GSI Outdoors - Pepper Grinder

Category: Camp Kitchen

I bought this to use while living in Armenia, but am now considering that it might live in my purse forever. The grind is easily adjustable and a great way to add some flavor to dishes. One of the best impulse purchases I've made recently.

Better than my big clear plastic standup table grinders at home. It's a luxury. No indulgence is what it is. But if you're on an expedition this is a must-have!

I kept this in my day-hiking pack to spice up quick lunches. I tried it over and over and over, until I gave up and got a shaker. The reason: it wouldn't grind very much spice and it was very hard to twist to grind it. After twisting and twisting, I would have barely a sprinkle of pepper out of it. Not very efficient. I really love the look of the grinder, but this product has been replaced in my day-hike pack.

It has a very fine grind.

I love my pepper and this grinder is great! Small and efficient!! Just what the meal needed!!


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