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You know how it is. You get these bars hoping they will not make you gag. I was pleasantly surprised how tasty this was. Definitely worth trying for any doubters.

For the many who are allergic to soy, Pro Bars provide good protein with healthy (and tasty) ingredients while on the go - at play or work.

I use these for hiking because they are a true meal replacement when weight matters. And they don't leave your mouth dry and desperate for water like some of the other high protein bars that are so thick it's like eating a mud brick. I've started buying them for in city days as well where it is difficult to eat every 2.5 hours.

I've recently been trying out as many different energy bars as possible, trying to find those most worthy of space in my backpack. I was intrigued after reading some glowing reviews of the PROBAR, so I ordered several flavors from REI to try them out. I'm sorry to say that I was extremely disappointed with them. I found them to be among the most unpleasant energy bars I've ever tried. The flavor ranged from really bad at worst (I couldn't force down a single bite of the apple cinnamon), to really bland at best (the PB&J tasted like neither PB nor J). The texture is similarly unpleasant. I would describe it as oats and nuts gooped together into a bar-shaped snack. I would have to be really desperate for food before I would willingly open up another PROBAR.

Unlike a cliff bar, I can eat these when they are cold. Unlike an energy bar, these taste good. Unlike a snickers bar, they aren't loaded with sugar I can eat a pile of these on a climb

I can't ride with these bars, way too much sugar, carbs, and calories. On a 4 hour ride if I eat one around 2 1/2 hours into the ride I am worthless in hour 3-4. I get nauseous and almost dizzy. I really wanted these to work but they do not work for me on long rides. They have more stuff in them than a snickers.....maybe they were designed to be meal replacements at your desk or camping. But buyer beware they do not seem to work on hard efforts 4 hours or more.....

I've tried most of the flavors and I can honestly say that these are the best bars I've had. They have a great flavor, they're easy to eat and a couple of bars is a great lunch on the go. The only drawback is the price, expensive for a bar like that in my opinion. They do deliver in flavor and energy though so I think they're worth it.

These are expensive, but they taste so great, and when you're sick of eating all the usual gels, etc, it's a nice change of pace, and real food. I'll be going on a 5 day stage run in the mountains and you can bet I'm stocking up on these. Man cannot live on shotbloks alone. :)

I love these things. Almost all of them are pretty tasty ("Superfood Slam" bar is not my favorite), and they're a great snack/ energy boost on the run. If I need breakfast on-the-go I run to the health food section of the grocery store and grab one of these and a drink.

I get sick of most bars after about a day. These were filling and super tasty, especially the strawberry one. Definitely picking these from now on over cliff bars despite the 3$ price tag, much more filling and tasty

nutritionally dense but not heavy to eat. good flavor balance in the mouth. doesn't dry you out - but better with water/fluid. I'm not saying go get a merlot and this is your meal... but you could do worse.

This whole brand is really great, if you don't feel like doing the whole camp ration / freeze dried thing. They are also cheaper at REI than Whole Foods which I find funny.

I saw these in my local REI store and bought 3 different flavors. I opened one and attempted to choke half of it down, I then tried to give the rest to my wife ( a health nut) and she took a bite and threw it away. We tried 3 different bars and they all tasted awful. In a survival situation, I would probably eat a slug before one of these. I'm sticking with Clif bars.

I stock up on these for every big mountain biking trip, 1 or 2 of these a day is enough to keep me fueled for each outing!

Easy, filling and great tasting! Haven't had one that I didn't like yet.

I've been a regular Cliff bar consumer for several years, but I'm starting to become a ProBar convert. These things are just so darn tasty and much more dense. I've had the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Banana Nut Bread and I'd definitely buy all three flavors again. Nutritionally, I'm not sure if these are any better than the other brands of bars out there, but they're more filling and better tasting than any other snack/meal bar I've had.

Bought this as my main breakfast item on a quick wake and pack morning on the trail. This plus a protein shake and I was full and had all my basic nutrition needs covered. Was super tender, not tough like other high calorie bars, and was actually delicious. I've only tried the Superberry & Greens but I plan to to stock up on a few others and have some on hand at home for rushing out the door situations. Highly recommend.

I found the banana nut bar very odd. First i dont mind the texture and the look appealing, you can see the grains used. Although, this banana flavor is extremely artificial, basically tastes like the banana laffy taffy or the banana popsicles, which are "foods" no one eats for the health benefits. So why eat this bar for health benefits, seems lacking in a real banana flavor, and misleading on the ingredients. #yuck

Great tasting, super filling, and easy on the stomach. They seem expensive until you realize the cost per calorie - these bars can have over 600 calories each, depending on the flavor. They are made with lots of nuts and seeds, so the fat content is high, too. All unsaturated and the like, but don't think these are lightweight snacks - they are performance meal replacements.

I tried the 'Whole Berry Blast' and thoroughly enjoyed it. These bars are very 'seedy', and some people may not like the texture. I liked the healthy ingredients.

One busy morning while running errands, I substituted this bar for breakfast; I was happy because the wrapper stayed together, the bar did not fall apart, it was not too sweet or dry, it tasted good and it was filling. The one I chose had less protein; A little more protein would be appreciated. This would be good for trips and “emergencies” so I plan to buy more.

I bought this bar to try it out. I really loved it. I personally loved the taste and used it for when I go hiking, eating it on rest breaks so I will not be too full till I could get to my camp area or other location. I also use before and or after my work outs. Got a few to put in my bug out bags for emergencies and a few in my car for emergencies. Tastes good.

This bar barely had any taste at all, and it definitely did not taste like peanut butter. Also, during a two hour run in 20°F temp it became quite hard and difficult to bite, but I admit that I've yet find a snack bar that can withstand cold temps ;)'

There are a lot of meal replacements bars out there but this one truly fills you up! I am on the market for a new bar and had the Cran-Lemon Twister. It was super tasty, not overly sweet, and jam-packed with all kinds of crunchy nuts, grains, and fruit. Can't wait to try the other flavors! This one is a keeper!

By far, PROBAR is the best company i've dealt with. it's pretty clear that they take their food seriously by the quality of the ingredients. other companies' bars like cliff and quest taste like cardboard and have the ingredients to back it up. me and my family will ONLY be using probar in the future!!!

I reluctantly purchase packaged breakfast bars but this is the best I have had by far. An early start from a trail-head generally means quick coffee and a PROBAR. They are filling. They have excellent flavor. They aren't cheap but they are packed full of wholesome goodness.

Mmmmmm... these are good For a meal bar, they taste good, and are nice and moist. The flavor between the different types of bars has a common theme, but does change. This is my go to snack when iut exploring the great outdoors, and I'm really glad they exist. Enjoy!

I dig the bars from ProBar. I've eaten a lot of bars over the years. The meal bars are tasty and pack a nice amount of calories. Which means it'll actually get eaten and not come home in the bottom of the food bag.

I have tried a few different flavors and have yet to be disappointed. They are all delicious with no chalky texture or weird after taste. Also, they taste true to the flavors promoted. Perfectly filling and definitely my number one brand for a meal bar.

I have been using the Pro Bar for about a year now as a pre ride meal. It has enough to fuel my ride for just about two hours, combined with the Heed in my water bottle. It digests well, has great flavor and is not dry like most bars.

Tastes better than most of the competitors out there, and the texture is superior to my usual favorite, the Rx Bar. I would recommend shopping for a better price on this since REI is probably not the cheapest place to buy snacks.

Always fresh, packed full of great ingredients, Arts Blend and Whole Berry Blast are by far the best two flavors.

I just started eating these bars and absolutely love them because they taste like real food and a healthy snack. It seems to be very healthy when reading the ingredients and my friends enjoy them as well.

I take a few of these with me when I travel. They're great if you're hungry, but don't want to pay airport prices or airline prices for snacks. Also great to have if you arrive late and nothing is open.

Great breakfast. I have had the almond crunch and the peanut butter and chocolate chip. They are both very tasty. The almond crunch I think is a little sweeter than the PB and CC. Both are delicious!

One of my go-to favorites for long hikes or backpacking trips. Energy packed and tastes good. Way too much to eat at once though - I usually take a few bites at a time and go back for more later.

Boy do I like ProBars, but this one was a no go. Taste like medicine to me and very difficult to chew. Was not moist like all the other bars I’ve tried. Try a different flavor, but not this one.

Each flavor is unique, delicious, and quite satisfying! If you can't have a regular breakfast at home, then this is the perfect substitute. I aways have one available in my hunting bag!

This is a great tasting raw food product with a low sugar content. That may not sound appealing to everyone, but it actually taste far better then any other bar I've tried.

Just put 130 miles on the trails of Glacier Park. These made for tasty snacks to carry me through to dinner. Best lunch was along with a Skout Apple Cinnamon Energy bar.

These bars will give you the added kick you need on the trail. Did a 25 mile hike 60lbs at times carrying well over a hundred lbs and these gave me added fuel I needed.

I love these bars as a meal replacement! They taste amazing, have fantastic texture, and mostly keep me going and give me energy for many hours!

These bars are great for backpacking trips and endurance sports, but pay attention that they are very high calorie compared to other bars.

Had this while backpacking and was surprised how good it was. Great flavor and none of the gritty texture I find in a lot of competitors.

Great tasting bar that is actually not filled with junk that fills you up. Use when you need a quick answer to that growling stomach.

Pick your favorite flavor. At 370 kcals in a bar, nearly double that of other bars. If you want calories on the trail, this is it.

Simple, delicious and good weight/calorie ratios. One of the first items in my pack, and how I start every morning on the trail.

I like the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip ones. Two of the Banana Nut Bread flavors each had a disagreeable soapy aftertaste

I will switching from my normal go to bar ( Cliff bar ) to this new & wonderful bar. Thank you for making it just for me.

Yummy. Satisfying. High fat and calories. Great for long backpacking trips. Sugar content high for everyday life.

If I'm out on a longer ride these have been a staple for quickly getting down some big calories that taste great.

These Probar meals hit the spot on my last section hike. Too hot, or too wet, to biil water. Used as breakfast.

I loved the last Pro Bar Meal Bar I purchased. This meal bar is great for energy, it just didn't suit my taste.

The banana nut bread meal bar is wicked delicious, tastes like real food sweet and great texture. I love them!

lots of great flavors and when weight in your pack is an issue, these surpass the 100 calories per 1oz test.

This bar is perfect for meal replacement or just a high calorie snack when backpacking or bicycle touring.

Many calories, much good taste, and texture, Very satisfied after consumption.

Tasted great. Not too hard to chew. I felt full enough after finishing it as a snack. Great texture.

Not cheap, not low calorie But hey you get WYPF. Very tasty, very satisfying. way better than Clif IMO.

I try different bar every time I stop by rei. So far this bar is my favorite, flavor and fill you up.

This bar is a must on your next trip. It stays with you so no snacks needed in between big meals.

I find ProBar meals to be a great tasting cold meal while on the trail. I like all the favors.

Loved the bar there haven't been many bars that don't have chocolate it was a great change.

Great tasting meal bar that happens to be vegan. High protein content may produce gas.

I have tried other snack bars before and this line of pro-bars is tasty and healthy.

Tasty and filling bar. Replaces multiple smaller bars. Will be used in my rotation.

Probar has changed from a delightfully fruity bar to a barely palatable formula.

Great flavour, consistent with Pro Bar quality. Excellent on the run breakfast

Pro Bars were introduced to my by a friend and they are really delicious.

Very tasty and was a perfect boost mid-hike. Will definitely buy again!

I took some of these hiking and camping - great fuel source And tasty

I like this bar because is very good taste and fill you like big meal.

Very filling. If you like chocolate and coconut, you’ll love this bar

I would only eat these things as emergency food. they taste horrible.

They are delusions, filling, and satisfying

I Love Pro Bars. They are super tasty and fuel me to go farther.

I like this bar better than the Cliff Bar and the flavor

Delicious, satiating and did not leave a heavy feeling.

My favorite Pro Bar Meals are the Peanut Butter ones.

Great taste, filling, I would definitely buy again,

Filling and tasty. Tide you over till the next meal


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