Sea to Summit - Ultra-Light Packcover - Medium

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"Waterproofness" proved to me in 3 mile mountain bike out with full pack in pouring rain (cats & dogs).

I got a cover for my wife and myself. They have accompanied us on many rainy hikes in Alaska. They were perfectly waterproof in even a strong downpour. I love the small size and the light weight. They are light weight and it is understood that they are a little less durable as a result. I don't abuse my equipment had haven't had an issue. My wife fell down a snowpack and slid about 100 ft. the pack had a ΒΌ inch tear in it as expected. However, it held up a lot better than her pants, base layer and skin. I was able to patch it with a multi-purpose patch and had no issue with it not sticking. If I had would have used superglue (carried to fix therma-rests, or skin) because it sticks quite well to the ultra-sil fabric. Bottom line, its ultra-light, if you are hard on your equipment anything ultra-light probably isn't for you. If you want something that works and is small and light it's a great buy.

I purchased this pack cover after much satisfaction with other Sea-to-Summit products. My pack cover worked great at keeping my pack dry and its contents. Easy to attach and stayed in place. However the Cordora cover did not hold up to the shearing of the pack against the rocks of the Chilkoot trail. I experienced several small rips. Loved the fact it was compact and lightweight, when every ounce matters. Willing to try it again. Size could have been a litter bigger to fit around to the back of my 63L pack eg - when hanging the pack

Used the cover yesterday ( 24 July 2008) in South TX during the landfall of Hurricane Dolly (The outer fringes) in San Antonio, TX. Was caught in the middle of no man's land without cover and was only halfway to the campsite and the clouds opened up for no less than an hour and a half. I just new that all of my creature comforts were soaked to the bone...everything was bone dry...well almost everything...I resembled an opaque prune! Strongly recommend this product!

Light and compact, good for light to med rain fall. Contents of my pack got slightly wet in spots when hiking in continuous med-heavy rain for 2 days. Must of gotten through the back side. In this case I would supplement with pack liner.

Bought this for a trip to Guatemala on anticipation for some heavy rain. On my first rainy day I pulled out of its handy l'il bag, and there right on the top of the cover was a small hole. Seriously? I get that you need to be gentle on ultra light stuff, but I didn't realize that it extends to not using it at all. That said, the non-holey parts of the cover did their job admirably, and I rather liked the little strap that clipped across the bottom of my pack for a little extra security.

A friend of mine decided to spring for one of these pack covers and gift it to me for Christmas because it pained him to see me break out my bulky, thick, and heavy Osprey pack cover every time it started to rain down from the heavens. I was very grateful, and very excited to have this new high-speed pack cover. However... on one of the first trips out I managed to underestimate the durability of this ultra light weight pack cover and the tail of my ice axe decided to make a peep hole in the side. I tried to use a Gore-Tex patch on either side to repair the 1"ish hole, but the patches wouldn't stick to the ultra-smooth surface. Then I tried some waterproof tent repair patches - same results.

Love the small size and brand. Opened on first outing and the clasps would not click, tired, still no click. Thought maybe a little bending and then snap the plastic broke. [...] I will try the REI brand.


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