La Sportiva - Stickit Climbing Shoes - Kids'

Category: Climbing Shoes

I bought these for my daughter who got invited to join climbing team. The shoes lasted for two and a half months and then the lace snapped. Overall impression: flimsy, the velcro closure is far too small for a custom fit. Not a good fit for my daughter who climbs competitively. The only reason I bought them is because her feet are tiny (at age 8.5 she wears US kids size 11).

I got these for my 6 year old son to do some rock climbing. We bought them pretty large, so he can grow into them. He has worn them at the climbing gym now 2 times. He loves them and scampers up the wall without any problems. He really likes them and they seem to be doing well for him.

My son has worn them twice a week for a year and they still look great. I bought them up a size (I know that’s not the climbing way) which allowed him to wear socks for 6 months and now go bare foot. They are a perfect first climbing shoe!

My son says they are comfortable, but the tips are too soft for bouldering.


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