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I purchased these Zamberlans early this summer in preparation for a trip to Glacier Nat. Park. My other choice was the Asolo TPS 520 which did not fit quite as well (I needed a size 12.5 in the Asolo which they don't offer). I just returned from a week of hiking and backpacking in GNP and I loved the boot -- great support, fit perfectly, and no sore spots at all on my feet. I really liked the boot. Unfortunately when I returned home and was preparing to clean the boots I noticed that there were chunks of material missing from the sole of both boots(!?). I was quite surprised as these have Vibram soles. Needless to say I'll have to make a trip to REI to return them. (Kudos to REI's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.) Otherwise the boots appear to be a very high quality well made boot.

I was really impressed with the fit and support of these, boots - Zamberlans generally fit my large, bony feet really well. However, the quality is not up-to-par: the leather split along the outer edge of the sole (see photo), and the soles wear quickly and lose chunks of rubber (as several other users have noted). This is after 3 years of moderate use. In my experience and in this price range for full-leather boots, I expect 6+ years of use, and for the leather to hold up well enough that the boots can be re-soled a couple of times. I recommend other Zamberlan products (or other brands) over this boot in this price range. Note - Zamberlans tend to run large...I normally wear a 13, but wear 12's in Zamberlan boots.

I'll be purchasing another pair of Zamberlan Vioz boots now that I've worn through my first pair. I've been especially pleased with the boots' resistance to water: despite the gaping hole in the leather of my left boot, when I stomp through creeks, the water only slowly filters through to my sock. My right boot, whose leather remains intact, still keeps my toes dry.

When I looked at the reviews on these boots I only found 1 person that had an issue, and that was because the laces broke. I found the laces to be weak but that was a cheap fix. I also needed arch supports (for my flat feet) but other than that these boots are seriously the MOST comfortable boot I have ever had EVER!! You will not be disappointed. A little on the

Probably the most comfortable hiking boots I've owned, and I've owned a lot of high-end hiking/trekking boots over the years. That being said, fit is personal, and these boots are better for a narrow to average width foot. The only problem is that the Vibram soles are failing quicker than any boot I've owned. Large chunks of the outer edge of the soles (the outer lugs) keep ripping off, which seems to be a common problem with these boots according to other reviews. I will need to have my boots resoled long before the soles have 'naturally' worn down from hiking. I'm not sure I can recommend this product until the manufacturer addresses this issue, but I sure love walking in them.

This review is being written as I buy my second pair of these boots, I am sadly retiring my first pair at over 4000 miles carrying apr 300 lbs between me and gear,I live near Yosemite park and have beat these them wet, slid down terrible gullies and basically abused the heck out of them....for me they were a 2day break in, some issues you do need to stay on top of.....while the boots are waterproof, they are leather and without constant repeated water sealing the leather will dry out and crack, and quite honestly if I had done a better job of this I would still be wearing my first pair still, I let them get wet and dry to many times and finally the boot separated from sole at the side toe box, after 4000 miles the center lugs in bottom are worn through to the black main sole,but still grabbed well. So to some it up I have used a lot of boots over the years some lighter, some expedition boots that were heavier i have been completely satisfied with the boot.

Used these boots with no break in period to summit Mt. Whitney in the snow over a two-day period. 6 miles day 1, 15 miles day 2. Carried a 45lb pack the first day to Trail Camp. I got huge blisters, but that was my fault because I didn't have time to break them in. Boots were warm, waterproof and very sturdy. Almost went for the Aslo's that were on sale for $150, but very glad I went for these Zamberlands instead. These will last much longer. The snow kind of tore up the toe of the boot, but some polish and wax will solve that. Spend the extra $ and take care of your feet. If you're feet hurt, your whole body hurts.

I purchased the Vioz GT boots on 7/13/2015. They were very comfortable right out of the box and I wore them around the house for a few days before I hiked them 10 miles into the wilderness. The first day on the trail caused pieces of the sole to break off and this continued for the next 5 days which included day hikes and the 10 mile hike out. I contacted Zamberlan to make a warranty claim and they were very agreeable once they saw pictures of the soles; they acknowledged a bad batch of Vibram soles but could not explain why they had not recalled the defective boots before they wasted my time with this purchase. The warranty policy required that I pay for shipping back to them so I decided to just return them to an REI store - thank you REI. Based on my experience I would not recommend these boots.

I loved these in the store - great looks and sturdy. I also like the walking motion of these boots - they almost seem to propel you forward. Once on the trail (I'm a peak bagger in Utah's Wasatch Mountains) I noticed the vibram sole that comes up onto the toe isn't high enough. I have already scuffed the toes quite a bit. After hiking almost exactly five miles, my big toes go numb...yes, they provide lots of toe space. I don't know if I'll be keeping them as I go much further than five miles a trip! It's too bad since I like the feel and looks of these boots and I expect they would've been my boots for many years to come.

These are the most comfortable and tough hiking boots I've ever worn. Worth the high price tag in my opinion. They required ZERO break in time. I've used them heavily the last two weeks, taking them though lots of deep snow, creek beds and mud (as well as sidewalks), and now don't even think about them. They are completely waterpoof and comfortable and allow zero hesitation or care of where best to step. The ideal boot!

I wore this boot for a couple of weekend trips to Big Sur before using them hiking in East Greenland during the thaw. I have never been so excited about a pair of boots! I averaged 30 km per day with one day at 53 km. My legs and feet were not tired... I had to stop because I was too sleepy! No trails in East Greenland and lots of bouldering and rivers to ford. My feet never got wet (I was also wearing good gaiters) and I never got a hot spot, let alone a blister. I don't know why other people are writing that these boots are heavy? They are actually quite light for this sort of boot.

I purchased these a number of years ago from REI. I live in the Eastern Sierra and they get a lot of use. These have been my favorite hiking/exploring/mountain/desert boots for years. The Gortex sheds water and makes shallow stream crossings a breeze. Sturdy support and comfortable from the outset. The fact they are crafted in Italy is a big plus.

Take it from me, I hike twelve miles a day for a paycheck. I bought these boots and wore them for about an hour in the comfort of my own home, then put them to the twelve a day test. I have had these boats for a week now and have put 48 miles on them and the trails I hike are granite, rough, and unforgiving on the ankles. My first week has been comfortable and sure footed. I put my super feet in when I fisrt got them so I can't tell you much for the insoles that came with them, but over all super comfertable. I highly recomend these boots.... Way to go Zamberlan! If you don't believe me just read thou the reviews were all one and the same....

Comfortable, excellent protection, dry, easy to break-in, and good looking too. I have only had them for a bit over a month but have already logged about 20 days in them. Carrying a heavy pack over cobbled trail, no problem. Crossing streams and stepping in muck, no problem. Walking through grass with heavy dew, no problem. These boots only required 2 days to break-in and never produced a blister or hot spot. They appear to be exceptionally well made and I suspect I will wear them out before they give it up. I will be a repeat buyer! I need a large toe box and these provide lots of room. They fit like a wide, maybe an E.

Great boots. Instead of echoing sentiments of how great they are, I want to explain why some people give these boots 1 or 2 stars.

It's amazing not to have blisters! My finicky blister prone feet have found a match and I'm looking forward to miles and years in these boots.

These are the first hiking boots I purchased when I moved to Colorado. They've taken me on 10 different 14k peaks, 3 20+ mile backpacking trips, some snowshoeing trips, and random hikes ranging from 6-15 miles. They look almost brand new as when I get home I make sure to clean them off, condition the leather and rewaterproof them. I've never had a blister or a hot spot. They're a little heavy but I'll take the extra weight knowing my feet and ankles are supported and dry. I'd recommend this product always and have had a few friends purchase them with the same results. Thanks Zamberlan!

Zamberian men's Vioz GTX boot should not be sold by REI because the soles are obviously defective; and, according to REI reviews, have been known to be defective for years. Both the engineering design and the materials used are defective. I weigh 180 lbs with backpack. After the first 20 miles of hiking, one lug on the sole's edge broke off leaving a large cavity deep into the sole's base. Another small lug fell off and other lugs showed abnormal flaking and chipping of the back material. After 30 miles, much more of the same defects occurred. My reason for purchasing these boots was simple. REI would not have been selling these boots if the problem had not been corrected. My trust in REI has been compromised.

I have had a great experience with these boots. My feet are extremely comfortable and supported in them. Also, they are very durable and have a lot of traction. The one problem i have had came while i was walking for a few hours in melty snow. By the time i left the snow, my socks and feet were very damp. My boots were still wet the next morning. Besides this, they are very waterproof. Walking through mud or water more than a few inches high is not a problem. In general these boots are fantastic. If you are going to use your boots a lot, it is worth the extra 50-100 dollars to buy these. You won't regret spending the money.

I purchased these boots from REI about 1 1/2 years ago. PRO: The boot is very supportive and does not flex when carrying a heavy pack on rocks and roots. CON: After less than 100 miles, the sole started to delaminate from the boot. There appears to be a quality issue, either with the adhesive used or the boot construction. Small chunks of the sole also have come off when hiking on loose rock. I have never had these problems with any other brand of boots I have purchased. A boot that costs this much should last 10 - 15 years with good care. I have a pair of 40 year old Raichle boots that have been resoled once and are as good as new.

Looked great, felt great in store. Wore around house for a few evenings to acclimate to the new boot. First hike out, 3 miler, rocky terrain, blisters on left heel. Took time off to heal. After several flat gravel miles went back to steep rocky trail. HAD to stop after 6 miles. Blisters on both heels. My feet/socks were soaking wet. Wish these boots would have worked out.I have never returned an item back to REI... until today. They were great about the return and focused on getting me into a boot that would fit my needs. Wore the Asolo 95 till the sole was smooth. [...] I'll try the Asolo Fugitive's. Hope they work out as well as my 95's.

I love these boots!

This is a sort of pre-review, as I have only owned the Zamberland Vioz for a few weeks. To date, I have only logged 7 trail miles in them. In 1992, I bought my first 'real' pair of hiking boots: Vasque Sundowners. The real Italian make, not the Chinese knock-offs. I hiked around in these wonderful boots for nearly 14 years before they went South. That is, they started giving me horrible blisters. [...] I don't know what happened to them, but they had to go. Enter the Zamberland Vioz.With several upcoming overnight hikingtrips pending, I decided I needed to invest in a new pair. I knew I wanted the same build and quality of my original venerable Vasques. After reading several reviews [...], I quickly navigated towards the Vioz. Right out of the box, these hiking boots were wondermous![*] The sizing was spot on. The laces seemed about twice as long as needed, but I delegated the extra to double-lacing the hook ends. Perfect. Maybe this is by design. I wore them daily for five days while attending a conference. City walking. No issues. Even when I was hot, my feet were comfy. I used Smartwool socks, and my feet were very happy.Today, after a five plus inch rainfall, I took them out on a seven mile backpacking trip. I loaded up my pack and hit the trail. With all the rain we had, most of the trail was under water. As long as I kept the top of the boot above the water level, the Vioz kept my feet exceptionally dry. Even when I splashed water over the top, my feet were nice and dry. I experienced no issues at all with hot spots, arch pain, toe cramp, or anything that would have dissuaded me from these boots. Very nice indeed! Mid-May I will be taking on a modest 18 mile trip. I expect the Vioz will perform very well. If anything changes, I'll offer up a second review.

I finally wore out my first set after 6 years. There are a select few people on the planet who can resole these boots (there are a couple here in Colorado). I was going to have my boots resoled but I hit a piece of steel on a trail and gouged the leather pretty good.

Went in with the mindset of looking to replace my 10-year-old Asolo backing boots with another pair of new Asolos, (loved those boots but after two soles worth of use, they were done). After about 2 hours of trying new ones on I decide these were by far the most comfortable pair. Having never herd of the brand before I was skeptical but the fit was too good to deny. Just did a short couple mile hike today with them to start the break in process and I was amazed with them - they honestly feel like they are already broken in and I could go for miles. Guess that is what you get when you spend the extra money for quality leather. Two thumbs up.

This was a tough boot to love but it is now my favorite of all time. A relatively stiff boot that will take you hundreds of miles to properly break in. I wore this boot for months before falling completely in love with it. It has great support and many lacing options that helped during the break-in period. If you have the time to invest BEFORE heading out on that long adventure then you couldn't find a much better boot. If, however, you need a pair of boots that are perfect out of the box, then look elsewhere. PS: I LIVE IN THESE BOOTS!

I am well overweight and was looking for a solid pair of boots to replace my 10 year old Danners. I was a little concerned about changing boot brands as I have used Danners for more than 20 years. I walked nearly every day four to 7.5 miles a day. My feet do not hurt anymore. It took a couple of weeks of walking and wearing them all day to get them broke in. At first it was almost like wearing downhill ski boots. Now that I have around 75 miles in them, they are broke in and my feet are loving it. I put them on every morning and don't take them off until it is night. I could not recommend them higher. They have been well worth the money.

Bought these boots after spending a week looking at every Internet Review I could find. These are Zamberlan's number one seller and I can definitely see why.

It is very difficult to provide a meaningful review of hiking boots. No two people are likely to experience the same "fit" in a hiking boot, even if their feet are the same approximate length and width. There is an almost infinite variety in the shape and structure of our feet -- the shape of the arch and heel, length of toes, etc. -- all of which dramatically affect a boot's comfort and fit. Moreover, differences in gait and stance, to say nothing of terrain and intended use, all conspire against broad generalizations. My own assessment of the Zamberlan Vioz GT is therefore, of necessity, highly subjective and personal, other than my observations about its construction and materials.

Due to their reputation, I have wanted a pair of Zamberlan hiking boots for some time now. Still, I did lots of research and looked at various other brands before finally deciding on the Vioz GT. I have worn these on three separate backpacking trips in to the High Sierras, and so far I can say that these are the most comfortable hiking boots I have ever owned. I have not experienced discomfort in one single area of my feet either during or after hiking. Being black, the boots do tend to show marks, but if these boots end up being as durable as they are comfortable, I could not possibly be more happier and impressed with this product!

Best boots ever. Zamberlan makes the world's #1 boots in my opinion. I spent over an house trying on a few different styles from Zamberlan and finally decided on the Vioz GT for the fit and build. I've hiked about 15 hours in them so far and there was really no break in period. Incredible comfort and support. The only complaint I have are the laces. They don't hold tight very long if you tie them casually. You really have to foucs and take your time and get them good and tight and do a double knot at the end to make them hold. But whatever, replace them with a different style and you're all good. Highly recommended. I will only by Zamberlan from now on

I spent days evaluating 7 different boots. My dining room looked like a shoe store for a week while I conducted the analysis. In the end, nothing matched the Zamberlan Vioz GTX. The build quality and fit can't be beat. The foot bed was among the most comfortable and the materials are excellent. But the best feature is the sole design, which seems to move you forward as you walk. It promotes a comfortable gait and doesn't require the toe to flex as much as other boots.

I have one toe that is claw like. Despite taping, it is painful enough to have cost me a full ski season. I had a pair of Eastern Mountain Sports hiking boots that I loved for their roomy toe boxes. I destroyed them on a decent of Mt. Wheeler (Great Basin National Park) when the trail got lost. I was determined to replace them. EMS said that they hadn't had proprietary boots for well over ten years. Zamberlan said that they had never made off-brand boots. I finally ordered a pair of Zamberlan. They look like my beloved twenty-year old EMS boots. My initial hike was two miles up a moderately steep trail, then two miles down a different rough trail. No break-in was necessary. NO TOE PAIN! And the new (to me) rocker-style sole was hardly noticeable.

I purchased this pair of boots in August 2009. I was getting my gear together for a labor day hike this year (2011), and I found the sole had begun to seperate from the boot. I have worn these boots everywhere. I have always thought the craftsmanship to be excellent. The leather is gorgeous. They are comfortable from the street to a muddy creek and everywhere in between. I was beyond upset to discover this problem. I will be attempting to return to rei...

There's nothing quite like a properly fitted boot. The folks at REI can be very helpful in finding the right thing and ruling out others. With my 6' 5" frame and 280 pounds I needed a substantial boot. This fits the bill. Excellent ankle support and lateral rigidity. Even beautiful aesthetics as it is an Italian handmade boot. It has been a pleasure breaking them in. Great traction and the tread design allows a nice roll with each step. This was also one of the few boots that I could find in a size 14 wide. Apparently the issue with the sole crumbling that had been reported in the past couple years has been resolved.

I bought these to be my summer hiking boot. I needed something that would last the test of time. After 2 hikes a total of 15miles my 1st pair had chunks missing from the soles. I don't mean little bits of wear I mean penny size chunks missing.

While the ultimate test of a boot is how well it fits your foot, this boot has surpassed expectations in all ways. I took the chance w/ these new at the begginning of a week long off trail high route in the Sierras and they performed w/out a blister and protected the feet from all kinds of hazards. The love relationship has continued in the years since. Yes the leather scuffs up but they have held up great.

I can't seem to get more than about 900-1000 miles out of a pair of these boots. Moreover, there doesn't seem to be much of a break-in requirement--I can do a 10-miler in them right out of the box. Where's the fun in that?

I just got back form my first trip backpacking with these new boots. The trip was a 4 day backpack trip carrying a 60 lb pack in Montana. All I can say is that these boots were exceptional and I have no complaints. Before taking them out for the first time I did wear them around to break them in, but honestly I'm not sure they needed that much to break them in. They were very comfortable on the trail and didn't feel bulky or cumbersome at all. I did put in Superfeet insoles as I do with all my hiking boots so I cannot vouch for the stock boot insoles. I do have a narrow foot and I feel like they fit pretty well. All around I'm very happy about this purchase.

These are great hiking boots. I wore them on 3-week trip to Europe, which included a two-week hike along the Rota Vicentina, on the southwest coast of Portugal in the fall. We had all kinds of weather conditions including several days of heavy rain. The boots don't leak! Also, we had all kinds of terrain, including some rock scrambles, sand dune hiking and loose scrabble...the boots have great traction.

I got this boot because I was going to go walk around NYC in the rain, of all reasons. I took a trip to REI and happened upon the 20% off sale PLUS my dividends were available. So, I was like 'I'm gonna get a sweet pair of waterproof boots.' So far I've got about 20 miles in them in all kinds of terrain and they are just starting to show a little sign of breaking in. Without the break in though, I think they are totally comfortable. They are very warm - perfect in rain, and the durability is obvious when you walk around in them for a bit. I also have a pair of Lowa's that I love for light hiking, but I really feel the Zamberlan's would be fine for light hiking too.

I purchased a pair of High Tech boots and wore them out in less then a year. When I purchased them I wore them almost a 2 months before they were broken in enough to hit the trail. Even after the 2 months they were tough on my feet but I wore them any way. In less than a year the soles wore out only hiking. I returned them to REI and asked for suggestions. The sales person recommended the Zamberlan, I wore them around the store and they felt GREAT! The next Sunday a friend, my wife and I hiked mailbox peak, I wore these boots the whole way with out breaking them in. They were fantastic, if you have ever hiked mailbox you know the terrain and the pain that follows. I was ready to hike it again by Wednsday, Bob and Therese were sore for 2 weeks. I would recommend these boots to everyone that is an adventurer!

I bought these in June 2010 for a July trip to the wilderness around Calgary. Boots fit perfect out of the box with zero break in time. Here i am roughly 18 months later looking to buy a new pair of boots. These still have a year of wear left in them and I have worn them 5-6 days/ week for the past 18 months. By far the best boots I have ever bought. They are substantial boots, not lightweights, but not overly heavy at all. They take polish/shining well and look almost new. Sole inserts are showing some wear, but I will repalce those. Saying that I typically pay $120 every six months for a lightweight pair, I would highly recommend the extra money.

At first, I thought these boots were funny-looking. I actually tried on all the other brands designed for heavy backpacking because I was reluctant to try these because they looked different. I asked the gal to bring out a pair just to reaffirm the choice I had made. The second I slid my foot into the first boot, I was amazed at how it hugged my foot. From that moment, there was no turning back.

I bought these boots roughly 5 years ago and am so glad I did. I had actually purchased a pair of Oboz that killed my feet, but fortunately REI allowed me to reruen them and exchange them towards the purchase of these. While I mainly stick to established trails, I have to say I am impressed with how well these have held up over the years. They also give great ankle support, which is important for me because I am a professional at rolling and spraining my ankles while hiking. The tread grips really well and the the waterproofing is top notch. The only downside is that they can get a little warm in the hotter months, but so do most waterproof boots.

This is a really well-made Italian boot with Italian Vibram soles. That's important, since Italian boots and soles tend to be much better quality than boots made in Asia, Eastern Europe, or, sadly, the U.S. And the nice surprise is, they cost five dollars LESS than the inferior-quality Asolo boots. You won't likely want orthotic insoles, since these boots already have a very developed arch support. (I nested TWO sets of insoles in my old Asolos.) They are pretty heavy, but for the rough mucky trails of the western Cascades, that frequently end in scrambles, they are pretty much ideal.

Have had them for a month now and couldn't be happier.

I have the Zamberlan 308 and I thought these boots would be a great add on for wet weather. I bought 10 1/2 first which work great for short hikes; less than 4 miles but on my first 8 mile plus I had heel problems which was due to wrong size, my fault. I got the next size up 11's, which were great. I only use wool socks and the boots only go on the trail. I would guess it takes about 40 to 50 miles to break them in. I have to say they felt great with no problems what so ever. I do some bushwhacking hikes and these boots have great ankle support. The problem is with the outer sole. The front of the sole is coming apart and 360 degrees around the sole the paint or what ever they used is also coming off. I take very good care of my boots, but I feel these boots are not made good enough for off trail use, if you stay on the trail these boots will last, maybe? I also notice the letters on the boot tongue are falling off, I know this doesn't effect the boot but what else is going to fail? I told you I exchange the boots, and this all happen in 45 days. If you depend on your boots, be careful. While I give my Zamberlans 308 great review (posted on this site) I would not tell anyone to buy these unless your a trail person only.

Ok, I have never, ever written a review. And the only reason I am writing this one is that I find these boots to be the most amazing piece of outdoor equipment I have ever owned. I am in my mid-40s and have gone through many boots for many different purposes. I know all about breaking in boots, taking care of them, etc., etc. I was a bit busy (no excuse) and didn't get a chance to break in these boots before going to Peru. So I donned these boots, slapped on a 20kg pack and started hiking to the less well know Incan ruins of Choquequirao. Probably the hardest hike I have ever done. And these boots made love to my feet. I was on such a high, my guide and I decided to continue on to Machu Pichu instead of hiking back as planned, despite food and fuel running out. A fantastic experience empowered by a fantastic boot. I cant wait to see where those boots take me next!

Having come to expect pain and black toenails from prolonged downhill trekking, I was (and remain) blown-away. The toe housing is solid and roomy, the well-padded tongue together with snug ankle wrapping, work together to keep the toes from rubbing against "anything". Another wrote of these boots "making love to his feet"; gotta say I can relate. Suggest buying them, as did I, a half size larger.

Great boots, for me they needed NO break in, as I used them from day one with NO foot issues, blisters, hot spots etc. I do K9 SAR, so much of my hiking is off trail though the brush. I have however noted the leather; toe and sides gets cut and scraped easily as it is very soft. I use the leather treatment from Zamberlan often because of this to reseal the leather. It would be nice to see the same boot with a rubber toe protector. Having said all of this, they fit so well, they are well worth it and would buy them again.

I've had these boots for less than a year and they are completely shot. I cleansed and treated these regular as I have done with any of my other boots. The soles were almost entirely worn smooth, and the entire rubber foot bed was separating from the leather. The leather itself was almost worn through on the side at the toe crease.

I bought these specifically to combat a reoccurring achilles problem in my left foot. These boots actually allowed my achilles to heal while being used, because the heal cup in these shoes is not as "tight" or "form fitting" as ones found in other boots. These boots have been completely water tight for me. I've walked through puddles that cover the entire rubber sole of the shoe with no wetness thanks to the gore-tex lining.

These boots live up to all the great reviews! I had a challenge deciding on the best size, ended up going .5 larger and they are perfect. These are a bit stiff out of the box, but they will loosen and soften up fairly quick, so don't go too big. Leather breaks in like your favorite baseball mitt, ankle support best I've experienced, and yet they still move comfortably in all directions. I primarily hike jagged rocky trails in AZ, but never feel the rocks pushing through the very supportive last. I've also had them through rocky creeks and lake shores on the Rim and they were waterproof with good grip. And I mean watertight ankle deep in standing water for extended periods. Wish they had rubber toe cap, but don't let that dissuade you; as many have said these will likely be the best made, most comfortable boot you'll ever have. Worth full price.

Bought these a few months ago to do an end-of-summer backpack that never materialized, so have just done local break-in hikes. I need stiff, protective boots for a toe joint problem and these are just fine, but the left Vibram sole has extreme wear and chunks broken out (same as you can see in photos of other reviewers). The right sole looks new, so this appears to be a Vibram quality control problem. I'm returning them to REI.

These boots and the ones I exchanged them for have the same issues. REI hasent helped remedy the issue. The person at the counter just quoted the warranty to me. And I have emailed Zamberlan and gotten nowhere. The sole prob is all over the internet and neither company is willing to make an exception to the 1year warranty. I suppose 1 year and 4 day hikes is what I can expect for $300. Extremely disappointed.

I bought they boots about 3 weeks ago for a hiking trip to Sedona. We got back a week ago, hiked about 60 miles during the week. Great boots, very comfortable, they fit immediately, no break in needed. I wore them on some dog walks the week before we left to make sure they were ok.

First and foremost, I love these boots. I would have never considered them until a competitor made in the same country started letting their quality go down. Because of that, I bought these thanks to stellar reviews on I tried them on in the store and the only thing I changed was buying a high quality insole. Things I love:

I rarely ever write reviews, but these boots were so disappointing I felt I must. I typically buy a new pair of Asolo's every 1-2 years because the sole has worn down to be totally flat. A friend recommended I try Zamberlan's instead. Three days into wearing these boots, large chunks of the sole began ripping off. By the end of the 10 day trip I was on, these boots were totally destroyed. I have never been more disappointed by a pair of boots.

I wore them for about sixty miles and noticed that the leather on the left toe area was peeling away. The leather looked more like cheap paper than leather once the factory polish was gone. The right boot was okay which maybe means it was a bad batch. I've had a number of pairs of Z's - the previous pair lasted 12 years - but failed due to leather cracking-I thought maybe I put the wrong type of conditioner on them but after the Vioz experience I'm thinking that Zamberlans are not the quality I had assumed.

I bought these boots at the REI in Albuquerque, NM last year during my thru-hike of the CDT. The boots/trail shoes I had started the trail wearing just weren't cutting it after about 150 miles or so....I had to make a change and boy am I glad I did. The Vioz GT are by far the best backpacking boot I've ever worn! They were extremely comfortable from day one, required no real break in and I worn them the rest of the way to Canada. I figure I put about 2,700 miles on them last year through some to the toughest and nastiness terrain any boots could be put through. In fact, I liked these boots so much I bought a second pair and had them sent to my parents. My plans were once the current pair wore out, I'd have my parents send the replacement pair. Good plan but it didn't quite work out. By the time I was finally able to convince myself the current boots had been worn for way too long and needed to be replaced, I was only about 150 miles from finishing and by then too late for my parents to send me the replacement I just kept on going. As you can see from the picture, the boots were pretty well past their prime.

Used them out of the box after only a couple days wearing them around town. First day put in 14 miles and a elevation of 1500 to 5200 to get to hunting camp. No blisters, no hot spots, feet felt great. The next 8 days averaged 8 to 12 miles up and down mountain side with no problems. That was 4 months ago and boots still look almost as good as when I took them out of the box. Just started snowshoeing in them and they work great. Feet are staying warm and dry.

First off I am not a hiker. I work for a class I freight railroad which does alot of industrial work and switching cars in a classification yard. The terrain is horrible and harsh on boots, and your feet. I had a pair of Merrell's that I swore by turn into throw aways in less than 4 months. I've had these boots for almost a month now, and have never enjoyed a pair of boots this much. Anyone who spends all day on their feet knows once your feet start hurting the rest of the day is downhill. So far 12 hours plus with countless miles each day have been no match. The only problem I've had so far is that the laces have been a bit too long, and slipped from the speed lacing.

I have put about 50 miles on these carrying a 40 lb pack, 5-10 miles at a time and these boots have felt broken in since mile 1. I plan on doing several backpacking trips over the coming months and wanted to make sure to have the best boot I could afford, and while these are on the higher end of the price spectrum, they are worth the money. I use a sock liner, merlino wool medium weight sock and haven't had any blisters or hot-spots. The finish scuffs easily but I don't care for shiny boots anyway, as long as they hold up and stay waterproof I will be happy.

My last pair was the older Asolo and they were amazing. After 5 years of everyday wear I think I wore a hole in the gortex lining. So due to the poopie reviews of their updated version I went with these.

Ignoring customary hiking practices and recommendations, I took these boots fresh out of the box on a 50km hike on the pumice stone paths and through the lava beds of the Pacific Crest Trail, in the Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon. So OK, I got one small hot spot on my heel--my fault--but otherwise these were like wearing hightop sneakers with extra support. Based on other reviewers' comments, I was concerned about sole wear on the pumice stone, but unlike their experience I observed no failure of the sole rubber at all, and my boots were supporting 220 pounds moving at a good clip. So these work for me.

I purchased these boots in the REI Virginia Beach store back in May. I was looking for a boot for backpacking/trekking in the Langtang region of Nepal. I just returned from that trek, 12 days hiking over a wide variety of terrain from jungle to high mountains. I summited Tsherku Ri 5000+ meters (more than 16, 404 feet) and Gosaikunda 4395 meters. We crossed several landslides and rock scrambles. This area was hit hard by the 2015 earthquake. Many stream crossings, mud, and a lot of slippery areas going both up and down.

Ok, Chunking faulty soles aside. (for those of you who have no sole) I have never had a problem with Zamby's and chunking though it's obviously not a Zam problem, it's a Vibram problem. I know that doesn't get Zam off of any hooks but this latest pair is the 9th pair of Zamby's 7 of which have been 996s. 4 for me, 3 for women. All have been pretty much bulletproof. I have worn the soles down to having NO tread left on my first pair,, second pair are getting there but a few years left on them, 3rd pair are hanging in there good and fourth pair new as of yesterday. All fit INCREDIBLY GREAT! I will have at least one pair of 996s for "Good" hikers the rest of my life. And I am NOT easy on shoes. On cement ALL day twisting, turning, moving, pushing, pulling, getting down, getting up. These boots are BRUTALLY tough! The lugs for downhill traction are terrific, the undercut midsole means those forward facing lugs work that much better! Whenever I hike I can dig those in and a down hill is sure footed. Heavy rocks with points are nothing for these boots. And the thing about fit for me is this, my feet don't feel constricted in these boots yet they feel snug AND comfortable while moving, climbing, hiking, kneeling.... See above! Never had a hot spot in over 7 years of owning/wearing 996s. They get warm sometimes.... If there is something "bad" about them and that isn't really a bad thing. Not clunky for heavy duty boots! I love my Zamberlans and always will, all other boot makers

I used these for two hikes with a heavy pack, the first 30 miles or so and the second around 50 miles. They're supportive. The sole is very sturdy and hasn't worn much at all. They're comfortable on flat terrain and watertight for stream crossings.

I read all of the reviews below. It makes me wonder why some chose this boot for the task they were trying to achieve. I could do the same as them, but why? For what reason? Some people can break a bowling ball too I guess. Sheesh

I have been hiking regularly for 50 years, can still bang out a 20+ mile, 9000 ft multiple peak day (but not two days in a row!). I have gravitated toward trail runners for most hikes, but like a sturdy boot for winter hiking, backpacking, snow shoeing. Needing new boots I tried on many. Many friends like the Asolo 520, but these Zamberlan just fit my feet a little bit better.

Bought these boots based on the 5-star ratings alone and out of the box, they were beautiful. Thy are certainly constructed with the highest quality. I was excited to try them out. I realized that there would probably be some break-in period so I wore them to work and a few day hikes. They would cause hot spots around my heels, but I summarily dismissed them as part of the break-in period.

I really like the sturdiness of the Boot. The only problem is the chunking of the Vibram sole. It's as if they skimped out on the quality of the sole. The sole only lasts 2-3 days before they start falling apart. It is very weak compared to the boot.

Bought a pair of Asolo Fugitives in 10-1/2 wide and they were too tight. Bought a pair of Lowa Renegade in 10-1/2 wide and they were WAY too tight. So I made the 2 hour drive to my nearest REI and once I tried these on (in 10-1/2 wide) I knew right away that they were the boot I wanted. Very comfortable right from the gitgo but still super supportive. Large roomy toebox so my toes weren't squished.

A solid well made boot - with easy roll off the foot when walking. As runners call it - the easy 'ride' of this boot separates it from competitors. Only the Asolo 520 comes close. In Italian style this is a good looking boot by any standard. Good for heavy hiking, multi-day hikes, motorcycling (waterproof, good traction, ankle protection). A heavy boot, but the support it gives is a good trade-off. For me, took a bit more break-in then the venerable Asolo 520.

Ouch. These boots feel soooo good in the store, but in the field, you need a very large load (I'm 200 lbs and wear a size 8.5) to make them bend, and that doesn't change with use. Without a large load, bending at the toe will bring your heel up instead of bending the boot and then the convex curve over the Achilles acts like a cheese slicer. I tried for a year, with different socks and lacing to no avail. First boots and first large REI purchase I've ever had to return--[...]

Bought this boot in Sandy Utah a month ago and I can say that it is the most supportive and yet comfortable boot I have ever owned. IT has great support in the heel and foot, while having soft leather in the spots necessary to accommodate my hard to fit foot. The size 14 fits my foot very well due to it's adaptable platform, although I often have to order a size 15 in other brands.I now wear them all the time.My experience with REI has been outstanding. People would be nuts to buy boots from anyone else! I am proud to be a member of REI!!!

I need to be clear about these...they are really, really good, tough boots...but after hiking almost 250 miles of the Appalachian Trail (AT) in them, including a recent stint of over 130 miles of PA rocks, I just can't wear them anymore.

After 11 years wearing crampon-compatible mountaineering boots on backpacking trips, I finally couldn't take it and went to REI to find something lighter and more friendly to my feet. I was steered to the Asolo's and Zamberlan's, choosing the Zamberlan due to the higher volume of my foot. Felt great immediately. Took them out with almost no break in on a 6 day trip up to Lymen Lakes and Spider Gap in Glacier Peak Wilderness. Rained like hell for two days and I was the only one in my group with dry, comfortable feet. 40 miles later and I'm happy as a clam. Best boots I have ever owned, so far.

This is probably the best trekking boot made. Superb Italian craftsmanship, one of the few Italian brands to still be made there. Impeccable stitching and the absolute best boot leather. A super trekking boot. People writing reviews that state things like- "sole wore out after using for 9 months as a work boot on concrete, pavement...) etc, should be ignored- these are not work boots (duh). This boot does what it is designed to do, it was born and built in the shadow of the Dolomites by a family that has been doing only this since 1929 and is personal friends with the family that created Vibram. These boots rock and I would take the negative reviews here with a huge grain of salt. I have used these all over Norway (wet and boggy), the Dolomites (dry and rocky), the Alps, and the Cascades- a bit of both. These are bomber boots.

I live in Southern California, close to Idyllwild. I try to put 20+ miles on the local trails every week. From the moment I put the Vioz GT on it was comfortable. No break in at all. From dust to mud to rocky terrain they have performed beautifully. They are extremely well made. For me they are just the right stiffness and weight.

Recently I purchased a high-end hiking boot.

Great boots. My feet is very picky and I was never happy with my boots until I got these. Tried them on all the terrains, dry and wet, with heavy backpack. Be careful when walking on screes since the leather could be damaged by sharp rocks. I normally use size 12 and got 13 in this case and it fits perfect with two layers of socks. Will buy new pair when this one wears down.

Having been born with flat feet in the late 50's, coupled with a bullet through the left side of my left foot, I'm sure the reader can see that I have a special relationship with my feet.

This boot delivers tank-like support. I use it camping, backpacking, some day hikes, and winter outings in washington state. I have owned them for over a year now and they are in amazing shape. I have hiked in them mostly in Arizona where the boot conditions can be rough with all the rocks. So far they are the best pair of boots I have ever owned. They can be a bit heavy so if the trail conditions are flat and easy and I am not carrying a lot of weight, I wear my merrell moab ventilator's. I recommend trying them on at REI and giving them a try. Extreme comfort and never a blister or hotspot!

These boots replaced a pair that I had worn for a number of years and they have been terrific. I have not carried a load with them but I have put about thirty miles on them during my daily walks to make sure they were properly broken in. They have been really great with very little break in required.

Returned a pair of Merrell Boots that were cutting into my upper ankel. The Zamberlans I received in return, were extremely comfortable and well made. Have been on a number of long hikes with them, and I love them!

Only wore these boots a few miles on mainland hikes. Just sitting in the closet, the midsole decomposed and separated from the upper. The GM at Zamberlan wrote "We do not manufacture this part of the boot but buy the component from Vibram." and refused to take any responsibility.

I wear these boots on day hikes in my area, some of which are over 10 miles in length over varied terrain. From pavement to sharp rocks to sloppy mud, these boots have held up! The traction and support are excellent. The boot is stiff, but my ankles are a little weak, and that is why I bought them. There was no break-in period whatsoever.

Most of my hiking is done in the North Georgia, and for that application the boots do the job supremely. I have been in wet/dry conditions, rugged/mild conditions, and almost every condition Georgia can throw at you except the snow and they have performed brilliantly.

I must pay these boots the respect they deserve. First, i have had these boots about 2 years and have put hundreds of miles on them from both hiking and wearing the in the streets. This is not a review from someone who just bought these.

I have wide feet, and have worn several pair of the Vioz in the past. It has been my go to boot, because it fit well and held up to working and backpacking. However, I recently tried a new pair in wide sizing, and the fabric liner was loose to the extent it would fold over in places when I put my foot into the boot. I pointed this out to the salesperson at REI, and he agreed that would be a problem. He then went in the back and checked several other pair of Vioz boots, and they all had the same problem. It may just be a bad batch of boots, but it would appear Zamberlan has made changes to their production process that has resulted in lower quality boots. Too bad, as they used to be my favorite boots. Gotta keep looking for a quality boot that fits well and is built to last..

I really love this boot. Everyone has a different foot size and shape, but the 9 fits me perfectly, which is about 75% of the battle. As much as I loved my old Zamberlan Civettas for about 13 years, my feet have grown somehow (as I've gained weight?) and they became "too small." The Viox seems bigger even though it's the same size--mid-volume versus low-colume, or so I was told at the REI shoe dept. Anyway, I was also told to walk on flat ground for 10-30 miles with no pack to break them in, and probably didn't do more than 2 miles before my first climb--nary a problem with break-in/hot-spots. They fit like they were made for me, keep me warm (generally) and dry (always). Great support and traction. I've got a solid 75 miles of hiking on them and have never had a complaint.

Best boots I've ever owned. They are strong and powerful like a mountain lion. Very comfortable from day one. They do break in after a couple weeks, but they are perfectly fine right away. I have trekked on day hikes with these with no pack, and on long hikes with a heavy pack. They are fantastic in pretty much every way. Might get a bit hot in hot weather, but you can't deny the support and comfort. A good pair of boots will make everything easier, and these are the best.

I wish I'd had these boots my entire life. They were great on day one, and now, after a summer of hiking in them, in heat and in rain, I love them just as much. Totally waterproof (if you wear gators), strong on sharp rocks, more scuff resistant than I expected. SUPER comfortable, fantastic ankle support. When these wear out I will buy the same boots again.

I bought a pair of these a couple of months ago, and I've put in nearly 75 miles on them on various trails, including some technical hikes in the Sierra and the Canadian Rockies. There was nearly zero break in required. I've seen none of the tread disintegration that others have experienced. Most of my hikes with these boots have been day hikes (some as long as 14 miles in a single day), but I have done a 1-night backpacking trip with them. I've found these to be very comfortable and provide very good foot/ankle support. I have narrow feet, but these worked out perfectly.

These are the boots I've been looking for (apologies to Obi-Wan)! Bought a pair in Germany many years ago. Wore them out after ten years of daily use. Even had them resoled but the cobbler botched the job. For thirty years, I've bought sub-par stuff that never measured up.

Pbville update: I bought these in August 2019. I noticed after my last hike the soles are separating in chunks at the heal. I've only hiked about 35 miles on a mix of sandstone and granite rock. Unfortunately I'll be returning them.

Just purchased these to replace a pair of worn out Asolo's. They were comfortable right out of the box. Thus far I've only done a few "break-in" hikes and worn them while doing yard work - so far so good. They fit well, are very comfortable, waterproof, offer good support and traction.

I bought these boots for hunting as well as hiking with a little backpacking and I am very pleased after my first hike. After about 4 miles today I would not expect to exceed 10 miles for full break in. This is a very stable boot that is extremely easy to walk in on varied terrain due to a rocker style sole design. Traction is excellent and they appear to be very water resistant. They fit about a half size small and do not seem to be too narrow. I have a strained achilles and the support was fantastic, I could have hike for several more hours. Very pleased with the purchase.

Purchased these at my local REI store after being assured by Zamberlan USA that the "previous sole issues had been corrected." These boots were amazingly comfortable right out of the box and fit me better than perhaps any other hiking boot I've owned. After wearing them a few hours each day for a week, I left for my annual trip to Big Bend National Park, where I typically do day hikes of 2-5 miles. I was absolutely impressed with the comfort and performance of this boot, particularly the stability and grip they provided on loose, rocky ground.

I have had these boots for just under a year and have a few miles on them. The soles are holding up just fine unlike I read in some other reviews. They are definitely waterproof, the trails in New England have been very sloppy these past few months and have kept my feet dry. The boots are also very comfortable and supportive--great for carrying loads. Now the negatives--they're heavy and hot. A more important ding is they are not suitable for scrambling--the soles have very little flex so there's not much when you're climbing over boulders. Still, they are good boots

I weigh 230 lbs and squat 270lbs. I live at 8,300' ASL in the Colorado foothills, and I destroy boots. I've worn a pair of "mid-weight" boots out in six weeks. When La Sportiva first came out, they were superb, but I've been disappointed in their latest offerings. I tried these Zamberlan boots on in the store about six months ago, and bought them on the spot. You can twist the sole of most of today's boots, but these are rock solid. I wear them almost every day. They're not insulated, but I don't want insulated boots. The fit is excellent, and they're made very, very well, with craftsmanship. If you're small and lightweight, they might be stiffer than you want, but that's about the only reservation I might have.

So comfortable it can be wore all the time. you will experiance more moisture produced from within the boot, although the goretex deals with that suprisingly well.

I'm not the type of person that writes reviews, but being that I read and utilized the comments provided from others in my purchase decision I decided to give one as well. I bought these boots about 6 months ago and am extremely happy. I have used these Zamberlan's for about a dozen hikes - for training and then on a 10-day Patagonia trip with a 55lb pack. This was the best purchase that I made in 2019! They are extremely comfortable to the point where I didn't want to take them off after an 11-mile local trek (not hyperbole). The only concern that I had when buying them was about the sole since others said that it fell off in chunks, but that is definitely not the experience that I have had. I take care of them and clean them regularly to avoid bacteria in mud/dirt from eating away at the glue (which I learned you should do with all footwear). I expect to have these boots for many years and like that I can replace the sole eventually. I am a customer of Zamberlan now for life. Oh and I did need to break them in but not nearly as much as expected being that they are all leather. I would say the only negative for some might be that they are heavy but that is expected in such a complete "s$%!-kicker" shoe. Hope this helps! You won't be disappointed.

These are one of the best hiking boots I have ever owned. After the initial break in period, they are super comfortable on my feet. So much so that I have a hard time not wearing them everywhere. The treads grip so well that, at times, they don't seem to want to let go of the rocks. I have worn them in dry, wet, and snow conditions and they have performed well in all situations. I will resole when the time comes and buy other Zamberlan boots based on the performance of these.

I bought these about three months ago, working with a sales associate at the REI Anchorage store who recommended these boots over a comparable pair by Asolo. I wore them on walks around Anchorage and had no particular problem breaking them in. Last month my wife and I did about 70 miles of walking in England, four days on part of the S.W. Coastal trail in Cornwall and five along Hadrian's Wall in north England. I particularly appreciated the support these gave me on the rougher parts of the S.W. trail, from St. Ives south. No blisters, reasonably comfortable (I have to wear a custom orthotic, however spelled, that tends to throw off the fit on shoes - when I first started wearing the orthotic my high end Asolo boots, the most comfortable I had ever owned, became unwearable). Waterproofing on the Zamberlan boots was fine, even when I sank one leg to mid calf in a bog. They are expensive, but I expect to use them for years to come. Good boots, no regrets getting them.

I got these boots spring 2010 and have done over 40 hikes of the New England 4000 footers and they have serpassed my expectations. They are the best boot I have ever bought:)

After destroying my last several pairs of boots I bit the bullet and went for the higher end models. It was a toss-up between these Zamberlans and the Asolo TPS 520. The Asolos may have better ankle support but the scales tipped in favor of the Zamberlans overall. They have better arch support, are more supple out of the box, and just plain fit better. I have a few hundred miles on these boots now and am extremely comfortable with my decision. They are holding to my daily abuse up very well and I'm looking forward to many adventures to come with these boots on my feet.

I am a Scout Leader and I regularly backpack in the local mountains and the Sierra's. I have been looking for a good boot to replace my Raichle's that I simply wore out. I tried several (ok all) of the boots at the local REI and this was the most comfortable in the store. I wore them all week before a 6 mile loop through Castle Rock State park with my Troop and they are probably the most comfortable boots I have ever owned.I have bad knees and bad boots make my feet and my knees hurt. These boots are so darn comfortable that I wear them to work!

I work as a railroad conductor and walk 10-15 miles everyday on extremely uneven and rutted surfaces consisting of loose, large, sharp granite ballast. Most work boots are heavy and clumsy. Most hiking boots have soles too soft for the ballast which result in feeling the sharp edges against pressure points on my feet. The Voix GTs offer a lightweight, waterproof boot with solid yet flexible sole. I literally bought the boots in the afternoon and wore them all night in the rain and could not believe how comfortable and dry my feet felt. Perfect boot for hiking and work if you do not require a steel or composite safety toe. Don’t shy away from the price.... the cost is justified in the quality and comfort they provide.

This boot, although pricey, is worth every penny. I just came back from Lake of the Woods near Lake Tahoe, on a very rocky trail of 3 miles with a 38 pound pack. I weigh 220 pounds. At the end, no sore bottom feet! And there were no hot spots! Thus, no break brake is needed. Very high quality. Loving it.

Bought these a couple of months ago but wanted to get some mileage on them before giving a review.

I now have 70 backpacking miles on these newly purchased Zamberlan boots. They fit perfectly when I tried them at the REI Store. I recently backpacked 30 miles (50+ pound backpack) with these boots in the rugged mountains south of Lake Powell, AZ, on the Navajo Nation Reservation, climbing and descending on steep slip-rock. Also going through water to test the waterproof capability of the boot. They got a very hard workout. No blisters, hot spots or water leaks. When descending at a 45 degree angle many hundreds of feet at one time the boot held my feet securely and there was always room for my toes, so they never jammed. I am using the cream and spray recommended by the manufacturer for the care of these boots and that is working well. I highly recommend these boots, provided you get the right fit from the onset.

I am a Lineman, I use these Books for work. Work for me can sometimes be a 32 Hour day. I need a boot that I can climb in and stand in for long periods of time. The other night it was 30 degrees, I worked 24 hours straight and I was comfortable. I bought 2 pair so that I can rotate them every so often. These are tough boots and they last a long time. For me there was no break in period, I took them out of the box and started using them. Excellent boot for the money considering the extreme conditions I put my boots through. I would definitely recommend this product.

I was having terrible feet pain after long hikes because of my flat feet and outdated hiking boots. I'm a tall and heavy guy (6'1'' - 190lb) and needed the maximum support for my feet and my back. Those shoes are amazing: They are very sturdy. The hard leather grain combined with a green super feet made my problems disappear. I can walk 15 miles a day with a heavy backpack and they'll support it. They are extremely comfortable, warm and yet will keep you dry in hot weather. I use them in the summer to hike in the Malibu mountains (temperatures sometime exceeding 95F) and if worn with the right hiking socks, I don't sweat and don't feel too warm.

Purchase with caution!

Planning on Section BackPacking the AT and needed something that was going to last. I chose these boots because of the numerous positive reviews. They have not disappointed. I have not experienced any break in discomfort, the boots have been super comfortable since day 1. Quality and craftsmanship is top notch. Well worth the price.

On my 4th pair, they have changed over the years but for the better each time. I check out the other boots every time I get a pair but nothing better yet. Wear them every day as other people wear shoes, keep my knees, hips and back aligned nicely.

I walked around your Berkeley store for about 2 hours trying different boots. These were not the most comfortable, but they fit like a glove. Now, after a long break-in period, months really, they are incredibly comfortable. I don’t do a lot of hiking with the boots, I use them for work in a large, high paced retail tire store. I’ve spent a fortune on Red Wings, but the Zamberlans are better for my feet. I put em on at 7am and find myself still wearing them around the house at 9pm because they are still so comfortable. I’m thankful for such a good shoe.

OK. I am a very picky consumer. Tried on dozens of backpacking boots. Then bought and actually tested out 6 pairs (not all through REI). These were the winners by far.

I bought these boots about four months ago and have been wearing them everyday since. I experienced a little longer break in time than I expected, but I have never gotten a blister in these boots. It just takes a while to get the leather to be flexible. I have hiked several times in these boots and they have been extremely comfortable, lightweight, supportive, and have great traction on rocks, and roots. I just did a 12 mile hike up a rugged 6000' mountain in Western North Carolina, and the boots performed flawlessly.The salesman talked me into buying Superfeet insoles to put in them and I finally got smart and threw the insoles in the garbage. The boots are much more comfortable without them. I liked the boots so much my wife got a pair also. Although I haven't had them very long, they seem to be pretty durable so far. Great Boot for anyone!

Wore these boots for 9 days on Kilimanjaro. Super warm and waterproof with great traction. I broke them in over several weeks doing about 50 miles on local trails. Just the tongue was stiff for the first few miles, but I could have gone straight to Kili after that. I usually get cold feet, but these boots kept my feet warm every day even below freezing temps with only one pair of smartwool socks. Best purchase I made for the trip.

These boots are the best descenders I have ever worn. My toes stay away from the front perfectly. The support is great. Traction is as good as it gets.

Just got done doing an extended backpacking trip in the Los Padres National Forest 10+ miler with a 40+lb pack. After wearing these boots for over two weeks to work and just around town and what not trying to break them in I figured I wouldn't have any issues with break in. About 1 mile into my trip my left heel was rubbing causing a blister to form. About 2 miles in my right heel started to form a blister. After the end of the hike I was wearing two pairs of socks with bandaids and tape and moleskin. By the time I was done with the entire trip my feet had a total of 5 blisters. I also found that I was having to really tighten the laces a lot. The boots also scuff really easy and the laces are too long and the eyelets are already discoloring. I feel for the cost of this boot and that they are made in Italy they should be better quality and fitment issues. I also feel that the eyelets are to close. Need a rubber toe cap to keep wear down.

Bought this boot on the yearly return sale. There were small scuffs on the toe as the original owner must have already done some serious hiking, but nothing too cosmetically unpleasing. This boot rocks! Awesome ankle support and the Gore Tex is perfect. I have walked through and stood in streams and my feet have remained dry. Not the lightest boot, but I feel like I have tanks on my feet and that I can conquer anything.

I give them the highest rating possible because the boots feel like they were custom made for me! Great support, comfortable, rapid break in, and made in Italy- the home of many great artistic endeavors including Ferrari and Lamborghini and Bianci bicycles among others. Those Italians really produce great quality products, and since Italy is shaped like a boot, it seems only fitting that the Italians produce great boots!

I've had these a few years now and they have at least a few hundred miles on them. My hiking is mostly in the San Gabriels and the Sierra, so fairly rugged terrain of all types. Mostly longer day hikes, sometimes carrying a heavier pack. These boots are like pillows for my feet - both stiff and protective but comfortable at the same time. I've had no issues with them at all and they've held up very well. Great traction in all conditions and terrains. Don't love the grayish black color (wish they'd do a brown) but worth it for how awesome these are.

I bought these boots 2-3 years ago after finding out the hard way that the Lowa boots I had previously purchased - despite being comfortable in their own right - were definitely NOT good for my annual mountain hiking trips, and boy am I glad I did. I love my Zamberlans, and after logging probably a couple hundred miles in them (a significant amount of which has been up and down 14ers in CO) I have yet to get a blister. I think the way I walk is kind of hard on my feet, because after a long day the dogs are barking no matter what I'm wearing on them, but these have been by far the most comfortable boots I've owned. The rigid soles are great for uneven terrain with rocks and whatnot. I raved about them enough that my dad decided to ditch his Asolo boots and give them a try, and he loves them too. Obviously they won't be good for everyone, but they definitely get my seal of approval.

I have only worn these boots on three hikes in the Sedona, AZ area, totalling about 16 miles on the Vultee Arch/Sterling Pass Trails, the Thunder Mountain Trail, and the West Fork Trail. I am very pleased with how comfortable they are, the ankle support they provide, their traction on wet rocks, and their water resistance. I tested their ability to protect my toes by running down the Sterling Pass Trail from the pass to the valley floor on the Vultee Arch side, and was delighted with the results. I'm 58, weigh about 185, and wear a size 12.

I’ve owned these boots for years and have a lot of miles on them in all conditions on varied terrain. They were perfectly comfortable right out of the box and I’ve never blistered with them. The leather outer has been scratched, scuffed, and has deteriorate over time despite maintenance, but they’ve remained waterproof. The soles are good, but they’ve lost chunks of the lugs at the perimeter. At first, I thought it was sharp lava rocks shaving them off, but that doesn’t account for all of them. This is a five-star boot with a three-star sole.

Lacing system allows the perfect balance of support and flexibility for backpacking and I love the aggressive tread on these for off-trail hiking. My first pair lasted through 4 years of backpacking, kicking steps in snow, rock scrambling, bushwhacking, tree work and easy 5th class climbing. After all that they are still waterproof to the top and have good traction even though the tread is almost flat.

This is a heavy-duty boot that is great for backpacking and any place you want extra support and protection for foot and ankle. The amazing thing is that they felt comfortable the moment I put my foot into the boot. I know better, but I bought the boots the day before a backpacking trip. With no break-in, the boots performed fabulously with no friction points over the course of the 3-day trip. They just fit my flat feet right out of the box. They were much more expensive than the other boots that I was considering, but a good value overall.

I just wanted to add to my previous review since I havent worn these boots in the snow yet,until yesterday.I went for a 5 mile snowshoe hike in the Cascades and the boots were nice and warm,my feet didnt get cold or wet.The Temp was about 30 degrees.There is no nub on the back of the boot for the rear strap on the snowshoe but it wasnt necessary as the strap stayed in place at all times.To sum it up,these boots worked perfectly for snowshoeing and so far my only complaint is that they are very warm hiking boots for the summer,but I knew that when I bought them.I Love these boots,they're the best boots Ive ever owned and well worth the money.But like I said in my previous review,if your foot is wider than a EE,then they may be too tight for you.

Searched for months for a pair of:

What can I say but, wow! Out of the box without any break-in hiked a 4 mile trail with 3000ft elevation gain and in great comfort. In between sizes, so I went with the larger size and am glad. Heel locked in perfectly, foot never slid forward in boot on the way down. A week later took them backpacking up to Lake Constance and the were just awesome. Have owned Vasques, Merrills, and recently Asolos and frankly none of them fit me as well as these. If the soles hold up well these are my boots forever. Initially was worried soles we're too "luggy" and raised heel would be a problem, but I was wrong. On the expensive side, but in the wilderness worth every cent. On top of all this : leather boots made in Italy! The love child of a tank and a Ferrari!

Based on my experience backpacking for many years, Zamberlan boots are comfortable, sturdy and reasonably water repellent. The new version of the Vioz is slightly higher than the old version, making them better in creeks and shallow water. My recommendation is to go to REI to try them on in order to get the correct size. I was able to try on four or five different size and width combinations before purchasing. If they feel at all snug in the store you will regret it on the trail. I've never had a blister wearing a Zamberlan boot :)

I buy a boot by the shape of the last (sole design). I have a slightly curved foot shape. I want the boot shape to fit my foot shape. I find that for any shoe this is the best way to avoid blisters. This boot fits my foot very well!. My first two days using these boot out of the box accumulated 14 miles over ruff turain. I developed a blister on the upper right heal but the rest of my feet where very comfortable. The blister has not reoccured. My hiking is mostly in Cascades of Washington State. This year that has included a wide range of trail conditions including late season snow. The Voiz GT boots have preformed very well in all conditions. Dry, comfortable feet have been the benefit. I ware a size 12 D width and thse boots have fit my feet well.

Bought these to replace some similar Asolo boots I had for roughly 12 years. Pleased to find regular width works for my wide feet. Still breaking in but have managed to get through somewhat long hikes. A little heel slipping that I need to find out how to rectify, but overall very sturdy, great both up and down hills. Basically believe all the other good reviews of this boot!

I have had these boots for 2 years now. I purchased at REI after wife bought Asolo's for XMAS. The Asolos were very narrow in the toe box even though I have a medium foot size. An REI associate had me try on the Zamberlan's. I broke them in for a couple of weeks on flat hikes. My first 6 mile, 5200' hike yielded a small blister. After that hike, they were fine. These are tough leather boots. They will require a little bit of break in time but they should last a while. They are very supportive for White Mountain hiking which is usually 90% rocks! I also own some mid-height Merrell GoreTEX fabric hiking boots but these are too soft for hiking on rocks with a pack. 2 years and many hikes later, my boots are fully broken in. They have scuffs and scrapes but still retain waterproof capability and are very comfortable. Last hike was 10 miles and 2 complaints. I would absolutely buy these boots again!

Just got these boots for a present and so far so good. They are very comfortable, not too stiff, easy to lace up. I don't hike regularly so I'm hoping to get many years out of these (replaced a pair of Raichles that lasted 20+ years). They have good support and traction for non-pack hiking around. A bit pricey for boots with a glued sole, but the fit/finish is pretty good.

These are solid boots. I've put about 200 miles on them through all kinds of conditions: rain, snow, slush, marshes, rocks, sand, etc. They've been pretty bullet-proof through it all. I was really surprised that after hiking in mud for a full day my socks were a bit damp, but not nearly as soggy as I would have expected. The waterproofing has been really reliable.

My wife and I moved from Phoenix to Colorado Springs in August 2010. I haven't owned or really needed a warm pair of boots in 13 years. I researched boots for a couple of months and settled on these after trying on 20 different pairs. These boots are great for extremely cold weather, this past winter we had some cold spells below 0 degrees for a couple of days at a time. For some this may not be too bad, for my phoenix, flip flop wearing feet, it was cold. These boots were awesome in the moderate snow fall and some solid winter hikes. They've been in hiding since the cold weather and can't wait to get back out. They do take some time to soften up a bit before they get comfy and the tongue did rub a bit on one ankle for a while. But now they are awesome.

I bought these about 2 months ago at the local REI and it won over the Asolo's of the same caliber due to its price and its 'Rocker' like step. It actually makes a difference in a hike. Initially I received some early heel discomfort but in the shoes defense I was wearing regular tube socks which was a mistake. I ended up buying some REI hiking socks and no more heel issue. Go figure. Ive put on about 50 hiking miles on these so far and I love them. They are a tad on the heavy side but I like the support. They also do not breath all that well but I was also willing to accept that for the extra support. I have bad feet and I finally can hike 5+ miles at a go. This is a big deal for me. So the added weight and lack of breathability is a minimal sacrifice.

I wore these for a year and kept expecting them to get comfortable, but I continued to have problems. I stopped wearing them when I grew concerned that they were doing lasting damage to my feet. The sole is also problematic. It was hard to find secure footing on slippery rocks and other smooth surfaces. The toe area is very tight. One of the outer lugs also ripped off. The only good experience I had with them was snowshoeing. I love the Zamberlan EVO, but don't recommend these.

These are by far the best all around boots I've ever owned. They have performed flawlessly in every condition from light day hikes to light mountaineering(Mt Adams). The break-in wasn't bad it took me only about 4 miles on the wonderland trail at Mt. Rainier, and the worst thing that happened was a small hot spot on the back of my heel.

I really like the boot. I am a lineman and hike and climb poles a lot. They are nice and light and, good to climb in. I will say this tho, they need 2" more on top. I would call it a 6" boot. They are not too strong feeling on side hills. I really had to watch my step. My crew wear the Zamberlan Lynx, and I think I am going to have to go to that model for the 8" height. It's litterally the same boot, but different colors and 6,8,10 or 12" options on height. If your on a good trail these are great. Beat the pants off my La Spirivas

I was looking for a pair of leather hiking boots that I would be happy with for many years. I think I found them with the Zamberlan. My foot is a difficult fit, but these boots fit like a glove. They are extremely comfortable and require little break-in. I did the waterproof test by standing up to the cuff in an ice cold puddle for a few minutes with no leaks.

Sizes not consistent with North American feet. I am a 9.5. These boots are made in Europe with euro sizing only. 43 usually fit me but are too tight here and are called sz 9; but sz 9.5 here is called "9H" which is a 44 which is too long so there is no happy medium. Overall nice boots but fit too narrow so I kept the 9H with a long boot but less tight.

First, before I start whining, I should make it clear, beyond the regular (non-wide) cramping boot width, there should be no confusion about the quality and sturdiness of this boot. They felt bullet proof, and aren't coming apart anytime soon. If you like a heavy boot, and want to backpack for long trips over rough terrain, these would likely perform admirably for you. Hell, if you like kicking things that wouldn't ordinarily give, these are the boot for you. I'm sure if the left boot had matched the labeled size of the right one I'd have no doubt learned to cope with their ample weight and enjoyed them for 2-5 years. Before I detail my litany of criticisms, I should also point out I have pathetic feet. Despite my decent fitness level, my relatively small and flat feet (for a man) measure about 10.5 to 11" as an average shoe size, and almost no natural arch in my sole at all.The problem with these boots for me was that I tried on the size above and below 11" at the store, but both were profoundly ill-fitting, either comically too large or too small. I finally settled for my average with the 11"s, and over time even these, the best size on offer wound up hurting my feet more than helping. The left boot in particular had what seemed to be a smaller toe box than the right, and because they're so heavy, started feeling like one of those old Polio correction shoes might, curving my foot awkwardly and bruising it inside of a few hours. What's really weird is the right boot (sized exactly the same) fit comparatively well. I started imagining it might be my own mutant feet with one being smaller, etc., but I've never encountered anything like this with a spate of different shoes and boots throughout my life.On top of the narrow toe box (on small feet no less) the weight adds too much to the work for me. I'm 6'2" 190 and in decent shape, and these still just feel cumbersome. You go from mobility/agility and rock jumping in one second, to bricks wrapped in leather the next. If you're like me and won't compromise athleticism for durability, you won't like these is my guess. [...] I think I'll be switching these for either the Salomon Quest 4D, or the Lowa Renegade Mid which each weigh about a lb less.

I was having pain in my right arch and decided to try different boots. I won't buy anything made in China so my choices were somewhat limited. I after trying many options, the boot felt great the moment I put it on. I have had these for about 8 months. My biggest problem is that when I wear many of my other shoes - which are all high quality, my arch begins hurting. As a result, I wear my boots even when it really isn't appropriate. I am buying another pair today and will enjoy my [$]. I strongly recommend these boots.

The boots felt great walking around the house. I purchased a 11e. Went out for a few easy miles nothing but heel blisters even with sock liners and foot glide. My toes felt like they were walking on steel, so much so I got a small blister on the bottom of a toe. The superfeet orange and green inserts didnt help. Im not sure what to do now. Its clear there will be a long break in process, and ill need some sort of different insert. I don't see where all the 5 stars are from unless those reviewer boots are super broken in.

Although I do most of my hiking in Florida, I needed a pair of top quality, high performance boots for mountain hiking and backpacking trips in Alaska and Montana. After much on-line research I selected the Zamberlan Vioz GT boots and I am quite happy with the choice. These boots have met all my expectations for comfort, support, and durability when hiking on rocky alpine trails, when hiking off-trail including scree and talus slopes, and when carrying heavy backpacking loads. They were also very good on the mushy tundra of Denali Park in Alaska. The Vioz GT boots are well-designed and have a natural "rocker" motion that puts a spring in your step. If you are considering these boots, I offer a few pointers in advance:

In short, these are the best pair of shoes I've ever had. They are extremely comfortable, extremely good looking (in my humble opinion) and so far extremely durable (after 1 year), they look like brand new (and I take good care of them). They're definitely made for hiking or backpacking, but I love them so much that I use for all purposes.

Zamberlan has hit on the nail w/ these boots for sure. I put over 12 miles in them, hiking up to 13,000 ft; without even breaking them in.

First time ever writing a review. The shoe is that good, and worth the price. I like it so much I find myself wearing them to work and on skiing trips out west. They break in quick and I plan to order another pair just in case they stop making them. I chose them because of the great reviews and they lived up to the hype.

These boots are by far the most comfortable boots ive ever had for work, and being a high voltage lineman im on my feet all day and often for 24 hour shift or more. Ive had boots last me nearly 3 years, with 1.5 to 2 years being normal. Ive had these for 1 year and 9 months, however for 14 of those months i wasnt working and they were never worn. The front toe area of both boots has been separating from the soles for a few weeks now, and while i havent noticed them leaking, the right boot finally got too bad to wear and i had to retire them after less than 10 months they were done. Super confortable and 100% waterproof, but im not dropping $300.00 on boots more than once per year. Ive spent more and less in the past, and 18 months is the shortest ive ever had a pair.

The boots are very comfortable with good support. Unfortunately, the material used for the sole is soft and subject to chipping off. After 2 days of use, damage to the treads was severe and the soles need to be replaced. This problem was noted in earlier reviews and it persists. I regret the purchase. Not recommended.

I've bought a lot of hiking boots in my 57 years. This pair is by far, the best I've ever owned. I'm not usually someone to gush over a consumable, but this is truly a quality boot, well made, excellent materials, great design, awesome performance. I'd be surprised if anyone went wrong with a purchase of this boot.

these boots are excellent and absolutely excel in all aspects of use. i've taken these backpacking for over 300 miles in 2 years and haven't ever had a singe problem. not one blister or even a hot spot. they are light waterproof and fit your feet like second sock. even when totally soaked they perform at there best.

I bought the Vioz March 2018. I wear them daily for a water company repairing water mains. These boots have kept my feet dry until January when I needed my feet to stay dry the most. Right boot let water seep in around my toes.

I put about 100 miles on these. Unfortunately I could not get my right foot to stay locked in. Don't think this this was the boot but more my foot. In my time though the leather is fantastic. I feel like they would have lasted thousands of miles. Wasn't over the moon with the grip of the sole but it worked okay. The insole was the lowest point. Not sure why $300 boots don't have better insoles. Really needed more arch support. Wish I would have been able to make them work with my weird foot, I really liked these.

I wore these boots from June through October 2009 backpacking and hiking national parks and wilderness area from the Grand Canyon to Jasper and the California/Northwest Coast to the Rocky Mountain Front Range. My objective was to see climate impacts first hand. They held up through snow, stream crossings (yes, I crossed, emptied them out and moved on), mud and distance with only an eyelet that needed replacement. I have just ordered my second pair. I might add that I had used Danner boots for nearly 30 years.

I have looked at these boots before and decided the cost was too high, so I'd passed on them.

I bought these for 2010 archery hunting in the Colorado Rockies. Day 1 of the hunt required a 4 mile hike into a gulch lying between two mountains in the Collegiate Peaks region. The hike was completed in pouring rain through a combination of dark timber (coniferous) and aspen with about 30% of the hike being through willow bogs, if you know what those are. The purpose of this trek was to retrieve about 400 lbs of elk staged the previous night and carry it back the same way - - an 8+ mile hike in the terrain described above. My partners (4 other hunters) all had the popular "hunting" brands of boots. Interestingly (to me), all of their feet were soaked pretty much the entire time.

These boots are awesome. I got them to replace a pair of Hi-Techs that I had thoroughly worn out. I got them for backpacking. I usually carry a pretty heavy pack (50+ pounds) over some very rough terrain (sharp rocks) and the thick and stiff soles appealed to me. After breking them in with 20-25 miles of hiking they are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. I carried a 60 pound pack over a few miles of very rocky trail with no problem, and my feet felt great at the end. The next day I wore them all day teaching a class, so I didn't have a pack but I was on my feet all day. Afterwards my feet felt great. Even with the stiff soles they are very comfortable as they rock naturally to the toe (you'll know what I mean if you try them on). All in all, a great pair of boots.

These are made in Italy, shouldn't need much more info than that. They have that hand made quality about them. I went with these over the Asolo Fugitive because they had the Vibram sole and are made in Italy (not Romania). You must have the vibram sole, they are also completely rebuildable. Completely waterproof, no problems and they break in really nice. I've got maybe 75-100 miles of moderate terrain on them and no problems so far. They will surly outlast most all others at a similar price point. Best-

I just bought these and I will be wearing them during my two-week trip to Vietnam in July. I have worn them outside every day to work and they are very comfortable. No break-in required. They hug your feet and fit like a boot should. I love the sole and the way it grips the terrain. The laces are quick and easy to lace. The color of the boot and sole is great. I am constantly receiving complements on them. I am seriously considering buying another pair of the same boot, just in case they change the style.

I've never had this nice of a hiking boot, so to me they are cadillacs. Comfortable, my feet don't tire, never blistered in them. I unnecessarily wore them a week before hiking in them, break in was easy. The soles grip the rock great, from Utah canyon sandstone to granite & limestone in the mountains. Waterproof? Yes. I've been snowshoing, light mountaineering & hiking through the snow a dozen times since getting them, keeping my feet dry. I have a narrow, low volume foot and finding boots this sturdy that fit right hasn't been easy. I have had to adjust how I lace them to keep pressure off the tops of my feet.

I have approximately 500 miles on mine. I love these boots. My feet have never been wet when slogging though mud, snow and streams. I have had some sweating but no to the point of being totally wet, just damp socks. I wore them while trekking expedition style in Alaska's Wrangell St. Elias NP. For most well used trails this boot can be overkill. After all of the miles on mine they appear in excellent condition. You can see some minor scuffing and have to look at the soles to see the wear that shows the miles. I intend to have these resoled when the sole wears out. They did require a break in period and I never took them on the first actual backpacking trip until I had around 50 miles on them. I got a blister in the Achilles area on a couple of break in hikes and not one since.

I went shopping for hiking boots. I wanted light boots and I wanted high tech materials with little or no break-in or leather issues.

So far so good with these boots. It's Monsoon season here in Sitka and so far these boots are keeping my feet dry. Did notice a bit of slipperiness initially on some of my Rocky trails. Will see how they do once ice season is upon us, I generally wear Cleats so I'm curious to see how my cleats fit over the boot. I'm also curious to see how the Sole holds up, I'm notorious for wearing out Soles at an amazing rate. Luckily there is a good cobbler in Anchorage that I can send these boots in for resoling.

I have owned just about every high end boot on the market and these are the best.

I've had these boots a year (since Dec 2011) and wear them virtually every day. I've worn them while logging, hiking, riding / packing in the back country, snowshoeing, whatever. I bought them to be a durable, tough boot. My last pair of boots I wore down until the sole was flat. Unfortunately, after one year the sole of these is separating from the uppers at the toe on both boots. I will probably return them for that reason. I expect a boot like this to wear out, not fall apart. I'm not particularly hard on them. They've been well taken care of, waterproofed, kept clean, properly dried, not overheated. I would be very satisfied if they just didn't fall apart. This seems to be a common problem with boots now-a-days with soles which are not stitched to the uppers, although my last pair lasted over 15 years, but I can't find another pair like them.

I've used these on about a dozen hikes and camping trips this season. They are always comfortable and I have never gotten a blister. I recently got caught in a rain storm and they kept my feet dry. They also provided good traction while setting up my hammock on a steep slippery slope in the rain, and supported my ankles while stumbling around during a bushwhack. They never felt hot, even during the summer while wearing wool socks. Get these boots if you just want to be able to step on anything.

Only praise for these boots. Tried a lot of different boots on my size 14N feet before buying these. These particular boots fit so much better than any others I tried. They were more than I wanted to pay[$] Interestingly, the other model (lower price) Zamberlan boots in the store did not fit as well even though they was the same size. I've worn them on several 2 to 4 mile hikes since purchasing and have had no issues with break-in. No blisters yet. My advice: Try on lots of boots before buying.

I am a beginner backpacker and bought these boots with the plan I would use them for backpacking. I broke them in over 3 months with several day hikes of varying difficulty. The first hike which had a very steep elevation gain, the boots gave me blisters on my heels. Over the next dozen or so dayhikes, no problem. When the time came to use them for backpacking, they made my trip miserable. Take it, my first trip was no easy one doing 50 miles over 5 days with a total elevation gain of 12500 ft. After the first day I had horrible blisters on my heels and even after cleaning out two first-aid kits worth of mole skin the ended up becoming ulcers and getting infected. The fact that they were drenched after 2 days of hiking in the rain didn't help either, proving the waterproofing did not hold up. I wore gaiters and waterproof pants as well. Before the backpacking trip they were cadillacs. Never felt a pebble, great support and traction. Thankfully, REI replaced them no questions asked. I have had a lot of recommendations to try the Asolo's.

My son bought a pair. We hiked some very wet and rocky places in the Olympic Mountains. He loved them until about 30 miles of hard trail the back heel of the left boot had developed a rub/pressure point. He tried various lacing methods but it got worse. After a steep rocky accent the trip down was terrible. REI gave him a new pair!! He’s been wearing them for over two months and is extremely happy with them. I have a worn out pair of resoled Asolos I’m retiring tomorrow and getting the Zams

5 years, 100 miles of backpacking per year, plus day hikes, still in great condition. NO sole or tread problems whatsoever. Super comfortable to hike in, rocker sole, supportive upper, strong shank. Designed to last a decade.

I have been wearing these boots for years (not the same pair). They are a bit heavy and expensive so that is why I gigged them 1 star. But I am out for weeks at a time and carry a pack that typically weighs around 70# at the start of the trip with a strategically hidden food cache to pick up later. So far that reason I need a heavy duty boot with good support. And these are them. I was hooked after my first pair. They may scuff and get a bit gnarly, but it is purely cosmetic. Some mountain ranges just happen to have rockier trails than others.

These are hands down the most comfortable boots I have ever owned and at 58 years I have had quite a few with many miles in the mountains. These are on their way to Nepal this Spring. Flexible crampons fit them fine.

I bought these 7 or 8 years ago from REI. These are the most comfortable hiking boot I have ever owned. They're still completely waterproof after all these years. I wear them in summer for backpacking trips, and while they're a little warm, they breath surprisingly well for being waterproof. In winter, they're fantastic in the snow. I've seen other reviews with soles deteriorating, but I've experienced none of that. For the amount of support you get, these soles are amazingly grippy. The support is awesome. My only complaint is they're a little heavy, but small price to pay for all the benefits of these boots.

These are my go to boots for any serious walking in weather. With 4 English labs a a Great Dane, I get on it to keep them exercised. Boots fit great and have been comfortable from day 1. Highly recommend.

Boot is great, and I have taken them out for a few years now. However, the sole is absolute rubbish! It should really hold up more than it has. More so, when these boots are super spendy!!

After a summer of using these boots only on weekends the color is falling off. Not sure how they treat or paint these boots but they are white and look terrible. I would not recommend these.

I started my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail on 2-16-12...I just reached Harpers Ferry, WV on 4-26-12...1017 miles plus another 8 miles of the approach trail. They held up very blisters! A little on the heavy side...BUT they wore well and were very comfortable...I am taking a month off before I return to finish the second half of the AT...I will probably go to a lighter shoe during the summer months. The only issue with the boot or any Gortex boot...once rain gets inside it takes a while for them to dry out. I was averaging 20+ miles a day in the boots. They will be on stand-by to be sent to me on the trail...there is a lot of wear still left in them. Well worth the money! I got one size larger than normal due to feet swelling and I used a medium cushion Smartwool and a sock liner.

Sturdy, heavy-duty backpacking boots that were comfortable right out of the box and give great support. Maybe a little heavy for day-hiking but really comfortable enough for any use.

I purchased these boots as the the first item I needed to start backpacking again. I broke them in slowly with three mile hikes and then longer day hikes. They are comfortable and I never developed a blister. They are very solid and protect my ankles very well. However, I found them to be unreliable as far as traction goes. On New England trails there is a lot of rocks, roots and rock scrambles on most of the trails. The soles don't have the "grab" I would like to have when traveling up smooth rock surfaces that you have to negotiate. On a recent hike on Mt Monadnock my feet slipped right out from underneath me unexpectedly twice. Because of this experience I don't have the confidence these boots will perform on rock surfaces. Otherwise I would love the boots on trails without these type of conditions.

I tried over 10 different hiking boots in my quest to find the "right one" and I ended up going with the Zamberlan Vioz GT. These boots are extremely comfortable, well made, have an aggressive sole and are great for a heavy or light pack. I've been breaking them in for the past two weeks and it doesn't feel like I even needed to. I will be going to the "Lost Coast" in California in two weeks and I am looking forward to wearing them. They fall in the class of a heavier hiking boot, but I know they will last and give me the support I need.

Overall these are very nice boots with a great walking motion that is easy on the knees. My toes stay very comfortable all the way through a fifteen mile hike unlike my previous boots. As for all of the people claiming "no break-in", they must have pretty tough feet as I have found the break-in to be quite long, going on fifty miles and still not completely broken in. The main problem is in the rear of the boots that seem to cause blisters high and inside of both of my feet in the exact same spot. This problem does seem to be going away very slowly and thick mole skin prevents blistering so I will continue on the long arduous break-in of these thick leather boots. Follow the rules of breaking in new leather boots and you should be very happy with the end results but just expect to put in a lot of miles!

I bought these to replace a pair of Asolos that died before they should have. They are stiff and sturdy. The Leather scuffs easily though.

First the downside - they’re really expensive. I tried on multiple pairs at REI these fit me the best. I bought them ~2010. Still very comfortable after a day of hiking. The best part is they are truly waterproof. I do treat them once a year with Snow see yo still very comfortable after a day of hiking. The best part is they are truly waterproof. I do treat them once a year with Sno Seal. These are not hea vy duty mountaineering boots, if that’s your desire work elsewhere.

Great construction. Use mostly for backpacking and some day hiking. The front of my feet are wide. I have had over 20+ hiking boots and these fit like a glove from day one. Fast break-in and the only full leather boot that have never blistered my feet (heels) during break-in. Provided excellent support and rigidity and stability on uneven terrain. The bad news: the outsoles (tread) provided great traction, BUT the tread life was poor on rocky terrain. These boots only lasted 150 miles for me. 50 miles day hiking in the Appalachians, 50 miles of day hiking in the deserts of Calif and Utah, and 50 mile cross-county backpacking in the Grand Canyon. Returned to REI and they agreed to give me a new pair. Don't agree with the REI Spec description: "Vibram® rubber outsoles deliver durability and reliable traction on rough ground". Like rubber car tires (I have worked for Michelin Tire), you can have great traction (softer rubber compound) but it will have a shorter life (durability). You can't have great durability and great traction. Full disclosure: the Grand Canyon trip really did most of the damage and some days we were dry camping and packing 7 liters of water. Had a 55 lb pack @ start of trip. Also I weigh 225 lb. Still plan on using on the John Muir Trail next year.

Fits well, no foot pain. Available in wide sizes & for my large feet.

Great boot. Have had them for 2 years and hike mainly in the AZ desert every day I can get out on a combo of pavement and rocky trails. Last summer in the Canadian Rockies had to ford a stream and got them and my feet soaked. Totally waterproof tho because the water that flowwed in over the top of the boot did not drain or wick out. Surprisingly did not get any blisters or adverse foot problems on the 5 mile hike to truck. About half depth of the lugs on the ball of the boots are remaining and am going out this pm to get some boot black to spruce up the looks of them. The rock skree has nicked them up a bit. I am not very considerate of my foot wear but these have stood up great. Still waterproof in the snow of N AZ. Used the REI gaters and snow shoes for those treks in about 3-5' this winter. Well worth the money.

My boots lasted about 18 months, which was pretty disappointing given the cost. But to be fair I don't think I have never had a pair of boots last more then two years, and even thought the toe box is completely split open on both shoes, I will still occasionally wear these for day hikes in decent weather. I still have not found another pair of boots that where this comfortable without any need to break them in. Great support too for those long days carrying heavy loads.

Just back from hiking in the Alps. The boot was comfortable from the minute I put them on to break them in at home. To be honest, they were so comfortable I wore them every day for a week before I left. I was worried about wet traction, but it was great and the boots were very comfortable on the scree.

Bought these boots for a backpack in the Arctic. They were outstanding! Lots of traction, support, and kept the water out (except for one time the water went over the top). The Vibran sole was great. I noticed that time and time again another persons boots tore up the tundra. Mine never did.

These boots have absolutely zero toe protection from scratching. After my first 7 mile hike the boots had looked like I owned them for a week. The traction was great and I loved the overall performance. Now for the important part. AFTER WALKING THROUGH WET GRASS FOR APPROXIMATELY 4 HOURS (on and off), the toe boxes of the shoes were completely soaked. My smart wool socks were visibly damp on the big toe on only my left foot. While the right just felt like the left but with no visible dampness. I took my hand and put it inside the boots, to my surprise they were soaked with cold water (not sweat)I returned them back to REI after 4 days of use with no problems on the return. I have to say this was my 2nd pair of “waterproof” boots that I tried from REI that were not waterproof. I’m on my 3rd pair and I’m starting to feel them get wet again. REI could save a lot of money if they just sold better boots. Just my thoughts.

I bought these a few months ago. They took a long time to break in, but now that they are broken in, they are the best pair of backpacking boots I've ever worn. I just finished a 40-mile backpack through the Sierras, with 10,000 feet of elevation gain and loss, up and down steep rock and talus and scree, with many stream crossings, and these boots made my feet feel great through all of it. They're comfortable, absolutely waterproof, and will last for many years.

After much ado and searching and trying on (thanks to REI for easy returns), I finally decided to fork over a lot of money for a fantastic pair of boots. Though concerned initially about the price, I can now say (about 25 miles in...) that the Vioz is incredible. My next couple of trips include a rim to rim to rim in the grand canyon and some high sierra hikes as well as a Whitney trip. I am not at all worried about which boots I will be in for all of the trips!

These are great boots, a bit pricey but worth the money. I used them for about 200 miles before writing this review. They took several hikes to fully break in but are very comfortable now. I have used them on the AT with a moderately heavy pack. They provide ankle support and good traction even on wet, lichen-covered rocks.

Hands down -- everything I wanted in a backpacking boot and more. I broke a cardinal rule with these boots -- I only broke them in on a five mile hike five days before taking them on a backpacking trip along the Lost Coast Trail. I know -- bad idea. But with these boots -- in just that short 5-mile walk -- I knew I wouldn't need anymore break-in. They felt perfect on my feet on day one.

Toe box is true to form for Zamberlan- plenty of room, great value.

Soft leather on top feels great while offering proper support

Great Hiker. Perfect for our wet terrain on our island. Hills get a bit slippery, this boot has the traction needed.

I am really pleased with the boots so far, just got them a couple weeks ago. They feel pretty good all around, feel light on my feet which is a great plus for me. So far they feel great in the cold and pretty good in warmer weather. I am heading to Costa Rica next week and have decided to bring them along for the hiking I will be doing down there. I love the traction even on smooth flooring, I don't feel like I am on ice with them. Great boots all around!

I've been backpacking for over 30 years and have tried many brands of boots. My feet have always been the limiting factor on my hikes. A friend suggested Zamberlan so I gave them a try.

There was way too much room in the heel which allowed my foot to move too much in the boot. They felt good in the store, but I should know better than to wear anything but Merrell. I spend summers in the mountains, this year the Uintas, and I can't use Zamberlans.

Last year, I purchased an expensive made in the USA brand hiking boot and wasn't pleased with the fit and feel. Recently bought the Zamberlands and have to echo the other reviewer's praises. The fit was amazing right out of the box and my 10H (45's) fit my 10.5 D USA feet with great comfort and support. It kills me to recommend the Italian made Zamberland boot over the USA contender, but these boots win hands down. The only minor complaint is that this men's model isn't available in a simple brown color/style. I expect to have many more comfortable miles on the trail and around the NOVA are wearing these pillows. I am not affiliated with any shoe/boot manufacturer or retailer. REI is my first choice of purchase due to their member refunds, competitive pricing and liberal return policy. They do stand behind their products. Shipping to my current location in the sandbox was fast and at no additional cost. I will see how they feel during the upcoming hot summer months.

I purchased these boots right before my trip up Shasta in January. With no break-in and a little snow-seal they were ready to go. We got 8 new inches of snow at base camp and still no leaks. These boots are extremely comfortable and worked well with my crampons. I would defiantly recommend these to anyone that wants a high performance boot with excellent traction and waterproofing. Only drawback was leather toe gets scuffed pretty easily.

I bought these boots Nov/13 on the recommendation of the rei salesman and was thrilled with the boot, comfort,breakin time, support,traction,but after just a few hikes in very rocky terrain, the thrill was gone. these boots were very badly scuffed on the toes and down the sides,they look far worst than my 2 year old,$100 boots,which have been hiking in the same terrain in az.

I just bought these a couple months ago and I have been breaking them in. 1st on a short 7 mile hike up in the white Mts. of AZ. I got a blister on my right heal and thought nothing of it they were new after all. later that week I went on a 5 mile hike and noticed they hold a lot of mud and they kept throwing rocks and sticks into the top. I am going to get a pair of gaiters to fix that, but the blister got worse.

Like I said the boots are a bit expensive but worth it..Just like a set of tires for your car,you get what you pay for..I've had cheaper boots that were ok but by the end of the day my feet would ache from walking on the rocks and rough terrain..With these boots I can hardly feel the rocks under my feet and my feet were much less sore at the end of the day..The traction is really good except for wet snow but then anything is gonna slip in wet snow..When going downhill,my feet stay put and my toes do not jam into the toe of the boot which is really nice,I like that a lot.I've stepped in creeks etc. and my feet stayed dry..At first the boots were very stiff but they are good tough leather so it took about 20 miles to loosen them up but now I love how they feel..The one review I read,the guy returned the boots because he said the leather was too heavy and he was afraid the boots wouldnt loosen up,but he made a mistake,Big Time.They did loosen up and now they fit like a glove and my foot is a EE.The boots felt narrow at first but they have stretched and now they feel good..They're a little heavy but if you want support,protection from rocks and sturdiness,then thats the price you're gonna pay and for me its worth it..They are a little warm on a hot day,but again,its worth it..I love my Zamberlans and would've given them 5 stars if they would've offered them in wider sizes..If your foot is more than a EE in width,they may be too tight for you..

As a forester, I have spent most of my life in boots. When my feet are comfortable, my entire body feels good. These boots are a real find for someone who lives in boots but wants the comfort of slippers. I liked these when I first laced them up and still compliment these to others a year or so later. I live on the Oregon coast where everything is either a briar or underwater. These boots were made for me living here.

Comfortable from the start. After a month of daily wear, they fit better than Cinderella’s slipper. I wear wool socks daily which keeps the wet foot syndrome at bay. Bought these to replace a similar model that was almost 20 years old; much better boot. I cant say anything negative about these. I was a bit tentative about spending this much on a boot, but it was money well spent. My weak ankle and sore knee like them too.

Great for hiking with the dog or hiking around a city. Excellent foot support and foot comfort all day long. Supports my weight well, and the rocker design of the sole really helps. But I find them a bit hot --- whether wearing high tech socks or not, I need to change socks after a few hours. Also, no matter how tight I lace the uppers, I'm wishing for a bit more ankle support. I'm satisfied, but overall a "4".

I have worn many boots over the 30 years I have been backpacking and hiking. These have included Vasque, Merrell, Asolo and Keen. My Zamberlan boots are by far the best. They fit well, give good support. Light loads, heavy loads, who cares. My feet feel great. No hot spots, no blisters, no nothing. After a 10 mile break in. Different feet need different shoes, of course. But I have never had a pair of boots anywhere near this comfortable. I ahve seldom had shoes this comfortable (with the caveat that these are boots and quite a bit heavier than shoes). The only thing that comes close are my Keens, which are great for day hikes, but too light for much of a load. I might add that my wife also has a pair of Zamberlan boots, and she also likes them. To find a brand of shoes or boots that we both like is almost impossible. These must have virtually universal fit.

I’m a Police Officer and used to be a hard core Danner fan until I found these. Danners were very durable, but some comfort was sacrificed as a result. With Zamberlan, I get the best of both worlds. I have used these boots for 4 years now. Ever 3 years I send them in and pay $138 (shipping included) for a brand new sole to be put on.

Mama mia, this is a great boot! They are comfortable and durable. They have terrific ankle support and my toes don't cram going downhill.

I bought these boots 5 years ago. loved them so much my husband bought a pair. We average 3 weeks of back backing a season 40 to 60 miles a trip and I am still in love. did have issues with my heals but buy new socks, (oh the things you learn)

I am currently breaking in these boots but I am very impressed. They are very comfortable, have a great one piece upper which I believe would do great at keeping water and dirt out, and a great roll in the step in both the back and front. It still has a very stiff middle which give great support. It does not have that "ski boot" feel at all. I am looking forward to doing some great hiking this year.

I have a problem with boots. Very few fit me out of the box. This was the exception. These boots fit perfectly. I was able to put them on and use them without pain. I'm still breaking them in but I've not had any problems at all with the boots. So far I have found only one other brand that fits me as well. I'm glad that I now have a second that can fit my feet. Now if only I can me them last...

I purchased these as a replacement to my early 90s Vasque Sundowners for wilderness backpacking/rougher trails. Have put about 1,400 miles over 8 years on them.

Really liked how these boots felt from the get-go compared with Asolos and other REI brands I tried. The boot has a bit of a natural roll through the step is really nice.

Owned for a year. I've hiked around Big Bend and the Guadalupe Mountains in summer and winter. Very durable and supportive. Extremely comfortable for a heavy, stiff boot. Break-in was less than I expected. Laces do loosen slightly on rugged hikes. Need to adjust on long treks. The best hiking boots I've ever owned. Expect them to last for several years. Definitely worth the money.

I purchased these 1 month or so ago. I have been on 4 hikes and they have handled the wet weather great. I have only done 8 mile trips so far but they have left my feet just fine afterwards. There seems to be no break-in for me so far. All the other reviews really encouraged me to try these after a pair of LOWA mountaineering boots kept chewing up my feet. I would recommend these.

I liked the quality and construction. The support and needed rigidity for long hikes was there. But upon arrival and a couple 5 milers. They were just too small. I really wanted to be 100% on these. But all my other size 13 wide shoes fit well. Theses just seemed about a half size small. In a bit larger size could be excellent. If they came on 13.5 Wide I’d have exchanged for them.

I ended up getting these over a pair of Asolo's because of the versatility of the boot. They are built well, but the lower ankle support makes them better for day hikes. I am sure they would do quite well in longer, more rugged trips as well, but there are better boots out there for heavy packs and rough terrain. All in all, a great buy. plus they are well designed and look nice.

I purchased these boots after reading reviews concerning their comfort, fit, durability, and importantly to me - the fact that they can be resoled. I can say that they are as comfortable to wear while doing hikes in deserts and forests as my daily shoes are walking in a city. In terms of water proofing, I am quite happy with how well they resist water considering I managed to step ankle deep into a stream and did not feel any moisture inside the boot afterwards.

Broke in for a week before taking on 70 lb load. First time in 40+ years w/o blisters. Soft leather yet supportive. Very good traction in scree, granite, wet rocks, and snow. Very waterproof during stream crossings and rain. Light-weight compared to other heavy-duty boots. My feet are wide and their medium-size last worked great. Probably the best boots I have ever used.

I have an unrepaired partial tendon tear in my right ankle. For this reason, support of the foot and ankle is critical for both prevention of injury and comfort. These boots - combined with sock liners with individual toes - keeps everything at home and give support par excellence. No twisted ankles, no mid-foot discomfort, and fit that is perfect for both feet. Love 'em!

I took these boots on a 95 day hike around the High Sierra. I took them across every terrain type possible from rugged high alpine cross country to muddy marsh type bogs. Snow, rain, boulder fields, serious bush whacking and more and they held together the whole way and remained completely comfortable without me getting a single blister. I wont buy anything else again.

Great, i mean great hiking boot. Those italians know what they are doing. I used to be a vasque sundowner guy. No more. These boots are so comfy. I bought them for hiking, but now I wear them every day, in and out of my work truck. Look great too. I get asked frequently, "what kind of boots are those??? They look nice. Where did you get them?" [...]

Have been through many, many boots through the years and many, many brands and have never run into a more comfortable, stable everyday hiking boot. Even after a full day of hiking you don't want to take them off. La Sportiva used to be the go-to brand but wow, these just seem to fit a notch better with no heel lift and a great rocker. Spendy but worth it.

Absolutely hands down the best boot I've ever worn and I'll never switch again. I had purchased and tried over 15 different boots. I had one of the hardest weeks in the field for SAR. I got home and my ankles were shot and so sore I could hardly walk. I told my wife I was going to hang up SAR because my ankles couldn't take it anymore.

The quality of the boot is second to none.They were very comfortable out of the box.I got them a half a size larger than what I normally wear.Wore them to work for two weeks and then hiked Mt. Katahdin for three days.I had no blisters or hot spots,extremely comfortable,and dry.I have been on three other hikes and have had no problems.Awesome boots.

I purchased these boots to replace my beloved La Sportiva's I tried to milk every last mile out of them to forgo having to break in a new set of heavy boots, well based on the reviews I read at REI I decided to give the Zamberlan Vioz GT Hiking Boots a try, and was I in for a pleasant surprise , I wore them to Yosemite near were I live for a long day hike right out of the box and by the end of the day I had a few spots I could feel but no raw or blistered areas at all, after wearing them around work for the next couple of days they were good to go, and I have used them without complaint since then. one small gripe thats just me, while the smooth leather out side is easier to water seal it also gets scraped all to heck in the rocks, so don't expect the smooth look long if you hike off trail or cross country, and remember to reseal the scrapes with snow seal to keep the boot intact.....over all I love them and am very happy with the purchase.

shopping for new hiking /backpacking boots and found these at rei

Still early (I feel like boots should be reviewed at 1 month, 6 months, & 2 years and maybe 5+ years), but these were comfortable and not overly stiff for full leather uppers right off the bat, great lacing system & good ankle support, and don't seem to scuff overly easily (though this is of course inevitable), quite liking them so far.

I have had these boots for 9 months and i have about 100 miles on them. 20 of it is winter hiking in snow with gaiters and khatoola's. So far they are very comfortable out of the box. I have had a few small blisters on my heel but have been able to stop that with tighter lacing. The Vasques I returned for these shredded my heels so this is a big improvement! The laces started to fray pretty early but I have a narrow foot so I could be hard on them. I found that a new pair of laces and cut to length Kelty triptease cord makes the perfect combo to allow me to get these boots snug. Plus trip tease can barely be cut with a knife so I should be good. I am really impressed with the workmanship Italy vs China for Vasque and they have been very durable. I do have 2 heavy coats of sno-seal on them but have have no noticable chafing from ice cleats and the leather looks great. I am really impressed so far and will check in in another 9 months or so.

i work for the railroad and hike a lot. Traded some hiking boots in and upgraded to these. I took good care of them for five months and they still had lots of scarring, and on every side the rubber was starting to separate. however, the inside of the boot is excellent. Grateful for REI's program that allows me to put boots to the test.

After taking back two pairs of Asolo's in as many years for falling apart (soles started to fall off of both pairs. That said, the reason I bought the Asolo's was based on a friend recommendation. He loves his although his soles started falling off too), I went back to REI and told them to give me the best regardless of price. I couldn't keep breaking in boots for 4 months just to have them fall apart. I'm glad I switched to Zamberlan's.

First, I am thrilled that REI carries these boots in wide sizes in the store - that is incredibly rare. These boots are comfortable and well-made. I have large bunions and narrow heels, which makes it really difficult to find boots that fit. These work well because the full-leather foot is soft and conforms to my feet as I wear them. There are no seams or rubber toe caps to cause chafing or to prevent stretching. In addition, the lacing system is exterior to the boot, so there is nothing to dig in to my skin, even when lacing them fairly tightly for going down steep slopes. The ankles are very supportive, but at the same time flex well because of the well-placed cut- outs. The footbeds are removable, and there's plenty of volume available for my orthotics. The soles are grippy going up and down steep slopes. Though I hope these will last many years, I'm tempted to hoard a second pair, as they are the most comfortable boots I have owned in decades.

After 3 years of abuse an about 1300 miles , the leather crack on the left boot,I was not very diligent in cleaning or conditioning the boots. I took the boots to Rei to see if they can be repair and resole ,I was told that it will be better to buy new boots because my boots need it a lot of work. Overall best boots I ever had.

Spent over 2 hours trying boots on, every male model and style REI had. I kept coming back to these boots again and again. Finally I threw the extra money at them and headed for the trail. These bots are amazing, I have had them for a few weeks now and put 30 miles in short 4-5 mile hikes and have not been disappointed in them!

I've had these boots over a year now and can honestly say they are the best I've ever owned. From Vasque to Asolo and beyond, I've owned many different boots through the years but these are the best. The break in time is almost zero. They do scuff quickly but I keep some black polish at home to refresh every so often.

These are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned and had a very low break in period. I use them year-round if I know the weather isn't going to be too extreme. There are just two complaints - they're heavy (which I knew going into them), and the soles do not hold up. Anyone know where I can get these re-soled?

Great for day hikes to Backpacking with loads. Excellent traction in wet or dry. Supportive and stable. Not light, or cool, but that is not what they need to be. I have had several pairs of lighter boots and they breakdown over time. Save yourself some money - get these and you will have them for a lifetime.

Just purchased my third pair in 10 years. For me, these boots required no break in and when Zamberlan says they are waterproof, you can count on walking across shallow streams and walk thru wet locations with confidence. I'm 6'4" and weigh 210 and these boots are heaven for everyday or excursions.

Purchased these boots about five years ago and started hiking with no break in period, no problem. In Michigan the trails are not covered with jagged rocks so the real test was Arizona. After a winter in the the desert and hiking about 10 times, they are still like new with no serious sign of wear.

Just returned from Costa Rica, hiked the Arenal Volcano area and the Monteverde Cloud forest reserve. As hot as it is was down there my feet never got even warm! I was dripping with sweat but not once did I feel uncomfortable with my feet. These boots really came through for me. Great boot!!!

Boot appears to be very well built. Unfortunately that are not made for a person with a high instep. Was sized on the wrong size boot to start but when returned to the store could not find a size that would fit my foot, either painful or too big. Created a bone bruise on top of my foot.

love the Zamberlans - like walking on pillows of down feathers. Hiking in Zion, i felt very secure during rock scrambles and steep descents. They are expensive but my last pair lasted 20 years and only had to be replaced because my foot size had changed enough to warrant a new pair!

Bought these boots for a hiking trip to New Hampshire to climb Mt. Washington. They were easy to break in after a few days. They preformed amazingly on the mountain. I’d recommend them to anyone who is looking for a hiking/mountaineering boot cross over. Thumbs up and happy trails.

I've owned several brands of boots that I've used under various conditions. Up until now, I've never purchased Zamberlan because of the cost. I've now had my Zamberlan boots for several months, and the price is well worth it. They are by far the very best boots I've ever owned.

I put these on and out of the box thought they were the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. a year later and about 500 miles later it's still true. I even wear them in the muddy fields goose hunting, they are warm, reasonably wieghted and water resistant. Buy these Boots.

They seem to be pretty solid, but I had to take the first pair back because the left boot squeaked, no problem with REI returns but then I got the new ones and they squeak too… Hmmm

I own three different styles of Kenetrek boots and this is my first pair of this brand!! These are some extremely well constructed and comfortable boots!! I will be using them soon to see the northern cascades in Washington!!! Looks like I found my new brand to hike in!!

Great Comfort . Light .. I just completed a 60 miler with 50 + lbs .. @ 1/4 cross country ( including some serious boulder hopping) and ... they were GREAT !

I have just tested them on a pretty strenuous mountain trail in 75-80F weather. They performed exceptionally well while hiking both uphill and downhill. Yes, they are a bit heavy and a bit warm, but it is backpacking boots. I can live with it:) I am very happy with them.

These were recommended to me by a fellow hiker on the AT back in 2014, and I bought a pair a few weeks before a 110 mile hike on the PCT in northern Washington State. The boot is extremely rugged and well made. It is also very comfortable . . . at first. However, the stitching in the upper rear ankle is rubbed deep cuts into the skin of my upper ankle - almost to the achilles tendons. At first I blamed myself for not allowing enough break in time before the hike (3 weeks) but I have since found that no amount of breaking in will soften theses very stiff stitches. Though I invested in these shoes for long distance backpacking, they are essentially only good for short hikes on muddy trails and for wearing around town on rainy days. Anything more than a few miles will cause a re-occurrence of, at first blisters and then deep gashes in the skin. While this may be, in part, an issue related to the shape of my feet and ankle, I really think Zamberlan needs to do something about the stitching at the back of the boot.

As a long-time Salomon fan, I was reluctant to change from a boot manufacturer that had served me well for years. However, as most boot manufacturers are now moving more and more to man-made uppers, I wanted the feel of a true leather hiking boot (without the weight of the old mountaineering Vasques of decades gone by whose reputation as a bomb proof boot is unquestioned). Admittedly, there are terrific boots offered by many companies with man made uppers- to me it was a matter of personal preference. After much research I took a leap and ordered the Zamberlan's without having seen or tried on a pair. I was more than impressed when I opened the box and my respect for this company has only increased after having worn them every day for a week. They were like a glove out of the box and I am certain that they will far surpass any trail boot that I have ever owned; and that is more than a few pair. Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra money on these boots, it is highly unlikely that you will be disappointed.

Had a pair of these 20 years ago,I had them for about 20 years,& they are awesome!! On my feet outdoor’s for 12 to 15 hrs a day and Zamberian does the Job!! Making movies on location Rain,heat,desert,exstream cold,mud,rock,brutal on shoes,these Rock!!

I needed some sturdier boots for longer distance and more variable weather, including snow. These fit great and needed no breaking in. I immediately hiked 9 miles and 3,000 ft in them and they felt great. I wish I had bought these decades ago.

These boots give you firm support. Wore the boots for just two days before my first hike. No blisters, just great support. Great boot, great value. Would recommend this boot. A bit on the heavy side but again if you want support it is worth it.


Fantastic product. The wide size has been perfect from day one. Long hikes, in the gym, everywhere. This is my go to footwear. I love my feet and they love this boot. Extremely well made. Everything I could want. Highly recommended.

Though still relatively new, these boots already feel broken in. They are extremely comfortable,and roll forward with your natural step. The traction is great, and they are solidly built. I expect to continue loving them for years to come!

Purchased my first pair in mid Sept. 2019 and they recently developed a squeak in the sole....retailer has agreed to have them returned and new ones on the way. Hope the new ones are better than the old ones because I like the boots.

This is my second pair. Great fitting durable boots that handles rock abrasions like a Rhino. Very little break in required. Boot's slim design helps when traversing rocks and ledges. Lip of Boot is less likely to catch on edges.

I have about 100 miles on these boots, hiking the white mountains of NH. Love these boots. Perfect fit, great traction and support, and zero blisters. 10 years ago I bought a pair of Asolo Powermatic 200 and loved them from the first time I put my feet in them. But after many many miles and mountains they wore out (approx 1,500 miles with just one resole). They stopped making that model awhile ago. I found this pair of Zamberlan's to be an exact copy of my old boots (little less weight). I sure hope to get the same mileage out of them. I have stood in streams and feet stayed dry and have stood on steep inclines with confidence of not sliding, also tried the fit with the Hillsound Pro's and they fit great. I prefer the higher boots as they help with late day ankle roll. I always recommend trying on the boots with the hiking socks you wear, as I wear a size 9 regular show but all my hiking boots are a size 10 with the thicker double socks (thin liner sock and thicker outer sock). I will be wearing these boots all 4 seasons as I did with my other boots.

Have had mine for about a year and a half, and wear them as often as I can, even just for walking around the city. Great comfort and arch support. These have helped my plantar fasciitis heal, which has been an added bonus.

I bought these boots in Salt Lake in March 2011. I wear a size 10B in a dress shoe. I weigh 155 pounds. I'm a big fan of Asolos (having owned 3 pair) but I wanted to find a more comfortable sturdy boot than the Powermatics. I broke the Zamberlans in over the next few months wearing them where ever I could and on several 1 to 2 hour hikes. I have since worn them on two good hikes. The first was on part of the AT in North Carolina which was about a 4 hour hike on very steep terrain. The second was in the Red River Gorge for a two day backpacking trip. The boots were very comfortable with no heel slippage. I crossed several creeks in the RR Gorge. The boots stayed absolutely dry even when the water was almost up to my ankle. I had good traction even on wet rock. I love how the toe is rockered up so as to reduce the effort when walking. I felt no need to take them off when we reached camp. The only possible problem is that the laces don't seem to stay laced tightly even when double knotted. On a six hour hike, I retied them once and probably could have retied them again.



Has Zamberlan resolved the problems with the soles that so many reviewers complained about?

Any issues related to the outsole have been addressed and resolved by Zamberlan.


I am currently wearing Asolo 520's, love the boot and fit, do not love the new soles as they have come apart on the last two pairs. Is the fit of the Zamberlan Vioz similar to the asolo 520

​Yes, by most accounts the fit for Zamberlan boots is comparable to Asolo; both brands are true to length and width and both enjoy a roomier toe box.

Glacier Griz

Has Vibram really fixed the issue with chunks of the sole coming off? I don't backpack as much as I used to, so I may easily go over the one year warranty, before I know whether they are faulty or not. These would be my climbing and backpacking boots.

We have not recieved overwhelming feedback that these boots experience this issue. Check out this article:


Reviewers have some negative comments about the durability of the soles. The "blurb" says that they can be resoled. Where would one get them resoled? If I knew how/where to get them resoled that would mitigate the one real worry I have about them.

For boot resoling, we recommend our repair partner Dave Page. Check out the link below for more information.


​If these are the same boots that Zamberlan calls the 996 VIOZ GTX hiking boots (stated below), what prompts you to say they are Zamberlan Vioz GTX Hiking Boots? What's the difference?

We’ve confirmed these are the 996 Vioz GTX backpacking boots.



The size, volume, and fit will depend on the width you order and Zamberlan’s performance chart. These boots are considered “ZBPK” in the regular width D and “ZWL” for wide sizes which is EE. You can use these significations to cross reference the fitting characteristics detailed on the chart you attached.


Are these boots rated class C or B...they appear to fall into the class C category..

These are heavy duty backpacking boots.


What crampons do you recommend for these? 

Strap-on crampons such as the Black Diamond Contact Strap Crampons are a great choice for these boots.


What is approx cost and process to resolve these vios boots? 

Please contact Dave Page, cobbler. See his contact information in the link below:

Muzak man

How long do they take to break in.

We recommend giving yourself at least two weeks to break these boots in before a big hike/expedition. Check out the link below for more information.


What are the differences between the Vioz GT and GTX boots? Thank you

There is no difference between these two boots.


From the pic, this looks more like 996 Zamberlan Vioz GTX. Is there a typo in the listing?

​These are the same boots that Zamberlan calls the 996 VIOZ GTX hiking boots.


I have lost toenails on my last shoes. Is there a lot of cushion & protection from rocks when descending 

​The boots are not padded in the toe box. We suggest changing lacing patterns to help secure your feet when hiking downhill. We have a great article depicting some of the most popular patterns which can be accessed by opening the following link:


Can I special order size 15?

​We are unable to special order sizes note shown on our webpage.


Headed to climb the Hornli ridge on the Matterhorn, long 4th class, not really technical route. Would these be suitable? Would these be B1 or B2 boots (assume B1)? Suitable for Black Diamond Contact Strap crampons? Thanks.

This boots will provide the support you need and are strap-on crampon compatible. One thing to keep in mind is that they are not insulated.


Presently I'm enjoying day-in and day-out with my Asolo Fugitives; the stiff soles save my feet. Are the Voiz GT boots stiff soled too?

​These are a backpacking boots, and will be comparably if not more stiff than your Asolo Fugitives.


Has anyone had theirs resoled? If so where? Some of the reviews talk about replacing them when the treads are worn out... why not have them resoled?

These boots are able to be re-soled. Zamberlan suggests using Resole America, their authorized cobbler.


I have a pair of men's 8.5 Asolo Fugitive, what size Zamberlan men's Vioz GT should I order?

Most people find these fit true to size, we recommend ordering your normal hiking boot size.


Where are these made?

This item is made in Italy. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.


Are these the same as the  Zamberlan Men's 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot?

Yes, they are.

Desert Ratt

Bought the 996 VIOZ GTX and am breaking them in. Very comfy and good room for my EEE feet. With less than 20 miles on them they're quite scuffed in the toes, including gouges and hanging pieces of leather. Is this normal? Concerned about longevity. 

The full grain leather used in the Vioz boots is about as tough as you are going to find in a leather boot. It is common for them to get scuffed with normal wear, though deeper scrapes are usually a sign of use in rugged, rocky terrain. With frequent use, you will need to maintain the finish by cleaning it and reapplying a waterproofing product like Nikwax Fabric and Leather Waterproofing:


I noticed the size 13 is currently out of stock but can be backordered. What is the typical turnaround time to return to stock?

We expect this item to arrive in our warehouse on April 22, 2014. Backorder dates are subject to change.

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