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This is a great shoe, no shafing, moves with you, wear them to work everyday since I got them. I hope this is a shoe you keep in stock for the next 10 / 20 years. I did not get one blister from the moment I put them on. I have been wearing Teva's for years but these are even better and have a little more style for work, will be wearing them all year long. Love them. Need I say anymore.

Hiked (literally hiked) all over Europe in my last pair. Went to buy a new pair but the sizing had changed so I tried the Keen "Rialto". Big mistake. Wearing the Ecco sandals you can actually "feel" the ground... A huge confidence booster. My GF is a hazard walking... and when we started down the volcanic rock in Hawaii she was REALLY nervous. We wear the same shoe size so I had her put my Eccos on... she freaked with excitement... and I couldn't wear them again until after the trip haha! Love these things. On the lower side of the size spectrum I think their sizing numbers are RIDICULOUSLY small/shoes too large for size. What Ecco defines as size [40/6 & 6.5] I feel is a US size 8.

Love running in sandals, thought this would be the one, but the toe cover is too far forward and restricts the movement of the far two toes, effectively being as confined as a closed toe shoe.

This is probably the 3rd pair of these I have had over a dozen years. I have NEVER owned sandals that fit perfectly and don't rub a spot on your foot, from the first time you put them on. You can do anything in them from yard work to hiking. Simply the best sandals you can spend your money on.

Just shopping around, I was wondering through REI when these bad boys caught my eye. I grabbed them and requested the appropriate size for trying on. I tried on the 46. I tried on the 44. They didn't have a 45 in stock, but I could tell by the way the others fit, that was my golden ticket.

It is true trekking boots without top! I was in the trip around Annapurna in Nepal for 16 walking days. All the time except 4 days above 3600 meters I wore Ecco Yucatan (in combination with the SmartWool Mountaineer Socks). The way was at least 90 km long. Soles has good support and amortization and is really helpful when walking up or down. When walking long it is necessary to wear socks because of blisters. Great product. Price is high but it is good value for money.

I used the sandals for daily walking, absolutely NO hiking. @$130 they are the most expensive shoes I own. One of the ribs on the inside ankle ripped after one month and four days. This is the shortest period of time any of my shoes has ever lasted. Fortunately REI replaced them, no questions.

I bought a pair two years ago. Picked ECCO (and spent an extra $20 ) due to the quality of the materials. Comfortable and provided me good performance until the cheap plastic loop the velcro piece loops through broke. I was able to find a shoe repair place that replaced it with a metal replacement. Two weeks later the instep attachment piece separated from sole. (No photo but looks like somebodys posting above).

These are nearly just right, but if I wear them too often I notice they are a little narrow for me, and one part where the strap attached to the sole eventually begins to irritate my foot and becomes mildly painful. So while these are nice, if you have a wider foot they may not be right for you.

I wear these sandals in every day life, but also as boat and lake shoes. Bought a second pair so i could keep one fresh while wearing the other. Wish they cost $30 to $50 less but in this case at least you really do get what you pay for.

This sandal is very versatile. It can be used as a good light hike sandal, a walking sandal or just for rugged casual wear. It is without a doubt the most comfortable sandal I have worn.

Very comfortable, great adjustable arch support, worth the extra money.

I have had these for 5 months, and if im not barefoot or at work, I am wearing them. Stylish enough for any casual outfit. They are very light, yet extremely supportive. They clean up like new with just the hose, even after working around the mud of a concrete saw.

These are amazing! Bought them today and they are already my favorite shoes!

I've had Tevas for years but the newer models have a split over the toes that caused sores on both feet after two days of steady wear. The Ecco sandals are really comfortable and should last for years. I'm a fan.

These are the best pair of sandals I've ever owned. They are so comfortable, I would highly recommend them for anyone who does lots of walking and likes to feel comfortable. ECCO makes the best shoes, I would definitely buy another pair once I wear these out. Very comfortable overall, you will not be disappointed.

I already had a pair of ecco driving moccasins and I needed to replace my old cheap sandals that fell apart. Even though these weren't on sale the fit, comfort, appearance and construction made them seem the best choice. They've met my expectations in every way. The padding between the straps and your feet is excellent so there's no rubbing like some of the cheaper ones. Since it's summer I've been wearing them for hours at a time including an entire day at an outlet mall with my wife. My feet didn't get hot like with sneakers.

I have owned many pairs of these ECCO Sandals over the last 10 years. They are very durable and I wear them in Phoenix and Hawaii where the heat is hard on them. They do not break. There’s a picture on these reviews where someone is claiming these are ECCO’s. If you look at the sandal that’s broken it’s not the same sandal as this Yucatán. Someone bought a cheap sandal and is trying to say it’s an ECCO. Buy this sandal and enjoy many years of comfort!

Made the bottom of my feet hot and uncomfortable. I do not recommend..

Walking around town, great arch support but really needs metatarsal support!

Best ever sandles.

I've had my sandals for just about 4 years. I've worn them for hundreds of miles of treks in multiple countries and they haven't failed yet. Definitely a sturdy sandal and can take a lot of use. I really have nothing negative to say about them. I will buy again when my current pair finally give up the ghost.

Bought these to replace a 14-year-old pair of Columbia river sandals. Would have bought those again, but they are no longer made. These Eccos are very similar to the Columbias is design and are secure and very comfortable. Love the cushy footbed..

I purchased these sandals several weeks ago...the ultimate selling point being the arch support. I have totally flat feet, and pronation causes all kinds of problems for my legs and back. With these ECCO sandals, my feet and back feel,good.

These are the best sandals I have ever had--lightweight and very comfortable. The support is so good that they helped get rid of a bout of plantar fasciitis.

I bought these several weeks ago and they are good. I have been buying ECCO shoes for many years and the comfort and ease of wear never disappoints

I was reluctant to pay over $100 for sandals. Every other sandal was compared to the ECCO. Nice arch support & looks are great!!!!

Lighter and more comfortable than my old Tevas. And you can adjust the back strap for a snug fit in the heel. Love my new Eccos.

I do not wear sandals often as none I previously owned were both comfortable and sturdy. This pair is changing my mind.

The sandals are well constructed. Love the Velcro straps they hold your foot in place . Very comfortable to wear .

This is my second pair because the first pair was so good. Comfortable, long wearing and good looking.

My husband really likes his new sandals and I like the way they look. Says they are really comfortable.

Bought these last month and so happy we did. A bit pricey but very comfortable and well made.

Bought 3 weeks ago and is Probably the most comfortable sandal I've ever owned.

I like everything about them; style, fit, construction, all pros, no cons.

The most expensive pair of sandals I ever bought. So worth it. Love them.

Great product - very comfportable for work or play

Well built, very comfortable.

Have gotten 4 or 5 pairs of these over the years, they are my 'stock' sandals. They have changed the design a little but they always are comfortable. The reason for four stars is the last pair I got broke a strap after less than a year and well under 1/2 the tread wear, I consider useful life when most of the tread is gone, a couple of years with my use. I will return them under warranty, but I'm hoping this is not indicative of any lax quality control.

Had mine for almost 2 years, great sandal until the back Velcro straps on both simply wore out. Cut off the useless fluff once but after a few weeks they would not strap at all. The cheapest part wore out and made the product useless. Sad.

I bought these in November but didn't wear them in the winter. In spring I started wearing them regularly. After a few months the strap at the heel wore through. I liked them initially and they were comfortable, but they didn't last.

After a few years, my previous sandals' synthetic attachments were wearing thin and I could no longer overlay the insoles where my big toe dug in. It finally was time for those Ecco to go. I just replaced them with this very same product. The fit is comfortable and the thick soles protect against sidewalk debris.

This is my fourth pair of the echo Yucca tan sandals. They have great arch support and are very comfortable. A run a little on the large side you may want to get one size smaller and you normally wear. I highly recommend them.

I bought two pairs. the first pair is great. the second pair was only worn a few times. The end of the strap came apart. They are very comfortable. i thought they were made in the USA. No they are made in Asia.

This is a great sandal & this was my second order for this model. I have worn my first pair for over 3 years. I wears well, gives stability and support. The adjustable straps allow for a great fit.

Took this shoe to Thailand. It was my dress shoe for dinner, my walking shoe in the markets, and my water shoe bathing the elephants.

But only because our puppy found them irresistible. As the best footwear I've ever owned, I got another pair

Arch is great. Fit can't be better. Great value.

...about ECCO sandals. Love em. Sturdy, comfortable, well made, stylish. And, on sale!

Just back from week long cruise. Wore these all day long for nearly all activities.

Ecco Sandals which I use often is very smoothly and convenience at time.

Wore the daily while in Jamaica and loved them. Very comfortablr

Right out of the box iI wore them all day with no discomfort.

great sandals, cole and easy to puton and offmfortab

Well made ! Long lasting ! Very comfortable !!! !


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