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For the price, you cant beat it. My experience with cots is limited to the military version. This cot is super easy to set up and take down. I didnt have any problems with the cot making noise, etc. It is heavier than I expected, but since I packed it in the car with everything else its a moot point. Having slept on military cots for months and months at a time, I prefer to put an air matress underneath for comfort. This is especially necessary if camping out in the cold to insulate from below, since your sleeping bag is compressed? My family and I just spent the week in upper GA camping and I was totally impressed with this cot. I also use carpet samples from Home Depot underneath the feet of the cot to protect my tent from wear and tear (as a side note :)

I'm 6'3" and was concerned this wouldn't be comfortable for my height, but it served me just fine. It collapses down easily enough and I was able to transport it with my other gear on my motorcycle for a 4-day/3-night camping trip.

I bought this cot as a stop-gap measure for a guest while we waited for a futon bed to be delivered. (his inflatable mattress developed a leak)

This is a great cot that served for 9 days of Scout summer camp on an island in the middle of a lake in northern NH. The legs are high enough to store a footlocker underneath. Set up and take down was simple and easy; within minutes. It is comfortable and roomy enough for a typical adult with a standard sleeping bag. The tension on the cot material can be adjusted for a slightly softer feel using the 4 pull-downs on the sides.

Weight is pretty good, sturdy, item. I do not recommend backpacking with any folding cot. Pretty easy to set up and break down and the simple instructions are sewed on to the underside of the cot. I use it minimum 4 times per week where I am staying. I am a 5' 8" 170 lbs medium shirt, it is long enough but narrow compared to 36-48" much more comfortable cots. But, they are heavier, more awkward, and most importantly when used over an extended period of time, they tend to cause more rounding of my shoulders which is very bad for my posture, and spinal cord health. The tension on the ends can be adjusted with simple pulling down on 4 straps. Yet tighter would even be better. The cot is working out well for me.

Glad that I found this.

Purchased for an extended camping trip. This cot was very comfortable and easy to use....until I folded it up and didn't release the "tightening/tension" strap all the way. A rivet pulled out of the leg and the cot is now basically useless. I honestly did not pull that hard on it... very disappointing. Cot was only used ONCE and just for this camping trip. Unfortunately, even though I am a member, REI would not replace it as I had purchased the cot a year before at an end of season sale. Hmmm.......hence the 3 stars. Be very careful when opening and closing this cot.

Because I am now in the category of a geezer and can no longer sleep on the ground in our tent comfortably this cot allows me to continue camping in comfort. My back feels better in the morning than even when I get out of my own bed at home! I use it with a thermarest pad. My husband tried it and he liked it so much he got one too.

this was my second cot, first being military one. it is easy to setup and compact enough to transport and store. footprint is very slightly over the size of the sleeping area which is great as i had to put up 2 REI cots and 2 military cots in HALO 6 tent. I am using them for the last 4 years and no problem what so ever. I even replaced one military cot last year with another REI cot. I recommend using some form of a mattress as the top stretches tight and becomes hard (very similar to the military one). Also if you setup in the tent put something under these feet as i managed to tear my tent's floor with these.

I use this when I car camp or on raft trips. It is great when just camping one night because it is super quick/easy to set-up and take down. Also allows you to sleep under the stars without stuff crawling on you. It is pretty heavy to pack and I would never use it for any distance away from the car but for this price you can't beat the comfort level.

This is perfect for my 2 week tent camp and water ski trip to the lake! Comfortable but easy to pack down the steps into the sight and back out again. It's a little on the heavy side compared to the roll up kind but it's way faster to set up and take down and it has a shoulder strap so it's no big deal. I put a self inflating mat on it and found it to be quite comfortable to sleep on. The mat also made the sleeping warmer. All in all I am very happy with my purchase!

A lot of my friends are now sleeping on cots when we car camp. Why not have a better night's sleep (makes up for all those nights in backpacking tents.) But some had bad experiences with them collapsing, or having to stretch bars across. Knowing REI's generous return policy, I ordered this cot. It arrived and was SO heavy, I thought about sending it back right away. But after 2 weeks of staring at the box, I opened it. I have to say it's even heavier out of the box. (I took away one star for the weight.) Well, anyway, I decided not to give up on it and I car camped this week in my Camp Dome 4. I have the 3.5 inch REI car camping sleeping pad and it fits perfectly. The cot was very easy to put together and break down, and the bag is generously sized so it's easy to pack away. Best of all, it takes up no more floor space that my sleeping pad alone, but you get the benefit of ALL that storage space for clothes, etc. I even put my storage bags for all my REI gear underneath instead of the pockets of the tents. And it's a good sitting height, too. I used to put my REI chair in my tent but it's not necessary any more. The REI camp end table fits nicely along side it. It is well worth the 16 pounds!

This cot feats nicely into most high-ceiling tents, and is high enough that you can sit in it comfortably with no problem. It's light enough that even on very hot (80+ Fahrenheit) summer days, it stayed cool and pleasant to sit on. No issues supporting my admittedly kinda excessive weight. Strongly recommended for 'base camps' or tents meant for campgrounds. Probably a bit bulky for hardcore adventuring, though.

I really had high hopes for this cot! I really liked the design - it is very easy to setup and it has webbing to help tension to corner to ensure you have a nice firm sleeping spot.

Very comfy but, like many others have stated, it makes lots of noise everytime you move.

Comfortable cot, and utilitarian design. Riveted connection points of legs do not hold if swivel bracket jams, and will simply break off.

My partner and I do some car camping and wanted to get up off the ground. I had settled on the REI Kingdom Cots, and ordered them online, but when I got to the store I was overwhelmed by the bulk and couldn't really imagine hauling them, even for car camping. Part of why I shop at REI is that the employees are always so helpful...huge thanks to the REI employee who helped me settle on these instead. We already had pretty nice sleeping pads, and just put those on top of these cots and slept like we were at home! They are very sturdy and comfortable. And, you can't beat the price! I was worried about whether the sleeping pad would slide around on top of the cot, but this was not a concern, and I move around a lot while sleeping. Great cots!

I am writing this review since nobody else has. I have not actually used this cot in the field, but I felt I could offer some comments for others who are looking at this product. Following our last road trip, my wife and I decided to invest in a cot for her (I will probably get one eventually as well). We visited our local REI and looked at both this cot and the Camp Time Roll-a-cot. Out of the box, the Camp Time took about five minutes for the two of us to get set up, and was a little awkward. The REI folding cot was set up in 30 seconds out of the bag. Set up works like this- unfold the cot and position it with the legs pointing up. Pull both sets of end legs upward (the cot will spread apart as you do this). Once the legs are fully deployed, pull the four straps tight (one on each corner). Then flip the cot over, ensure it is fully unfolded in the middle, lay down and take a nap.

There's an oversized shipping charge for this item. Surprising since the description says it "folds up for convenient storage and travel". Maybe pick it up instead.

I bought this cot to accommodate extra guests - tried it myself before the visit. It is very comfortable, and my guest agreed with me!

I liked this. Easy to set up--I didn't pinch my fingers as I did with some other cots. I wish it were wider and longer, so that I could keep my teddy bear and cellphone next to me. I also wish it had a pocket for just one or two things, like my lip balm, beef jerky or a leftover chunk of cheese cake. ########## Mine had no issues with creaking or squeaking. I always felt my 153 lb were well supported. I slept on this cot without a pad, and it's like sleeping on a hammock or any other cot when it comes to thermal comfort. At about 70 degrees or lower, my underside gets uncomfortably cool. Also, the surface is too firm for me to sleep comfortably, remedied by an air filled insulated pad 1.5" or thicker.

I have had this unit for almost a year and have used it for car camping and extra sleeping in our cabin. The unit is well built and the tension straps on ends help keep cot horizontally flat. only concern (to be expected at this price) is the weight. it is not practice to hike or pack this in any length...

Pros: Quick and easy to set up. Very sturdy. Better than the ground. I didn't think it was as noisy as other reviewers had noted when you move on it. Cons: So sturdy it's pretty hard. We have 2 of them and people camping next to us had one and we all joked about waking up frequently in the middle of the night with numb body parts from the cot and having to turn over. You'll want a pad on top of it. If you use a pad with it I'd probably give it 5 stars but since it doesn't come with one, I rated the product as-is.

Needed mostly for short road trips where the sleeping is near the parking. Not a light cot but so far very durable. Only a four star because the carry bag tore after 2 outings, but nothing major.

We have two kids (teenage boy and tween girl) and this cot fits perfectly in hotel rooms when we end up with two queen beds. Also great for slumber party guests. Easy to set up, even for the kids. Sometimes a bit tricky to take down if you don't release straps completely, otherwise a breeze... Contrary to other reviews, although it's a bit heavy for backpacking, weight isn't too bad; my kids carry with ease thanks to the durable shoulder strap on the carrying bag. I can easily carry it and another bag as well.

I just spent two nights sleeping on this cot. I actually slept comfortably and soundly through the night! It's firm to be sure and I definitely needed a pillow. I'm a side sleeper but ended up sleeping on my back mostly but it was okay. I was concerned about the noise I read about in the reviews. No problems whatsoever. And opening and closing? What a dream for this non-camper. 1 minute tops! Great Buy and the price is terrific!

I bought this cot for the price and ease of set up. Didn't realize the noise issue until I got it home and tried it. Noise is terrible! I am very sensitive to noise while I toss and turn. Looking at reviews and other sites, I tried a couple things. First I tried to oil it to see if that would help. It didn't. Then I tried baby powder (actually gold bond). Used a q-tip and straw to get it down the sides of the cot while it was not set up. Twisted the fabric a bunch to get it distributed. Worked great! Just spent 3 nights on the cot and it worked great and not a sound. Not sure how long it will last, but at least know how to fix it again. Very comfortable cot. Gave it 4 stars because it needs work to get it to be quiet.

I purchased this cot for Hurricane IRMA overnight work stays and found it to be very simple to setup and breakdown. at 165lbs and 6ft tall I am slender and found this cot to be very comfortable and sturdy in design and use. I do not find the previous reviews on noise to be accurate in my experience.

Slept on it for a month while work being done on house, put a backpacking pad on it and slept great. The tensioning straps kept the top taut and supported my back well at 250#. Set and took down every night for about 5 weeks and was quick and easy. Would highly recommend. Easy to fold up.

My primary use of this cot is while I work overnight outdoor events, so I’m generally not lugging it too far from my vehicle to my camp site. This definitely is a car camping cot - it weighs 16lbs, so I wouldn’t take it on a long hike, but if your situation allows for a cot, this one sets up in less than 2 mins, and makes for a very comfortable sleep. I’m about 6’ and 170lbs and it feels very stable.

Excellent product and price for the most part, minus one thing. It's not wide enough. I'm an average sized male, and the side support bars scrunch my shoulders together. An extra inch or two would have made all the difference in the world.

What took me so long? I loved the cot! I finally admitted that I'm old and sleeping in the ground was working anymore! I had the best camping experience with this cot! I'm tall and plus size...and it was perfect! I recommend it for anyone!

Very easy to set up and take down....perfect for an old hiker as myself who is having trouble with knees and no longer can get up off the ground....used a self inflating mattress and keep the entire campground awake due to my night's sleep camping ever....a must have for non ground sleepers!!!!!....FYI: a REI always satisfied customer since 1976

It's a cot. Nothing fancy. BUT it is very easy to setup. We made it more comfortable with our 3" self-inflating foam sleeping mat that we had. I have padded cots and prefer those for size and comfort, but this was a acceptable second cot that is much smaller to transport. It folds up into a bag just slightly larger than a camping chair.

Bought this for my dad for our yearly Father/Daughter camping trip. It’s super easy to put up and take down. It took me longer to put away my air mattress. It even fits right back into its pouch after you use it for safe storage. Very comfortable (I may have taken a nap on it while he was reading his book by the campfire.) my dad is over 6’ 200lbs. and it’s just harder for him with his aging knees to get up and down. This was the perfect height for him. It fits in our camping tent perfectly and he’s able to be sleep during the night.

I bought 2 of these in July. Used them both car camping on the St. Joe R. My grandson jumped on me when I was setting one up and bent a piece and broke a rivet. The cot still preformed admirably. REI replaced it. Took 1 cot on 8 day Salmon R float. It held up very well on uneven sand. They are very comfortable. Set up easily. Once all four straps are tight it is very strong. I will definitely buy another of these if I ever need one.

I was in the market for a new air mattress when I stumbled upon reviews for this that made the case for investing in a cot, rather than having to buy an airmattress over and over. Very happy with it: simple to set up and put away, very comfortable, long and not terribly wide. My first house guest used it and for a week with no complaint. The true has never been the same for air mattresses, regardless of price and quality. A good move for me!

I own two XL Slumber Jack cots that I use for elk hunting but they are too big for my smaller tent. I purchased two of these cots and was pleasantly surprised. I am 6'1" tall and 250 lbs. This cot held up like a champ. Very sturdy and enough room for short trips. I used this 3 nights and wouldn't hesitate using it on longer trips. It is a little noisy when moving but not any worse than any other cot I've used.

I was a bit hesitant to purchase this cot as it was a bit heavy but I went for it and have not been disappointed. It was a breeze to assemble and dismantle and is super comfy. It not only worked great for camping but also came in handy as a guest bed!

I bought this for an extra hotel-room sleeper for a cross-country group road trip this summer. It squeaks incessantly and loudly and there's no fixing it. Taking it back today to the store in Santa Fe to see if they'll acknowledge. It runs 90 bucks, a REI price, for sure, and well short of the standards REI espouses.

This cot was reasonably comfortable, but I toss and turn a fair amount as I sleep, and it was so loud that I had trouble staying asleep.

Bought this to avoid having to sleep on an air matress. Not sorry. Was completely comfortable.

This cot slept comfortably and set up easily, but the primary reason for the lower rating is the sound it made. Any sort of movement would create a significant sound. I believe it was caused by the tightness of the nylon against the metal frame. If I rolled over it affected others as well as myself because of the noise.

Sweet buy. The sales person allowed me to set this up in the store and glad I did. It was so easy to set up and take down. Heavy duty bag comes with the cot for storage and easy packing. My self inflating air mattress that I bought from Costco fit perfect and very comfortable. Highly recommended. I won't camp without it.

I bought two of these for my wife and I. I couldn't be more impressed with how well I slept on it. No hard spots. I did also use a sleeping pad the sales person recommended. An absolute must if you have the space to set up. Folds up super easy and fits right back into the bag without issue.

We've had two of these for two years now and love the easy set up and comfort they provide. They can be a bit noisy as you turn over, but all cots we've used do the same. We are about to invest in a third cot for our son, after trying a cheap box-store version and not liking it.

It's the EXACT same cot that WM sells. REI is taking advantage of you ( in many ways). At Wal mart this is $35.Called the "O.zark Trail Compact Basic Comfort Folding Cot" -- take a look. Exactly the same. I own it -- it's pretty good, but even better when you pay less than half price. [So 4 stars for the cot, one star for REI in this case.] I don't really appreciate REI just slapping their name on something and then doubling the price. Not cool.

Spent more time trying to get this back into its stow position than it took me to drive down there and buy it.

My family of 5 was about to embark on a cross-country (and back) road trip. We knew we’d hit the occasional hotel that only had two queen beds and we’d need another bed. This cot seemed like a good option.

Tried out this cot in the store and then again at home....very comfortable! But, seems heave ire than 16 lbs. That being said, I will be purchasing a second cot.

I purchased a pair of these cots in anticipation of 8 days of sleeping under the stars on a recent raft trip in the Grand Canyon. The cots were perfect. Easy to set up, easy to take down and super comfortable. They were used for an additional 10 days by another couple, and spent some time upside-down, strapped to a flipped raft. They came out of the Canyon in great shape. Sturdy construction and simple design.

A cot should be two things , sturdy and easy to stow. This cot does both , with a pad or just by itself it performs just how you'd hope ..

I bought two of these cots for car camping. They set up and fold up very easily and are pretty comfortable. However, the first time I set one up in my living room to test it out, two of the plastic caps that cover the legs sheared off. They can't be reattached and what was left will definitely rip the bottom of a tent. If they had better legs, we would love to use these! Unfortunately, they are going back.

Well opened it at the store with nice employee and set it up. Once I got it to friends and set it up it was torn. Seems like where the leg folds created a rip. Wide enough but really not comfortable for me, You need an air mattress on it for sure.

Folds very compact when not in use. Easy to take anywhere, comfortable sleeping option!

I have Camp Time Deluxe Roll-a-Cot (both 28" and 32") and I prefer the REI cot. I had the Camp Time cots for over 5+ years and the REI cot feels better. As others have commented, it does squeak. Even with the squeak, it is lot more comfortable then my other cots. I will try the teflon dry lube as some other reviewer has recommended. The fabric top is comfortable and it does not sag very much.

Well designed, easy to use cot. Unfortunately, it is too high for my dome tent.

We have a Coleman cot as well. As far as set up , this cot is a breeze comparing to our Coleman. You sleep well on it, very comfortable. The only complaint is the noise that it makes, I don't know if it is the fabric or the legs. It is not a big deal, but just so you are aware, there is the noise. However, I'm planning of buying more of the same cot for everyone in the family, that good it is!!

This cot is a great product. I would highly recommend this to anyone who does lots of car camping as a better alternative to air mattresses or other pads. I actually use my backpack and pad on top of the cot and it made for a very comfortable night sleep. One of the nice surprises was that it created additional storage space under the cot. Overall a great product and a very fair price

I bought this cot after experimenting with a Coleman Trailhead cot. The Coleman was nearly impossible for me to put up. The 2 bars on the ends of the cot were almost impossible to put in place without something providing leverage. I took them back right away. Then purchased this cot and is a breeze to set up, not to mention lighter! Perfect for those weekend trips

I bought this for the nurse's office at school. It's easy to set up & can be tucked away when not needed. The material is easy to keep clean...I can't speak to it's facility in it's intended use other than it's too heavy for anything other than "drive to the camp site" camping.

I liked this one. As mentioned above: Easy set up, sturdy, low tonnage. The canvas firmly supports an air mattress, with only minimal sag. It's quite portable and folds easily. Great for my houseguests. The couch is mine, but if I ever give it away, I've got this.

Very sturdy, was way too tall for my tent. I think it would have been comfortable, but I wouldn't have been able to sit up. I had concerns about the feet pushing through the flooring, but I'm sure there would have been a work around for that.

This cot is much smaller than the other 2 that I have, but it is still plenty big enough for an adult. My son is sleeping on it now, but we will all share at some point or another. It is very easy to set up and it is comfortable.

Good, strong cot for a tent or to set up at home. You won’t want to lug it far, but it can be carried. Will easily bear the weight of a 200+ lb person. You can store things under it easily.

The plastic cap pieces at the end of the legs are very loose. After one campout we lost several of them when packing up and didn't realize it until the next time we were going to use the cot.

The Camptime roll-a-cot is the one you want. Too bad REI stopped carrying it.

I just purchased this camp cot and used it last weekend. Great product! Easy to assemble, very sturdy and comfortable. I am going to purchase a second one!

Bought these for a fall car camping trip. They were easy to set up and were quite comfy. It made the kids experience more enjoyable.

I little heavier than I would have liked, but very easy to set up and take down. As comfortable as others I have used.

Easy to set up cot for my son to take to scout camp . He said comfortable and didn't need a pad

The camping bed is a high quality product, very easy to transport/handle and comfortable.

This cot works great. It's sturdy (though a bit heavy) and very comfortable

This is a daily use item for me. It is absolutely wonderful. Works great.

Travel and camping

Great upgrade from the air mattress for car camping also fun for the kids with sleep overs.

Bought this hoping to move up off the floor as I get older. I slept the weekend on it, but it was a bit hard. The guy at the store said that I could use a Thermorest on top of it. I didn't try that.

I use the item as an extra bed when I have company staying over.

I absolutely love this cot. It's definitely too heavy for anything other than car camping, but for car camping, it is awesome. I am 5'8" and 160lbs, and the cot was the perfect length for me. It was sturdy and comfortable, and incredibly easy to setup/put away. Exactly what I was looking for!

I layed on this in the store and thought it was fine, however I bought it for my 21 year old daughter and her friends who had been sleeping in her car for 4 days camping and she slept on the couch and her friends on the floor.

Terrific cot for car camping. Very easy to set up and take down, comfortable to sleep on. Included pouch makes it easy to carry. Highly recommended!

This cot is easy to set up and take down and is sturdy and comfortable. Pretty much everything you need in a cot.

Not impressed for the cot for the price. It folds nicely but it was very noisy. I will be returning the product.

I love my new folding Cot is :) easy to transport, easy set up and comfortable :)

It works exactly as expected. Was comfortable enough to get a good sleep.



Is there a California prop 65 on this cot?

​As of December 2018, there is no Prop 65 warning label on this cot.


which sleeping pad would be best with this cot?

​Any 25" wide and 72" long pad is appropriate for this cot.


Hi, I am severely allergic to latex & rubber. Is there any latex or rubber in this cot? What are the leg tips made of? 

We're sorry, we don't have that information readily available. We have reached out to our designers and will update this response once new information is shared.


I seem to have lost the instructions sheet. Can you please tell me hoe to fold my cot. I am having trouble getting the front and legs down. If it’s a matter of loosing the straps, I don’t seem to find a way to do that. A little help please

​You should not need to loosen the straps to collapse the cot. The process of folding the chair down can be done in two steps. Conceptually, it is not unlike folding a gravity chair or an accordion-style camp chair. The best method is to release and fold the middle of the bed in half, and this releases the tension on the legs, which compress like an umbrella against the cot's body. For additional assistance, please contact REI at 1-800-426-4840.


Really liked this cot but the canvas eventually ripped. Can you buy a replacement canvas for this cot?

​Unfortunately, we do not have replacement canvas for this cot.


Can two of these cots fit in a rei co-op half dome 2 plus tent (2-person) or just one?

The floor dimensions will accommodate two of these cots; however, due to the height and the curve of the walls, we do not recommend using these cots in a 2 person backpacking tent.


What sleeping pad do you recommend to use with this cot?

Based on dimensions, the REI Co-op Camp Bed 3.5 Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad fits well with this cot.


Does this cot contain waterproofing chemicals?

​This cot does not have any waterproof or water resistant chemicals.


Does this cot contain or is it treated with chemical fire/flame retardants or waterproofing chemicals?

​This cot does not contain any fire retardant chemicals.


Will this cot fit inside a 3 person Kelty Gunnison tent?

​Yes, this cot will fit in the Gunnison 3 tent.


Would two of these cots fit into a Half Dome 4 tent?

​Yes, two cots will fit into the Half Dome 4.


Is there a bar in the middle? If so, can you feel it at all? 6'4" 200lbs here, just wondering. 

​There is not a bar in the middle of this cot.


I require firm bedding for my back. Is a sleeping pad recommended to go with the cot in this case? If so, which one would you recommend?

Adding a sleeping pad will provide extra cushioning and may provide extra insulation depending. However, we cannot suggest a sleeping pad will make a firmer sleeping system.


How much does the cot weigh? Have to carry it a little distance

The weight is listed under the specs as 16 lbs. 9 oz.


We have an older model where you have to slide tubes along the blue pockets,  insert tubes into a hole, do velcro straps. Lots of steps, bending, sitting on the ground. Is this model easier? Can you describe the set up steps.  

This cot is much easier to set up than the model you currently own. You simply unfold the outer sections of the cot and rotate the legs into the upright position. Lastly, you pull all 4 corner straps tight, and the cot is fully set up.


is the cot comfo

Yes, this cot is comfortable.


Is this cot BPA free, PVC free, have a California Prop 65 warning on the label?

This cot does not have any BPA and is PFC free. In creating REI branded products, we actively engage with our material suppliers and test materials on a seasonal basis for compliance with our Restricted Substances List (RSL). All fabrics used in this cot are tested for the RSL seasonally and, as of March 2017, we have not detected Prop 65 listed chemicals and therefore have not labeled the cot.


What country is this cot made in?

​This item is made in China. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.

REI Camp Folding Cot

Hey gang, I was wondering if this cot really fits into the The North Face Stormbreak 2 Tent?

​This cot can fit inside of a Stormbreak 2 Tent


What are the straps for at each end of the cot? 

The Camp Folding Cot end straps provide frame support.


I bought the "REI Camp Folding Cot" and am concerned that the small diameter of the legs may cause damage to the floor of my tent. Do you sell caps or protectors for the bottom of the legs to distribute the weight?

REI doesn't have anything to put on the feet of our Camp Folding Cot. A hardware store may be able to help you.

camp folding cot

Hi, I bought a camp folding cot recently, in Fenway.One of the parts in the left side of the middle leg hanging out how to fix it?I think something is faulty What should I do? Thanks Vinoth

We recommend that you bring the item into your local REI store. They store staff can determine if the the item is defective, or if it can be fixed.

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