GSI Outdoors - Spice Rack

Category: Camp Kitchen

These are pretty nice little spice bottles for things like salt, pepper, cinnamon, etc. For things like basil or oregano, you probably have room for a single use of that herb. While I like the two-ended bottles, you really have to want to remove them from the little rubber harness to get them out -- and then getting them back in is a chore.

I used to keep these in my designated cooking box until I realized that the garlic powder odor was leaching out an making the entire box smell. I'll probably just use these for salt and pepper and store other spices in small mason jars. I don't use it for backpacking and ultimately, it would be too heavy for that purpose anyway.

I wish these were a little better, but they work ok. Big enough for a few days and enough sections for everything I need. The stickers promptly fell off a couple and onion powder collects in the lid so when you take it off, a bunch comes out. Nice and compact though. Overall, I do recommend this.

Very convenient. The holes are big enough to get the coarser sea salt I use through. I mix my own black pepper/turmeric spice combo for my lunch salad that is best to put on fresh just before I eat it.

It’s just the right size. Has just the right amount of spaces I need and exactly what I need so when I’m out cooking in nature

This is a must for your camp kitchen. There is nothing worse than a bland meal after a long day of hiking.

Convenient and compact. Had enough spices/seasonings for our six-day kayak trip.


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