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I've tried others but keep coming back to Cliff Shots… they are small and provide ample energy when I need it without the downside of most energy drinks/bars.

Good product. It meets my expectations. I refuel with one of these gels as needed on my rides m.

I've run marathons and countless halves, etc., and have used other gels so I wanted to give this a try on a recent hike. Although the taste was good, the texture was a little too thick for me; it's a preference thing - I would rather not have to 'work at' getting the gel from its container and this was the case here. Something a little less "sticky" would work better for me...but everyone's different.

I have been using these gels for long runs and backpacking trips for about a year now and they work very well. The first time I used them was in the Grand Canyon hiking up South Kaibab Trail with a 40lb pack after just running 6 miles (not the best idea lol). Up to that point I only used things like cliff bars but never any gels. About 75% up the trail I started to feel extremely tired and didn't want to go any further. That's when I took one of these gels (the mocha flavor) and 15 minutes later I felt GREAT! I was able to get to the rim no problem after that. Now I use them whenever I know I'm going to be doing strenuous exercise. Even the ones without caffeine are good. On a long hike I usually use one without caffeine and one with.

I find Clif Shot Gel to be a great way to stave off a mid-ride bonk. It goes down easy, gives a nice little energy boost, and won't churn up my stomach if I have some hard grinding to do afterward. Just try not to get any on your fingers, because it's a bit sticky.

I use the gel before running and every hour there after. Compared to pre-gel use, the gel seems to make a big difference for me! I enjoy the taste, so its kind of a nice treat when the going gets tough. I recommend it to all, as I will continue to partake!

I like the litter lease its makes things easy to keep track of. The flavor is good and I do appreciate the variety of options when it comes to flavors and options when it comes to the amount of caffeine I intake.

Cliff has outdone themselves by creating Shot Gels. I like the variety and flavors - some with caffeine and others without. When I go for a longer ride, I feel like I can mix up the flavors and the amount of caffeine I ingest (from 25mg to 150 mg). The consistency is medium-thick which keeps it from running down my hand as I bike or run. Taking the gel with water is important - both for the consistency and for the absorption. I ordered a variety pack because I enjoy these so much.

Took this 15mins before a full marathon and seemed to work well. Tastes better compared to other flavors

I bought the CITRUS flavor and they taste great and keep you going !

Gives a great boost of energy on my longer runs of 8 miles or more.

On a recent trip, the weather had me pinned down and I had to make a hasty start to one of my mornings without time to make breakfast... but more importantly, I didn't have time to make coffee. Two Espresso Short Gels saved my morning. Now, I tend to like my coffee strong and extremely sweet to begin with... so beware, these shots are kinda like squeezing pure caramel into your mouth. They are very sweet, but they definitely will give you a boost of energy.

I use this gel when I am rollerblading since I am going to do the Minnesota Half Marathon. It gives me a much needed boost after going a few miles and keeps my energy up. The only one I have had is the Chocolate/Cherry turbo but I think the flavor is good. The consistency is like pudding so it doesn't bother me going down. Also, there is caffeine in this one so it does need to be chased with a lot of water. Overall, great product.

I'm training for a 20 mile open water paddleboard event. I keep a few of these in my pocket and they provide much needed energy and are easy to open. They taste great and Clif has a great package that allows you to not worry about the torn off top being lost in the water b/c it always is attached. I ended up buying a case of these.

I really like the updated formula. I like to swish water in my mouth with my gel to dilute it to ease digestion, and this new formula dissolves much better with the water. They are a little sweeter than the old gels, but not enough to bother me. They are also a little thinner. I just wish REI would carry the Citrus flavor!

I like the Clif Energy Shots for the boost when needed but the packaging is superior. The end piece stays attached to the main piece so it doesn't get blown away.

These are my choice over brand Goo. Razz don’t have caffeine & work as simple carbs for immediate energy use by the body as opposed to complex carbs such as a banana which is more of time released energy by the body. I want to try them as the jelly in a P&J sandwich because of the intense flavor!

Tastes great. I am not a coffee drinker at all but this wasn't over powering.. It was pretty good in fact. I had this about 25 minutes before a road bike ride along with a small bottle of water. I felt great during the ride and I'm looking forward to trying a few more soon.

Clif Gel Cherry Chocolate flavor has the highest caffeine content (100 mg) of any of the energy products available. Take before a 5K or 10K and at mile 8 - 10 in a half marathon. Lay off caffeine for a few days before your race for best results.

These gels provide instant energy when your body stores of glucose are depleted during intensive activities. Need to hydrate with water when you take these as mentioned by previous reviewer. Enjoyed the raspberry flavor.

I've never been a big gel user. I try to minimize carbs and found gels provided a big energy surge followed by a crash.

The best part of these Clif Energy Packs is the packaging. You tear off the top and it remains attached so you can later throw away the entire container. The flavor is great and they do provide a needed boost.

I’ve been using these Clif Shots when I workout for a longer period of time. They help tremendously when I start to feel a bit shaky and need a little something to get me through my workout session.

I use this product frequently on the last leg of a day of backpacking and the following hour or two goes bye faster, more enjoyable and its worth its weight alone for how the last few miles go...

I didn't expect the consistency, but the citrus flavour, along with its thicker consistency was like eating lemon curd, so no complaints! Did it's job up Hurricane Ridge on the bike.

Bought a few of these for a 28 mile backpacking trip, worked well as a supplement to my bars/gorp. Very tasty, even thought about putting some in my oatmeal.

New to using Gel I picked up several flavors, I found this one tasty but a bit too sweet for be, I'm more of a Chocolate/Peanut butter type

I find these gels more tolerable than GU. I prefer only a couple of flavors so if one flavor doesn't work for you give another one a try.

These were delicious. I had the chocolate cherry ones. They proved essential during long days in the saddle. I will buy these again.

The after taste is pretty bad. I wanted to test this product before a trip; glade I did. I'll stick to brewing my coffee.

Greatest solution for late afternoon doldrums or anytime during the day meetings. Or while umpiring. Instant buzz!

So know none of these taste great and taste can be subjective but I couldn't even consume these to see the benefit.

Bought for a cyclong race. Was wasy to open and eat while riding. Taste was fine -

Loved the flavor, however the package opened up in my pack causing big mess.

And a lot of energy even when you don't follow the recommended double dose

Flavor is excellent easy to eat while hiking 50mg of caffeine.

It worked on my 25km mountain hike race! Will use again.

Goes down easy, and helps me get to the finish just fine.

Energy boostttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

the perfect stuff for long bike rides


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