Sea to Summit - Adaptor CoolMax Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner with Insect Shield

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I bought this after seeing another review mentioned using it for Thailand which then convinced me to buy it since I was going to Thailand in the hottest month of the year. I was impressed with the thin material keeping me warm at night and cool during the day. Most importantly for someone who is very prone to mosquito bites, it helped keep the bugs away especially in areas where I slept in remote villages without fans or A/C. Since then, I've brought it everywhere with me from Iceland to Costa Rica.

I used this product on a recent trip to Haiti. It worked great. I used it on a overnight mountain trip an found it was breathable, moisture wicking and gave me peace of mind to know I had some extra bug resistance built into the fabric. Packs easily into a day pack.

An excellant alternative to a full sleeping bag on those hot nights. No complaints.

Pros: Seems to repel insects quite well, warm, easy to clean, durable.

The liner worked well for fairly warm- fading- to- slightly cool nights sleeping under the stars in the lower portions of Desolation Canyon in Utah. (I'm guessing that temp range to be only the upper 80s to low 70s). It seemed to help a bit repelling the few bugs still around at 11:00 bed time and was warm enough when pulled up to my neck in the dark early morning cool.

I took away a star only because I think this is a little overpriced. But that's most things at REI. Otherwise it's a great product. We travel a lot and stay in hostels and it helps with mosquitos and makes us feel protected from the sub par cleanliness of hostels. Also light weight and not hot to sleep in.

Bought this for a two month expedition to Madagascar. Not wanting bites, I invested in this sleep sack. The only time I got bitten by a mosquito in bed was when it was too hot with this and I stupidly kicked it off. One bugger got past the mosquito net and bit me. Long story short, it became infected after three weeks. All is well now, but lesson learned. I’ll always use this sleep sack whenever I travel to mosquito country.

Bought a couple of these for a river trip down the Green River with the Boy Scouts. I am a warm sleeper and first night it was in the 50s at night, so a bit cold. I didn’t bring any other bag so I ended up layering with a shirt around 2 and a second long sleeve around 3 am. Other than that night it was perfect. Kept me cool on hot nights but could pull it on when the chill of the early hours hit. Didn’t have to fight bugs much as we were diligent at slaying all the bugs in our tent before lights out, but they didn’t get near me so I’ll take that as a good sign. It is a very light material and my son loves the soft cottony feel, but I’m concerned about how long it might last. Hoping for a good long while if I care for them well.

Bought this for camping in TX in the summers, took it with me through Southeast Asia last month and it was perfect for hot, buggy nights in the jungle. Slept in shorts and didn’t get a single bite through the liner. It’s thin, soft, and is easy to re-treat with permethrin once the factory treatment wears off. I would definitely but again.

I like to kick a leg out when I'm sleeping. This liner has enough stretch to let me do that! I also sleep hot and this keeps me nice and cool. I've used it above 10k feet with a 20* sleeping bag and in Moab during the summer with a fleece liner. I can even stuff it into my sleeping bag bag to save some space. Yes, I would recommend this.

Used this to keep cool while sleeping and prevent night time insect bites on a recent trip to Belize. It was soft and worked great keeping me cool. I did not have as much outdoor bug exposure as I was concerned about so not as sure about insect bite repellent feature.

I like this because in the hot hot summer I can use it as a single layer and ward offf insects..... in the late fall & winter I can put it inside my 3 season bag to warm it up just that extra bit when needed

Warm or cold I stick to my sleeping bag; but not anymore! Love the coolmax fabric and the insect repellent works as advertised. Soft and cozy and dry and itch free--really can't ask for more.

Bought this for summer time camping and it hasn’t let me down! Used alone on top of a sleeping pad and it was perfect... not too hot or cold and felt protected from bugs.

Worked great through the whole AT, close to 2,200 miles! Used it with an Enlightened Equipment Quilt and on warm days, on it's own! Loved it!

Bought this two weeks ago. Used in on 5 day backpacking trip and it was perfect. Light and easy to pack. All I needed to be comfy all night.

I love this! I've used it by it's self and with my sleeping beg. I won't be traveling without it.



How many degrees can we expect this to add to our bag? I know it's not specific for that, but I'm assuming it will add some warmth since it is another layer. Thanks

While Sea to Summit does not specifically list a temperature rating on the Insect Shield CoolMax Adaptor Liner, it would be fair to say that it would add about 5 degrees of warmth to your sleeping bag.

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