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I bought this set about 3 years ago. The colors are cute! They're also functional. I use them regularly while backpacking and car camping in groups, and one I keep with my daily lunch bag. That one broke after 2.5 years of daily use. Not too bad, honestly. As others have mentioned, the knife is useless. And, if you're not careful when using the fork, you can do some damage to your lip/mouth. They nest together and hardly take up any room in a pack. I prefer them to every other utensil set I've used. All in all, a great little set, and inexpensive.

This guy works just fine for its intended purpose: eating stuff. However, I find myself using the spoon part almost exclusively, as I have a fairly small mouth and the "knife" part of the fork has cut my lip a couple times when I wasn't being super careful. (I'm not an idiot, I promise...just sometimes you're in a hurry, shoveling some food down while trying to get some other things done and...well, cut lips can be the result with this guy!) I like the colors, I like the novelty, but the "knife" feature is just silly. As another poster mentioned, it's kind of hard to use a knife (when eating) without holding your food down with a fork, so, IMO, they should probably ditch that part of the product and just have a solid fork/spoon combo.

These seemed like the perfect thing to try for some new camping utensils. The lightweight design and smooth finish are definitely appealing! The breakability factor of these was just disappointing. One broke in my bag. Another broke while pushing into a piece of steak... it was a ribeye! I switched to the MicroBites utensils and realized how much I wanted two separate pieces anyway.

I got these for my daughter. She loves the function and she loves the colors. The only drawback--and it's minor--is that the shape is great for eating but not ideal for packing, especially if you're trying to pack small and light.

Ok, just used this spork for the first time today and was happy. Honestly, when I picked the spork up for the first time I figured it would hold up and be useful, and I figured right. - It feels sturdy, yet flexable enough not to break. - I'm a man that enjoys large sized utinsils. This spork is perfect...well, I suppose the spoon could be just a tad bit "deeper", but seriously, its good enough. - I love that this spork does not get hot. I ended up dumping twice the amount of water into some freeze dried food today and decided to boil it down. I used this spork to stir with while the food boiled and was able to stick the thing in my mouth right away to keep it from getting dirty. I love that! - 3.5 yr old handled it perfectly as well, and let me tell you....that is saying something! LOL.

I love the design and the idea of this item, but it breaks waaay to easily. My friend and I both had ours break shortly after purchasing them. Don't cheap out and just buy something more durable. You would save money buying a box of plastic silverware and it would hold up about the same.

These are excellent alternatives to Ti-ware, and they weigh pretty much the same. They're easy to use, very lightweight and very useful. In fact, the smooth-ended spoon is better than my ti-spork for getting that last little bit out of the food bag or my mess kit plate.

For eating. Light weight. Sometimes they break faster. But usually they last long.

Great for basic eating tasks - nice design.Be wary of the durability, though. I cooked some bacon using one and quickly melted the tines on the fork. I've also heard reports of them breaking on the trail - if it's your only option, not good. Speaking of, I just saw this great video characterizing the exact difficulty:[@]. Skip ahead to the 6:40 mark for the best part.In summary, a neat little piece of silverware - go titanium if you need the durability, though.

This is a nice spork. The edges are nice and smooth, so you don't have to worry about cutting your lips. The serrations on the fork side are no substitute for a knife, but are OK for cutting soft stuff. This spork is just long enough to reach the bottom of a mountain house bag without having to put your hand in the bag (keeps your hands clean). The spork has survived in all my packs and has never damaged my packs. It also comes in pretty colors.

these are great...until they break, and they will break. apparently some lucky folks have had one hold up for 2 yrs, but from mine and my friends experience, this is not the norm. i have had two break under light use, no heating or roughhousing, just eating food. dont get four cheap plastic utensils that will end up as garbage. if you are planning on taking a spork into the backcountry, spend a couple extra bucks and get titanium.

These can break but I have used on multiple trips and many people. I have had only one break but just carry an extra one or two. These are so light that if you are trying to save weight this is your best option to reduce the number of items and weight. If you are car camping (not backpacking) where you are cooking real food where a strong fork and knife are needed or useful, this is not the best utensil solution.

My wife grabbed these last time we were at REI because she thought it was a neat design. I was suspect and didn't like how it wasn't very comfortable to hold but we picked a few up anyways. I took it out backpacking a couple times and now love it. Rarely do I need to use a fork and knife at the same time when eating Mountain House food so this worked out as a useful buy.

I really like that all the fluid doesn't spill out of the tines like a normal spork, and that I can actually pick things up with the tines. However, these will snap in the middle every time.

I bought these (pack of three or I lost the other to use not only when camping but to take to work with my lunch. I don't recall all of the incidents that made them break, but I was stirring peanut butter and it snapped right in half. If you don't need heavy duty, I'm sure they are fine (cool colors), but I'll be investing in titanium next time.

Received the sporks as a gift but was unimpressed at first glance. I threw them in my backpack as a place to store them and promptly forgot about them.

Bought these to pack in my kids' lunches - can't teach kids how to be mindful of the environment too early! They are great - very durable. They make lunch more fun too. My son did find a way to break off a fork tine, but I don't think that's a normal wear and tear issue.

My son had one break spreading some very soft peanut butter and I had another snap in half while I was drying it with a towel. These are light and easy to clean and are a nice size. Unfortunately they break way to easily. I would not buy these again.

I've used this spork for a couple of years. It's simply the best.

pretty good product.

I have bought these in the past, and recently bought more to have on hand for camping and poolside cookouts. They work great and are extremely durable. Highly recommend!

I use these versatile sporks everyday when I pack my lunch for work. They are also awesome to take in to the woods. I have given quite a few as gifts!

Yes, I've broke one...probably using it in a unapproved way....launching candy over the cubicle wall at work. Sporks, they're not just for camping!

A spork, light and functional. They won't last forever, that's why there's four in a pack, for cheap. Bring two in the field.


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