SeaBear - Smoked Salmon - 3.5 oz.

Category: Camp Kitchen

pared with backpacker's pantry pasta alfredo, this was GREAT

I took a packet of this on my last backpack trip as an extra course in a meal that I knew was lacking both calories and protein. If I had known how good it would be, I'd have taken one for each of my dinners! Unlike a previous reviewer, I had no bones or skin in my packet! I will definitely throw in some of this on all future backpack trips. Additionally, I think it would be handy for almost any kind of outing. No refrigeration needed is a big plus!

Brought these on a short backpack trip. There was a bit of skin in the pouch (not a deal breaker). Flavor was good, ample serving size. The downside was a bit too much liquid inside the pouch for my liking. The liquid was difficult not to "get on stuff". The smell of salmon permeated the tent for the ensuing 8+ hours. Protein fix was greatly appreciated though. My rating reflects convenience/ease of use in backpacking environment.

I carried this up a mountain, opened it, poured a little virgin olive oil on it and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. Either this was the most delicious smoked salmon I've ever eaten, or I was really hungry. In any case, I'm online purchasing more of these packets for my next trip up a mountain. By the way, don't forget the bear box. Even the used envelope has a bear attractive aroma.

Since I can't do soy products the packaged tuna is out for me, but when I discoverd this salmon I was in heaven. I found the smoked version the best. I eat it alone or with crackers. I did not have any trouble with bones or skin and have had several packages. On my last backpacking trip with 5 ladies they all loved it too!

Unlike the previous comment, the pouch I had did not have any skin, nor bones, in the pouch. I enjoy that the pouch is flexible, and easy to open without scissors. Great with pasta, or on its own. I keep one in my car, just in case I don't have time for lunch - better than fast food!

I don’t normally like packaged meat but this salmon was very good. It tasted very natural and sodium/ preservative free. Not processed like other foil packed meat. I put this salmon on my wish list and recommend this salmon to everyone so REI continues stocking it.

I took this, along for a week hike in the Yosemite high country. This has a nice smoked flavor, an a tender moistness, I like this better than the regular flavor. Definitely will buy again. No skin or bones to report.

I've purchased this multiple times now to take on multi-day backpacking trips. Lightweight. Minimal packing waste to carry back out. I add it along with a handful of spinach to my nightly ramen routine.

I bought one package to try for backpacking trip. We split it between two people adding to ramen soup. It was delicious dinner!

I have purchased this on two occasions and both times have been pleasantly surprised. It's great on crackers.

Awesome taste, no stove required. Fits my ultralight style.


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