Just Tomatoes, Etc.! - Just Veggies Mix - 4 oz.

Category: Camp Kitchen

I was very hungry and had these in my hiking supplies box and decided to open them up. I was surprised at how tasty they were, it was actually like eating real veggies(crunchy though). I plan to mix some with some hot water or soup and see how it is. Overall I enjoyed these, didn't give five stars because im not out hiking with them so I would like to see how much energy I get on the trail.

We bought this to add to our Ramen soup during a backpacking trip. It was delicious!

This is a great way to add veggies to rehydrated meals while backpacking. Realizing it's just a personal taste, I would prefer no red peppers.

For those of us who eat only plants, whole foods, and no oils of any kind, this is an almost perfect snack. It could be improved only by slightly reducing the dried tomatoes and concomitantly increasing the corn, peas, and carrot portions.

The Just Veggies mix is great for snacking as-is, but it is also a nice addition to a chicken and rice dinner when backpacking. I bought another bag to add to Ramen noodle soup mix. However, if you add it to a meal, be sure to pay attention to how long the meal needs to cook and/or sit, and how long the veggies need to sit so you don't end up with mushy food or mushy veggies.

How nice to find an easy way to have veggies in the backcountry! So far I've only eaten as snack food and it's rather dry for that, but still very good in my opinion.

I bought these a while back to try I’ve been using them to cook with their absolutely awesome and way almost nothing

I normally never pack any veggies, so this is a great idea. Very crunchy and good. I love this stuff!

We added this to all our dehydrated meals. It's a perfect solution to more veggies while backpacking!

These added text to some instant mash potatoes and that's about all.

I've always struggled with veggies when hiking, this soltu


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