MSR - Universal Fuel Canister Stand

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Stability is a Good Thing when dealing with hot stuff. This is small, light, and quick to attach to a canister. I use this with my Pocket Rocket, and have not lost a load of hot water yet. I highly recommend this for anyone using a canister stove. Worth the weight in the pack.

I have a GigaPower Auto Stove and wanted to get a fuel canister stand as it rains so often in the PNW that I end up frequently cooking in my vestibule and wanted to make sure that my stove was as stable as possible for safety reasons. It worked really well and I was happy that I made my purchase. That it folds down into a very small form factor makes it even better. Usually when I like something I will only give it four stars because it could always be better but the MSR Universal Fuel Canister Stand is a straight up five star.

This was a great trinket purchase. The base works with both large and small canisters, minimal weight, simple to use, and works well. Makes a great upgrade to any canister stove.

This stand is great and definitely the best option out there. It is very stable, very easy to use and works with any can. A titanium version for us gram weenies would be great but in no way diminishes this product. Solid base that does its function perfectly for a proper price.

I purchased this not really needing it but after trying it I'm glad I did. It has a far larger footprint and better stability than my previous stand.

Our last outing was on a rugged trail. Luckily we found some wide strips of bark on the ground to stabilize our stoves. I wish I would have had this addition for that trek. We had one stove tip along with the food.

Earlier, I had bought an identical stand for increasing the stability of a canister camp stove. When refurbishing my old Svea 123, I discovered that the stand almost fit the Svea stove fuel reservoir base. So I bought a second stand and judiciously filed the prongs that would hold the smaller 4-oxz canister. It fit. Svea stability is improved, and the stand keeps the fuel reservoir above cold surfaces.

This is a must have for me now. Bought it just thinking it was a good idea but totally saved us on our last trip which was windy and crowded at the camp site. Flat surfaces were hard to come by in the cooking area and this guy saved the day. Made my PocketRocket2 very stable to cook on. Folds small and fits into any small container.

Took it back got a cheaper jet boil stand, better design not to mention lighter.

Bought this to use with a new Snow Peak GigaPower stove. Have not used the stove without the MSR stand so I can only say that the stove seemed very stable when cooking with a frying pan and also with a pot of water. Folds up to a compact, light package. Good purchase.

as long as the canister has a rim it will fit solid on this. had some concerns about the plastic tab, but it has held up even in cold weather just fine. folds up nice and compact and is good solid stability when open.

A cook pot perched atop an unsupported canister-top stove is asking for trouble. Get this stand: it stabilizes all three canister sizes and folds up for compact storage.

The construction is metal and adjusts to different fuel canister sizes. Wide triangular base adds stability to the stove system. Rugged with low weight. Much better than plastic stove stand designs.

used it on several trips per year for the past 2 years. Adds significant stability to your cooking setup for only a few grams in your pack. Easy to use on both small and large fuel canisters.

Prefer these with any fuel canister when using stoves and large or heavy cooking gear. Longer arms and steel construction better support moment weight of the load above.

Gives you just that little extra stability you need when cooking with a heavier pot or on uneven ground. Very light and actually stores inside my MSR Solo kit.

Tried it for the first two me this week in the Canyon Lands National Park. Minimal weight and never worried about stove tipping over

I bought this to stabilize my canister stove when boiling water. The stand clips on securely and allows me to boil confidently.

Really an ingenious product! Lightweight and sturdy in the pack. Adds stability to tank-top burners.

Folds easily for packing, easy-on, durable, much better than the plastic types.

Makes a larger base for the stove. Fits inside the pot. Love it.

Dosent get any easier or better .....simple and reliable


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