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I bought these sandals originally because my flip flops got ripped off by a wheelchair, and I needed something more durable because I work at a camp for individuals with special needs. The shoes fit very well, but squeaked with initial wearing in. I find that dirt easily gets stuck in the grooves of the shoe, not a big problem however. Also, it smells really easily in my opinion. Overall, I really like this shoe and how it's multifunctional. Cute enough for daily wear and durable enough for work.

I tried about 20 pairs of sandals before I happily found the Teva Tirra. These are well-made and durable. They were comfortable the moment I put them on and needed zero break-in time. The sole is substantial and offers decent support, and the ankle strap holds them securely on your foot. The straps across the foot are all adjustable -- this really sealed the deal for me because I have some foot issues and need my right shoe to be a little wider than my left. The other clincher for me was the style -- they are sporty but not overly casual, and they look good with jeans, causal pants, shorts, etc. I've received compliments on them, and at least one very surprised response to learning they were Tevas ("Those are Tevas? They don't look like Tevas--they're so cute!) I'm able to wear them to the office in the warmer months, and they are great for running around town doing errands and for attending street fairs and other outdoor events -- I can be on my feet for hours without discomfort, and I don't need to worry about mud, rocks, water, etc. They also have good breathability -- my feet don't get overly hot or sweaty. I purchased these last summer and wore them almost exclusively for about four months, and they are holding up well. They are on furlough for the winter, but I will definitely be pulling them out again this summer. I would highly recommend giving these a try.

For my travel activities (ziplining, whitewater rafting, hiking in the rainforest) sandals have to be lightweight, durable, and safe when wet. These have proven to be the best sandals I have ever bought. I also wear these when walking all over campus, too. I did get a full size down, because I prefer my sandals snug. These sandals get 5 stars in all categories and are worth every penny.

I bought these for my first ever hiking/ camping trip and loved them. I wore hiking shoes for the major hikes in and out of the Grand Canyon and wore these sandals for the day hikes and time at camp. They were extremely comfortable, supportive, and had hard enough soles to not feel any of the rocky, uneven terrain on which I was hiking. Also wore them up and down a wet rock face and set of ladders to get to the bottom of a water fall, and climbed up a wall to get to some caves all very well.

I bought these for a trip to Lisbon, where I walked many miles, up and down steep cobblestone streets. The grip on the sole is fantastic. Velcro straps can adjust for slightly wider or narrower feet. Cushions against the skin are very comfortable and did not blister even while breaking in the shoes. They tend to collect sand when walking in water on the beach, but they dried quickly without holding odor. Arch support is great. I normally wear 9.5 or 10, and the 9.5 size was perfect fit. They even are suitable for casual dinner out -- nicer than flip-flops and with some style. I highly recommend these shoes -- for summer everyday, light treking around, and just walking.

I have small volume feet. Not narrow per se (although my heel is, the rest of my foot isn't), just not a lot of flesh.In sandals I have to have adjustable straps that can be "cinched" down. Otherwise my feet slip around. These fit the bill! I just bought them during the Memorial Day sale and it hasn't been warm enough to wear them, but them are comfortable walking around the house. The back-of-the-heel strap isn't adjustable, so these aren't quite perfect IMO. But they're the best sandal I've found in a long time that actually fits! As others have noted them seem to run slightly large. All my other shoes are 8 or even 8 1/2, but in these the 7 1/2 fit fine; 8 was too big.

My first pair, I bought in 2010 and they lasted me up until my puppy chewed them up. I just bought my second pair and I'm convinced if my dog had not destroyed my other ones, they would still be kickin. These are so comfortable and there is no 'breaking in' needed! Just put 'em on and enjoy for years to come.

I have hard-to-fit feet (surgeries, bunions, blister-prone) and have been looking for months for a pair of comfy all-purpose shoes to wear to Europe in June. It's a trip that will cover Wales to Budapest - with varying weather, but one thing is certain: There WILL be rain! These will cover all situations: tromping, walking in Paris, train hopping, and they even look enough like regular sandals that I can get away with wearing them with a long skirt to the opera.

I bought a pair of these shoes last summer before a trip abroad to the UK. They needed no breaking in, and I walked many many miles of coastal trails and beaches with no sore spots. They provide excellent support. My feet did not slide around when walking on uneven ground. I have never owned a more comfortable sandal. They are very adjustable as well. I also like their style and I wore them many evenings with casual dresses - they are an all day shoe. I lost them on my flight home when our luggage went missing indefinitely. I am buying another pair today for this summer's trip abroad, and I will make sure to carry them on - to precious to lose again. I have tried many sandals through the years, and so far these are my absolute favorite.

I bought my first Teva Tirra Sandals over a decade ago. That original pair has hiked numerous trails, spent hours in rivers and at the ocean, and has been worn countless miles in town--and they are still holding together. My new Teva Tirra Sandals are just as wonderful as my first pair, and even more attractive than the originals. The bottom of the sole grips well on multiple surfaces, while my foot is gently cushioned by the top sole and soft straps. I can wear these for hours & miles with extreme comfort. I highly recommend these sandals!

These shoes are great! No pinching or chafing like I've experience before with Teva's. The three velcro straps make these shoes very customization in regards to your foot width. I'm normally a size 7 shoe but Teva's typically run small on me so I sized up to the 7.5 and they fit perfect!

I needed to purchase a pair of sandals to wear around our camp site for a big mountaineering/camping trip we went on. The only thing I was ever missing was sandals as I hated having to put my full boots back on every time I wanted to get up from the tent. These were super comfortable and easy to adjust. I wanted to buy chacos but the arches felt off for my feet. These shoes had a great amount of give in the heel and felt very supportive. The straps on the front did rub a little after I had walked through a shallow stream but I think as you get used to them it won't happen anymore.

I bought these sandals as a lighter version of the Keens I wear. I need a fairly unbendable or strong sole to be best for my feet, and even though these sandals are lighter weight and easier to get on than the Keens, they are very sturdy.

I wear them everywhere, all Asia and Europe. Only pair of shoes to wear and a pair of flip flops to carry. Good for hiking, in the water or in the streets, rain or shine.

I wore these for 11 days during my trip to Maui. I went hiking in the mud, on the lava rocks, and walked on the beach in these shoes. They held up to any challenge I gave them and didn’t even give me blisters. During my tip I averaged 20,000-30,000 steps a day and they are still in great condition! I would recommend these to anyone who needs a pair of sandals that they can hike in and ware in the water.

In the last several years, I’ve purchased three pairs of these—in the blue and black. They last and last. They are comfy and good looking and I have received many compliments. What is great about them is that you can walk on pavement, somewhat uneven terrain, and even get them wet. I’ve worn them with jeans, shorts, and casual dresses. They always go with me on trips. I love them!!

My sandal-wearing habit started with an open toed pair of Keens. When they wore out I looked for a replacement. I learned that I didn't like Chacos (too tight, hate things between my toes, and feet were too exposed), and all other types of Keens were uncomfortable. Then I tried on these Tevas and was shocked. These are my soulmate sandals, and I didn't expect it. I don't like wearing anything else now. I even wear these as house slippers all year round because I prefer them to going barefoot. Around the house I have a habit of standing on the back strap, which has worn it down and after 2.5 years I'll need to replace them soon. I won't stand on the strap with my next pair. And I will buy another identical pair because I can't live without these.

As always, the adjustable straps on a Teva product are the to guarantee a comfortable fit. Just wore these on a kayaking trip, and every female wanted them ;-)

I bought these about a month ago and they are great. I have high arches and could not find sandals without going to specialty websites or buy through my podiatrist. These sandals solved my problem. I wore them while on vacation in Europe and I did not have any problems with my feet. Many thanks to the REI sales lady who recommended them to me.

These are comfortable, which is to be expected from Teva. They are great to wear for outdoor activities like watering & planting & gardening with grandsons. They are comfortable for walking my dog. Sounds pretty utilitarian, but these Tevas look good too, and I have a long, narrow foot. I'm really pleased & I'll have these for many years.

Purchased these for evening shoes after a day of hiking and possibly for hiking if I end up with foot problems from my hiking shoes. Tried them out for a few couple of hour hikes first to make sure I didn't get any blisters or hot spots. Super comfortable just walking around in as well as for several hours of hiking back trails.

I purchased these sandals to wear for an upcoming trip where I knew I would be doing a lot of walking tours, but it was also going to be very warm. One of these walking tours included walking up approximately 31 flights of stairs and I never had any problems with tired or achy feet. Great arch support and all day comfort.

Love my Tevas. Wear them for almost everything, including long hikes on rough terrain. I even wear them in the snow because they are so slip-proof, not for distances or in deep snow, but to take out the trash or go to my car. i have ceramic tile floors and they don't slip around like other shoes, even shoes with tread!

This is a new pair for me but I have had this brand several times with my previous pair being almost 16 years old. Unfortunately we believe an animal ran off with one because one was left on my porch and the other gone. They are wonderful comfortable shoes and great for the beach or walking due to good support.

I tried several brands, types of water sandals, these were an immediate fit, super comfortable. I went for a 6.5 mile walk and had no issues. I wore them into Lake Tahoe, stayed on feet. Straps all are padded including heel so they are comfortable even when strapped tight. Bought the Indigo Blue (can’t remember exact name) as pictured, like a soft denim color. The sole also has a comfortable give so you can walk in them all day without sore or tired feet. Goes with everything. Highly recommend these sandals.

I was hesitant to order these as several people said they were not good for people with sensitive feet, which I have. However, I can wear them comfortably around the house without socks and add low-rise socks for walking. Black looks particularly good with the black and white pair.

I love these sandals so much that I have 4 pairs in various colors. They provide quite good arch support and are very comfortable. My feet have problems and I have to wear orthotics with regular shoes, so I'm very happy to find such comfortable sandals.

I had broken my little toe so it was swollen when I tried these on. Very comfortable! The fact that all straps are adjustable makes them the best. Also I can walk all day in them & neither my feet, knees, or legs hurt.

They were somewhat uncomfortable, I am not sure why. I wore them indoors in order to break them in, but they did not work out. I bought these to replace the style from a couple of years ago. I had to return them.

I want to love these sandals, but the little lines that are cut out in the footbed aggravate my feet. They do provide good arch support. I will be returning them to REI.

An attractive walking sandal that can be worn on the beach or in a stream on a hiking trail and also looks and feels great walking through Central Hong Kong

My sister got the same sandals without either of us knowing it! We both love them. This is my second pair. They are great for everything!

Bought these for my partner and she loves them. Worn them all day and done some light hiking with no blisters or discomfort.

I bought a pair of the black colored ones on sale for a great price! I usually take an 9 or 9.5 size, which they didn't have in the store in the color I wanted. I tried on te 8.5. I have never had a pair of sandals where my foot and heels felt so supported. I decided to try the 8.5 size out.

I walked all over Kauai in these, including in the water. Incredibly comfortable and versital.

Bought these for camp shoes and short hikes. I like them a lot. They are very durable too.

they were nice and comfy but did not give enough support. I returned them

I did not WANT to buy these shoes, but I killed my 20 year old ones, so it was a necessary purchase. I’ve been wearing them around on carpet to make sure they’re perfect, and so far, so good! I’m not used to straps across the top of my foot like with this pair, so I worried about blisters, but they really made sure the straps are soft and adjustable. No blisters! If this pair lasts as long as the last ones, I’ll continue to be a happy camper!

Wore these to Disneyland (2 days) thinking about the heat of summer and the water rides (no wet socks!). At mid day #2 my blister-prone baby toes and bunions suffered massive blisters. Blister band-aids, moleskin and swap-out of shoes was required. I use these mostly for light hikes/walks and around the garden. Loved that my feet did not get soaked and toes were able to breathe, but learned my lesson on over-wearing on 12 mile walking days.

These sandals are great! They ankle strap does rub a little if you aren't used to an ankle strap. It doesn't rub like leaving a red mark because there is neoprene on the strap, but if you're not usually wearing something around your ankle it might be sore for a few days. They have good arch support and the straps up top and over the feet are adjustable, which is nice. I don't want to say they cause your feet to sweat, but mine did.

There are 3 velcro straps & since I have one foot that's wider than the other, I always have problems getting a pair of shoes to fit. These I can adjust to each foot! It's great! They are supportive for an on the go person. When it gets colder (CA's version of cold! ;-) I still wear them, with socks. I'm on my third pair. I buy black, to be neutral but am eyeing the pretty bright blue & hot pink colors! I'm hooked!

I love these sandals. I bought a pair last year and loved them so much I bought another pair this year in a different color. They are super comfy and I wear them just about everywhere during the summer. I can walk/hike in them for a couple of hours with no problems at all (longer than that I'd probably wear sneakers). I have found the Teva brand to always be well made and durable. Teva is a family favorite.

I now own 3 pairs of these sandals. I’ve acquired them over a number of years in different colors. They last forever! Love that the are fully adjustable. My feet are slightly narrow & many sandals are just too wide. These can be adjusted for a perfect fit. They can also be loosened of my feet swell. Great arch support! I wear them all summer, every day. They clean up easily, dry quickly & look great.

I bought these in 2016 before a high school adventure camp and they have lasted me beautifully since then. I have worn them more than any other shoes I have owned, and used them in many environments. I would absolutely recommend. The only issue I encountered was sometimes one or two of the velcro straps would come apart in the water, but the otherwise excellent quality outweighs that occasional small issue.

Pretty shoe and I like Tevas. When I first got the shoes, I noticed the straps slightly curled up at the end. I was hoping that it would go away but it’s gotten worse. Because they curl up, it’s easier for dirt to get in Velcro and for the ends of the straps to catch on things. I was out at a restaurant and another woman asked me about them - apparently she was having the same issues. Very disappointed.

This is my second pair of Tierra Sandals. Teva stopped making the pair that I originally wore and I tried these in black with a degree of skepticism. Turns out they are the best. I have arthritis in my feet and this sandal gives the support I need to walk comfortable. True to size. A size 9 is a size 9. The adjustable straps allow a tailored fit. And the blue color looks just right with all my denim.

I've had these shoes for seven years. They survived running around on volcanic rocks, scuba/snorkel trips, rugged hikes, boating outings, you name it. They have been my go-to warm weather shoes since college. I've severely abused these shoes. I recently boasted of their durability to a friend only to discover several days later that the soles detached in the front. I tossed them aside and wondered if I should finally buy some Chacos.

Over three years ago I bought my first pair of Teva sandals. I took them on a hundred mile hike and I've worn them for casual and for hiking numerous times. They can get wet you can wear socks they're comfortable and they hold up. This is my second pair. I bought the exact same ones because I was so happy with them. I still use the first pair for more dirty outdoor moments. Great purchase.

I really debated about keeping these (because they are fine with socks). Unfortunately, without socks, the nylon straps cut into a toe and across the top of my foot, and I also got a blister on the ball of one foot.

I bought a pair of these sandals last year in tan and loved them so much that I decided to purchase another pair in black this year. These sandals are the ultimate in comfort and support. I have a wide foot and these sandals fit me great. The straps can be adjusted to the width of your foot. The support and walking comfort are outstanding. I wear these all summer!

I need arch support and have only had one other pair of sandals that have been good. They were finally wearing out after a few years. The problem was they were leather. I needed something that could get wet and still be comfy. I also needed something that had a little support, was cushy,and stayed on without any effort.

I love these shoes. I bought them a month ago for a camping Kayaking trip. They were brilliant for that trip. Great for in the river and hiking. But I have also worn them everyday since getting home. They are not pretty shoes, but they are cute with shorts and summer dresses. I did go with the 1/2 size larger to save the toes a bit and it worked out great.

I bought these sandals for a walking tour in Tuscany. I researched quite a few hiking sandals before buying these. They exceeded my expectations! I wore them on rocky paths, up steep inclines, for many miles each day. I only wore my hiking shoes once because I preferred these Tevas. I can't say enough good things about them. I am so happy I got them!i

I have chronic foot pain and this sandal made me forget about it. I bought it before travel to Singapore- where we walked 6-8 hours daily in very hot and humid weather. My feet did not hurt or sweat in this sandal. It accommodated any swelling that occurred due to the heat and travel. I did not even have to break it in.

I have been looking for a pair of watershoes that would look kind of cool to replace my current pair. I am a big Teva fan and thought these would be great. When I 1st put them on I loved them. However, after wearing them around the house, the straps began to cut into my ankle. There just is't adequate padding. It actually felt good to take them off.



How is the width of these? I usually wear a women's 9. I have high arches but also wide feet. So I'm looking for arch support plus a little bit more width than the typical B width in women's shoes.

The straps make these sandals very adjustable. I have medium to wide feet and they feel great. I have even worn them with socks for walks on days when the weather is too cold for bare feet (Dorky doesn't scare me!). The Velcro makes it very easy to adjust the fit on the fly. I have two pairs of these and wear them almost every day.

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