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I really liked the muppet quality of the fleece, which is why I purchased this coat. I overlooked the oddly drafty thumb holes, the fact the zipper is cold on my chin since it lacks a shield of fabric on the interior, and the awkwardly high placement of the pockets, until the fleece sheared off the coat where the seat belt hits me across the chest and on the shoulder. I have owned this coat for less than one month and will be exchanging it.

I use this jacket daily in the colder months. It looks absolutely amazing on - if you have a cool hip and rustic old school style . It pairs well with my outdoor gear for country skiing and hiking as well as looks good w frye boots and skinny jeans for colder days at work . I love all the pockets and the heavy duty zipper as well as the amazing collar and hood . Nothing like it ! I’ve washed it several times in cool water w woolite on delicate cycle ,hang dry and it turns out beautifully . I’ve treated this to hard wear for over a year now and it’s just fine . I was lucky to get the dark olive color and plan to buy it in the lighter breen now that it is on sale .

I love the idea of it, and desperately want to like it more than I do, yet every time I put it on I'm aggravated within about ten minutes and off it comes. It was pricey, so despite my dislike I can't quite bear to stop trying to make it work just yet. The aggravating bits: after only about a month, the fuzz matted down to look like a grungy teddy bear. No amount of washing has done any good. The pockets are humongous and quickly stretch with use, which ends up being just plain weird. And forget about leaving them unzipped. If you do, all the warmth leaks out, you snag the bejeezus out of the arm fuzz just from walking/standing, plus you'll look about 5 mos preggers to boot. Oh yeah, the shoulders fit weirdly tight too. Bonus: the feaux leather? Bad faux. Faux-sure. Overall: Sad. I really like the concept, and feel a few significant tweaks could make this lump of coal into a diamond.

I LOVED this jacket, but it only lasted about three months / casual wear/ and two washings (no dryer) before the fur started wearing off. It looked worn and had patches of the black base visible....super bummed, because it was warm and very soft and cozy at first. I expect more from a jacket this expensive, and thought Kuhl was of higher quality.

After two washes the material is no longer soft and is matted in several places. Very disappointing for how expensive it is.

I absolutely love this jacket, but I had to have it replaced because the back of it got matted down really fast. Just got my replacement a few days ago, and the back of the jacket has already gotten matted down again. I'm probably gonna return it. So sad because it's so cute :(

I love this jacket! I don't like to wear a winter coat and this works perfectly. It runs a tad large, but I like it because I can put many layers (including a hoodie) under it. I'm a college student who does field work every week. That means that I'm tromping through dense Pacific Northwest forests, and it's withstood anything that I've put it through. From casual campus wear to army crawling on the forest floor and getting it caught on twigs and vegetation. The jacket has been washed many times, and it's still as soft as the day I bought it. I thought the jacket was kind of ugly at first, but it has since grown on me. All my friends call me their "teddy bear" whenever I wear it cause it's so soft and snuggly. The only downside are the thumb holes, which are great, except for when I'm looking at my watch on my wrist. Overall, great jacket!! Big thumbs up Kuhl!

Lovely jacket which keeps you warm— the high neck zips up kind of like having a scarf on. The only gripe I have is the zipper seems to stick— almost took it back for another one but got it for a trip and didn’t. Have time for the exchange. The zipper sticks about the neck— I have this style also in a vest and it similarly gets stuck but not as bad as the jacket.

I love this jacket, and I am a tough customer. It is difficult to find performance wear with a great fit that can also be worn to grab a glass of wine in the city. This jacket is also unbelievably soft and warm. I've only had it for a short time, but if this item is durable, I will pay the higher prices for more like it. Yay for function AND fashion! I should mention I'm average height and weight - 5'6" 137. Love!

I really like this jacket! About 5 days into it, I noticed that my car seat belt (just a standard seat belt) sheared off the plush. Shaved it right down to about 1/4 inch. I'm exchanging it for another and will buy a fleece cover for my seat belt just to make it work. I'm hoping purse straps don't do the same thing.Other than that, it's a flattering fit and I love the way the hood zips out. Not sure I can recommend it just yet.

I do love this jacket, and had been wanting it for a couple of years. I got the raven color, which is somewhere between a dark charcoal and a moderate black, but with the brown microsuede trim it's actually a striking combination and almost ends up looking like a deep, very dark and rich brown. I'm usually a medium in jackets, but I didn't like how the medium looked, just a bit to snug in the chest if you are wearing a sweater or similarly thick item underneath. The Large was perfect, and really not all that much bigger than the medium. For size reference, I'm 5'6", 145 lbs, 32DDD on top. I love how the collar feels in back when the hood is tucked inside and it is large enough to really protect the back of your neck. If you need the hood, it works great as well and with the hood up and front zipped up as far as it will go, you have a lot of head and face protection in harsh wind and cold. With the hood zipped away in the collar and the jacket worn unzipped, it looks extremely stylish because the overall shape and design of this jacket is superb. It's a good length, and the sleeve length is good as well and sleeves are not too snug. I like the thumb holes, too! I don't yet know how this jacket will hold up through washings, but I've read about the care of the pile so things like purse straps or seat belts won't flatten the pile down too much. According to Kühl, if the pile gets too flattened you put the jacket into a dryer (no heat) with a couple of dry hand towels and let tumble for 15-20 minutes. Remove from dryer and lightly "tease" the fabric with a hairbrush to restore to its original state. Supposedly this works quite well.

I love the Kuhl stuff for guys...it's awesome on my husband! But the women's stuff, in my opinion, is severely lacking in quality and fit. I LOVE the looks and feel of this jacket, but when I put it on it just looked ODD. Cut too short and off kilter and strange fit all around led me to return it. I tried on several other women's Kuhl pieces and felt the same exact way. Oh well. I purchased a Patagonia jacket instead. :)

This is my favorite go-to jacket for the winter. And Fall, and spring. Its super soft, cozy, and warm. It also is super cute and the thumbhole is a plus. I get compliments everywhere I go. The only downfall is the fabric doesn't do well under compression and the seatbelt will leave a mark like you melted your jacket. Other than that, its the perfect jacket.

This product seduced me with its super cozy high neck and cowl-like hoodie. I could envision myself snug as a bug in a rug in this midweight layer while those about me cringed in the bitter wind and cold. So after waiting a week after our first casual encounter, I called back. I bought this jacket and waited for a chilly wind to challenge us. Unfortunately, I had some trouble with fit. I fit the medium body with room for a layer or two, but the arms were so snug up top there is no way I could layer. So I bumped up to a large, then xtra large. Now I swim in it, all because the darned arms are too tight in the right size. I'm an active, strong woman, but my guns aren't THAT big. Other items of this company's seem to fit this way this year too. Is it me or Kuhl? I dunno. And to make matters worse; for as cozy as it looks, the wind cuts through this thing like swiss cheese. Plan on wearing an outer layer under this thing or vice versa. Windproof it is NOT. So if you have small arms and plan on layering, this thing would rock. But for me, I'm considering its return as it doesn't fit the hole in my wardrobe I thought it would. Reeeeeaaally cozy neck though.

I took my usual small in this jacket with plenty of room to layer. I've owned this jacket since last year & I've had no issues with it matting. I see a lot of people complaining about this not being windproof... this is FLEECE, which is not known for it's windproof properties. As for that, this is probably one of the most "windproof " fleeces I've owned.

It doesn’t stay like new. My seat belt strap put a line across the front. I love the cut though. Very flattering and lots of complements until the seat belt ruined it. Then my niece thought she’d be nice and do a load of laundry for me and put it in the dryer and it’s ruined completely. I’ll still wear it but for the amount of money I spent it shouldn’t be so fragile as a outdoor jacket. Btw we normally like the quality of kuhls. I have pants that look the same as the day I bought them and wear them often. This jacket was disappointing after I wore it for a month.

I bought this in the REI store and had been trying on numerous fleece jackets from Patagonia and North Face... and then I put this KUHL one on and immediately knew I wanted it more than any of the others. I love how high the neck zips and it is so warm and fuzzy! Perfect for layering for walks/hikes and general wear in the fall or winter (depending where you live). For reference, I normally wear a M in jackets like this and a M fit for this brand as well.

I love how soft this fleece is. The color and style is also a little bit different, making it something special. Although it was a pricey option, I have not regretted getting this item - it is very warm, comfortable, light, and stylish. Very good fit. Love it!

The softest feel ever, amazing warmth, but 2 issues - the sleeves run somewhat short & the hood is small.

Great hood that tucks into the back. When hood is tucked in, the collar keeps your neck warm like an extra fuzzy scarf.

Purchased the jacket 2 years ago. It's warm and super cozy with it's stand up collar and longer sleeves with thumb holes. It has a hood if needed and many pockets. It looks great on and I've had many compliments. I have not had any problem at all with matting as other reviewers mention. Fit is true to size. It's a great day when I wear this jacket - thanks Kuhl for making such a cozy and unique garment.

I bought this and haven't had a chance to use it outside yet, but I love the fit and I think it is super warm and cozy. One thing I worry about is that the soft furry part will become matted (as started to happen with the vest) - but otherwise a super cool jacket. I love the fitted zippers and especially the hood - snug around the ears and covers the chin :)

I have been eyeing up this jacket for 5 years. I FINALLY swallowed the cost and bought it. It is cozy and the zipper lines are flattering. However, I have worn it 3 times and it is already getting matted from my seatbelt and purse. I am super bummed because I love the feel and look of this jacket.

I adore this jacket, it’s BYFAR the warmest fleece I’ve ever owned. I found it to be sized a bit smaller than other brands, I usually wear a medium but size up in hoodies or jackets since I prefer them to be on the roomy side. I first purchased a large, ordered online and found that to be very snug (I'm 5’5” and within normal weight range) returned for the XL and that was still very fitting, however my biggest gripe is that the hood on these jackets is cut sooooo small everytime I try to wear the hood I feel “mashed down” it’s uncomfortably tight and with it being an XL I find that to be especially ODD.

The jacket has a nice cut/ style and the fleece is so cozy. However, it has a weird, musty smell. I haven’t washed it yet so I don’t know if it will go away. It is about the weight and warmth of a sweater. The wind goes right through. The hood doesn’t fit well; it feels tight on my head and really resricts my peripheral vision. Overall I give it 4 stars because of the feel of the fleece and style.

My wife loves it. And neither she, nor anyone else, can stop petting her when she wears it. Nice cut, super soft feel, and apparently pretty warm.

Not only is it softer than kittens, but this jacket has a unique but effective design to the hood and pockets. I love it

This is the most amazing jacket ever! It is too incredibly warm and comfortable!

Wife absolutely loves it. Fits and looks very nice. Quality product.

I'm surprised at how much I love this thing. During our recent deep freeze, it was the perfect garment when paired with a down vest. The hood is cozy and warm and, most importantly, I can hear well through it and the collar is nice and high so I didn't need a scarf.

I love this jacket - it is my absolute favorite! The material is the softest I've ever felt. The little holes at the wrist that you can hook your thumbs through are very fun feature.

I totally LOVE this jacket. It's warm, cuddly, and exceptionally flattering too. I am 5'5'', slender, with long arms and size 36" chest, and the Small fits perfectly. It's also long enough which I really appreciate! I have it in the stone color which goes with lots of clothes and boots, and now just ordered the "Harbor" too... that's how much I love this jacket!!

Well as usual my nieces love that the only store I shop for them is REI, it's good to have an uncle with great taste.

I am from Dallas, TX, so the warmest outerwear I own is a pea coat. Traveling to Colorado a lot this year, I was tired of being miserably cold in sub-freezing temps. Every warm coat/jacket I found in stores was too puffy and unfashionable. I didn't want to sacrifice warmth for fashion, so I was incredibly excited to find this jacket. I highly recommend it!

Tried it on in the store but they only had a large and small so I ordered a medium. It is SO SOFT and if you’re wearing it without a sleeved shirt underneath it feels AMAZING. Really stylish and comfy. I’m 5’6.5” and weight 125lbs. I feel a slight tightness in the shoulders but wanted it to have a more fitted look. Beautiful jacket. So happy I got it!

This jacket is so cute, fluffy, and soft that I had to get it. Wore it on a short beach walk yesterday with 20 mph winds off the ocean and 60 degrees temp. The wind blows right though this jacket. I was cold even with hood and the jacket zipped all the way up. Still, it is fun to wear even though I feel like a little girl in a stuffed kitten costume.

This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my perpetually cold wife and it works wonderfully. The coat has a nice soft feel, something I knew that she would like. It's warm and with the hood worked nicely when walking during our once per decade serious snow storm. I think this is the nicest Christmas present I've given her.

I love it. The material feels great, is warm, comfortable, love the pockets and in general the style of the jacket. Looks amazing and keeps you warm. I have not wash it yet. That is my concern because seems very delicate. As far as have been using (less than a month) I love it.

I followed garment instructions and only had washed it 3 times after owning it for 4 months. So bummed by the poor quality. The zipper actually fell off the bottom of the jacket and the end piece just came out in the washing machine on cool water and delicate cycle. Ugh...

I purchased this at the beginning of fall, because I’ve owned this zip up before and fell in love with it, it’s so warm! I literally can wear this with a tshirt and stay nice and toasty. Cute with anything, love all the pockets, and the hood. The thick collar is nice too.

My husband bought me this jacket, I have to say I am not impressed it is a very unflattering. The color combination is terrible and the panel of brown leather on either side of the zipper is very strange. I suppose it warmth is the only criteria you want it would work

I love wearing my cozy jacket, it keeps me so warm while also being thin enough to wear under my rain coat. I also love how high the zipper can be zipped up so I can hide my nose in there in the freezing weather. Very stylish.

Purchased this for my daughter and she loves it! Always been impressed with the Kuhl brand - things are so well made. Also that there is a hood that you can either keep out or zip inside so you can't see it is wonderful.

I wear this coat all the time unless its raining or snowing. Because it is not waterproof, but I can fit it under a shell - wind, rain, or snow jacket, and its so nice and warm and cozy, and everyone compliments it!

I got this jacket in red for my best friend for her birthday. She LOVES it and her 2 daughters (25) fight over it. I told her to just buy each of them one and they can all match. Great knock around jacket

I love how I can turtle in the hood & high collar. Thumb holes keep sleeves pulled over my hands. Instantaneously became my favorite fall/spring jacket! Bought size up to accommodate sweaters under it.

I love this jacket. It is so warm and cozy. It does run a little small to size. I would suggest if you are ordering online to get one size bigger. Love the hood that you can hide in the collar too.

This sweater is my new favorite. It’s really soft, keeps you nice and toasty and it looks great. The hood can also be adjusted so that it’s tighter and to protect your head and face from high winds

I’ve been wanting this jacket ever since I bought my daughter the matching vest last Christmas! Waited for sale price, a bit pricey for me originally. Very soft & comfortable.

Awesome fleece - super warm and has great pockets. Love the large collar that keeps your neck warm while secretly holding hoodie in case of colder weather.

This is snuggly and warm. It has large pockets and the collar goes all the way up. The zip in and out hood is easy to pack away again.

Gift was exchanged for bigger size. Perfect for our 2017/2018 weather in Michigan.

My girlfriend wears it nearly everyday, & is perfect for all wintry weather!

this is my favorite fleece jacket. it's cut well, and is very soft and warm.

Warm and very light plus a comfortable fit. Great customer service.

This is one warm jacket great for the cold weather and the snow


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