Snow Peak - Titanium Spork - Colored

Category: Camp Kitchen

Love these things, I have a two green ones and know this blue one. I've owned the green ones for almost 2 year now, and they both still have most of their color, and are just as durable. I haven't ever used them in the dishwasher, they're easy to clean, useful for about anything you can eat, good feel to the Titanium also. I would throw all my parents Silveware away and replace it with these if I had the choice.

Great spork, no complaints!

I carry my spork everywhere, always in my purse and never use plastic

Chose this model because of its light weight, long handle and cool color. I am a section hiker and do 1-3 night backpacking trips. It weighs about 3 times that of a plastic spoon but will last forever. It reaches into the bottom of food packets just fine so I can eat my tuna or rice without getting my dirty fingers in my food. Suppose it could be used to dig a small hole if necessary, but who would want to do such a thing with such a nice spork? I'm satisfied with this product, and you probably will be too.

I bought one for myself years ago. And to this day I use it all the time. I had some people in my life that used to laugh at my regular spork usage. So I bought them each one for Christmas so they too could understand it's awesomeness. Now they also love the benefits of having a fork and spoon in one!

Great spork overall and love the colors. The titanium keeps the weight down and I don't have to worry about it breaking. Only complaint is that it is slightly short if you're trying to eat out of freeze-dried meals.

Attractive spork that served its purpose, but paint faded or came off after just two uses. Handle was a good length for Mountain House dried meals.

I got this is in a beautiful green. The color scratches off in some areas almost easily. Overall, it is quite sturdy and useful on a hike.

I couldn't find my old silver one for a trip so had to snag a new one and thought the blue was nice. It was until it started wearing off, which happened surprisingly quickly. I don't care about the appearance but I don't know what's in blue anodizing. My guess is that it's not something that's great for the human body. If I could do it again I'd just go silver. Besides that though the product is great. I'd give the silver one 5 stars.

I bought this for my wife after she kept stealing the one she bought me for Christmas. I bought her a purple one, and she loves it. The only drama we've had is you have to be very careful to clean the inside bowl of the spoon, as it doesn't always come clean as easy as you'd like. After some tomato sauce got baked on in the dishwasher, it took a wire brush to get it out.

I will be keeping this outside of the tent for sure. Nice, lightweight, and durable.

Sure enough, this multifunctional utensil aides in the transfer of food to mouth. Solid or liquid, this spork is so good I could just eat it right up. I won't because then I'd be down a spork, but you get the point...

I have quite a few of these that I use for every type of camping situation and meal. Its light, strong, easy to clean, and a great tool.

This spork is perfect for all applications. Purchased for backpacking, I use this now everyday at work for spoon/fork functions. Easy to care for, lightweight, and fun to use. Keeps me inspired at work for my outdoor life. Dishwasher safe. Smooth finish. Solid, strong.

It seems silly to review a spork, but this isn't just any spork. This is the spork that all sporks hope to be when they grow up. It is insanely light, doesn't dent or bend, and does all of it's sporkly duties with outstanding performance. It's super! You need one.

The Spork is highly funtional but loses it beauty after one wash. The finish turns dull and matte. It is not enough to deter use and I had read reviews that referred to the finish but still decided to purchase four sporks. It has met my expectations.

They don't sell these at KFC! It's light, durable and does the job. I haven't used it enough to have fading happening yet but I'm happy with it. Made my girlfriend jealous as she though my life was fulfilled now that I have a titanium spork!

it's a straightforward product. it's small, light, functional and pretty strong. if you try to bend it, you will but it should hold up to reasonable use and abuse. i like the hole in the end so you can secure it or hand it if necessary.

Great spoon - doesn't need a lot of explanation. It could stand to be an inch or two longer to make eating from one of the camp meal bags easier. If that isn't a concern (and even if it is, it still works fine) buy with confidence.

It's lightweight, near the weight of plastic sporks, but much more durable. Only complaint I'd have is the paint peels off after a while, but it has never bent, or had any other problems. Worth the price!

The spoon-to-fork ratio is slightly higher than I prefer, but overall, this spork is hard to beat. If you’re looking a spork, and you think the reviews might help you decide.... look no further.

This spork is lightweight, strong, and works well. My wife and I each have one in a different color which is nice. The color has not faded or scratched off on our sporks. Buy it!

Awesome little spork here. I have begun using this at home too because why not. Super lightweight as expected, doesn’t hold a ton of liquid but it does the job. Love it.

Very pleased with this product. Lightweight, strong and very practical. Gets the job without the need for a multi-utensil set to worry about and keep track of.

Light weight. Easy to clean. No issues. Used on five backpacking trips so far. Good to go! Could be a tad bit longer for certain meals though.

It will never break, you’ll just loose it and have to buy another. So you’ll buy another, because it’s the best camping utensils I’ve used.

We ahve 2 already but are trying to be more aware and reduce of our plastics usage, so we got 2 more to keep in the car and back pack

The straight handle is too thin. This thin, untapered handle is difficult for me to hold. Also the spoon is too small. Not a fan.

Its super lightweight but very strong. I probably wont be replacing this anytime soon. Looks very durable. Highly recommend this

Lightweight, strong, i highly recommend this product for backpacking. My wife will not let me use it at the office though...

Great to have a fork n spoon combo instead of plastic. Mine is in the center console easy to find and ready to use.

I keep this spork in my workbag. I have avoided using countless plastic, disposable, single-use utensils.

Life needs sporks. These snow peak green sports make sporking more fun. Get your spork on.

Purchased this for my youngest daughter. Works fine and extremely light.

would like a little longer handle. otherwise works great.

Bought two to take to work for friend & me. Live it!

It's a spork, I mean, how much can you rave about?

Extremely durable and light weight.


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