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This is my second pair of these; the first pair lasted more than 3 years with very heavy use. They are the most comfortable flip-flops I've ever owned. The cross strap looks cute and also keeps them from flapping as much when you walk. I pretty much wear them anywhere I can get away with it, even hiking.

Not the same quality and feel as the older models. I originally bought my first pair of TEVA flip flops from REI almost 10 years ago and they have held up wonderfully. Only reason I ordered a new pair was because the sole has worn out and wet surfaces have become slippery. I recently purchased the same ones from REI online - and they are AWFUL. One of the shoe straps are longer and looser than the other and the cushion fabric is a cheaper material. Also, I got the exact same size as I have now - I tried the newer ones on and they are noticeably smaller. I even put them against my old ones and there is about a half inch in difference! I will definitely be returning these. Very, very disappointed

I am hooked! From day one I fell in love with these sandals! They are comfortable enough to wear everyday and stylish enough to go with any outfit, from everyday yoga pants to cute Sunday skirts. I tried to wear my Old Navy flip flops yesterday and they were so uncomfortable that I found myself wishing I had worn these instead the entire evening. I love how they fit to your fit within the first week and provide just the right amount of support. With my narrow feet it can be difficult to find sandals that stay on and feel comfortable, but with these I will never go back to plain old flip flops or uncomfortable sandals with overwhelming straps again. These are my new, go to, everyday shoes for sure! As I said, "I'm hooked!"

I love these flip-flops. They are very comfortable and feel great, plus they are cute. I wear them to work and walk all day in them and my feet never ache.

I’ve been a flip flop junkie since the 1960’s, wearing them inside my home year round and outside during the warm months. These Teva flip flops are unrivaled! Their unique stylish design not only flatters my feet but provides extra support ensuring they do not slip off. The moldable sole provides a slight arch support and the “thong” is soft and did not cause blistering that sometimes occurs with new flip flops. They are also true to size. All the benefits of an orthopaedic flip flop concealed with impeccable styling. Would love to see this flip flop offered in additional color choices.

I don't really like flip flops at all, but these I love. They stay on my feet without having to scrunch my toes, they have a thick enough sole that I can walk around in them for a good while even though my feet get tired pretty quickly, and, for me, they are immediately comfortable without needing to be broken in. My only complaint is that they seem to have changed the sizing or shape of the shoe or something since I bought my prior pair. I had a pair of size sevens, and they were perfect, and the size seven pair now is loose and floppy on my foot when I walk and has a lot of extra room in front of my toes. I ending up buying size six instead, which just barely fits my heel, but is way more comfortable than the too-large sevens. Very strange. Still love them.

I was replacing a pair I had in a larger size & gave to my sister. I love them for in and out of the house, patio, garage. I always pack them for vacation- light weight and comfy for pool, beach of walks around town. I had to re-order on line since our REI didn't have a size 10 in stock. I had purchased a 10 at the store and wore them twice. The issue was the straps on the right shoe were looser than the right and hard to keep the sandal on my foot. I had not event tried them on in the store since my daughter and I had both owned this same flip flip. This pair is much better. If purchasing in the store- my advice is to try them on to double check the fit. It ws just a fluke, as no other had this issue.

This is my second pair (only because I can't find the other pair). My first pair I have had for several years and they have held up extremely well. I like that these shoes are light and comfortable. They are easy to throw in a bag and go.

I bought these last summer and they are super comfy, even for me with my high arch and stress fractured foot bone. I left them in my car after a hot day on the water and one of them seemed to shrink?? Maybe not the right word but the top layer warped and ended up bowing the one shoe like a banana. It didn't fit after that, almost a whole size smaller really. Thankfully the people are REI are so nice and it was within a year so I was able to exchange them for another pair. The new pair seems to have a more porus top layer than the other and it looks like maybe a lower arch but I'm waiting for it to heat up enough to try them out.

This is my go-to casual black sandal. It is very comfortable. I purchased it to replace my $5 plastic flip flops and it has more than met the task. I like that the straps hug my feet more and I don't have to worry about losing it when I chase my toddler.

Hands down my favorite flip flops. They come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, and are very comfortable.

I LOVE these sandals! They can be worn as every day casual, or the strappy detail allows them to be dressy to go out. I have gotten multiple complements on them. They are a bit thin and not exactly durable, but at the price, I have bought a new pair every year for the past 3 summers. (With my REI dividend = FREE!) If you will be hiking on trails or walking for miles on hard surface, they aren't my first choice simply because they lack arch support. As long as these sandals are being made, I will be wearing them every summer!

I wanted to love these. They were so cute and they had so many great reviews online, so I ordered a pair. I should have thought about the criss-cross strap design. The one farther back on the foot hits right at the terminus of my pinkie toe. Anyone familiar with the term “tossing a shrimp”? It was the most uncomfortable 15 minute walk before I gave up and took them off and went barefoot. That little strap sawed away at the space between my fourth and fifth toes with every step. Not pleasant. Too bad, too. They are adorable shoes.

I've gone through three pairs - one per year. I'm intrigued that a few people mentioned how long they last...I wear through the soles each season. I live in New England, so I wear them may 6 months - by the end of which I've worn through the outer soul and can feel little pebbles with the ball of my foot.

This is my fourth pair of this exact same sandal, I keep buying them in different colors. They are super comfortable and have the right amount of squish in the sole. I've worn them for everything from hiking around Norway, to running through airports, to casual Friday at the office. I probably put upwards of 200 miles on them before they finally wear down and my feet are touching the pavement through the sole. Each pair lasts me about a year of almost daily use and I am NOT nice to my shoes.

These are my first pair and I wish I had tried them sooner. When I first tried them on they seemed tight and I was a little worried, but right away they loosened up and softened and are so comfortable. They stay on the feet securely without being too tight and they look so nice with all the straps. They are the best flip flops I've tried and I think they will be my new go to for years to come. They are true to size. I'm almost always a size 6 and the size 6 is perfect for me.

Comfortable flip flops! Nice looking and great price!

I wear these Tevas casually for going out/ every day as well as coaching on the pool deck. While they are superbly squishy comfortable I find that they can be really slippery and hard to walk in if they get soaking wet. I also had a spot on the side of my foot where they rubbed a bit at first but now that I have a mini callous it doesn't seem to bother me at all. They're also really cute!

These shoes have a very cushiony bottom making them super comfortable. The straps are well placed so you're not overly "floppy". The one comment I have on the black colored pair I purchased is that the rubber (or whatever the material is) attracts lint/hair/fuzz. I find they look dirty after walking around my house... Maybe if the bottom wasn't black, it wouldn't be as obvious.


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