GSI Outdoors - Ultralight Salt & Pepper Shaker

Category: Camp Kitchen

This is a very sturdy, airtight product. The perforated screen is great for dispensing salt or pepper. However, it is by no means ultralight. You'd do far better putting your spices into plastic baggies. Disappointed that it's being advertised this way.

I have been using this salt/pepper shaker in my lunch box for a couple of years now. Increasingly I have to pull the perforated lid out of the outer lid either using a fork or tweezers in order to use the shaker. This time the perforated lid is stuck so tightly that it will not come out at all. I am off to REI to find a different style.

I bought this and it last one trip in my pack. The lid was never over tightened. The grey cap cracks and falls apart. I tried contacting GSI and never heard back, I would not buy any of their products because there is no support. Stick to MSR and don't look back, their support is beyond impressive.

Put simply, listen to the reviews all over the place about GSIs lids breaking. They're not anomalies, their lids are just poorly constructed. Design-wise this little guy is just fine. Not "ultralight" but not heavy either. I liked it well enough for the one trip that i got out of it.

As a salt fiend, I have found this little gem essential, and not just for backpacking - I now keep one in my purse for salt emergencies! It's sturdy, doesn't spill and holds quite a bit of salt, particularly if you put it on both sides.

Had bought one before & have used it daily even around town, when eating out. We prefer to use Himalayan pink salt as opposed to refined salts found in most restaurants. This container is light, spill-proof, & easy to carry!

I bought this shaker a couple of months ago and recently used it for an overnight backpacking trip. I find it to be light and I love the split top option. My friend liked it so much she is going to buy one herself.

I bought this a year ago, and have used it on two weekend trips since then. It has always been stored in a climate controlled room with my other gear, but the lid split and cracked as if it had been exposed to sun.

Great little shaker, put it in my camping gear. Thinking about getting another to keep in the car. Haven't had it out in damp conditions, so not sure if the salt will clump, but seems to be moisture proof.

This is engineered to leak either salt or pepper into the black cap, your choice. There are two included lids, neither of which is designed to seal the contents of the chambers.

Your personal Fav! Big enough to share. It'll last a week personally. It'll go trailside, camp, boat, hostel, etc… Fill before you go with fresh ground! Simple.

I've got a couple of these. One goes in my lunch kit every day. The other goes camping with me. What can you say about a good simple S&P shaker? Bring it!

This small S&P is perfect for backpacking or car camping. I liked it so much I purchased a second shaker for coffee add-ins: cinnamon and cocoa.

A great idea but serious design flaw. The cap split after only minimal use. Nice mess of seasoning and salt in my kit.

Great, handy little unit, it literally goes everywhere with me, in my backpack at all times.

Light weight used for other spices because some of the dehydrated food is tasteless

A great way to carry a small amount of salt and pepper in your lunchbox.

Good little half Salt & half Pepper. Works well and keeps it dry


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