Tanka - Buffalo Cranberry Jerky Bites

Category: Camp Kitchen

As much as I'd like to support the cause of bringing economic development to one of the most disadvantaged places in the U.S., this product needs work. Despite not having any "additives" in it, it has an overprocessed texture and taste, spongy and bland. If you're expecting anything like jerky, this isn't it.

We were getting hungry while in-store and my husband picked these up to snack on. I thought......just another jerky, but no. These Tanka Buffalo CranberryJerky Bites rock!!!! I will say the cranberry makes the deal. I would never have thought, but they are really good!!! Taste the adventure!!!

I originally bought these because I was attracted to the package-- they are grass-fed and made on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and support re-bisoning the Great Plains. I keep buying them because they are really yummy. The fruit/meat combo is really great for hiking.

I brought a different product which was great, I Thought this product would be comparable but it was not. Since I am not a really big fan of jerky, I will pass on the negatives. if you ever tried Epic Bison bites, that to me is 100%

I had a couple bags of these with me on a climbing trip up to Alaska and wish I brought more! Tastes great and the resealable bag makes it perfect for on the go snacking on 12+ hour summit days.

We bought this for a stocking stuffer at Christmas for my father-in-law. We tasted his and we are hooked! Each time we go to REI we leave with a bag! The tender buffalo and plump cranberries.

Took these on a recent backpacking trip. I was too tired to cook the last evening so had these with some crunchy dried veggies. Filled me up! They are tasty too.

I love this stuff! I don't hike without it anymore. Great flavors, keeps well, and really fills you up. Much better than "traditional" jerky!

These were a counter impulse buy. My husband and I loved them and they lasted less than 5 minutes. I love that they were not super sweet!

This is a good alternative to jerky when you want some portable protein. The Buffalo meat and cranberry combination is tasty.

This item tastes good, is not salty so it does not make you thirsty. Gives a good energy boost when you want a snack hiking.

These suckers were so tasty, with just enough tang from the cranberry, I plowed through the bag much faster than I intended.

Grabbed a bag for a trail snack, didn't realize they would be that good. Ate the whole bag within the first mile.

I enjoyed the Tanks bites as a healthier alternative to Junk food between meals and when I get back from walking.

I am always in the outdoors, and particularly enjoy sailing. This is a great snack.

These are so good! Don't share because they will be gone before you know it!!!

Just discovered these and they're very tasty. Highly recommend them as snack.

Tasty! Packaging makes it convenient to drop in a gym bag or purse.

Love it!! Well balanced flavors. I would by it again and again.

Tastes great, and I'm all for supporting this cause


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