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Various flavors. I like them all. They melt in your mouth. The only bad thing might be they taste too good. Aftter opening, I suggest that they be placed in a zip lock snack bag before cycling. This is to keep them fresh from the elements.

I use this during hikes. My stomach stays happy (no upset), it's easy to get down and it doesn't have any odd after-taste. Clif Shot Blocs is its only real competitor but I like the Stingers better.

These chews are by far the tastiest out there. Then add in the Vitamin C and Electrolytes and these gels can help you go all day long.

These Chews are so good. I can eat them as a snack or for a quck feed during a ride. I like these over the cliff products.

Absolutely the most delicious snack food I've ever come across. I picked two packs of these up after reading the Backpacker Magazine review and was astounded by just how good these were. The texture is smooth, yet perfectly chewy, and they do not dissolve very quickly, giving you time to enjoy the flavor. The flavor itself is great! Honey and fruit flavors work perfectly, it's hard to stop eating these!

This were very tasty, but did not give me any sort of jolt of energy. Flavor was amazing though

Great tasting energy gummies! Easy to eat while on a hike. Wish there was less packaging.

Nice alternative from cheapo "fruit" snacks.

I got these specifically to keep in my car for emergencies like when my blood sugar goes low. I experienced this and pulled these out to try. I instantly saw a rise and was very satisfied with the results of not spiking my blood sugar but bringing it up and keeping it stable. These will be my definite go to for emergencies from now on. Thanks REI!

I really hate prepared foods and always bring my own homemade stuff on hikes, but I'm planning for a backpacking trip where that won't really be feasible. I tested a few Gu flavors on a recent hiking trip and thought they were kinda gross (tasted like chemicals and made my mouth dry). I tried these in the pink lemonade flavor and they are way better... they are still pretty fake tasting (duh) but more like candy-fake than chemical-fake. They gave me a slight energy boost and it wasn't a shaky sugar-high either.

I love these. I came across them a little over a year ago when my son begged me to buy a pack - he'd had them before - and I was hesitant because I don't like feeding my kids fruit snacks. These aren't fruit snacks. They're a great healthy energy boosting snack with the nutrients you need on the trail. They're great for tucking into a lunch on long hikes. I keep them in my first aid kit to help with hypernatremia and low glucose. We use them to keep Scouts going on extreme hikes (both in the snow, and in the heat of August.) Every skeptic I've handed a pack to becomes a believer after the first taste. They have the right flavor and texture and they do what they say they do, give you a boost of needed energy. They're a little pricey, but I keep them on me when I'm on hikes and backpacking trips and they've helped me help more than one hiker.

Used along with Jelly Belly's on first half marathon. Appreciate fact they almost melt in your mouth. Package was large to stuff in my zipper pockets and zip lock hard to open while on the course.

The best chews. They don't stick to your teeth, go down easy, and taste amazing for a quick benefit during any activity. I always have a bag in my pocket.

These taste so good and provide a nice burst of energy- needed that during an extended and steep uphill portion of a strenuous day long hike

These were introduced to our family by our daughter, a backcountry backpacker as an improved alternative to gels. They are an excellent source of electrolytes between meals and unlike gels, portions can be adjusted. They provide great taste, texture and have proven to be a great energy boost during tennis matches--providing enough energy to replace depleted stores between meals.

If you're not a Gel/GU person, you'll love these chews, they don't stick to your teeth at all and they taste great! I love them for my long runs, they are only available at one store in Central Arkansas, but REI online had a better price!

REI recently stopped carrying my favorite running fuel - IslandBoost. So I bought a few new products to try out during long runs and these are by far my favorite! They last a lot longer because I only eat half a chew every few miles instead of a whole packet. They sit very well in my stomach and I think they taste awesome - I wanted to eat them as candy after my run...

I've tried all the flavors of these, and all are great. These are really excellent for hiking because they fit in a pocket and they don't stick together when they get smushed. I've had them in the bottom of a bag for a week with other food and they still come apart easily. The chews are a good individual size for popping one or two at a time and lasting all afternoon.

Lightweight, all of the flavors taste great, easy to eat and hold you over until your next meal without weighing you down. While some gel snacks taste like eating jelly or jam and another popular brand has the texture of cheap gummy candy with the old chewing gum gimmick of having a gel burst in the center, these have a great texture, great taste and are easy to eat.

I am preparing for my first backpacking trip. Trying out new things to see what I would want to eat. I listened to the reviews and decided to try this product even though I don't like energy food. One of the things I didn't like was how sugary it tasted. It tasted like gummy bears. It has a strong and good flavor. I just wish it was a little less of it.

Disgusted by gel packs, I wanted to try a nugget-like product. These were recommended to me by a cashier at REI in East Hanover. Can't thank her enough for turning me onto these! Snacked on Fruit Smoothie variety before my workout last night, I couldn't believe how much energy I had, without any jitters or sugar-highs. Incredible.

This product is great tasting, and full of nutrition. I use this when my son and I are backpacking, and he loves it as an after school snack between classes and sports practice. The only problem with this, is when you take friends with you backpacking, you have to share, so make sure you take extra to give to them!

The flavor & texture were pleasant enough (reminded me of gummy bears). Gave me energy to get through the rest of my work day. I usually do the most complex tasks in the morning and wind down in the evening. These gave me an energy boost that helped me keep working on new tasks the rest of the day.

The cherry blossoms are awesome but hard to get in the stores. They provide an great extra boost of energy when needed. After arriving out our campsite late and getting very little sleep before a long kayaking trip down a river (with rapids) it was just the thing I needed to boost my energy!

We brought several flavors along with us on our hiking trip. All of them were tasty, but they reminded me a lot of regular fruit snacks. I'd be curious to see how they compare in nutritional values, since both products focus on a sugar push to move you along.

I've used these chews on pre and during workouts, runs, hikes and biking to boost energy and keep me going longer and harder. I've gone through many of the other products on the market such as bars and gews (or ewwws). By far these are the most consumable.

This is one of my favorite energy chews. Provides energy while doing my long runs and you can share it with others around you. It doen't disturb my stomach, though your mileage may vary, and doesn't harden up when the temperature drops below 50*F.

These are great! I’m diabetic, and I have these on me for all bike rides, hikes, etc. when my blood glucose gets low and I’m in the middle of nowhere, they really help raise it up and give me the energy I need to keep going! Taste awesome too!

Terribly expensive for what you get - essentially candy. Not recommended

Honey stingers are great. They're easy to pack for long days biking and hiking. All of the flavors I've tried have been tasty. My favorite, however, is the cherry cola. I've never had issues with them causing my stomach to be upset.

As someone with gluten intolerance, and dairy sensitive...this product is perfect! Great test, isn't sticky like some fruit snack like products. Plus adds an energy boost, which is always good as a teacher always on the go.

These gummies are excellent for helping keep energy during most activities. I typically eat on gummy every few miles on runs, and I can really feel the difference. Each pack contains many gummies, so they last a while.

Tried these on a recent backpacking trip. I liked being able to pop one or two and slip them back in pocket for later. They had a fantastic flavor and provided a nice little sugar boost while hiking.

My kids and I run, bike, ski, etc. We need to stay on top of our electrolytes so that we can recover quickly so we can play some more. Honey Stingers taste so good they are like candy to my kids.

I loved these Honey Stingers. A great after lunch snack and picker upper. Or, for just an afternoon break and snack, these are tasty and satisfying. Provide some calories and quick energy.

I was a little wary about these. I recently bought the Cherry Blossom pack to try out. Took it with me during a Mountaineering Class climb. These are the best tasting chews I've ever had.

These things provide the benefits of a gel but they taste great and the trash is easy to manage (no left over nastiness). The Shot Bloks are comparable but the Stingers taste much better.

Seriously. No other chews taste as good. And since they're all natural, I don't feel gross eating any artificial stuff. Pomegranate flavor is the best, although they are all good.

I bought pink lemonade flavor and it actually tasted like pink lemonade! The taste was not as chemical laden as other chews, making for a more pleasant cycling experience.

These have a really great flavor, but I expected a texture more like a fruit snacks and these are softer and squishier. Overall, I liked these and would buy more.

Honey Stingers are awesome energy food for the trail. Lives on these things in New Mexico and was grateful to find them in the store. Favorite hiking snack.

I take these with me anytime I go on a hike, they are very tasty. I'm not sure if I ever felt an energy boost (besides just sugar rush) but good either way.

Load up on these as a backpacking treat. The taste is great and I usually eat them while trecking. Low weight high energy and the kids also love them.

Bought for snacking on the trail finishing up my 48 4K hikes in NH. Energetic Vhews really helped keep up my energy and were really deleted.

These keep me going! I look for about 300 calories an hour and i mix with the honey stinger waffles and they are a life saver!

These are great as others have said. I especially like that they don't stick to your teeth. The pomengrante is awesome tasting!

I bought it as a snack honestly and it did its job I really liked it but I plan on going and getting more today.

This pkg. is my 4 one, different flavors. They fit right in my bike bag, really helps on over 30 mile rides!!

When I’m m feeling sluggish and craving sugar on a long hike these chews taste great and satisfy y craving.

I ordered 4 or 5 different flavors and they were all good. I have used them for triathlon and kayaking.

Great product. Definitely like it more than the Clif Bloks. Pretty tasty as well. Would recommend.

These quick snacks help boost your energy as you hike past 12,000 feet! And they taste delicious!

Delicious. Tastes of honey and heaven. Perfect to share on the long backpacking hike in or out!

A great punch of juicy goodness when most other trail food is either chewy, dull or dry.

Tastes good works well slow n steady Used them to hike backpacking into the mountains

These are really good. Wish I had brought more for my latest week in the Sierras!

I always have these on hand especially when traveling. A good boost of energy.

Excellent source of energy; loved the flavor too. I will buy again very soon

I love these little stingers- tasty . Easy to eat while biking and paddling

I love the flavor of these. These were very refreshing while on the trail.

I eat these on long cycling trips. Easy to eat on the move and taste good!

Easy to eat even when I’m breathing hard. I hate to chew when I workout

These are really tasty, and great for quick energy along the trail.

Nice tasting. Adds energy. First time I tried it. Will buy again.

Good snack for my trip to the north cascades to see larch maddnes

good luck only eating one pack! Best organic fuel you will eat.

They are great for a small pick me up snack while on the trail.

Very enjoyable on the trail.. A great treat while on the trail.

Tastes great and gives you energy. A bit sticky but worth it.

Wanted to try something different, the taste was excellent

Many tastes for choose, my daughter like this one better.

Great for an energy boost on the trail. Kids loved them.

Great flavor. Go down smooth. Great for long runs/hikes.

The flavor is great, the caffine isn't strong, perfect

A fun gluten-free boost during outdoor activities.

Bonk Breaker is better. Mushy and not very tasty.

Tastes great! Useful when cycling or backpacking.

Good stuff


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