offered, they're the best and they can put up with a significant amount of abuse.

This is the best hammock ever! I have had mine for over a year and have put it to the test in all sorts of environments. I recently purchased the ENO bug net that goes over the hammock and thats equally amazing as the hammock. This company knows how to make top notch gear for a good price. I have used this in my backyard, in desolation wilderness, ostrimba wilderness, and many other places. Everyone one I go backpacking with always tries to steal it from me because they fall in love with it after I let them try it out. I am soon going to purchase the rain tarp as well.

This hammock is stupidly easy to set up. Which works for me! You can set it up pretty much anywhere and its so comfy.

The ENO Doublenest can offer you the best sleep you've never had while outdoors. I used to use a NeoAir sleeping pad inside of my tent, but the pad and tent are now collecting dust in my "camping closet" at home. It packs down small, is lightweight so to save room in your pack (even with the optional rainfly) after removing your tent and pad. When the temperature is forecasted to dip much below 50, I splurge a little by bringing a thin 3/4 inflatable Thermarest and have remained comfy with a 30 degree bag down to about 25F. Unless you're planning to camp in the Everglades during summer, I would forget the optional bugnet. As others have advised, toss your headlamp and water reservoir into the attached stuff-sack and flip it in towards your body; the hammock will cocoon around you entirely (even with a 20" wide thermarest).

This is the 3rd ENO hammock that I've purchased, the first two were such a hit with the family that a 3rd was needed. Extremely easy to set up and comfortable when they are. I'm happy to see better carabiners attached to the hammock. One hammock lives in my gear bag at all times, so when I'm hiking, fishing or backpacking I always have it. It would be nice to have a proper strap system included with the hammock. It is an all around great system, single or double.

I first bought my ENO when I was counseling at a camp in CO, totally loved it for late afternoon naps as well as setting up randomly when taking campers rock climbing. Ended up using it as much as my Chaco sandals and it still looks and works great!

I love this hammock. I went for the doublenest to allow the option of my girlfriend to join me and also the additional material is nice when alone because you can wrap yourself up in it. I bought this with the slapstrap system and together they provide an easy set-up. Out of the package there was some extra fiber ends hanging from the ends, but not an issue. I've only used it alone so far and it is extremely comfortable. I'm taking it out on a canoe camp this weekend and can't wait to use it next to the river!

I was all set to use this hammock instead of a tent, as well as for general campsite R&R. Sets up easily enough with the slap straps but...

I suppose there is a trade off for a light weight hammock if you are backpacking, however I am very disappointed with the nylon used in this hammock. On the first use, the hammock and the Atlas straps stretched a good deal causing the hammock to touch the ground when mounting and dismounting. Even with care trying to get get out, the rocky ground wore several holes in the brand new hammock. The nylon is unbelievably fragile.

Finally a Great nights sleep on a backpacking trip! I purchased my ENO last year and now own two of these. My biggest reccommendation is that you take the time to find and purchase the Slap Straps that go with these Hammocks and that you purchase the doublenest even for one person.

I bought this for relaxing at camp, but it turned into my go-to sleeping system. I was skeptical at first, thinking that I would not really like sleeping in a hammock vs. tent and sleeping pad. Boy was I wrong.

Hammocks are the perfect camping tool. They can be used for relaxation on a college campus, or as an alternative for a tent on a backpacking trip. The ENO DoubleNest does it all, and is a lightweight, good looking product. Use it for a week long hike or a few hours in the woods with a book. Be careful to tie your knots well though, because it will tear if your knot comes undone and you land in a creek. But that's a big user error, not ENO's fault.

A wonderful bed alternative. I use mine on a daily basis; as long as one knows how to properly angle oneself in the hammock, it supports the body wonderfully. I'm not customarily one to sleep on my back when I utilize a flat sleeping surface, but it has become my norm in a hammock. The positioning of the body naturally elevates the head and feet slightly, and the slight rocking is very conducive to relaxation.

This is a great hammock! I got a Double for myself and for my girlfriend, however many times we use one Double for both of us. I bought the bug nets and the daisy chain anchors by ENO as well. When it's all said and done, you could have easily bought a half dome tent for the same price, but you're really making up for the difference in comfort!

Leave the tent and sleeping pad at home. Paired with a tarp (any tarp will do, but the ENO's Dry Fly fits perfectly) you can drop the weight of a tent on your next trip out. The Double Nest is really just a roomy one person hammock, I've never spent more than a few minutes in the hammock with another person, because it just gets too close and personal. Whatever size you choose, it doesn't get more comfortable than the hammock. On cooler nights, you will want a sleeping pad beneath you. On warmer nights, you'll appreciate the natural air conditioning of a light breeze. Once you've taken a nap in the hammock, you won't go on a day trip without it.

One of the best gear investments I've made. This thing is so comfortable. I would not want to sleep 2 deep in it but the extra room is great for kicking out your legs or sitting sideways in it like a swing. I will be buying the bug net for it and using this as my sleep system. I throw my Crazy Creek hexalite powerlounger in it as a sleeping pad and my bag on top of that and It is sooo cozy! Seriously I have woken in the morning needing to pee soo bad but talking myself out of it for at least an hour cause I was so comfortable. Slap straps tend to stretch a little but not as bad the second time I used it on a weekend trip. Buy this you won't regret it.

I bought this item from REI with the hopes of being able to use it on the Labour Day long weekend. It was so easy to set up (with the additional ENO straps which you should buy).

I bought the ENO DoubleNest and slept on it for 14 consecutive nights during a trip to Nicaragua. It was very comfortable. I would recommend the DoubleNest over the Single for people of any height. The key to sleeping comfortably in a hammock is the ability to lie down diagonally across it, and though I'm only 5' 5", I wasn't confident that the single nest was wide enough.

I used this product for the first time recently. I did bring a sleeping pad to keep my backside warm, but didn't figure on my underrated sleeping bag. So, while my back was fine, my sides and arms were freezing. In the middle of the night, I got out my Space brand emergency blanket (the good one that REI sells) and lined the hammock, which is all it took. The hammock was more comfortable than any ground dwelling I've ever used, and I simply didn't want to get up the next morning, it was so nice. It was very easy to set up, even with the bug net. I highly recommend it. I move around when I sleep, and it was a non issue here.

Second review finally got some serious use with it. The learning curve was steep and interesting.

My daughter (now seven) and I go camping at least once a year. This year's trip we were heading into weather warm enough that out tent and bads would be too warm, so a hammock and bug net seemed like a better idea.

I purchased this hammock several months ago. I have used it quite a bit, and it has held up great to the abuse. It is small and versatile, which makes it easier for storage in a backpack. The hammock does not weigh much, even with the straps. I would recommend this hammock to anyone looking for something that can be used in the backyard or on a camping trip!

Nice and light, sets up easy, and I dare you to not go to sleep. Put a day pack or something under your head or you'll get neck strain. It's great to read a book at a mountain lake in a nice level spot and not have to deal with ants and other assorted bugs crawling over you, I use netting over the top to baffle the skeeters. Buy the straps that go with it, get the longer ones (slap strap pro) which come in their own bag so you don't get tree pitch all over your hammock. Two-person really only holds one person unless you get along really well *grin*. Sleeping in it is good but you'll want a pad under you since it will get get cold on your back otherwise.

I have had my eno double nest for two years. During spring and summer it is the go to afternoon nap spot. Rather you've been hiking or canoeing all day or even working in the scorching sun it's perfect to sling up hassle free and relax.

You'll need to buy the extension straps for this product to work properly. You can get good rope, but it is not included either. This product does not work by itself and require additional purchase. The rainfly is another additional cost that seems absobedantly expensive, which you will need if you want to use a hammock on backpacking trips.

I tried a hammock because I was really tired of sleeping on the ground . In short, I love this hammock, so I bought the rain fly, and bug screen as well. I've used it over the course of a year and sleep very well. It is also easier to get out of late at night when I need to make a head call. The first time I put the entire system together is took some time but after one trip I had it down cold, and can put it up quicker then my tent. I've read comments about being cold in the winter but I have learned to put my sleeping pad in the hammock and use a liner in my sleeping bag and i sleep very well in the forty degree range.

I absolutely LOVE this thing. Ultralight backpacking with it is a breeze. Easy setup, and soooo comfortable. I also have mounts for it in my room for when I'm just hanging out(pun intended). I just hate how much extra stuff you have to buy for it. My tip would be to resist the whole thing and be creative. I bought some load tie-down nylon webbing from an auto parts store and use those instead of paying 30 bucks extra for the ENO ones. They work just as well, believe me. Instead of an 80 dollar ENO rainfly, use either a normal tarp or the fly from an old tent. All that aside, this is an awesome purchase and super fun and versatile. It'll be a hit on the campground for sure! Also definitely go with the doublenest vs. the singlenest, only $10 more, and so much more roomy and comfortable.

I was looking for a way to ease my back pain without pills, while doing some research i came across the idea of using a hammock, it has done wonders for my back, i dont wake up in pain anymore. my ENO doublenest is the best bed i have ever had.

I usually don't take the time to review products, but I like this one enough that I am. I was at REI looking for a replacement buckle for my backpack and saw these hammocks. I wasn't thinking about getting a hammock, but I thought it might be something cool and fun for an overnight hiking trip. I'm glad I did. I set it up in about 5 minutes my first time. Next time I can probably do it in two. Taking it down was just as easy and unlike most items that you can never get to fit in their original packs, this rolled right up into the bag. I also got the atlas hanging system. I will consider using this instead of a tent sometime on another overnight trip. I would consider carrying it on a long day hike, because it would make a comfortable and easy way to take a break and maybe a short nap.

This is the second ENO Doublenest that I own. I bought this one for my son after experiencing how versatile and comfortable this hammock is for lightweight backpacking trips. It weighs a fraction of my old 2 person tent, but its greatest feature is how it opens up campsites that would have been unusable before. Level ground isn't a concern - all you need are two sturdy trees fairly close together. I took my ENO on my recent 2 day section hike on the AT and I slept like a baby both nights. I'm 6'0" and I like the extra room the Doublenest offers. I'm a side sleeper and I was able to curl up on my side with no problem. The key to hammock sleeping is sleeping on a diagonal - that allows you to sleep in just about any position. I will never hike with my tent again!! I highly recommend the Atlas straps to go with your hammock.

These hammocks are amazing! Very portable - light/compact. Easily sets up anywhere. I'm 6'4" / 225, and it has plenty of room and support for me. Took me a minute to realize it is best to lay at an angle - with a shoulder against one side and a hip towards the other. Love this product!

Absolutely love this hammock!!! Easy to tote around, easy to set up, packs small, and is light weight. Material seems durable and hammock is well built. Perfect for relaxing, taking in the scenery, reading a book, etc.

If you're on the fence do it, I've had mine for two days, set it up in two different places and cannot wait to take it car and back country camping. Also, get the atlas straps, no brainer.

Bought the Double Nest for my first pack trip through the Lone Star Hiking Trail. I used it for two nights in January in about high 40 degree weather. This thing was very comfortable after working with it for a while to figure out how I liked it. With my USGI Modular sleep system bivi and patrol bag and a GI sleep mat in the hammock under me I stained pretty warm even being off the ground and the fire about 10-15 feet away and just a base layer on. Packs up real nice and small and the weight savings even over a one man tent is very nice. Best part I didn't wake up with my back stiff and hurting From being on the ground.

I have been wanting an ENO for quite some time now and I finally got one for Christmas. I love it. So much.

I've owened this hammock for 2 years now, and I'd thoguht I'd give my 2 cents. Me and my girlfriend reguarly sit/lay in this, no problem. It' take a little while to figure out how to do it though. I just did a major improvement though. The rope that binds the ends, where you attach to the hanging rope, is way too small. It scares us. I replaced it with a locking climbing carabiner; perfect. Bottom line: I take this on all my hikes.

i bought this hammock to Camp with since one of my camping partners bought one and loves it, also it takes about 30 secounds to set up and that way i dont have to set up a tent. after my first wilderness adventure i was hooked; i even set up eye-hooks in my room so i could sleep in it insted of my bed (yeah its that awesome). i bought the 2 person because i roll around and i needed more room im really glad i did. i also got the ENO rain fly for obvious reasons. im a boyscout and go camping atleast once a month with my troop and than at least once a month with some of my good friends so im not exactly an ameture. i defently would and do recommend this to (a) friend(s)

I got this hammock with my dividend, and I might have balked at the price were that not the case. It's a great hammock, comfortable, and a great place to sleep. That being said, it's a little tight with more than one person. My boyfriend (6'4") and myself (5'10") find that it's hard for us to both recline comfortably without being lumped on top of each other. I've currently been using this on my patio in my backyard, but I'll be using it for backpacking and use at a beach house this summer.

This thing is dangerous! I've gone to rest in it 3 times and all 3 times I was out in under 5 minutes. And, I mean I was knocked out! In one of those deep sleeps that you don't want to wake up from. I picked this up thinking it might be fun to swing in with my kids or my wife...but now I find myself getting possesive-taking it down and hiding it before the boys can crawl in it. I'm afraid that future purchases are in our near future. The slap straps are a must unless you use ratchet straps. Could not ask for a better purchase this year. Looking forward to retirement :)

I bought this before a camping trip to the N Georgia mountains. I had to escape the intense heat of Central Florida, and the ENO Double was a perfect sleeping option. This hammock is extremely durable, easy to set up and made with a soft fabric that doesn't stick to skin on warmer nights. The temperature was low 60's, maybe high 50's. the hammock has a side pocket for personal items. If left on the side, the hammock remained open and may get a little chilly. If you take the pocket and toss it over the opposite side, it works to wrap you up and provides a warmer environment.

Just got my Doublenest today and straight out of the package, I set it up in about 3 minutes. This is my first hammock I've ever bought. I read lots of review while waiting for mine to arrive, and the reviews don't do this hammock justice. I knew it was popular, and knew what to expect, but once I actually set mine up and laid in it, I feel in love! This thing is amazing. Yes, it's made of a thin material, but I can tell it's quality made. I didn't order a suspension system to go with it, and it doesn't come with straps, so I just ended up using some ratchet tie-down straps from my truck. Those worked just fine for chilling in my back yard! Some people said it is hard to fit the hammock back in the drawstring sack, but it's actually quite easy. I simply rolled both sides in towards the middle almost like two scrolls and just flipped it into the sack with no problem. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase! This is an awesome deal for an awesome hammock! Great job ENO!

I am absolutely in love with my hammock. I got it last fall and began using it immediately on every hike/camping trip I went on. It's so lightweight that you can just clip it on to your pack and hit the trail.

Use this for both relaxing in the park and shelter setup for backpacking.

I bought this about two weeks ago and have used it several times since. The suspension system (Atlas XL) is top notch but the hammock itself is amazing. I have two maples in my backyard but since I live in CO I needed something that could be packed up quickly in the event of a drastic weather change. I packed it up in about three minutes in the rain just last night. Great and lightweight for camping/backpacking. I also had someone who weighs upwards of 250 lbs try the hammock and it didn't even flinch. The straps tightened around the trees with no slipping as they adjusted to the heavier person. I'm very impressed.

The ENO DN was my first hammock. I chose it in part due to a relatively unimportant reason (great color choices - yay turquoise/purple combo!) and low price. I had no idea about what other features would be desirable in a hammock, and thanks to the great folks over at HF I do now. I still have my ENO DN and use it.

I am 5'4" & pregnant, & thought it would be great to have a hammock big enough for me & my child to lounge in when he/she gets a little older. I got the DoubleNest for island camping bc one of my girlfriends just loves hers. However, I hated my one-time 2-night camping experience with the DoubleNext & found myself preferring my husband's cheap hammock from Bali.

got this hammock for my birthday a month ago. i must say that this is the best thing next to sliced bread. its is very comfortable, and the material is really breathable, in fact, on a nice warm day with the breeze blowing, it actually cools you down because of the breathable material. i can feel cool air all around me. its very confortable and really lightweight. i plan on taking this backpacking to lounge around and kick back from miles and miles of hiking. i recommend the slap straps, although they are not needed. it does make set up REALY easy when you're setting the hammock up in unfamilar places. otherwise you can just get some nylon rope and make your own set up.

This has been a fantastic product, convenient, super easy to set up and completely portable. It's also very comfortable even with two people.

Bought this in fall of 2014, because several friends have this same hammock and love it. Perfect for naps while camping for one, or a cuddly nap with two. Love using it to study and read outdoors, got lots of compliments on the blue color. I cannot wait to bring this on my next backpacking trip-it'll be worth the extra space and weight to relax after a long day. Great to set up on campus, in my backyard at home and on various outdoor adventures.

Hey Future Enopians, I have owned my ENO Doublenest since July 2011, I bought the Pro Slap Straps, which I would recommend if you aren't good with Rope Knots, or buy some webbing from REI if you don't want to fork out $20 for the webbing... Either way it works. I first tried sleeping in it, and I couldn't get comfortable to sleep... About five minutes after I sat in, I basically passed out from comfort! I have never gotten sick in it, and I have occasionally gotten sick on other things(Not Hammocks) These are MUCH SAFER than 'Fish Net' style, especially if you are alone in your doublenest, which will cocoon you!

I bought my first hammock, a travel hammock, and after sleeping in it for more than just a nap i rushed out and bought a double nest... I'm a bit taller than the avg... 6'3" and the double nest is perfect for an overnight sleep. I can nap easily in the travel hammock single, but if i want quality sleep i have to be in the double nest. I would advise someone who tosses and turns in their sleep to get the double nest.. It would have been nice if ENO would have put some rope in to go along with the hammock but you can make up rope on your own, which is way cheaper than the straps...

Bought a couple of inexpensive 6' straps (usually used for river rafting) to hang it and I take mine everywhere. This is probably my favorite camping accessory. I don't usually sleep in it, but if its warm enough and there aren't too many bugs it makes for a great night. It also spends a lot of time hanging in my backyard when the weather is nice. The attached stuff sack makes a good cup/book/glasses/whatever holder while you are in the hammock Can't recommend it enough.

I only have one complaint about this hammock. I am a big guy (6'4" and 250lbs) and the hammock is only rated to carry 400 lbs. The single hammock has the same rating as the double. The hammock held more than the 400lb weight limit without tearing or making any funny noises, but id expect something made for 2 people to have a higher rating than the single person version.

After seeing my (college) students sleeping, studying, reading, playing guitar, and just hanging out (no pun intended) in the ENOs, I decided to get one for next year's week-long trip in the Adirondacks. I got the DoubleNest based on their advice and trying it out for size. At home I hang mine from a hammock stand; it's perfect for Sunday afternoon naps, and the top closes over me to keep away curious insects. I could not be more delighted with this--it is one of my best out-of-door purchases ever. Thanks!

I bought this mostly to lounge in while car camping but decided to take it on a recent backpacking trip just to test it out. I have a bad back and was worried that not sleeping perfectly flat would be an issue but that was not the case. I slept 100% comfortably both nights with no back pain when I woke up each morning. I think I actually slept better than I do in my bed at home. I am a skinny guy so the Double Nest wraps around me like a cocoon, which I think is better for sleeping but it did make it tough to just lounge around in an read a book. If you are just looking for something to lay around in, the single nest may be better, but not sure as I have never tried it out.

I love this hammock for casual hammocking, but I did not realize it was also good for overnight! Forgot my tent on an outing in upstate New York and ended up having to bed down in the Eno. When hung fairly taut and combined with a sleeping pad this thing is a fine bed under the stars, for one night anyhow. The fact that it is designed for two means there is enough extra fabric to create a cocoon around you, which helps keep in warmth. Thankfully it did not rain, though a tarp could have made even that a non-issue. Tons of fun if you want to feel like you're really sleeping outside but not on the ground itself.

Got this as a Xmas gift I love it though a few problems. 1st Why does it not come with straps? 2nd All the additions, Bug net, rainfly, straps, etc are heavy and bulky, dont pack well at all.

This Hammock is totally awesome. I would highly recommend buying the slap straps, which make for super easy set up! I have the bug net, but have not used it...I live in Arizona, so not too many bugs; however looks like no bugs could get through it! Have never had a problem with it and often have two people in it. BUY THIS if you are looking for something that doesn't take up much room when folded up and is easy to carry around and set up at new locations.

The material is super soft on bare skin and is very nice to sleep on. One night I used it as a light blanket in the tent rather than my bag since it was warm. It's almost silky feeling. Seems very durable, dries very quickly, easy to sit and recline or lay back in horizontally or more upright in sideways. Can make even a simple day in the park much more enjoyable. I just use ratchet straps rather than Eno's system because I already had some. Theirs are much lighter I'm sure, but way more expensive.

First time use with a hammock and it worked great! The setting up was quick and easy and I slept comfortably in it. This will be my go-to sleeping option from now on as conditions permit!

My wife and myself each used this product for a week in Yosemite. The hammocks are comfortable, easy to set up, easy to store, not too heavy, and are great for a summer back yard nap, or over-night on the trail.

I'm not sure why I got the double nest. The extra material is sometimes nice to throw over you to keep the sun off but it adds extra weight and is generally unnecessary.

I bought this last Friday at the local REI. After doing some yard work, I decided to string this hammock out and give it a go. Let's say that after a couple of hours (I dozed off) I have to say that this is a pretty good hammock. There was plenty of room, comfortable to lay out on or sit in, wasn't that hard to get in or out of...all in all, a great product. I bought the one that is pictured because I got tired of dark green, dark blue...basically any dark color...needed some color in my life especially after the grays of winter. Next thing to buy are the accessories--the straps and tarp.

Slept for the first time in the doublenest last weekend in Shennandoah Nat Park. Light but constant breeze and temps fell into the low 50's (3000ft). I slept in a Mtn Hardware 40deg rectangular bag and a USGI Gortex bivy. IMHO about the perfect setup. I had the Dryfly overhead but dont think I even needed it. I only got one night in it since my GF was real eager to try it after I had such a pleasant night in it. She had an equally pleasant night. The storage pouch works great for glasses and headlamps! I did not purchase the slap straps, instead I used some 9/16" webbing and a few biners I had. Looks like we are getting another set-up real soon so we can leave the tent at home.

Great product! I've taken this out a few times now and have loved it! Makes for a great ultra-light setup and is super quick to set-up/ tear down. The self contained stuff sack is great for holding your headlamp/ knife / anything you might need during the night- One thing I would recommend is to NOT get the slap straps but the 1in military tubular webbing. The webbing is significantly stronger and IMOP much easier to use (not too mention cheaper).

Purchased this hammock specifically for camping. I was worried about it stretching and not being big enough. I was wrong on both occasions! I have taken it on two trips and haven't experienced any stretching. Since it is a double, I purchased the more expensive straps from Eno that supports 200lbs each strap. Great addition since you don't have to double or triple wrap around the tree, because it has loops every inch or so to select. Only warning...if you are not as tall as I, 6'2" get the single hammock. This one swallows me up when I am in it alone!

I LOVE IT!!! after 2 summer camps and a ton of over nighters my ENO has taken a beating but is still strong and looks brand new. its a little expensive but it is great quality. it really doesn't get better. if you get the ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System set up is a breeze!

I bought this hammock last week and spent two nights camping in it. The first night of sleep was not very good. I had my sleeping bag on top of my thermarest and that led to me sliding around when I would try to sleep on my side. The second night I put my thermarest inside my sleeping bag and that made an incredible difference. I slept incredibly well through the night and was much warmer than the night before. If you are using this same combo give it a try.

This is a great product, all eno products have been. I have the full setup (bugguardian, rain fly, doublenest) and if I have the choice I will not sleep in a tent again. This is lighter, quicker setup, and has less environmental impact than a tent. Also, it is very easy to regulate your temperature, due to the breathability of the fabric. This is a great product and I am getting the pronest because I love it so much.

I love this hammock! All my friends told me to get a double and they were right its big enough for when the wind picks I can just wrap the ends up over myself or if its sprinkling. I bought some webbing to hang it and it works perfect! I brought it home and now my siblings have bought their own because I kicked them out of mine! I cant wait to try it backpacking! This a definite buy! Oh and love the colors!

I was excited to get one of these awesome hammocks for Christmas and it didn't disappoint. I slept out on Christmas night and was warm and very comfortable.

This thing is great! It literally was the envy of all who saw it at our campsite over Memorial Day weekend. Big enough for my gf, me, and the pug! It might be a little cramped with two people if you both are on the larger size, but I'm 5'11" 165lbs, my gf is 5'7" and 120lbs and the pug is about 20 lbs and we were very comfortable... however, we were just relaxing and not sleeping in the hammock.

This product is probably one of my best purchases. I have used my Eno in many different locations and it has not failed me yet. I recommend this product to almost every one of my friends. I think my favorite part about this hammock is it's ability to dry. I left it in a slight rain shower on accident and with in an hour of sun light it was dry. Love this product and will always support it.

I ended up swapping it out for the single. My wife and I got in the double and were literally engulfed by a cocoon. Remember that these hammocks don't have supports on the ends to open the fabric up (like standard hammocks). Unless you're 200+, I'd stick to the single. We both fit in it fine and the weight limit was the same as the double.

I absolutely love this hammock. It packs to the size of a grapefruit. Its super light. Perfect for relaxing after a long hike or even just to be lazy. The fabric allows air to pass through easily so it helps keep you cool on a hot summer day. The biggest problem you face with this product is finding two sturdy trees/objects to anchor off. Also the ENO SlapStraps are highly recommended. They are perfectly compatible with the hammock. I highly recommend the ENO Doublenest Hammock to any person/couple looking for a new comfortible way to relax. My girlfriend and I love it. Also makes a great gift.

I'm currently living in a van, and have been for the past 3 months. I'm gearing up to start traveling in a couple weeks. This is my current sleep setup in the back of my van .

We've had one of these for years and have loved it. It packs down small so we bring it along for every camping trip, even if we don't end up using it. My wife, young daughter and I can all comfortably fit in it. It's great for kicking back and reading a book, or taking a mid-day nap. My daughter has a lot of fun swinging in it. The materials are very strong, durable, lightweight and easy to clean. A great addition to the camping gear collection!

After a year of restless nights, I felt it was time for a new mattress. Why searching online for info to help with this decision, I came across and article about the benefits of sleeping in a hammock. After a week of sleeping in the hammock and waking up feeling great, I sold my old bed. Hammocks aren't just for outdoors!

I'm not sure why, but I was never very interested in a hammock. However, we went on a recent camping trip and I figured it would be nice to have...so we got one. It turned out to be awesome. I can't actually believe I waited this long. They are super light and compact, but provide an experience that far exceeds their cost (which isn't very high). I do recommend the atlas straps. Makes putting it up pretty simple. I've still got to figure out how to use it when the trees aren't in a reasonable location. I know there are options, I just have to explore them. Definitely gets my thumbs up.

I weigh about 240, and wanted a little bigger hammock. I use this hammock just for myself. I LOVE IT! There is plenty of room.

After many reviews and raves about this hammock I had to purchase it. I bought it for camping, backpacking as well as relaxing during day hikes. First off it packages really small in the pocket that actually hangs from the hammock. It's light for it's comfort and durability and only took a few minutes to set up on my own (I bought the atlas sys to hang it up), keep in mind this hammock only comes with the hammock and two carabiners you have to buy slap straps or a hanging system. I've set it up between trees and even fence posts and it does no damage to the trees and holds 400lbs, I even let my dog in the hammock. Eventually I want to get the ENO fly for rain and wind and purchase the ENO sleeping pad insert for insulation but for now I love it on it's own!

Received the double nester as a gift. Very good quality but the wife finds it difficult and uncomfortable to lie in alone and with another person. I find it a little too big for one but it is too good to not use it. I bring it with me camping and on day hikes and fishing trips. It's great to be able to rest for a bit outside off the ground. Tremendous on hot days with a breeze. I look for times to use this product at home and away.

Slept in it a few times. I have the ENO SlapStraps as well and this makes it simple to set up. It is very comfortable and roomy. It is very easy to set up and pack up. My only issue is that I find it too stretchy. You have to string it up real tight so you don't end up with your bum on the ground.

Bought hammocks for myself and kids. My kids love them and can't wait to go camping with them. We have hammocks set up in their rooms now and they are all very excited for bedtime. They still have their beds, but don't use them much anymore ;). My wife just rolls her eyes because I act like one of the kids. I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting a new adventure in camping...whether it's outdoor or "Peter Pan lost boys style" like my kids and I in our house. Go buy one and have an adventure with your family!!!

I was a bit skeptic this would hold up to my big boy standards. I'm 6ft 340 lbs and I was worried I was going to rip this on my first sitting. It held like a charm and was quite comfortable.

Over the years, I have tried several "backpacking" hammocks and this one is by far the best. It's great for camping or just lounging around. It's so easy to set up with the slap straps that I use it at lunch and breaks while hiking. ( I love to take a nap while on the trail)You can fit two persons, but you better like each other!

My Eno doublenest is one of the must haves on my campouts. Using the pro strap, I have it set up in less than a minute. On campouts its a great kick back & relax toy. I primitive camp, and this packs easily taking up little space & adding little weight. Solid construction, looks cool, comfortable...highly reccomended!

I've used this product for more then a year and never been disappointed. The large size is large enough to fold over oneself to keep off the dew, and the built in stuff sack is a great place to keep a head lamp, water, or whatever else you may need in the middle of the night.

I love my doublenest. You should know that you need to either buy the slapstraps, or what I recommend would be just to sets of tubular webbing and using a marlin spike hitch. The biners are easy enough to replace, and I in fact removed them completely along with the rope and moved to using whoopie slings. There's lots of options avaliable and a great resource for hammocks is hammockforums.net. You should know while the hammock is quite well priced, if you plan on doing a lot of camping with it the tarps and bugnets you'll need are more expensive, but are also very high quality as well.

I got this for my boyfriend as a gift. He likes it. He's approx 6' 220lbs and he fits well in the double nest. He is too large to fit comfortably in the single best. I personally use a single nest. I'm 5'7 at 140lbs and fit nicely. These hammocks are strong and well made. Great for starting out in the hammock world.

Bought a Eno Doublenest a couple of weeks ago, and haven't hit the trail without it since!! Super comfy and easy to set up, and obviously very packable. A very worthwhile purchase that has enhanced my recent outdoor time, and will continue to do so. Can't wait to pack for snowshoe trips in the Rockies.

I was headed to Colorado on an annual rafting trip and didn't want to mess with a tent, so my purchase of the Eno Double Nest hammock was exactly the experience I was looking for. My buddies also purchased the Eno's and we slept in them for the entire week. I doubt I'll ever use a tent again as long as there is a place to hang one. Hands down....these things rock! The double nest allows you to completely wrap up like a cacoon to keep the bugs and dew at bay. Make sure to buy the adjustable straps as well.

I use the product several times a week to read in my backyard. Its easy to assemble and unpack, each take about 3 minutes to do. It isn't recommended to be used higher than three feet off the ground. You have to buy straps separately, otherwise you can't find a place to hang it up. Its perfect for just one person, but I on't know how well it will hold up to two.

The ENO Double-Nest is the best product I have purchased in a long time. Light weight, easy to set up and comfortable. The Double-Nest easily held two adults, both over 6' tall. A little tight, but we slept great blowing in the cool breeze. ENO will be in my pack from this point forward!

I just purchased this hammock and have only used it ONCE for a quick nap while on the trail. SO glad I gave this a test-run! Just from set up this thing already has a hole ripped in the middle of the hammock! No Idea how it got there it just appeared. This thing is so fragile! after that I would NEVER take this overnight. The hole got larger every time I moved I think. Will be returning tomorrow and getting a different brand that is more durable. For the cost I am NOT impressed.

I bought this hammock to get into hammock camping, and it's worked wonderfully. I haven't tried the Singlenest, but after seeing so many reviews about the extra comfort of the Doublenest I was convinced. The extra room is extra nice for hammock camping, since you can fit a pad, sleeping bag, and other odds and ends in with you. The carabiners are pretty heavy, but I switched out the biners and rope with some home-made whoopie slings. It sets up in seconds and is easy to adjust. You can fit two people in it, but you won't look as smug and comfortable as the couple in the picture.

This product is the best! A lot of my friends have them. I wouldn't recommend two people in this product unless they were both really skinny!

I have had the ENU dubblenest hammock for about ten months and have used it for every occasion, from a music festival to three day hikes where i used it in place of a tent. I even like to bring it when im going be sleeping in a tent because its a great way to relax after a long hike and a wonderful place to read or draw or just kick off your boots. i would say that if you are going to use it as your sleep system make sure you will be warm enough, it does get kinda chilly and breezy. but overall this is a great addition to anyones pack and is ine of my favorite things in my pack

I purchased my eno hammock yesterday and set it up in my backyard as soon as I got home. Set up was a breeze. Less than 5 minutes. Just dont forget to buy straps. The doublenest is a great size and comfortable. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase.

I am ultimately pleased with this hammock... I got it on sale at 20% off and could not be happier. I would be happy paying full price for it if I had to. I also purchased the Slap Straps PRO with it and they make this hammock extremely easy to hang. I noticed many were complaining about the straps being too stretchy and what not but if you just use common sense and mount it higher than it will not be a problem. The slap straps give you plenty of options when hanging as far as distances between mounting locations and heights. You can clip on to one of the many loops and adjust as necessary. Very quick, very easy. I have used it solo and with my girlfriend and there was plenty of room, you can even still close yourselves up in the hammock. It works well laying down or sitting on it perpendicular. I will be sure to take this on every camping trip in the future as it packs nicely back into itself and will not take up much space. Also, the pocket doubles as a small pouch you can use while using the hammock... can be used for books, a drink, etc.

A product worth spending money for. Even though I spend most of my time in the city, I can set up by the Santa Ana riverbed and enjoy the sounds of the birds. So comfortable I can either sit or lay down. I'm so happy to have my hammock

The only downside is that the straps do not come with it. I use this hammock around campus with friends for relaxing and studying or for camping or day trips with friends. Great product fun and easy to set up and use.

This is my second son hammock, the first being a single nest. But in a single, there just isn't enough room. While Compact and light, it's cramped. The double nest solves this. Very spacious. If you're one of the majority of the population who doesn't sleep on their back completely straight, get a double. If you wanna share a hammock with a buddy, get a double. If you want to have the versatility to lay sideways, straight, and diagonal? Get a double. The only sacrifice you're really making is about a cubic inch and an ounce or two. And a few more bucks, but I say worth it.

This is my second eno. My first stays in my pack and this one stays in my truck for the more impromptu hammock needs. I can't tell you how many comfortable nights I've spent in these hammocks, in many different weather conditions. As long as your willing to add a rain fly or a sleep pad for some added warmth this is about all you need. I'm a tree climber by profession and have spent a few nights 80+ feet in big oaks. I've always felt very secure in any situation. Well worth the money for an extremely quality hammock. Very compact fits anywhere. Buy it now and sleep well!!

i use this for just myself and have lots of room to spare, the double gives you lots of extra room to role around in and u dont have to worry about falling out in the middle of the night.

I'm 6'2" and fit in it fine length wise but it does squeeze my shoulders quite a bit, It would be better than sleeping on the ground.

This hammock is simply amazing. I was a bit nervous about using it for camping as I have a bad back, but after 5 straight nights I have no complaints. I did use a sleeping bad which gives me a little bit comfort and firmness. From others testimonies it also helped to insulate and keep in the warmth. I used it again out a Scout campout and used a tarp over me as it was a bit windy. Again I slept great! Very easy to set up. I highly recommend this as well as getting the ENO straps (separate purchase). Good by tent and heavy extra weight. Hello hammock camping!

We have used this cot in our backyard, but mainly purchased it for camping trips. We recently took it on a camping trip and our kids loved it. We've bought a second one for the next trip so all four of us can relax at the same time. Straps (prefer Atlas to Slap Straps - Atlas don't stretch) make set up super easy and are tree friendly. Compact and light weight but very sturdy and comfortable. Nice range of colors available. Best camping hammock I've ever owned!

I love this hammock. I use a hennesy hammock to sleep but I still carry a couple of these hiking to use as seat and relax. The carabiners are cheaply made. The do not hold the 400 lbs they say they do. I weigh 280 and they have bent on me. I have bought new carabiners and they have been great.

Lots of Fun!! I do not recommend the Slap-Straps! Too stretchy and makes it uncomfortable. My friend and I do double set up like bunk-beds.

Its listed as a double hammock, but it really is more suited to big and tall guys over 6 feet tall and weighing 250 pounds or more. There is PLENTY of room for you and extra gear you want to keep up off the ground with you--like headlamp, water bottle, snacks, map and guidebook, etc. I string a line of parachute cord above my hammock, and suspend a tarp A-frame style from that. I can even add a mosquito net from the same line to keep bugs at bay. Buy yourself some climbing webbing to go with this hammock. I used 1 inch tubular webbing 15 feet long per sling to make an attachment system that limits damage to trees.Just use a figure eight loop knot to clip the carabiner from the hammock into the loop, and be sure to wrap around the tree with 1 turn, then a quick release round turn and half hitch back-up knot. More versatile than their SlapStrap set-up, which slips and gets poor reviews. Buying the webbing is cheaper, and I can use it for other purposes, from a clothesline to a safety line.

I use this product to relax after a long day at work or a beautiful afternoon. Best purchase I have made in a long time!

I love taking naps in my eno. I keep it in my car at all times. You never know when you need a power nap.

My wife & girls got me this hammock for Fathers' Day this year along with the Atlas straps. For an "off the shelf" camp hammock while tent camping solution, it's very nice. For those wanting to ditch the tent, it can benefit from a few tweaks. I've camped it in three times now, tweaking things as I go, and I now prefer it to tent camping which means more room for my girls in the tent.

Purchased this with my dividend this year, and it's the best [$] I've ever spent. I ended up putting eye bolts into my bedroom walls and hanging the hammock in lieu of a bed. It's also super-compact and lightweight (around 1 lb, I think?). Look into the slap strap pro as well.Everyone that has slept in it has reported a near-religious experience (we've been calling it "the hammock epiphany"), resulting in my roommate putting holes in her wall and getting a hammock as well. It is rumored that several others are ditching their beds for one of these. It's THAT good.

We use it from the back yard to back country backpacking. Super comfortable. Easy to setup.

Perfect for hiking long distances and not wanting to carry extra weight.

This is by far the easiest hammock Ive ever used. My wife and I camp at least twice a month, and ever since we got our hammocks, if the temperature is about 45 at night we are sleeping in them. Extremely easy to set up, takes up practically no room for overnight hikes, and if it gets wet, itll be dry in about 10 minutes after that. The hammock might be considered a little bit pricy, but we have had ours for at least 4 years now, use it on our camping trips about 80% of the time(so thats about 50 times or so) and it shows very little wear. Wonderful product!

Good stuff

Seriously, I debated over dropping the money for this all summer. I sold out mid-July, and have used it every weekend since. It has been one of the best purchases I've ever made, and I completely plan to use it for forever.

I bought this hammock for two reasons: One, to lighten the load in my backpack (I had a 4 lbs. tent to carry); Two, I bought the DoubleNest because I'm a big guy at 6' 4" and 240 lbs, which meant I was too big for most bivy sacks. With that being said, I am so, so glad that I bought it. Hammock camping is the best and the DoubleNest is a good intro hammock for those of us new to it mainly for its price. I live in New York City and have not only take it all around the Hudson Valley but also into city parks just to relax the day away.

Took this (along with the optional bug net)on three day hike on the Kettle Crest. Loved the quick and easy setup, and had fun watching the others fight over flat ground and setup of their tents. Breaking down camp was much the same as I was packed up in about 3 minutes, and the tenters were busy folding up and cleaning their gear. Hope to aquire a few more accessories and enjoy light weight and hassle free camping/hiking forever!

I bought my doublenest a few years ago and soon began to experiment with it as part of my sleep system when trekking. At 22oz, the doublenest combined with a tarp is a comfortable and lightweight system. If you plan on using your doublenest for backpacking, one thing I would recommend is replacing the God-awful carabiners that come with it. I replaced mine with a set of lightweight climbing carabiners, and I could definitely feel the difference in weight. I've been fairly careful with mine over the years, and it still looks pretty much like it did the day I got it, with no major damage.

we love our hammock. our 9 year old sets it up herself with the atlas straps. unfortunately the carabiner bent within 3 days. we had less than 300 pounds in the hammock (3 kids) and it bent. we will replace with some we have here, but it's a bummer that the quality isn't quite there.

This is my first hammock so I don't have much to compare it to except the ropey ones in people yards. So for a noob, this hammock is compact yet large, easy to set up, and very comfortable. I've only had it set up in my basement so far with atv tie down straps, but I've taken a few naps in it already and love it. Now I just need to find out a rope system to pack with it and go try it out!

This goes on every campout with me. I also have the rainfly and the bug net. I use it on backpacking trips, car camping trips (as my only shelter - no tent), in the backyard, just about everywhere. I can sleep pretty comfortably in it with by REI Big Cat 20 degree bag down to about 45 degrees. And no, my back doesn't hurt sleeping in it. I've used it 2 years in a row at a week-long Boy Scout Camp and it definitely beats sleeping on the ground.

Great product. You should just get it. They say my review needs 18 more characters. That's more than 18. Buy it.


I've wanted one of these for a couple of years and finally decided to splurge. Not a splurge, a great find! I brought this to a family weekend gathering and barely got to use it because someone was catching the best nap of their weekend in it every time I came by. I haven't used it as an over-night bed yet, but I'm confident I'll like it for that. It's essential camping gear from here forward.

Well, this was my first foray into hammocks, and I had to return it (Thank you REI for your awesome return policy!).

I love my REI Half Dome, but I tried a friends ENO Singlenest for a backpacking trip, and immediately knew I wanted one for myself. I opted for the Doublenest since I'm 6'4" and am glad I did. I also opted for the Atlas straps, which are easily worth the added price over Slap Straps. There are fancier, lighter, and much more expensive hammocks out there, but I just plan to use my tent if its going to be a rainy or cold trip. Its been a hit with the whole family, so I just ordered a pair of Singlenests for my twin 10 year olds daughters.

I had been researching this hammock for several months. Once I got it and used it on a trip to Colorado Bend State Park I knew it was a solid purchase. I also purchased the Atlas Straps. It makes set up quick and easy. Great buy. Note: After having it for awhile I regret not spending the extra money to buy the One-Link system. Camping out in the woods the bug net is a must have.

This is a fantastic hammock. Strong, wide and supple, it is like a floating womb. I have napped within it on a number of occasions. It will hold two people in the same fashion a two person tent holds two people: you will be snuggling whether you like it or not. For a single person it is huge; you can make a burrito of yourself.

The singlenest hammock is a bit too small for a large guy like myself. (200lbs+) I bought it online, but was able to return to the store, for the doublenest hammock.

This hammock is great. It's really comfortable to lay in, or to sit on sideways. Really great because it replaces a tent in fair weather (although I've been in snow with a rain tarp) and also gives a nice 2 person seat for eating or whatever.

You cant go wrong using a hammock outdoors. Great way to lighten up your pack. If the temps are going to be below 70 degrees at night take a closed cell foam pad along with you to use between the hammock and your back or you may get some chills on your butt and shoulders. Combine this with a light weight sil-nylon tarp and you will be covered for three season backpacking.

So, I have tried this and the single-nest because the reviews on here say that the double one is superior. Turns out, there is nothing wrong with the double nest, but I think that the single size is better.

I've just begun hammock camping but this had been a dream compared to having my hip bone dig its way through a bag, pad, tent, and ground straight to China. I love it's ease of use, and the fact that, no matter where I am, as long as there are trees, an outcropping of rocks, or even a couple doors in a hallway, I have a place to sit or sleep.

Doublenest? Heck no. Elbows everywhere and even spooning isn't comfortable. But it's a great, lightweight, spacious hammock for one -- perhaps not it's most intended use, but a great one anyway. I'm 5'7" and very comfortable in this hammock. Super light, super easy to set up with the Atlas straps. I look forward to taking it on more trips.

We went camping with the hammock. Our first time using it took less than ten minutes to set up. Does not come with instructions but super easy to set up. You'll need some rope and good rope tying skills. I tried to hop in with my husband who's 6 ft and 190lb I'm 5'4 120lbs we didn't fit comfortable but my 10 year old (70lb) hopped in with my husband and they fit fine. I had one the best naps in this hammock. This packs down to the size of grapefruit and the bag is cleverly sewn onto the hammock itself. A must have!!!

This is the first hammock I have owned...the first I have experienced, quite frankly...and I am sold on the concept completely. I have set up my hammock in back yards and forests and have found it to be extremely comfortable. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to test it with 'double occupancy' but it seems like it would fill that bill quite nicely as well. Using the ENO straps made installation as simple as can be and the hammock was easy to get into and out of. Next on my list is a bug screen and a rain fly.

I have been looking for a way to lighten my load on longer trips. The Doublenest has plenty of room for my 6'2" frame. I paired this with Atlas straps and the DryFly and would have slept through a thunderstorm but for my best friend awakening me in the middle of the night because his tent flooded. I would say that it was one of the best nights of sleep that I have had backpacking, but I only made it halfway before he woke me up. Though, it must be said, it took him a couple of tries to rouse me from my deep slumber.

This hammock is gigantic. Easily fits two adult size people and then some buuuut the manufacturer probably wouldn't recommend any more than that. These things pack up tiny-we're talking the size of a small lunch box. They dry fast, they're comfortable, and relatively easy to hang as long as you've got a few trees. Great for a little park relaxation or alternative camping bed. Although, maybe don't plan on sharing any overnighters in this baby with anybody. You both drift toward the middle and it gets extra cuddly.

Really easy set up. I got the ENO Atlas straps to throw this up quickly. I've heard of using standard webbing with a bowline knot, but I was being lazy. Very comfortable with one person in it, with two people its as you would expect, still comfy but you'd better be VERY familiar with the other person :)

Bought this guy a while ago to take with me on hikes or just to relax out in nature. Out of all my REI purchases, my girlfriend ranks this at the top, and whatever gets her out there more with me is worth it! Super light weight, super easy set up. Material is breatheable and seems very durable for the weight. I will echo some complaints from others - it's only truly comfortable for 2 if you're lounging perpendicular to the hammock - not what I had imagined. Even then, I noticed that the sides dig into my neck and legs a bit after being there a while. Quickly fixed with a towel or sweatshirt behind my head. When I bring this out to use just by myself it's still super easy to set up, fine to use perpendicular, but if I lay in it full length, it basically swallows me up. Which can be nice if it's super buggy out... but... wish I had the option to stretch out with my head still exposed. Compared to the price of other hammocks that are designed to stay open though, I'll stick with this!

Never really used a hammock, before, and certainly not a "portable" one. I borrowed a friend's before deciding to purchase one. The day after I received this one, our family went car park camping. There were a number of times when as many as three of us (me, my wife, and our 3-year old) were on here comfortably - I am 6'0 and weigh 200 lbs - couldn't say what my wife weighs - ha ha, and I believe my son weighs roughly 40 lbs. We all really enjoyed it. Extremely comfortable and relaxing. You can lay in it a number of ways, depending on your purpose (horizontal, vertical, diagonal), and you can use it similar to a lounge chair. Also, I did not purchase any straps. I ended up just using some straps I have to strap down my kayak to my roof rack. I may get some straps at some point, but these worked great!

I had been interested in hammock camping for awhile, but was weary due to prices. When I found this product and saw the reviews and price I decided to take the plunge and try it out. I have to say I am so happy I did.

I love this hammock. There is literally nothing better. It is the most comfortable thing I have ever sat in, slept in, laid in, and spent all day in. It is tremendously easy to set up, can do it in the dark no problem. Very hard to fall out of and the extra size of the double nest makes it a whole world better. If you're debating between the doublenest and the singlenest, stop now and buy the double. I use it for camping, set up as a chair in my room, sitting at the park and on my porch. I take it everywhere.

Honesty this hammock is amazing. Just wish you didn’t have to buy the cords separate. Also I wish the cords would fit in the hammock bag because I hate having to carry both when I go out hiking. Other than that it fits two people well just need to break it in and it’s good to go.

I bought my ENO 4 years ago, and have since spent a couple hundred nights in it. The ENO Doublenest Hammock is one of my favorite pieces of gear. It is extremely versatile, I use it car camping, backpacking, bike touring, as well as lounging in the backyard. It is super easy to set up and take down (less than 3min). It is especially great for camping in the summer when it is hot, the air flowing under you keeps you surprisingly cool. And, in the winter, simply putting a sleeping pad beneath your sleeping bag in the ENO will keep you warm. The material and craftsmanship incorporated in this bag are excellent. I have put several years of wear and tear on this hammock, and it still looks and performs like new. You will not regret the [$] spent on this hammock. I highly recommend it.

I got this as a birthday present and I love it! The whole thing folds up into it's little pocket making it easy to take camping, hiking, or whatever. I also keep it open in the back yard. It's big enough to fit me, my wife, and at least one of my kids comfortably. Love it!

Bought this in the summer a few days before going camping with the fam and slept in it three nights in a row. It was extremely comfortable and nice, now all i need is the outer thermal thing for when it starts getting real cold when camping, 10/10 recommend

I've had mine for two years and thoroughly enjoy it. Used it on multiple camp outs. It's great for summer, fair weather, minimalist camping/hiking. My kids love it. Even hung it in the back yard a few times and slept out. The neighbors think I'm crazy.

My wife and I are in our 60s but still enjoy camping when we can. It's been years since we had a hammock and my wife encouraged me to purchase the ENO DoubleNet the last time I was at REI. We took it with us on our last camping trip and really enjoyed relaxing in the hammock together. It packs up small, is easy to setup with the Atlas suspension system, and is just the right size for two people to cuddle up. We plan on getting a lot of years use out of this. I should have bought one years ago.

Bought this hammock just for relaxing and lounging in for a Havasupai trip last week. I also brought my kelty Trail logic tent but quickly realizes it was waay to hott to sleep in the tent. the next 3 nights I slept in the hammock for my first time ever. I am a side sleeper and toss and turn a lot so I was worried if I could even sleep in the thing. Well it turned out being soo comfortable I hardly moved during the night. I got the double so I could move freeley and it was super comfortable even sleeping on your side or in the fetal position. And the pocket pouch is awesome to keep a light and stuff inside, and it doubles as a weight which you can toss over the other side to enclose the top for privacy and protection against the elements and bugs. I was sketch at first of the thing ripping because how thin it feels, but after a few nights I realized how strong it really is. Still curious to try in the sierras with the colder tremps, but i also have the Nemo salsa 15 so I think it will be the perfect combo.

Very comfortable and nice and light! I love it! I wish the straps were included in the price of the hammock though. FYI The straps are heavy and just as big as the hammock itself when they are packed up, however, they are strong and reliable.

I LOVE this hammock! It is so easy to set up and the pro-straps make it very versatile when picking between two trees. I haven't owned mine long enough to go camping with it yet, but I have used it already for a cuddle date, and afternoons by the lake, and it works great! Literally takes two minutes to set up. :) Roomy enough for two, but I agree with the other reviewers about not being able to stay in there with two people for too long.

The DoubleNest seems to be plenty of room for two average people in any configuration, and holds the weight well. The only problem I have ever seen on one of these is frayed or incomplete/over stitching, though I have noticed the lifespan is pretty good on these, as I have friends who have owned them for years. This product breathes very well. The comfort rating on the parachute type is unparalleled, as movement is so easy and smooth. Setup is a breeze, especially if you have the Atlas straps =].

Purchased this hammock so I can read and enjoy myself wherever possible. I am a student who loves to adventure and go on road trips and this did not disappoint. Took it to Seattle on a road trip and posted it up for a quick nap on the road (in between 4Runner and trees), used at school to read during my break, and it's perfect for the park. The little bag it comes in doubles as a bag to hold your phone and keys to eliminate distraction. Highly recommend this product. Incredibly durable as well.

The eno doublenest is absolutely perfect. I had high hopes when I purchased my hammock and it lived up to all of them. It's extremely comfortable, extremely light, extremely compact when packed, aesthetically pleasing... the list goes on.

I've used my ENO in all 4 seasons, from 50 mph rain storms to a 6" dusting of snow.... it holds up, plain and simple. If it's colder outside you definitely want to use a sleeping bag. My only quarrel is there are no tie downs to secure your bag in place, but it's not that big of a deal. I've fit a decent size pack, food and gear for 3 nights and my fly rod and gear in it while sleeping and it was comfortable. Haven't used it with two people yet, but I've heard it takes some maneuvering.

This is so easy to set up and use! It can be done in under a minute. It is lightweight and can be taken along anywhere....backyard, lake, picnic, hiking, backpacking. We love ours and highly recommend it.

I have a couple of hammocks, and decided to purchase an ENO after all the raving reviews. There's nothing really special about it, there is a huge CON, the length is a a few inches smaller than other hammocks I own. I'm 6" tall and that extra few inches matter to me so I am returning it.

Bought a hammock to beat the heat in Eastern Washington next to our fishing lake. The weekend we went over it was 100+ degrees, so kept my boys inside a resturant in Ellensburg until an hour before sun down. They didn't want to sleep in the fishing hut as it was still too hot, a tent would have become a broiler, so it was either sleep in the back of the car or the hammock. Hammock set up quickly & easily in under 10 minutes by myself on the side of a hill where we had trees large enough to support me. Must have the strap kit as it is not inculded with the hammock. My boys initially didn't want to sleep outside with me because of an irrational fear of bugs & spiders - fine, see you - I get the whole hammock to myself.

I love sleeping in this thing! I've used tents all my life but I've converted to hammocks because of this! It's so comfortable, epecially on those hot days when you have a breeze blowing through. The thinner material lets the air move easily and you cool off in no time. As others have stated, if you decide to use it in cold weather, better bring your Therma-Rest! Its also light on weight at just over 2lbs including the Slap Straps. I carry this on overnight hikes instead of a tent now.

I love this hammock. I have been sleeping with it for 4 months now. I have back issues when sleeping in a conventional matress, but I wake up after sleeping in my wno hammock i feel great.

Attention outdoorsy nature lovers! ENO hammocks are an absolute must have! SO easy to put up and take down. It is work every penny. Get the Atlas straps too! You won't be disappointed.

great product exempt the hook stretched out and it will not close now. I assure you it is not because of the weight. Even with two people in it we were not even close to maximum capacity.

We have the entire scout troop looking for trees and setting up hammocks. With the mild weather here in the SW part of the country tents are overrated. If you want the best night's sleep where you don't wrestle with the ground: uneven & rocky where hyper-extending your back can occur; then swinging between trees is the best. This product is well made, has a small footprint in your pack and even gives you a place to sit during the day. Remember to insulate around you in colder weather.

My son received a double nest hammock as a present and he loves it! I was looking for a tarp for his hammock and read countless reviews about how everyone who bought one loved them. I am an assistant scoutmaster and I decided to give it a try, so I bought one to use on our next camp out. I must say that I am not a skeptic any longer. I slept great! The hammock was easy to set up, extremely comfortable and I slept like a baby. Loved it and will be using it on every outing I can!!

Great feel and easy to set up! Love how it folds into a small pouch. Only dislike is since it's parachute material, it can easily be accidentally punctured or cut. But very durable!

I bought this product many months ago, initially for use in the outdoors, but have yet to use it on an actual trip. Instead, I have been using it at my house. Works great!

My daughter is hiking the Camino de Santiago right now, and While she stays at hostels most nights she finds this hammock perfect for mid-day naps.

Haven't had a chance to use it just yet. I just got it about 20 min ago. It looks to be a tight weave fabric and I only for see issues with sand being too abrasive for it (at the beach) and the stitching at the bag tearing cause this thing is a bear to repack in its stuff sack. Would be MUCH better with a separate stuff sack. I'm not sure of the expense in making a kevlar fiber hammock but that is the only think i think that could stand up to sand really. Good job eno overall.

Really wish it would've come with straps to hang it. Dissapointed that at this price, there is no way to hang it without going out and purchasing more stuff.

Great hammock. Its better if you have 2 people in it other wise you need to lay at an angle.

It was so much more comfortable than initially expected, that I went and got a second one for my wife the same day. I also found a hammock stand for it, so I can use it on my deck. The pro straps are great for use between two far away structures or trees, I would say between 10 - 20 feet apart. Small and lite weight for carrying. Nice to keep in the car all the time, can use almost anywhere. I use it on trips, in parks, deck and screened in porch on cool nights.

This is the third one that the center ripped out with less than regular use. I just ordered the theromrest brand hope it last longer than 6 mts

So comfy for chilling and reading or watching a video, that when my daughter took hers to school I had to go buy my own. Durable construction, considering light wight. Too heavy for backpacking, but great for car and cabin camping, as well as the back yard. Easy to set up and adjust. One warning: Not really a two person hammock. Two can sit in it comfortably, but sleeping would be impossible, since your shoulders and elbows will end up in one another's faces.

This thing is so comfortable! You can't avoid falling asleep as soon as you climb in. Unless, of course, you forget your blankets! On a breezy day, this thing will sap the heat right out of your body so fast you wont be able to make it out alive, unless you've got a decent layer under and over you. That doesn't mean I don't like it - I love this hammock. My fiancée and I tried it together, and we found that "double nesting" is quite possible, but it's just not highly practical. You can relax, but don't try to sleep because you'll end up hurting each other. When used as a single person sleeping parallel with the sides, this thing literally turns into a full cocoon - you can wrap yourself up and be completely concealed inside, which is very nice. I will definitely be using one of these for camping the next time I go out.

My wife and I love this hammock. We have had it for two years without any complaints. It is good for one person or two. This is our one luxury item we allow ourselves to bring along when we go on short backbacking trips (we don't sleep in it, but maybe we should). This makes a great wedding gift (don't forget to buy straps) for anyone that likes being outside.

This is my hammock. There are many like it, but this on is mine.

The greatest hammock ever. I would recommend it to anyone, and I do. I know it is a bit more than some other hammocks, but please dont buy the others. I had a two previous hammocks before this one, and will never go back. This is actually my 2nd ENO, the first one was lost. Works great, easy to use, no twisting of ropes, or tangles. Comfortable and cool. During Late fall add a sleeping pad for warmth and to block the wind on your back. Sleeps two for naps, I have have done the sleep two all night, but it is not that comfortable. While not on trips, the hammock resides in my hallway between to beams in my loft, where i take afternoon naps or just relax, read or talk on the phone. GREAT HAMMOCK. I would buy one for everyone I know, if i were rich. I have purchased this for a gift and they said it was the best gift they got!!

Visually appealing and very comfortable! Highly recommended!

Very good quality hammock, very pleased with the hammock, with the brand I know that I'm safe.. Would definitely recommend it to others.


I'm exploring hammocks both for camping and sleeping in full-time at home. I've had on-going back and shoulder pains from sleeping and found the hammock helped alleviate them. I enjoyed the comfort of laying in the hammock and fell asleep easily. My first night I felt like a kid in a fort. There was so much room and extra fabric that I could cover myself completely like a cocoon. There is a learning curve to hammocks but it's fun to figure out what works best. I used the indoor mounting kit and climbing rope to mount it and it was easy to mount and sturdy. My biggest challenge was feeling cold and getting out of my hammock. I'm considering buying an underquilt for warmth and may need to adjust my hanging height. Overall it's very comfortable, durable, and a lot of fun - Great price too! Can't wait to try it outdoors as well.

I bought the Leave No Trace version of the DoubleNest hammock and I love it! I have had other hammocks in the past and none of them seem to hold up to the abuse I put on my hammock. I also prefer the ENO to other hammocks because I find I sleep much better in the ENO. I love that I can't lose the bag since it is attached to the hammock. I have now gotten 3 hammock as gifts for my brother, mom and dad. Best hammock in my opinion. I also love the color options.

I had been looking at many brands of parachute hammocks for awhile. I found this one at REI in same price range and thought I would try it. I was disappointed by the amount of stretch. I am a big guy, but well under its weight limits. The size was good.

I am impressed with how lightweight and small this hammock is, and how comfortable it is to use. Additionally, it is beyond fast to put up and take down, even for someone not at all experienced like myself (with the Atlas straps). I like the pocket that it stuffs into that can be used for a drink holder. I recommend watching a few Youtube videos for ideas on setting up a Ridgeline, and how to lay diagonal on the hammock so as not to get enveloped by it.

Got this thing the other day, set it up with the Atlas straps (Yeah!), and hopped right in. I could have fallen asleep right then and there. Very cozy, and plenty of room for 2. If your in it by yourself there is like 2 feet of hammock on each side of you, so you can kind of mummify yourself with the extra.

I use this every time I go camping alone, and I always bring it when I am with the wife. Even if its not used for a good nights sleep, I usually have it strung up around mid-day and my wife is in it before I get a nap in. This is great for a single person, throw a water bottle or a small stone in the side pocket, toss it over you and you are out of the fog of a northern Minnesota mosquito cloud. This is one awesome addition to a light weight load.

It sets up fast and is extremely comfortable. No really, you might fall asleep right away.

Already having one of my own, I bought this one as a gift to my sister. She uses it frequently and sends me pictures almost every time she is in it! We LOVE our Enos and wish we had more time to enjoy them. Great gift for anyone but I think especially for students who need a break from studying and who need to just hang around for a bit. Do yourselves a favor if you don't have one and try it out. She by far loved and had used my gift the most!



One reviewer claims that the Pacific crest is a bit smaller than the regular double size eno.  Is that accurate?

Both the Pacific Crest Trail Association DoubleNest Hammock and the regular DoubleNest Hammock measure 112 x 74 inches.


Similar to kc12's question posed a month ago, will the DoubleNest be too much of a cocoon for one person? Will it close up too much and obliterate the view? Would love to know before your sale ends 9/1/14!

It does close up a bit and gets cocoon-like, but the material is easily manipulated to get the desired effect.  I frequently sit sideways in it and move more of the material to my back and use it like a chair comfortably.  When I sleep in it I like the extra fabric as you can put something in the pouch to weigh it down and toss it over and it keeps you warm and protected from insects.  


How long will take if the eno double hammock is back ordered?

I ordered mine two weeks ago and just got an email saying that my order has been delayed but that my eno will remain on order for 30 days and after that the order will be canceled.


I am looking into purchasing this hammock. Does it come with the straps? If it does, hammock aside, what is the weight limit of the straps? Does it include a rain cover?

No and No.


How much space between trees/poles do I need to hang this properly?

A minimum 10' span between anchors (trees, posts, etc.) is recommended. If you find yourself needing an accessory to span a greater gap between anchors, consider a set of hammock straps:


Does this hammock come with straps for hanging.? If not what straps would you need?

No, the straps for this hammock are sold separately. Check them out:


What size stand would go with this hammock? I have a 9-foot stand.  Would that work?

A 9 foot span may be too short causing the hammock to hang too low. ENO explains that you need a 10 foot span for the hammock to hang correctly without the suspension straps.


Interested in ENO doublenest 754773. Is it Yellow as indicated in description, or lime-green as indicated in picture? I do not want yellow. Also, is there a seam down the middle of hammock, which I read is uncomfortable? Aluminum wiregate biners?

This hammock comes in multiple color combinations but as noted on the product page ENO uses all fabric remnants in the production of their hammocks so the color combination of the hammock you receive may vary slightly from the picture. Also, this is a very comfortable hammock and doesn't have a seam in the middle and it comes with a pair of aluminum wire-gate carabiners.


What is hanging on the side of it? Is that a holder for stuff?

​That is the built in stuff sack for the hammock. You could also use it to store small items such as a smartphone or keys.


I am giving this as a gift... what all do i need to buy so the person receiving the gift has everything they need to use.

The only accessory required to hang this hammock are the suspension straps. The ENO Atlas XL Hammock Straps are a great choice.


We're thinking of getting this to install in our screened-in porch. What kind of space is needed to comfortably hang the hammock? We would need to attach it to upright wooden beams that are about 8 feet apart. Would that be enough?

​Without an ENO suspension system, you need to have a space of exactly 10 ft. to hang the hammock.


My eno didn’t come with any rope to tie to the tree. Is that normally have to buy separately, which wouldn’t make sense since that’s a necessity to using the eno.

​Hanging straps or rope is not included with the purchase of this hammock. The ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System is a good choice.


Is it easy to sleep in and what is the diff between double nest and single nest?   is it easy to set up?

Yes, these hammocks are comfortable to sleep in and easy to set up. The hammocks are the same length (112") with the SingleNest being 55" wide, the DoubleNest is 74" wide.


Can I wash my hammock in a washing machine? 

Yes, you can wash ENO hammocks in a front load washer. The manufacturer suggests removing the carabiners and washing in cool water on a delicate cycle with a mild detergent. Do not dry in a dryer; hang or lay flat to dry only.


Does this come with carabiners?

​Yes, carabiners are include with this hammock.


What is the minimum distance between supports for the hammock?

​The minimum length is about 10'.


Can my 2.5 year old toddler safely sleep in the hammock overnight instead of using a bed? Thank you.

We do not recommend leaving a 2.5 year old inside of this hammock unattended, and suggest you contact ENO directly to verify their recommendations for use.


what is the difference between the Atlas Straps and the Atlas Suspension system? Getting the hammock as a gift and not sure which to get to go with it

​The ENO Atlas XL Hammock Straps are 54 inches longer and have 10 extra loops compared to the original ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System. The ENO Atlas EXT Hammock Utility Straps allow you to add an additional 54 inches of length to any existing ENO suspension system.


Can I wash my hammock? Has anybody tried to put their Eno hammock into the washer? I love it and don't want to ruin it, but it needs washed.

We do not recommend putting this hammock in the washing machine. Hand washing with Nikwax Tech Wash is a better way to go.


I have no trees in my backyard. Is buying the hammock worth it? 

​There are hammock stands available for purchase separately if you do not have trees to mount your hammock too.


If the caribiners are removed, is the hammock machine washable or is it best washed by hand?

​We recommend washing this hammock by hand.


Does this one come with a suspension system? or do I have to buy that separately like the other hammocks?

​Suspension straps are not included with this hammock.


Can you wash the hammock?

This hammock can be washed. We recommend spot cleaning it or washing the whole hammock by hand in the bath tub.


What straps should be used with this hammock?

These are what I have, they do perfectly. https://www.rei.com/product/840700/eno-atlas-hammock-suspension-system


Does this come with straps?? What kind of straps would I need to buy to go with this? Sorry I'm a beginner haha

Hanging straps are not included with this hammock. The ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System is a great choice.


Does this hammock come with the straps?

No, the suspension system straps are sold separately.


Do you ship overseas? 

​Yes, we can ship ENO products overseas.


I am comparing all the ENO double nest hammocks: 1) Other ENO double nest hammocks specifically mention in the 'DETAILS' section that they are 'machine washable' but not this one. Is this one machine washable? 2) what is '70-denier nylon taffeta'?

We do not recommend putting this hammock in the washing machine; hand washing is a better choice. This is constructed with 70-denier nylon taffeta. Denier is a measurement of the thread and weave density; the denser the weave, the bigger the thread and more substantial the fabric is.


I am about 5'11 and 145 pounds should I get the double or single? I am worried the single would be a bit too small since I like things bigger anyway. I would probably be the only one using it and don't have to worry about fitting another person.

Either hammock will work for you. If you want more room, we recommend the DoubleNest.


The reviews are very helpful, especially the ratchet strap. I was looking at this as an option since I have to young boys. I was thinking one child with a parent. Has anyone used the hammock like this or have some tips/suggestions.

This hammock is designed for two, so it can be comfortably used by a child and a parent.


Accidentally pulled the ropes out of the hammock lining (the ones that the carabiners are connected with, at either end of the hammock). I didn't not untie the knots, did I ruin it or can I re-insert them?

The ropes can be reinserted and should be tied properly.


The material for this hammock is different from that of the original ENO hammocks. How do the materials compare? Which is better?

According to the manufacturer, the fabric has not changed from the original 70 denier nylon taffeta.


The other double nest hammocks from ENO say that hand washing your hammock is a better choice. However the PCT hammock says its machine washable unlike the other ENO hammocks. Why is this? Are they made of different materials?

According to the ENO care instructions, you are able to machine wash all ENO hammocks on a gentle cycle with mild detergent in cold water in a front loading washer. They should then be line dried.


Can it be washed in a washing machine?

We do not recommend putting this hammock in the washing machine. Hand washing is the better choice.


Is it normal to have loose threads around the hammock? I just purchased mine yesterday and notice loose threads.

This hammock should not have loose threads.


I just tried my double nest hammock for the first time and could not lay in it without being totally engulfed by fabric.I tried putting material under my arms, but then couldn't lay my head all the way back and just had to sit up. What can I do?

You can try using a pillow to support your head and shift yourself further to one end of the hammock then the other. How you sit in the hammock can also be affected by how the hammock is hung. Try less or more tension to find what feels good to you. Finally, you can sit in a hammock perpendicular to the direction of the straps and spread the fabric out with your body.


Are the straps included?

​Hanging straps are not included.


Will the PCT Association be available in SingleNest? or just DoubleNest? I really love the colors, DoubleNest may be too large!

As of January 2017 we do not plan to stock the SingleNest.


How long is the hammock I want to use it as a bed and the hammock I have currently is 13ft. 

​This hammock measures 112 inches in length.


I just received this hammock, but the colors aren't as indicated online. My base is emerald with royal and tan accents. Does the one pictured exist?

The description of the item states:


How long is that hammock wood i am 5'4

This hammock is 112 inches long.


Hi I purchased a double eno hammock recently and my second time out I noticed stress openings in the material, I Have to gone above the weight restriction, I was wondering what I need to do to get a replacement from the warrentee

Please contact us by phone at 1 (800) 426-4840 to discuss your hammock.


does it come with trees for hanging?

Yes, although the trees are not delivered with the hammock. To make it more convenient for hammock users, a remarkable inventory of trees are kept in forest locations around the world. Some of the the inventory locations have easy access, other locations are more difficult, but this wide variety of trees and locations eliminates the high cost and difficulty of transporting trees along with your backpack gear. 

Sandy Jen

I purchased this to lounge around in with my husband and tried it out this weekend. We're smaller, and were unable to lay in the hammock side by side without toppling into each other and being squished in a giant fabric cocoon. How do you get comfortable?

Spacing the anchor points farther apart is a great way to limit the cocoon effect on the DoubleNest Hammock.


Are you unhappy because colors aren't exactly like the photo? Here's what the product description says: "Please note: ENO uses all fabric remnants in the production of their hammocks so the color combination of the hammock you receive may vary".

No, because I just adjust my monitor until it matches the hammock--if I just had a phone and couldn't adjust the hues, I'd sue.


How long does it take to get deliver?

The following link will provide you with estimated shipping timelines for the DoubleNest Hammock.


Do the hammock fully close?

The DoubleNest hammock does not have a closure.


The picture of this PCTA hammock in the "online store/shelf" is green with charcoal and teal trim. The one that ends up in the cart is charcoal with green and teal trim. Which one is it? Do I have a choice? I want the green one.

If you order the Pacific Crest Trail Association DoubleNest Hammock you would receive the Teal/Charcoal/Emerald color.


I have seen two different colors for this specific PCTA hammock. The picture REI has shows the emerald color for the body. Pretty much everywhere else (including the ENO website) shows a picture with a grey body. Which is correct?

We are carrying the Teal/Charcoal/Emerald in the Pacific Crest Trail Association DoubleNest Hammock.


Where could I get the rest of the items needed to set this up?(Rope and other things like that) And where are the accessories that they mention in the video?

Accessories including the hanging straps can be found on our site:


Does this come with the standard ENO tree straps for hanging?

No, unfortunately you have to purchase those separately


I am 6'10" and weigh 340lbs; how will this hammock do with me laying/sitting in it?

The DoubleNest Hammock has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. when used with reinforced suspension straps such as the Atlas Straps;


Can we request for the colors to be inverted? I am hoping to get a little more red and less charcoal color.

That is not a request that can be accommodated. As noted in the last bullet of the details "ENO uses all fabric remnants in the production of their hammocks so the color combination of the hammock you receive may vary slightly from the picture ". This means that occasionally the color combinations are reversed from how they are pictured, but it cannot be specified. You are welcome to visit your local REI store and pick out the color combination of your choice, so you can be sure of the color orientation.


Is it breathable? The material seems like it would be hot and since you are cocooned, I want to make sure it isnt like being wrapped in a tarp. 

The DoubleNest Hammock is very breathable. This would not be similar to using a tarp.

RJ Oahu

The one in the vid looks red with gray trim. But the only selection is orange with a gray trim. Does the orange look more red when you receive it?

Our video features a red hammock which may not be available to order at this time. If you order the orange hammock, it will be a true orange color. Please note: ENO uses all fabric remnants in the production of their hammocks so the color combination of the hammock you receive may vary slightly from the picture.

MB the MB

What is the minimum distance between hammock ends for optimum use?

The minimum length is about 10'.


The first time we used our DoubleNest (orange/grey), it got soaked in a rainstorm. Some of the orange dye transferred onto the grey edge and our clothing. Has anyone else had this issue? Can I do anything to prevent it or do I have a defective hammock?

We are not aware of such an issue with the Doublenest. We encourage you to contact ENO. As always if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are more than welcome to return the DoubleNest.


We would like to use this between trees but also with a hammock stand.  Any advice or experience with using such a stand with this hammock?  Thanks!

The DoubleNest Hammock will work with pretty much any hammock stand. The Byer Ceara Hammock Stand would be a fine choice.


is the nylon coated with anything -- like PU or some other coating? 

The DoubleNest Hammock does not have any water resistant or waterproof coating on it.


Does the double nest eno come with straps or do you purchase those separately?

This item is not packaged with any straps; it’s packaged with caribiners that allow you to hook the hammock ends to existing anchor clips.


I'n just considering hammock camping and would like to know what else one should have.  I'm a three season camper.  So...guessing the hammock, some high-end straps, a bug screen and a rain cover.  Anything else?   Thanks, Chip

You've got it. To go with this DoubleNest, we recommend the ENO Atlas Suspension System, the ENO ProFly or DryFly Rain Tarp (the ProFly provides more coverage, the DryFly is better in high winds) and the ENO Guardian Bug Net.


Wondering how long it will take if I order the blue/yellow/purple doublenest hammock to come in?

As of 8/24/2014, ENO has stated that they will be delivering more stock in the blue/yellow/purple color to warehouse on 9/02/2014.


for the two different pink/yellow/blue colors, are they actually different? Meaning is one an actual yellow and the other a neon color or what? because they look the same to me

The yellow in the yellow/pink/blue color is a true yellow. It is not the bright greenish-yellow that it appears in the first photo.


I'm looking into getting into rock climbing big wall type stuff in Yosemite and such places. Would this hammock be save 1500 ft or so up?

Eno Hammocks are not designed for use while big wall climbing. For climbing, we recommend a sleep system designed specifically for that purpose, like a portaledge, which has a rigid structure.

purplependulum in Denver

Can you hang this hammock in an hammock stand?

It could be possible to hang it from a hammock stand. You will want to check your specific stand for any hammock size restrictions.

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