Nite Ize - Figure 9 Rope Tightener - Single Small

Category: Tent

if you are a "knot nazi" then you don't need this. however if you don't mind some help when it comes to knots and lashing then you will love this. it makes setting up your rain/dining fly so easy.

We used these recently to set up clothes lines and and sunscreen when camping though I can imagine many uses for them. They are lightweight and easy to use.

These little things are pretty awesome! Makes stringing up tarps for shade or shelter super easy and quick.

Love 'em and I used to give knot-tying demonstrations in Boy Scouts. I painted mine yellow. There seems to be some tiny inscription, possibly the language or Mordor written in Elvish. I think it was safe to cover that.

These make hanging a clothes line or a bear bag quick and simple. I always have two attached to my bag at all times while out on the trail.


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