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I bought these before going to Italy and they were comfortable immediately. Didn't have to break them in. They were good on cobblestone pavement, for hiking and in museums. Also could dip my feet in the water to cool off and they still looked fine. Maybe not for dress up but I never even wore the other shoes I brought with me.

My husband has Teva hiking sandals but I did not like the look of any of the Teva sandals. Ran across these on REI's website and the reviews were amazing. So I bought a pair online and have to say that the reviews were accurate! I put them on the day they arrived and wore them for the day and also the next day. (had to wear work shoes on Monday!) I bought the blue ones and they are really cute (not to masculine yet still sporty/outdoorsy) and very comfortable. Also bought a pair for a gift and she LOVES them. Don't hesitate to make the purchase. They are really nice sandals.

These are the most comfortable sandals that I have ever worn, however, they collect sweat, smell horrible and then they make my feet itch! Is there any way to prevent this? I have tried to scrub them with anti-bacterial soap and leave them in the sunlight to dry, but it does not seem to help.

I was looking for a hiking sandal for my trip to Italy. I had already ordered some online, but returned them. Stopped in REI, and the salesman saw me looking at them and said they are wonderful!!!! He was right. Immediately comfortable, perfect fit (I wear 8.5, size of the sandal was 8/8.5) I have worn them about 4 times, and there is no rubbing anywhere, and the sole is perfect for my feet. I wanted thick soles for the cobblestones, etc in Rome and Greece. Worth every penny.

After many, many years, I finally had to admit that my favorite sandals were done. I had doubts about finding sandals as comfortable as the ones I was saying goodbye to. But I'm happy to admit that I was wrong. These Ecco Yucatan sandals are unbelievably comfortable and I barely know I'm wearing them.

I've worn Ecco sandals for more than 20 years, have bought pair after pair and worn them everywhere from hiking to running around town. Unfortunately, this last pair I bought they've changed their design, and they are now extremely uncomfortable.

These shoes are super comfortable; I walked 12 miles around Boston last week in these shoes and couldn't have asked for a better, cooler shoe.

I had a minor surgery to remove a cyst and I didn't want to give up a hike, so I bought good socks and hiked in these. I've worn these sturdy sandals many times and I'm ordering another pair. I just had a joint replacement in my foot and these are the only shoes I can wear. I did have to snip the elastic under the velcro strap over the toes to fit comfortably, but that doesn't alter how great these sandals are: secure straps, great traction, sturdy construction, and wonderful support.

LOVE THESE SANDALS!! I bought two pairs for my 6 week trip. My feet NEVER hurt!! I am not a light weight..and I walked miles and miles. Lost 5 pounds!! My dog ate the top of one I am buying my third pair. I am a teacher..I also wear to work..Great support!! First REI review..Second purchase of same shoe..Keep away from dogs..LOL

I buy a new pair at the beginning of every summer. They hardly wear out. I was happy to get them on sale. I need the padded straps, arch support, cushioned sole; my toes love the barefoot feel. Ecco has got the Yucatan sandal right and keeps it in its line. REI doesn't carry the brighter color combinations, but neutral goes with everything. This is my first pair of mostly black, should go with my mostly black pants through the Fall, maybe with knee-high hose.

Comfortable walking sandals with good arch support. I have been wearing this Ecco model, Yucatán since 2005. I had planters facitis and these were the only sandals that fit me, and I could wear, immediately with no issues. They are the only walking sandal that I wear. I had tried on over 30 different walking sandals and nothing compared to this for fit and comfort on my foot. Note, I have an average foot size. Well made shoes. I walk miles in these shoes.

I have worn this sandal for 10 years now always enjoying the comfort and versatility. My sister has always worn flip flops and has many pairs for many different occasions. I took a chance and gifted her this pair for Christmas. She absolutely loved them and wore them all day, expressing how comfortable and supportive to her foot they are. She loved the cream color too! It felt so good to finally bingo for a very picky sister.

I have a bad back which causes tons of pain in my legs and feet. I accidentally came across these shoes while visiting a cousin at Disneyland. After a very long 14 hour day in my sneakers, my feet hurt so bad that I didn't think I could do the next day at the park. My cousin offered her pair up to me and said that they had saved her feet in Las Vegas. With nothing to lose, I put them on. Oh My Goodness! By the end of the second day of walking everywhere, I actually felt BETTER than before! I was sold. I ordered a pair for myself before we even left to go home. These sandals are so comfortable you won't believe it. They look like many of the other brands out there, but for some reason they are better. These are also my favorite hiking shoes now. I can hike for miles in these (with my backpack on). Ecco really gets it right with these sandals! :-)

I usually buy ECCO shoes because they're so comfortable but these sandals were a big disappointment. Despite being true to size and the proper size they are very uncomfortable. They still chafe and pinch after a 2-month break-in period and multiple strap adjustments so I'm giving up on them. Too bad since they appeared to be exactly what I was looking for and had mostly positive reviews.

My first time wearing was when visiting and site seeing Washington D.C., the comfort of these shoes was amazing!! Walked for over 5 miles on sidewalks, gravel road, brick or cobblestone pathways, even on lawn felt like I was walking on clouds. I purposely bought these for my upcoming trip to Isarel and Rome and for the long-day excursions of walking and the different types of terrain I will be walking on. Love the color it's and highly recommend the extra $$ spent is worth every $$... Superior customer service as well!!

Tough AND attractive. three point adjustable which I really need. Hugs my foot and very stable on the trail. Also looks very good about town. I watched my nail polish to the purplish red color i got and haver received many compliments...on the shoes!

I have been walking around in these every day for about a month. I am impressed. Quite comfy. They are sized appropriately. I have flat feet and a Morton's neuroma. No problems in these sandals. I thought they might be hard to get on/off with the straps. I was wrong. I am going to buy another pair.

These sandals are great! Fit very true to size with straps that adjust over toe, ankle, and heel. I have wide feet but narrow heels so that heel adjustment is great. These saddles are very comfortable with great support and lots of cushion. I'll be wearing these all summer.

Was able to wear these without a break in period. Put them on and left for vacation in Maine. Wore them all day without any issues. They were soft on my soles. Particularly good for wide feet with all the adjustable straps. Love this color way too!!!

These sandals are so comfy. I have problems with neuropathy and tendinitis. It's hard to find comfy shoes, sneakers, and especially sandals. That being said, I just bought these ECCO sandals. I'm down at the shore and walking. I can't wait to get home to buy another pair. I wonder what other shoes this company makes? Many times after being on my feet, either standing or walking, my feet feel like bricks. The foot ware starts to feel tight. Not now. I love these sandals. Highly recommend them.

5 years ago I bought a pair of these hiking sandals for my daily 3-mile walk with the dog - they've been great - finally wore off the tread, so I bought a new pair this spring. Fit well, comfortable,durable

I ordered a W width but still found these to be tight across the top. I also need support in my arch and these shoes do not have that. As a shoe they were great and I really wished they could have worked out.

They are very comfortable except they rub on my right big toe, it does not do it on mt left. Because of my toe I can not wear them all day. But other wise they feel great. For the price I was disappointed.

I love these sandals. you barely know you have them on.

This is the third pair I have purchased over the past ten years or so...the arch support and fit are what first attracted me and the new variety of colors keeps me coming back for more. Was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis over a year ago (which has since cleared up) but my Ecco Yucatans kept me comfortable during the all of the therapy it took to calm it down...thanks again for a reliably great product that can be counted on year after year.

I needed a sandal and tried many shoes and I was getting frustrated with the lack of selections at various stores. When I saw them at REI, I decided to give it a try and voila. It was the most comfortable shoes that I have ever own since the time I tried. It doesn't need to break in and loved the heel and ankle straps so you can adjust accordingly to your size. I am really happy with the purchase and no regrets about the price.

I purchased these sandals right before a trip out East and started wearing them right away. No issues, they were comfortable from the get go out of the box. Love the color. I have narrow and flat feet and being able to adjust the sandals was perfect for me. Good support too and not heavy like many other sandals. They really made my trip, not sure how many times I said "glad I bought these" while hiking on the trip.

Hard to fit with recurrent plantar fasciitis and a neuroma, I have not found comfortable very-hot-weather sandals for many years. Finally tried these: Almost perfect comfort and support. Only drawback is that my feet absolutely stink in these (and not in other shoes or sandals), and wearing socks or washing the sandals does nothing to alleviate. Good thing my nose is far away from my toes.

I got these after reading the wonderful reviews and found that they were all true. Comfortable right out of the box and stable and sturdy enough to walk anywhere. I loved them so much that I ordered a second pair in a different color and may just order a third pair. I recommended them to a friend who also bought a pair and she recommended them to her daughter who also bought them.

Excellent quality workmanship...Great cushioning in the foot bed;no sweating or slipping around in. These sandals with a Velcro strap both behind and above the ankle are very adjustable, whether you have wider feet or narrow feet as mine are. I have to try on many shoes before I can find something that fits, functions and looks good too! I get a lot of compliments on these.

I went into REI to replace my Tevas that were on sale but once I tried these on I was hooked. The most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. I wear them everywhere but in the water. I only wish they made a closed toe shoe for hiking exactly like these. They do not rub at all and fit perfectly due to the two adjustable velcro straps. Expensive but worth every penny.

I have very picky feet and it's hard to find shoes that work for my feet and ankles. These sandals are amazing! Soooo comfortable, and they have nice support and cushioning. The straps are very nicely done with a stretchy comfy layer under a firmer layer that can be adjusted. These will definitely be my go-to sandal this summer!

This purchase replaced a pair of ECCOs I wore for probably four years. I really "wore out" those shoes using them 7-8 months of the year - with sox when the weather turns cooler. These shoes are great for everything from walking sidewalks to scrambling on rocks and crossing streams. My (adult) kids wear this style ECCO also.

These are super comfortable sandals for walking. This is the second pair I have owned, wearing out the first pair purchased from REI after years of use. There is no break-in time needed, they are very comfortable right out of the box!

I like these for all day on in the morning and off at night use. Having 3 adjustable straps allows perfect adjustment and the instep gives great arch support. The size 37 fits me perfectly. In some shoes I may be a 36. I liked these so much I got a dark blue and they were true to the same size 37.

This is my second pair. The other lasted me several years, and my granddaughter even worn them around Europe. Sad to say, my old ones wore out, and I was glad to find ECCO still made them, so I bought another pair and love them too. They are off to Panama, Costa Rica, etc with me in April.

This could be the world's most comfortable walking sandal. It can be used for light hiking, neighborhood/mall walking or touring your favorite city/destination. True it is pricey but price is what you pay and value is what you get. This sandal offers incredible comfort and value.

I bought these at full price because I was unable to find basic nylon Teva's. I needed sandals for water and didn't want or need either, but this is what REI had at the time. I was able to find the Teva's online for less than half of what I paid for these, so I returned them to REI.

One of the best shoes I ever had. It was immediately clear when I put them on and compared them with others. I'm from Belgium and new the reputation of your shoes.. so when I visited Los Angeles .. One of my projects was to visit REI. And I stil think it was worth doing it

I am liking my sandals very much. They are very comfortable and made the right choice purchasing them. My fanny pack is also great to have. Comes in handy when I go walking with my puppies. Thank you for all your help. Your employees are very customer oriented. Great job.

I bought this sandals a month ago. it would have been perfect if the front of the sandals can be widened. The velcro straps is only to tighten. Not too comfortable when your feet starts swelling from walking or hiking for a long time. Not good for people with wide feet.

I recently purchased these Ecco sandals and my feet felt great after a busy day touring The Biltmore in Asheville. They go with everything I wear and my feet felt ready to go into the night. My search for the perfect sandal is over!

Ordered online. Didn't have my size in the store. It was a couple days into a sale. They came to the house postage free & it was what I ordered. They are comfortable, stable & have easily adjustable velcro straps.

These sandals are nice enough to wear with city clothes and comfortable for full days. The touch of pink seems to make them more feminine that pure utility shoes and the design is flattering.

I’m on my 5th or 6th pair. They’ve traveled round the world and go on forever. Extremely comfortable . Have turned many friends and family members on to them as well. Simply the best.

These sandals are great for walking/hiking and just everyday wear. Great support and comfort. I walk my dog twice a day, maybe 3 miles a day and the first pair lasted 4 years.

I love these shoes and would buy them again Did not have to break them in at all - they where comfortable from the first day I wore them, very durable and light weight.

I just bought my second pair, this time in off-white.

Enjoyed these shoes while walking Tiger Tail Beach at Marco Island. Gave me support and comfort I needed for a five mile walk in and out of the water.

Wore these sandals to Greece. They were comfortable on all terrains, cobblestone streets, clumbing ruins, etc. very good ankle support.

I love these sandals - have 3 other colors and just bought the new color this yr. I can wear them for many hrs with complete comfort!

My feet feel well supported and I feel like I can walk anywhere, from city streets to mountain trails in these sandals. Love the hem!

Found these about 5 years ago. I have hiked in Yosemite, Brice Canyon, and Zion and only wore my Eccos! Best investment EVER!

Got these from my boyfriend for my birthday, although I picked them out. The most comfortable sandals ever. Love them!

After a serious bicycle accident 7 years ago in which my knee was permanenly damaged, I have had to change my entire shoe collection. Sometimes years pass inbetween finding something I can actually walk in without pain. I have tried many brands of shoes for the "walking-challenged" and so far MBT, Ecco, Roede and Merrell are the only ones I've kept.

Though comfortable, am surprised that no one has mentioned how stinky the soles become in warm weather.

So good for old feet! I bought a pair last June and my partner loved them so much I gave them to her!

Do far they are giving me support. Haven't done any ling term walking as yet, so I can't give them 5☆.

ECCO shoes are the best!!! They fit,support and wear for a very long time. Great walking

I chose these because of the multi color. They go with a number of my shorts. Very comfortable.

Bought these last month and so happy we did. A bit pricey but very comfortable and well made.

Most comfortable sandals on the market! Great for people who have had plantar fascitis.

Love it! Very comfortable shoe from the minute I took it out of the box.



Where are multicolored ecco sandals manufactured?

These sandals are made in Thailand. Please keep in mind that country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from more than one country.


Hi, Where are these manufactured?

This item is made in Thailand. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.


This sandals are narrow or wide

These sandals are the standard "B" width, and run true to size.


Are there any other colors? What are they?

​As of November 2018, all available colors are on our website.


Is the footbed removable?

The Yucatan Sandals do not have a removable footbed.


Do they have an arch support?

​The EVA shanks in this sandal will provide moderate arch support.


Describe Arch support please. 

​The insoles provide moderate arch support.


How is the sizing? I ordered a 37 because I wear a 61/2 - 7 usually. Wondering if I got the size wrong?

​Based on feedback and reviews, these sandals have been known to run true to size.


How do you clean/wash these sandals to keep them fresh?

Niwax Sandal Wash is a great way to keep your Yucatan Sandals fresh.


Is there a recommendation for how to keep these sandals from smelling or how to get the smell out ?

Nikwax Sandal Wash is a great way to wash and keep your Yucatan Sandals smelling fresh.

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