Therm-a-Rest - Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad

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I bought this pad to solve the insulation issue faced by anyone who camps in a hammock. I got the smaller size so that it straps onto the outside of my pack without sticking way out where it will snag trees and what not. You DON'T need to pay more for the larger size, the pad only needs to insulate your core (mid-thigh to shoulders/head). The z-lite solved the insulation problem, I don't get chills at night anymore, not even in the winter. It got down to 17 degrees on my last backpacking trip and I slept fine in my hammock with this as an insulator... It's also indestructible and can be used as a seat, wind break for a fire/stove, etc. I love multi-tools and this pad has several uses. Worth the buy for sure.

I bought this after having an older coleman self inflating pad. I am a large guy and had trouble with the inflatable pad "bottoming out" on my back. It was the cold that bothered me, not the comfort (I can sleep on a bare rock if it is not cold).

I bought one of these to test out for backpacking to see if it is comfortable for me (49 yr old male). I tested it camping this weekend and it was surprisingly good. It was not as good as the inflatable types but much cheaper and will work fine for backpacking. I also have 2 boys in Scouts so I'm definitely going to get a couple more of these as they are much more durable than the inflatable type. For car camping I would probably opt for my thicker inflatable pad but this one works fine too. I have some other Therm A Rest pads that roll up but the kids have a little trouble packing them. I like how this folds up accordion style. My 10 year old found it easy to pack himself

Bulky but makes up for it for being so light weight, it is comfortable enough for me and provides good ground insulation. Folds up and packs quick. My concern is that after just a week on the trail, it is showing significant signs of wear, mostly because Therm-a-Rest or REI don’t offer a protective a slip cover or stuff sack. This fits best on the bottom of my pack and takes a lot of abuse when the pack is off and sitting on the ground. I have now cut a piece of Tyvek to wrap the pad before strapping to pack

These things are indestructible. That's a big plus when you consider that a "popped" air-based sleep pad is a REAL bummer on the trail. They provide modest cushioning (although to get more with an air pad you have to go WAY up on weight) and insulation.

I used this in combination with my Thermarest NeoAir 'Short' for a recent winter backpacking trip. Low tempuratures in the teens. I laid the Sol down (silver side up), then my NeoAir (yellow side up) with my pack down below my calves. I was never cold. I'm sure if I had left the Sol at home, however, that the NeoAir wouldn't have been quite enough. This is a winner. Inexpensive, utterly durable, and a decent insulator. It's major shortcoming is that it is bulky, but its' lightweight allows you to secure it outside your pack wthout throwing off your balance. Nice value - a good piece of kit.

I am a woman with hips that stick out quite a bit. As a side-sleeper I just can't get comfortable on this pad and wake up frequently to shift position. I purchased this pad because I didn't want to worry about tearing an inflatable pad while backpacking, but I am thinking of switching to something with more cushion. My boyfriend does just fine on this pad, and I like the worry-free, light & compact design, but my hips just aren't happy with it.

This pad lasted 2 nights on the AT for me, before I ended up cutting a pillow/sit pad from it and tossing the rest in a hiker box. I am a bigger guy, 240#, and this pad provided almost no comfort for me. I was exhausted after consecutive 16 mile days, but got 1-2 hours sleep each night due to the lack of comfort from this pad. Major pressure points on my hips especially. I've realized that I'll carry the extra weight of a more robust sleep system if it means a better night's sleep. It was also nice to reclaim all the space this pad took up on top of my backpack. YMMV.

This is a great pad for weekend backpacks or for young people. I used this for a 17 day JMT trip and did not sleep well. I am a side sleeper and it did OK but I was sorely missing my blow up pad. I'm old so take my review with that in mind. My logic was no worries about popping it, I could lounge around outside in camp with it, and it would be fast to fold up and strap to my pack everyday. It worked great for that but I slept awful and will always use a blow up pad from now on for long trips. For weekend fast and light trips this is still my go to but on long trips you gotta sleep at night!

First anyone who says this item is heavy or hard to pack is dead wrong. It weighs nothing and folds up the same way every time so you know exactly how to pack it each time.

My husband bought this product since we started camping more and he didn't want to worry about leaks. It is light enough to go backpacking with but bulkier than my air Therm-a-Rest. When we went camping in the Eastern Sierra recently, I was freezing with my air mattress and his Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad was much warmer due to the heat reflective surface. I would highly recommend this product.

I do 1-3 day backpacking trips. I go as light as I personally can, because my physician said not to be carrying heavy backpacks. I have arthritis in my hips ( 1 is replaced), & knee, lower back. I was using a Thermarest NeoAir XL which for me worked great, but then I've really needed something to kneel on too. Both this & the neoair jumped the weight up to 30 oz of pads to carry, & that was too much to carry. So, in addition to using the Z lite for a knee pad, I triple fold it under my Montbell Super Spiral under my hips & low back. There is still some to spare under my thighs & shoulders (I have the long). I use the Inertia Xframe inside my sleeping bag, this keeps my heels off the ground.

I have owned this foam mattress for 5 years now and couldn't be more happy with it. I have tried air mattresses an they were too high off ground and too narrow for me to be comfortable when sleeping. Once even opted for the comfort of the ground over my air mattress. After that I decided to go back to my original foam therm-a-rest for good. This pad allows my arms to hang off the mattress comfortably, and never pops. I cut mine shorter to lighten it up a little since my feet do not need foam padding. One smalI downside is that sometimes you will feel pressure on points of heavy contact on hard ground (chest, hips mostly) but not always. I manage to stay way more comfortable on foam over air.

I recently took this on a 262-mile section hike (central/southern VA - Appalachian Trail). I would recommend this pad to those who are seeking a no-frills, lightweight, trusty, simple, sleeping pad. I never had to worry about it tearing or if it got wet - and that's why I loved it. I could also use it as a sit pad, so it was very convenient. My sleep wasn't the best sleep, as I had to rotate from one side, to my back, to my other side, to my stomach pretty much the whole night (arms went numb a lot), but my sleep was good enough that I could keep up the miles.

This is a great pad if you use it as a bottom layer. Took it on a Rainier climb to get my pack as light as possible and did not sleep. I am a side sleeper and was in pain. I bought a big agnus air pad at just over a pound an cut this down to 3/4 length and 17 inches wide. It now weighs a 1/2 pound with the entire package of both pads att 1.5 pounds and an R value of 5.5. Side sleep on snow never felt better.

This sleeping pad is standard for a reason. It's super durable and works well as an insulating and comfortable pad. Of course the main downside is the bulk, however almost all backpacking packs can attach this on the outside. If you don't mind walking around with the pad on the outside of the pack there are very few downsides to this item. It can be used in tandem with an inflatable pad to provide extra warmth in the colder months, and it can be used alone in the summer and shoulder seasons. Its low cost, light weight, and durable construction make this sleeping pad the go to for so many backpackers for a reason. There really isn't a good reason why you shouldn't own one.

A good night's sleep is one of my highest priorities both on and off the trail; if I don't sleep well, I will be miserable all of the next day. This isn't the feeling I want while backpacking and it's potentially dangerous if I can't focus my attention because I'm too tired in the backcountry. I seek a combination of lightweight and comfort (not either/or, as the review options suggests). The Z-Lite Sol is a reasonable comfortable pad that gives me a good night's sleep in a lightweight pad, but this comes with a couple caveats:

It's far more convenient than a pad which has to be rolled up; it will stay folded better and fold easier (compared to rolling). It provides good insulation. I haven't tested it with especially cold weather, but it was fine for the mid-40s F, and it seems like the design should insulate well down to lower temperatures. I've seen others use this or equivalent designs for snow camping below 0 F without issue. I can't comment on the durability, but I see no potential issues so far after about 15 consecutive nights of usage (1 camping, the rest indoors). I can't yet comment on how it will fare strapped to a backpack in rough conditions.

This pad is a perfect option for those who may not want inflatables. It is very lightweight and will last a very long time. Due to it's accordion folding style it can serve a variety of purposes. It can be folded into a seat, used as a windscreen, privacy at the trowel hole, etc. Everyone has different needs when it comes to sleeping. I don't have to always have an inflatable; but, when I do I prefer the Klymit Insulated Static V recon. I use this pad more often than an inflatable. Easily lashes outside packs and it's weight makes you forget you're carrying it. Only con is you can't fit a raincover sized for your pack over it. Try using a larger cover or get creative.

backpacked 3 months in patagonia and bolivia with this pad and it always kept my warm and comfortable. its really useful as a quick comfy seat during breaks on a long trek. its been through a lot and I expect it to hold its functional shape for many years.

Light as a feather!! Pad is comfortable for laying on back or stomach. I am not going to lie though, this pad is not super comfortable if you are a side sleeper (which I am). However, if you fold it in half, such that your feet have nothing beneath them, you can make it more comfy for side sleeping. I won't give it less stars for not being comfy, since I bought it to be lite as as possible. This is a great buy if you want to go light and not have to worry about maintenance. It is bulky, but it's so light it's not hard to tie it to pack and you won't notice it's there.

I just used this pad on a cold (20F) trip and it worked great! I'm glad it has the reflective side to maximize my heat. The egg carton padding was very comfortable and I couldn't feel every little rock like you can in some other pads. Very lightweight too and easy to set up. My first real sleeping pad and I'm very happy with it. Would be nice if I could magically fit it into my pack though since I know it will get torn up on trees and bushes but of course that can't be helped. I'm 5ft but got the regular so I could fold a couple of the flaps down to make a little pillow!

I'm not a hiker/camper, but I queued for tickets at Wimbledon for six days this year, and each day spent a couple of hours on the ground early in the AM, a lot of the time sleeping. I cut this in half, so that it supported my butt and shoulders, and used my day pack for a pillow. It was amazingly comfortable, wildly beyond anything I imagined. And it weighs nothing. Bonus: Made a fabulous seat cushion inside when the seats were a wood bench.

This sleeping pad replaces the discomfort of lying on sticks and rocks with the discomfort of laying on tiny golf balls made of concrete. As a stomach sleeper, this thing is brutal: it puts pressure points under my ribs and shoulder to guarantee a night full of painful, restless tossing and turning. My wife sleeps on her back, but last time I asked her how she liked the sleeping pad, she cussed at me, then at it, then at me again.

I'm so glad I purchased this!!! I took this camping with me to the Grand Canyon. I found soft ground but of course the odd rock will get in the way. It made such a difference! I definitely recommend this over the blow up ones. My friend took the blow up one and hated having to blow it up and it also deflated within time. Plus he spilled liquid on his and it stained. Why spend the ridiculous amount of money on a blow up pad, when you can get better support and comfort with the cheaper alternative.

The accordian style to pack it makes it easier then the typical roll. Also, it is easier to strap to the outside of the pack verses a roll (does not slip). It also doubles as a small chair to sit on when taking a break from the hike. Great choice for the beginner or those who don't want inflatables that could puncture.

There are things that I like about this pad: it doubles as a seat at the end of the day, it is light, easy to strap to the bottom of your pack, and definately helps keep you warm. The downside: it is really slippery to sleep on! My sleeping bag slides all over the place and I often end up dreaming (because I am too tired to wake up) of sliding right out of the tent. Not a deal breaker, but annoying.

If I could get one of those $170 blow-up pads for the price of this one, I'm still not sure I'd go for it.

I had to switch from my inflatable thermarest trekker b/c I was too paranoid in the night that it was going to pop. Quality of sleep should be a factor on pads and I have peace of mind with this one. I got the 3/4 length (I'm 6'1) and was totally fine. It was far more comfortable than I thought - really I didn't even notice a huge difference from the trekker. (not a side sleeper) Here are a few more things to consider:

Bought this because I was looking for something that could pack easily with my already full pack. Because of pack design I wasn't able to attach it to the bottom. But with extra straps, I folded it completely down then opened it like a book. I attached it to the outside of my pack. Kinda bulky on the outside but no other issues. In Pike National Forest I was sleeping on pine cones and small rocks. I didn't feel them in my bag on this pad.

The price was good and I have seen so many other people with this pad that love it. But I don't get it.

I bought the Short version after I went through a pair of Therm a rest prolite + self inflating models, due to not holding air, with no leaks to be found. I wanted something light, easy to store, and while self inflating is comfortable, it's heavy and excessive. This mat works perfect for me, from bare dirt to grass, rock to concrete, it just works. It is tough, and doesn't tear, which is a plus, and is great from cool to cold, up to warm, on warm to hot nights I have used just the mat and no covers, and been great. If I replaced it, I would get the full length, I am tall, and sometimes my feet and lower legs are off the mat, and get chill cramps, but it's rare.

This pad has two benefits over previous ones I've used. First, the silver side reflects warmth and keeps my backside from getting cold. Second, the design does a much better job of preventing hard spots under my hip and shoulder when I sleep than other pads I've used. The only reason it didn't get five stars is that I wish it came with a bag for transport.

I was recommended this pad by a friend and ultimately went this route based on several hours of google searching and reading reviews. I did not want to continuously replace an expensive inflatable and I wanted to save weight while backpacking. This pad does not save space by any means but can be strapped on the outside of your pack and will fit under a rain cover (on my Gregory bag). As a side and stomach sleeper, it actually isn't very comfortable in my opinion. I frequently felt pressure points and pain in my hips and felt like I was tossing and turning a lot. However, I'm sure it does beat sleeping straight on the ground and it provided some warmth under my REI Joule 21. I am not comparing this to a pricey inflatable, so if you want an inexpensive and lightweight option, this is a good choice. Just don't buy this thinking you will be sleeping on clouds!

Turns out the Z Lite Sol was worth it. My goal is a comfy night in a tent at campground. Late February I expect near freezing temps at Joshua Tree National Park, already knew my Prolite self inflating mattress and 20F sleeping bag weren't going to be enough if I wanted even one hour of sleep.

No surprises. The Z Lite is exactly what you THINK it is: "Adequate" in warmth and comfort. "Excellent" in weight, reliability, and easy set-up. Since it doubles as a sit pad, it's also versatile. Works fine in a hammock, too.

We ordered two for our 4 year olds we are taking on a week long trip. We layed them out on our living room rug and layed on them. Want heat? They have that! Want the feeling of some padding beneath youfor comfort? Not at all. We have been to the Boundary Waters Canoeing for a combined total of 290 overnights. We have used Thermarests and always had a good nights sleep. Figured these pads would be fine for little kids, but we greatly dissappointed in there thickness. Sent them back. Should have just spent the $$ and gone with self inflating short thermarest.

I got this to supplement a Luxury pad of the same brand for car camping. As the years pass, I want more comfort. I used an egg-crate type foam pad for a few years and it made my pad more comfortable but it was bulky and took a bit of time to roll up and lay flat once unrolled. The Z-Lite is the perfect solution for me. Very easy to put down & pack up. Adds extra comfort without taking much room. Just used it for 3 nights and it works well with my other pad. Even though it is 5 inches narrower, with was not a problem. Works well for me.

I bought this pad based on both reviews and recommendations of an REI employee, around February of 2011. I needed something light, easy to carry, that provided insulation and warmth, sleeping on the cold ground. At the time, that was concrete most of the time, free camping doing social/environmental justice lobbying.

I chose this pad for my AT trek because is was light. Yes it is bulky but it straps onto your backpack and you forget about the bulkiness. The other advantage is the pad is quiet. Sleep in a tent or shelter with someone that has an expensive blowup pad and you know what I am talking about. Additionally, my pad won't leak air after a few uses and leave me sleeping on the hard ground. The pad provides an excellent thermal break as well.

I can't tell how many times I've been tempted to get an inflatable pas because they're "nicer" (aka supposed to be more comfortable) but I just love this pad. It is so easy to use, I love not having to blow it up. It is perfect for taking a lunch break or spreading it out to relax even on a very short break, probably my favorite thing about this pad (and without the extra weight of a separate sit pad). The value of this pad is great, it has always kept me warm and comfortable on every trip. My only caveat is that it is bulky to pack but I can easily pack it just under the top closure of my pack, which is perfect because then I just have an excuse to have a comfy seat when I stop to take a break. If you're looking for an affordable but quality pad, go with this.

Just what you would expect.. light, thin and firm. Folds up using a block method that may cause concern for some but it packs like any other pad. Pretty good on duff and grass but sore spots hip and shoulder on hard pan, rock, wooden porch, etc.

I bought this for my 8 year old daughter. I didn't want to spend $80 on her I wanted something cheap. The good news is that this is super super light. I am always amazed how light it is. And it folds up much tighter than the roll up mats. All that being said I am glad I didn't buy it for myself. I am much heaver than she is and need something with more cushion moreover I don't like to tie stuff to the outside of my backpack.

I own this and a few of the blow-up backpacking air mattresses. I consistently go back to this one though. It is reliable, you can cut it down to size to save weight. The material it is made out of is fantastic, it doesn't compress and is good quality foam. I don't slide off of it even if I am sleeping on a slant or incline. Great for sleeping in a tent or shelter, not so great for hammock camping but will work if you're in a pinch. The only negative is that is needs to be slickered to the outside of your pack.

My dog popped my ThermaRest air pad on two consecutive backpacking trips, so I switched to a solid pad. It's decently warm and very light.

I bought this for my boyfriend to use on our camping trips. He's chronically cold it seems, so I thought the insulating factor would be nice, and it got great reviews, so I bought it. NOTE: This is hard as a rock and to be used solely for its insulative properties and lightweight. It does not pack small, but is fairly durable. It feels about the same as sleeping on concrete though, so don't buy it unless you have insulation as your number 1 priority. I returned it after one trip and bought another type.

I like to keep things light but comfortable, and durable. With this pad trimmed up, my 3 season backpack base weight is now 6.7lbs.

I really appreciate the ease of putting this away after years of rolling my pads up. The small price tag and durability are also great.

Product is priced right, weighs next to nothing and is comfortable, need anyone say any more? I've been using an inflatable pad out of weight concerns but the last thing I found myself wanting to do after hiking all day is inflate a pad. I picked this up because it was so affordable and I'm glad I did.

I have purchased two other Thermarest pads and have been very happy with them. I got tired of inflating and deflating them for backpacking so I thought this would be a great solution. When I laid down on this pad after backpacking 10 miles through the Gila I knew I was in trouble. If you weigh more than 70 lbs you will not get any sleep on this pad. It has absolutely no cushioning. You'll feel like you're sleeping on the ground. I ran into two other hikers on the trail with these same exact pads and they said they didn't sleep either. Rather than attempt to sleep on this pad one more night me and my friend (who also had this pad) decided to hike 25 miles in one day just so we wouldn't have to sleep on this pad one night. So next time we will be taking our old inflatable Thermarest pads.

I've loved these pads. I've had one for myself for several years, and just recently bought one for my wife, and another that I cut in half for my two little girls. I've used these for far more things than just sleeping on. The accordion-style design makes it really easy to fold it in half or more to use as a seat on any number of surfaces and circumstances. I've used it as insulation when hammock-camping in early spring (for which it wasn't pretty, but worked), and even took it to the lake one day and used it to lay on top of the scorched sand; this made it quite comfortable. Very versatile, great heat insulation (or deflection, as on the sand). I'm a back sleeper and prefer my sleeping surface quite firm anyway, so the firmness that some people take issue with is a non-issue for me. I've loved mine.

This product is right for the price. It kept us warm in 20 to 30 degree weather. We also have two dogs and did not want to have the extra worry of them popping an inflatable sleeping pad. If you are interested in warmth and light weight this is the right product for you, if you want comfort spend the extra money.

I bought this to use in my new double layer hammock set up as insulation for my backside. LOVE IT! I have also used it when my hammock wouldn't work - no trees - so sleeping cowboy style using this is awesome. I use it when I stop on the trail for my lunch or a quick nap. So light. So cozy. So versatile.

I purchased this pad due to the good reviews for side sleepers and the low price, and am returning it this week. I am 68", 155lb, I was using my Marmot Trestle 30+ sleeping bag, and I kept waking up due to pain in my hips. I lounged on my back a couple of times and even that was uncomfortable. I forked over the extra cash for the NeoAir Camper; 3" of comfort in a compact size. That review will come after I use it this weekend!

Bought this for a last minute snow camping trip. Not only was it warm when paired with my Neoair Xtherm, but, it served as a seat for the rest of the group. For the weight and price, the pad was worth the purchase. I'm 5'7'' and I had to purchase the large size because small only went down to my knees.

I wanted to go the super-lite route and just use this pad....but my aging hips are telling me that this pad is not enough padding for this side sleeper. It looks like I will be purchasing an inflatable for more cushion. The pad itself is everything I wanted, light weight, folds up great and easily attaches to my bag. I have decided to keep it as an under mat for more cushion and heat protection. I will also utilize it for breaks on the trail as a lay down mat and winds breaks during cooking. It is so light that the benefits of it are worth keeping in my backpack.

I bought this for pad for use both as a seating pad when hiking but also as a backup sleeping pad. I use an air pad when sleeping and I thought that if I would get a puncture during the night I could just fall back to use this one for that night so I don't have to spend my night trying to find the leak and patch it. Luckily I haven't had that happen to me yet.

I really wanted to love it because of its price and because it's lightweight. I thought I could manage with the thinness of it and gave it a week of backpacking to see if I'd get used to it, but I realized I need more cushioning in a sleeping pad. It was uncomfortable whether I was on my back or my side, which made it really hard to get a good night's sleep. Kudos to those that can tough it out with not much cushion, but it just didn't work out for me.

If you are debating between this and the Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOlite, get this one. You may save $10, but this packs much smaller and is far more comfortable. My boyfriend bought the RidgeRest, but after a few nights on it, he is going to be switching to the Z Lite.

Lighter than an inflatable, more comfortable than a flat insulating pad. Won't deflate in the middle of the night. Insulates nicely. Eggcrate design less likely to encourage sleeping bag to slide off in the middle of the night. Not as comfortable as a regular bed, but not much that goes into a backpack is going to be as comfortable as home.

This is one of the best closed foam that is available. The common concern is that the pad is delicate and falls apart easily. My solution with closed foam is to put it in something like an ultralight bag of some kind, then your pad is clean and safe.

I bought this sleeping pad because it seemed like a lot of people use it. And they do - on my long-distance AT hike I saw a lot of people with them. They are inexpensive, which is great, and its weight is extremely light. Its material is also very durable - mine is still intact after 41 days of hiking and brush-ups with trees and rocks (I keep it on the outside of my pack). It is also nice not having to inflate and deflate your sleeping pad every day. On the other hand, the cushioning is very minimal. Sleeping in tents and shelters every night, I found myself uncomfortable and constantly waking up because I did not have enough support below me. After about 2 weeks though, I grew accustomed to it and was happy with my purchase.

Used this on a camping trip in Iceland recently. Temps got down into the low 40s each night & this helped to keep me warm. I know that's not very cold, but it's probably as cold as I'll ever camp, so it works for me.

I bought this pad knowing there would be no surprises or problems. Oh and will never go flat.

I've had my older full size z rest for over 5 years. It's been through numerous adventures and has never failed. Over time they do seem to "compress" a bit potentially lowering the mysterious "r value". I've purchased a new small Z-rest to cut some weight and bulk. I've been pleseantly suprised with sleeping on it with my core and placing my empty backpack under my feet. Of course it's not going to be as comfortable as most inflatable sleeping pads but for the money, durability, and ease of mind knowing that it will never break on you it's worth the try.

I consider myself a minimalist and try to go ultra light most times. I used this pad for one summer. Those were some of the most uncomfortable nights I have ever had. If you turn onto your sides during the night then this pad is not for you! You might get by with sleeping on your back. This pad seems thin while you're laying on it.

Used this pad for backpacking and camping so far. It's good for a closed-cell pad if your trying to go light weight. It folds up well and straps to your pad just fine and is a good price. It's good for comfort if you sleep on your back, but it's a bit uncomfortable if you sleep on your sides like I do. I'm still glad I bought this. I'll use it for backpacking for up to a few days, but will use my inflatable pad when car camping.

I got this for camping. I love the fold, not having to roll. Since then I've discovered a use that I put it to every day. It's the perfect stretching/yoga pad because it's easy to stow and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the indentations allow one to position fingers and toes for perfect alighment and NO SLIPPING. This is critical for certain positions like the "downward dog" - you can put all into the move without worry of injury from slipping.

Have been using the old version of this pad (without the reflective side) for years. It's warm enough for 3-season use, doesn't require inflating and won't puncture, is super lightweight, and it's cheap. The downsides are that it's bulky and the foam crushes over time. If you are using it frequently I don't think you'll get the "years" of use they advertise. Maybe a couple. My hips are definitely starting to feel that the loft is gone in the foam after having mine for 2 years. But on the upside you can buy 2-3 of these for the price of one inflatable.

Used this on a month long hike. Was comfortable if I was sleeping on my back, but would inevitably roll over onto my side then wake up with hip pain.

This was my first pad purchase and I knew I didn't want an inflatable sleeping pad (too worried it would pop on trail). I bought this pad after seeing so many hikers with it. I've now been using this pad for 7 months and I love it. It's so easy to just throw into my tent and be done. I don't have to spend time blowing it up or hoping it doesn't pop. I also like that I can pull it out to sit on the ground when stopping for lunch or eating dinner. I'm 5 ft so I can fold up some of the accordion flaps to make a pillow which is nice and I know plenty of people cut off the extra to save weight. I really enjoy this pad and I think it's very comfortable. Only downside is that it has to go on the outside of my pack and it gets a beating from thick brush and tree branches. I have a stuff sack I usually put it in before attaching it to my pack and I think that helps minimize the wear.

I purchased two pads one for my son a scout and one for myself. We upgraded from cheap blue pads. Very comfortable my son loves his. I am a slide sleeper so this pad by itself directly on the ground is not enough padding for me. I use the pad with my Helinox cot and the combination is almost as comfortable as my bed. I cannot speak to the warmth rating as it doesn't get that cold in Southern California.

It's a thin piece foam that keeps you warmer and more comfortable then sleeping on the ground. It folds up so it's easier to carry and is lightweight. At 5'10 and 170lbs I can sleep on my side without any hip pain. If you want ultimate comfort may I sugguest buying a hammock, but if you are a ground sleeper who is tired of feeling every pebble in the earth then my friend this is a good option.

I bought a few of these pads for several reasons: easy set-up/take down while car camping, good insulation value for moderate climate where I live, light weight, etc. I would note that I have only used them for car camping at this point, and they have been used on top of cots, not directly on the ground. I have a regular length one for myself, and a shorter one for my young daughter.

I have had this pad for over a year and have enjoyed it thoroughly. However, I never knew just how good it was until this weekend. We ended up in a spot that was covered in jagged little stones. If I knelt on the ground, I would immediately stand up again due to pain. However, sleeping on this pad was a breeze. I did not feel the stones at all. Overall, I am incredibly happy with this pad.

I'm pretty much going to say the same thing here as I said about the RidgeRest SOlite. Honestly, in the summer time I pretty much dislike, if not hate, them both. They are rather hard and don't offer that much reward for the weight and bulk. For summer camping; go with an inflatable. So why the 4 stars you ask? Because in the winter this thrown under an Inflatable gives you an incredibly warm sleep (as long as your sleeping bag does its job and keeps you toasty on top). I've camped on top of mountains here in Colorado in subzero conditions with steady 30+ mph winds (granted this is usually inside a tent or snow cave, but I have tarped it a couple of times when the temp hung right around 0) and the combo of these foam pads and an inflatable is incredible, not to mention VERY comfy! So, for winter camping I don't leave these behind, they have become a part of my "permanent" gear list (at least until something better comes along). For winter time make sure you go with the full length, unless your short (no offence), to take advantage of the cold blocking all the way down your legs.

When backpacking I try to reduce the amount of work I need to do and time I need to spend in camp, this closed cell foam sleeping pad fits that methodology very well. The pad takes no time at all to set up, you simply lay it open and it's ready for use, once you're done you just fold it back up. Way easier than blowing up an inflatable pad after a long day of hiking, and on top of that there's no worries of it popping or leaking air at night. Inflatable pads will always provide more comfort in sleeping, but for me the compromise of not having to inflate a pad, worry about leaks, and weight is worth it. I trimmed off a few panels from my pad to reduce the weight and only cover where I need cushion - shoulder to knees.

I grew tired of inflating, uninflating, rolling, unrolling and packing self-inflating pads, so I gave this very insubstantial-looking thin bumpy foam a try. It was on discount, and I thought, "Well, if it's no good, I'll let my son use it." (Thanks, Dad.)

I bought this to cut it in half to use to sit on when my wife and I are backpacking. we just strap it to the side of our packs. well not only it makes a grate "seat" if you may call it. I put it on all kinds of surfaces and this thing delivers, and when there is a log or a rock to rest my back on it, I just pull it up behind my back. also when it gets cold at night we put this under our sleeping pad and helps with keeping the heat from escaping from under. great item to have.

This is a nice pad for the money, and it's extremely light. That said, I just got back from 6 nights of sleeping on this pad and both sides of my hips are bruised from hardness of the ground through this pad. If you sleep on your back, it will probably work fine. If you sleep on your side, I would look for something that offers more padding. I am.

I have had an inflatable sleeping pad for about two years now. I'm nervous that eventually it'll start to leak, so I decided to invest in the Z Lite Sol. It is great for both backpacking and camping. For backpacking, it's lightweight design fits easily on the back of my pack just like my Trail Scout, and I have no worries about it leaking, breaking, etc. It is also incredibly comfortable for our week long camping trips. I have no issues with my sleeping bag slipping off or anything because of the ridges. Definitely worth it!

I picked this up as a temporary replacement while my Exped was being fixed.

I have the 3/4 version. Used this on a walking trip I took from Gardnerville, NV to Seattle, WA. Originally I was going to be using a backpack, so this pad seemed the best option because it is super light and inexpensive. At the last moment I decided instead to use a cart to haul my gear for my trip. Had I decided earlier on that I was going to use a cart, I probably would have opted for something more comfortable. All that aside, this pad gets the job done. My trip was during the summer, so I can't speak to its performance in colder temps. It still got pretty chilly at night however, and this pad helps keep that chill off your body while sleeping. It provides minimal comfort, but still better than no pad at all. Set up is a snap. Just unfold it and lay it down. I tend to dig-in pretty hard while sleeping, and this thing held up pretty well. Although, after using it day in and day out for nearly two months straight, it's not as "fluffy" anymore.

I have been holding out for the right pad for a long time and this is it! It keeps me warm, is comfortable and so light and packable that i don't even debate bringing t everywhere with me. As a curvier woman, I can be hard to find something I can sleep on comfortably in the backcountry that doesn't cost >$100 but this is the one!

I love these pads for what you pay and get. It is not as comfortable as an inflatable sleeping pad, but it is very comfortable if you take the time and clear away any rocks or bumps before placing tent. I just purchased a new one after 3 years on the last one before a 3+ week backpacking trip this winter in Utah. The last one has been around to many campfires, fishing holes, trailheads after stupid long days hiking, belay spots for ice and rock, frozen summits and hammocks to count. I almost always have it on me and throw it down everywhere rain, shire, rocky, or snow. I have camped many nights on snow with this pad and it does a good job, again not as well as an inflatable pad, but if that pops mid winter with no repair kit you are having a very rough long night. I took my old one and cut it in half and use that for the pup and day packing now. Carried both the half and the full on my last few trips and was well worth it. Great all all-round pad.

I was sick of thin hard pads that I had to wrestle to roll in tight rolls. This one folds effortlessly and efficiently. The wavelike structure makes it perfect if used on top of an air mattress. This way I do not wake up on a cold mattress deflated but instead sleep all night on a perfectly comfortable soft and warm bed. The Large size if perfect for an average male. A shorter female can get the smaller pad, which is the same minus two folds. If in doubt, but the longer one and trim the extra folds that you do not want.

I had high hopes for this new-fangled sleep pad but... it's no better than the old foam pad I've had for 25 years. It is relatively fine when I sleep on my back. However, I sleep on my side (mostly) and found myself tossing and turning most nights because my hip bones felt like I was lying directly on the cold hard ground. Guess I'll have to devise a way to add to my sleeping bag extra padding where needed.

My son just went into Boy Scouts and this was the recommended sleeping pad for very good reasons. First, it's almost bombproof. It won't leak and just takes seconds to layout or pack. It's lightweight so later it can be used for backpacking It's versatile enough that it can be used as a seat pad and because right now it's way longer than he is, the end can be folded up for a makeshift pillow. The padding is sufficient as he slept comfortably. Definitely recommend this for scouts but as an adult, I need more padding!

My husband and I use these pads underneath our REI Air Rail pads for extra padding and insulation--they work great, and provide good support and help keep us warm. We're in our late 50's so the extra padding makes a difference for getting a good night's sleep. It's worth carrying the little extra weight and bulk.

I bought this pad for a survival exercise in the snow. It was warm and light. Several others from our group had the same pad for the same purpose. At least one of our group had used a pad like this in the snow for quite a few years. I am very happy to have this pad anytime I'll be having colder nights.

It's the lightest. Period. It just is. But how much comfort are you willing to sacrifice? The sleepless nights, the aching ribs, and the mini egg crate shaped bruises were too much for me. I bought an inflatable and it was a game changer. The extra energy I have more than makes up for the extra weight.

This sleeping mat is great for the value. By no means is it the most comfortable BUT.... I think it is the best mat for the price. It definitely does it's job and makes sleeping much enjoyable. Other mats that are double the price aren't really that much more comfortable to make them worth it.

I've used this on a couple of backpacking / camping trips and do enjoy the use of this. I will be purchasing an inflatable pad to use in conjunction with this pad to get more cushion though. I am a side sleeper and this does not provide me with enough comfort, yet it is better than sleeping on the ground! My sleeping bag does slide on this mat, but I do not use a tie down. I realize that i am not supposed to feel like I am sleeping on a mattress, but I do want a little extra comfort when sleeping on my side.

During a 300 mile AT section hike I received a Z Lite as a birthday gift at a resupply point. I gladly swapped out my old school Thermarest, but was skeptical that the zi light would provide significantly more comfort. I was wrong! I can’t believe that I put off purchasing a Z Lite for so many years. I was shocked at how much more comfortable I slept on a thinner AND lighter pad. I’ll still opt for an inflatable mattress for car camping and clamping, But if I’m covering trail the Z Lite is the only choice.

This is an excellent barrier to heat loss between the ground and your body. I also pair it with an inflatable from thermarest because I'm a side sleeper. The pad is also useful for lounging around and creating a comfortable place to lay if on the move or at a festival.

weight is 14 ounces, folds very nice. This product is very popular, you won't find one on a shelf in a store, they sell so fast. I am using this in a hammock, or as a ground pad when no trees are around. Made in the USA still. A wonderful product.

I'm not a thru-hiker so don't care a too much about a product's compactness and/or weight. I was more interested in simplicity, comfort and durability, and I rate this pad as good on those attributes. For me tho, it would be much more comfortable if a version 5 inches wider was available. I'm 5' 10" 170 lb and not very wide at the shoulders, but my arms hang off the sides of this pad and get cold when sleeping on my back (as I mostly do). It is fine while sleeping on my side, but I don't tend to stay in that position long. A clever camper might use folded clothing or something next to the pad to cover the ground under their arms, but I'd just rather the pad do that. Still, easier and much warmer than the cheap roll-up pads so I would recommend it, but maybe try it out first if u can.

A good pad for back for stomach sleepers. Unfortunately, I'm a side sleeper. Not enough cushioning for that. I'll be going for a thicker pad. A good product otherwise. Light and durable. I'll be keeping it for a seating pad on my day hikes.

I'm just getting back into the backpacking game and bought this because I had one 20 years ago and loved it. But that was also 16 year old me. I'm mostly a side sleeper and I sure did struggle to get comfortable. I tossed and turned all night. I bought one for my 13 year old son too and he said it was great. I do love the weight and the ease of just strapping it to the pack. I just think it's not the most comfortable pad out there for me. I'll be looking to get an inflatable before my next trip.

I decided on this mat because of the weight savings, compared to the Klymit air pad I tested. But even better than that is the pack up time I save since I don't have to fiddle around with deflating and rolling up an air pad. I've taken it backpacking several times and it was great, even during 36 degree nights near alpine lakes. Btw I bought the short one and don't miss the extra length at all. All I needed was pad for my rib cage against the ground, and it covers plenty of me. 5'10" 165lbs

I got this for additional matt for Denali. I used this in the past and I liked. It was not warm enough because thinner than Ridgerest by Thermarest in Denali in -20F. I used this with Ridgerest full size. It was good enough in Denali condition. This is less bulky and I liked. I think this is good enough for normal camping and backpacking in 3 season but not for snow or ice. It must be cold. I am not sure how mach difference of sliver lining. I felt same as non lining one.

I bought this for solo backpacking because I needed something light that could be strapped to the outside of my pack. On my recent hike through Oregon on the PCT, I noticed that pretty much everyone was carrying this pad. Personally, I have very mixed feeling about it. Pros: the price is great, set up/tear down is FAST, good insulation, great as a sitting pad during breaks, durable. Cons: bulky and not compressible, not very comfortable. What I liked best about it is how quickly it sets up. Setting up/tearing down camp is my very least favorite thing on the trail, so the fact that this doesn't need to be inflated/deflated is awesome - throw it on the ground and you're ready for bed. I also like that I could use it as a sitting pad when I took breaks. On the other hand, I found it difficult to sleep comfortably on. I'm a side sleeper and it kills my hips. I finally found a reasonably comfortable position for sleeping but I'm not enamored with it. In my estimation, it's about 1/2 step above laying on the bare ground, comfort wise. But overall, for the price and weight I don't think you'll find anything better.

This product is convenient because it doesn't have to be inflated. The pros end there. When folded, the pad takes up tons of space in a rucksack and won't compress down (so it's pretty useless for minimalist camping). However, what about car camping? Well, car camping is cheat camping. You want maximum comfort while enjoying the outdoors and don't worry about space because you've got a car to haul your stuff (basically you can have your cake and eat it too). Since that's the case, this pad is useless for car camping too. For car camping, just buy an air mattress and sleep in comfort. For minimalist camping, you need an air mattress designed for it. Something that will inflate and deflate and roll up nice in your rucksack. I bought this product. I used it. Was it the worst thing in the world, no. But there are just so many better options. Give this one a pass.

After switching from campgrounds to back country backpacking, I was in the market for a lightweight and affordable sleeping pad. This sleeping pad fit the bill perfectly. At the price point you can buy it for it's a great value, and a good choice for the beginning (or more advanced) backpacker.

Awesome and comfortable pad. Slept like a baby. Would definitely recommend this pad to anyone.

Perfect for backpacking - will never leak, light weight, comfortable, and warm.

My large German Shepherd sleeps on this pad when we go hiking and camping.

This pad is a minimalist pad that will provide warmth and a bit of comfort with easy set-up and take down. I got the third

I am 6'2" and sleep on the short. It is comfy enough and don't notice that your feet aren't on a pad. Great pad for camping with dogs. Great for folding up and using as a chair. Great for camping with two dogs. But may need more insulation for camping below freezing. A great pad to beat up and be comfortable on in multiple situations.

This pad kept me warm with just a top quilt over it in low the low 40’s at night. My only complaint is that I wish it was about half an inch thicker, you can still feel some rocks under you or if the ground isn’t 100% flat it can keep you rolling about to find a comfy position. But it’s pretty much bomb proof and I slept much warmer than I do on my insulated inflatable Nemo pad. Plus you don’t have to worry about popping or patching this thing, dirt just shakes off, and you’ll never have a wet bum from sitting on the ground again. My favorite thing so far is that when you’re winded from hiking all day you don’t have to blow up your pad which always gets passed onto my poor husband because it makes me super dizzy for some reason. A great option for light and fast, people who sleep flat on their stomach or back, and for people who are on a budget.

I knew it was too short when I bought it, so I have only myself to blame for my feet/calves getting cold. It also says it is rated for somewhere between warm and snow. So, again, I have only myself to blame for the fact it was a bit cool when I used it (and nothing else, under my down bag for snow camping. Light. Won't deflate. Probably stick to my old inflatable Thermarest, and have some duct tape handy if snow camping in the future.

I recently bought this in an effort to cut some weight off of my kit. I've been carrying and using the BigAgnes Q Core inflatable, and although I really love the comfort level and R factor it provides, I just had to try something different, as it seemed to be one of the heaviest items in my backpack. I just got to test the Z Lite in the high Yosemite back country and came away pleasantly surprised. I was anticipating a sleepless night, having never used such a thin sleeping pad. Not having the several inches of padding I am used to with the Q Core was a slight bummer while side sleeping, but it was totally tolerable. Overall I am really pleased with the Z Lite pad and will continue to use it throughout the summer. The weight savings and set up/breakdown time savings are well worth the slight sacrifice in comfort. Also if you're new to backpacking and are trying to save money on initial gear purchases, this thing is WAY cheaper and 100% reliable compared to most inflatables worth owning.

While most experienced backpackers op for expensive blow up pads, I still LOVE my Z Rest. I've had it for three years and it's just starting to lose a little of it's loft. I sleep on it approximately 60 nights a year (so a regular person could probably use this for 10 years before it goes flat). Here are a few of the reasons this is always my go to sleeping pad. -I toss and turn, side sleep, and stomach sleep. No matter which way I sleep, this pad is still comfortable. -It is surprisingly warm. There's no air under you to turn cold. It provides excellent insolation. -It is fast and easy to lay out and pack up. No rolling and squeezing to empty air out of your pad. -It is indestructible. There is nothing that could happen to this while out on a trip that would render it useless. You don't have to worry about it springing a leak a broken valve. -It dries out pretty much instantly and is really easy to clean-- just wave it around a little and all the dirt and water droplets fly off. I sit on it when I cook, shake off the dirt, and put it in my tent. -It easily straps to the outside of my pack without changing the balance. The only issue I've had is when hiking through massive poison oak-- and I blame the poison oak, not the sleeping pad for that.

This will not make the ground soft, but it is enough to take away the feeling of unevenness, sticks / roots, and small rocks as well as provide some cushioning. It sets up and packs up in seconds. And it is mostly indestructible. I got one for my kids to use for our camp outs.

I took this on a hiking trip when the temps at night dropped to 40 degrees. It helped keep me warm. I definitely noticed when my feet were off of the mat. The ground was much colder. I slept on this for two weeks and was never uncomfortable. I really enjoyed not having to roll it up. The accordion style fold is amazing! It’s also very lightweight and can double as a seat. I love it and hope that it lasts for many hiking trips.

I just received this item last week. I immediately got it out and rolled it up, securing it with bungee cords. Since then I rerolled it quite a few times to try and get it tighter and smaller, but boy it is not budging. It is almost bigger than my sleeping bag when rolled up. I have yet to sleep on it, hopefully it will be worth the space. Luckily it is very light! I will let you know how it sleeps after this weekend!

Pros: The best thing about this pad that I can't seem to part with is it's utility in camp. You don't have to inflate it, it flattens out nicely in an instant, and you cannot break it. What does that as up to? you can turn any stump, boulder, bump, or generally bad piece of ground into a comfortable lounging spot in about a second and you don't have to worry about popping your $150 inflatable. That may sound kinda silly to some, but being able to set up a comfy spot to relax after hiking [*] is priceless.It is also light and easier to pack than you would think... it hardly weighs anything. As another post stated already you can lash this thing on anywhere and you won't even notice it, so pack size isn't really any issue.Cons: tends to slip around a little and is not thick enough to be comfortable for a tossy-turning side sleeper like myself. I might still end up with a NeoAir...

I've taken the Z Lite pad out a couple of times now, after having used a Klymit self-inflate for a year or two. Not having to blow up a sleeping pad is worth a lot on an extended trip. For a night or two, sure, breathing into an oddly damp and weird smelling polyester bag is ok. And the Klymit is still on my shelf for when the weather dips below 40 deg at night, but I'm probably going to keep the Therm-a-Rest for every other overnight hike.

I purchased this for camping. It felt like sleeping on a cardboard tile. No cushion and in the morning I ached all over. I will be returning and getting a new inflatable.

z-rests are awesome. nothing is easier to use in the mountains. They are durable, lightweight, easy to pack and unpack. Their only drawback is that they are not comfortable to use stand-alone - I am a side-sleeper and my shoulders/hips hurt otherwise. So I recommend pairing a z-rest with a inflatable pad. Z-rests also aren't cheap, but their worth the cost - I've had my for almost 3 years.

I bought this about a month ago and have used it a couple of times. I use this primarily for backcountry camping when I'm bringing everything in on my backpack. It's extremely light! I double fold one end that I use as a pillow and the rest covers my body except for feet. It works great. Especially if you're camping on top of some grass. If you're tall, make sure to get the longer one.

I first have to say, I love this mat. I want it to last me the rest of my life. It's comfy, super light, I'm warm during the night (noticeably more than when I had my inflatable), and it's super durable.

I bought this pad solely based on price point and in store employee review.

Good for the price, not as comfortable as some of the air mattresses, but is more durable and versatile. Example: it is great to use to sit on around the campfire or to through down anywhere along the trail for a quick rest, where with an air mattress you may need to worry about punctures.The versatility coupled with the price makes this a great option.

It's light weight but if you deal with back discomfort from idk a few injuries it may not be enough padding. I still use it today. It's an easy grab and go. I use it to sit outside or lay stuff on it. I have not taken a trip without it. I have another pad but I lay it under it for extra. It is also super light weight. Just bulky for it is no big deal.

Have used this on multiple backpacking trips. I would consider this to be 'old reliable', as it never fails. This thing is practically indestructible. I've owned a few inflatable air pads, and they always seem to pop after a few uses.... you never have to worry about that with this Product. Comfy enough to get a decent nights sleep. Highly recommend.

Only used then a couple of times. Easy to lay out as compared to a roll up mat. I am usually getting to where I am going by the time it gets dark. I can lay both of them out and get the sleeping bag on top quickly. They are thin and provide some comfort. At least they don't puncture like the air pads and are dependable.

I had read this is a good pad for those with back issues. Not. Returning.

This was incredibly uncomfortable, as comfortable as laying on a full body foam roller. Maybe this is more for heat than comfort? If so, it did a fine job keeping me warm, but it was so uncomfortable.

Im a side sleeper and this pad is just enough to keep me comfy at night. I had the Ridgerest SOL and wasnt happy with it so i upgraded. I have had inflatable pads mostly but after a while they develope holes s o the closed cell foam is a no- brainer no problems option. I would recommend this sleeping pad.

Awesome pad for the price, reasonable weight and r-value plus durability make this one a winner for those hikers willing to rough it a bit. It’s certainly not as comfortable as my neo sport blowup, and it’s obviously bulky in comparison, but the pros outway the cons in my book - AT 2000 miler class of 2018

I bought this light weight pad specifically for the PCT, and though i saw a ton of through hikers with this pad, it was not the pad for me. It was light weight, but most of the camping space on the section of PCT I did was uneven and rocky, and i could feel EVERYTHING. I returned it the day I got home.

Great update on last years model, not sure about it being 20% warmer but for a non inflatable pad it's great. Obviously this isn't as comfortable or as warm as my exped but that's to be expected. Great price and I would absolutely recommend this product especially if you like to pack on the light side!

Not bad, but I thought it should have been better, but i think this is dependent upon the person, like a younger person would likely have a better experience than I. i got this because i assumed any of the air pads would eventually leak. Now i am going to take a more serious look at hammock camping.

This pad was my first pad ever!! I was so excited when I got it, but then the novelty wore off fast. It is a thin, slightly uncomfortable pad that is amazing in hammocks nevertheless and packs up in 15 seconds or less. I prefer inflatable pads on the ground, but in hammocks, this is better insulation.

This is the pad to have. There are other similar pads on the market that are cheaper. They don't have the reflective layer and they weigh more. I found this pad to be lighter, softer and warmer than the lookalikes. There's no substitution for this pad. A must have for the avid backpacker!

worth every penny. I have a very lightweight air mattress and i swear i could feel the rocks through it on the ground. I got this and added it in, it is worth the ounces! It has helped my warmth and comfort, I no longer wake up more than once throughout the night while camping out!

I bought this pad for my Mount Whitney trek. The pad is bulky and too hard to sleep on by itself. I used it as my underlayer for my inflatable pad. Once the "bumps" flattened under my weight, it was hard. Overall an "ok" product, but $45 for a piece of foam is expensive.

We started winter backpacking (sleeping on snow) and our insulated air mattress pads were just not keeping us warm enough so we added this pad and it works like a charm. Kept us warm sleeping on top of snow and it made a world of a difference! It’s super lightweight too!

Not very comfortable. Works well in the fact that it reflects your heat well, does provide more comfort than just sleeping on the ground. I would use winter camping underneath an insulated air mattress. Very light weight made carrying it easy but also bulky.

I used this last weekend while i was camping had some wet clothes pool water up right under the pad and I had no idea. The pad kept me and my bag warm and dry. The pas is also surprisingly comfortable I like it a lot more than my inflatable thermarest.

Love that things on folds instead of rolling up. I've never used a sleeping pad before because (in my opinion) you dont need one for the AT but in the Rockies it's very necessary. For a cheap pad it did the job just fine. Beats sleeping on the ground!

Good product. Kept me comfortable and warm. One thing I noticed after using it for 8 days straight in below freezing temperatures is that condensation built up in the valleys. Wasn't an issue until I took it out of my sleeping system to put it away.

Straps easily to the bottom of my backpack for quick access to use even for a brief rest. Big enough for my hubs, dog and I to sit. Don’t seem to feel any rocks beneath it as of yet. I am a back sleeper so it’s perfect without any pressure points.

we use this pad primarily for our children. It is lightweight and won't pop. But somewhat bulky and not cushy enough for my curvy frame to sleep comfortably with just the pad and sleeping bag. Super "grippy" for camping on a slight slope though.

We’ve had the roll up version and the z-fold version. The z one rolls up easier and it just a bit longer. Even though it has a slightly heavier footprint and a little less r-value I understand why people choose this — convenience and size.

Love this sleeping pad, especially for backpacking trips. It's super lightweight and can easily be strapped to the outside of your backpack. Probably as comfortable as you're going to get for sleeping on the ground on a backpacking trip.

I bought this longer pad to backpack for a fall trip! It kept me warm and was just enough cushion to keep me comfortable at night! A little bulky to pack on the outside of my backpack but well worth it! I would definitely recommend!

I use several varieties of pads, mostly Thermarest NeoAirs.. this one is a very good choice in situations where I really can't afford a puncture such as when carrying axe or crampons.I sometimes pair it with a NeoAir in winter.

Bought this as a recommendation from my brother, and boy am I glad I did! Perfect for backpacking and bike touring. Works well in a hammock when the weather is nice and also comfortable and easy to set up in a tent.

It's easy to setup -- no blowing up -- just unfold and it's done. Plus you don't have to worry about puncturing it. Surprisingly (to me) it works well with an eno hammock to provide insulation from the bottom.

I used this extensively during summer camping last summer for hiking, biking and canoeing. I would have preferred an inflatable pad though for all the ground sleeping I did. It did work well even when wet.

My teenage son, who's been backpacking a couple of weeks per year for several years, enjoys the simplicity & reliability of this design. He also uses it for snow camping over one 3-day weekend each winter.

This is bombproof, inexpensive, comfortable enough, lightweight... the only downfall is the size, but for now as I build up my lightweight backpacking gear, it's perfect. Also doubles as a seat in camp.

So, going camping in Ohio this weekend. Temps should be good, 40-60F. So, I'll update when I get back, we'll see how it works. Going to start with excellent, aka innocent until proven guilty.

It's easy to pack, easy to clean but does nothing but protect one from SOME sharp rocks under tent.... I'm 5'3 so its the perfect height for me but not worth the carry weight on long hikes/

This pad is awesome. I use it a lot and I even sleep on my floor with it. It's a little bulky when strapped to a pack but it's sooooooo light. Obviously it's a firm sleep but I enjoy that.

This was my only attempt at a CCF pad. I know that some people find thin foam pads comfortable, but I did not. I was able to cut it into squares for seats for my friends though!

I used this when the temp was 30 outside and it kept me warm. Super easy fold up and storage. Much better than the ones that roll. It takes seconds to set up and pack away

This is a good product in terms of price-quality relation. It's light and eas to carry, and offers an extra layer of comfort and isolation when camping in cold wheather.

I got this pad for camping and having rented and dealt with the bulky, cylindrical Thermarest, I strongly believe this accordion-style pad is worth the investment.

Took this on a week hike down the outer banks of NC. I mainly like this because it's a LOT lighter than self-inflating pads and doubles as a seat when folded.

This became one of my favorite things on the trail. It not only increased the R-rating of my sleep system but was a quick and comfortable sitting pad.

I took this backpacking as a seat and a supplemental sleeping pad. It worked really well. I will take it with me all the time from now on.

This pad is super light. It stays in place unlike the inflatable pads that seem to slip out from under your sleeping bag several times a night.

Every one of the convex concave holes left dents on me! Nice and warm protection from the ground but not enough padding for anyone over 30!

Just enough cushion without bulk or weight. I put it under my bag and over a moving blanket I use to line my tent and it was perfect.

Nothing fancy does what it's supposed to I'm 155 pounds and 5-10 and it's just enough padding any less and it would totally suck

I bought this for a 19 degree overnighter. Worked great under my air mattress as an insulator and extra cushion. Win win.

Took it out to in the Pecos the week after I got it and it definitely did the trick. Lightweight and easy to set up.

Very comfortable and over a pound lighter than my self-inflating Therm-a-Rest. Price is very affordable also.

Love it when I stayed on it. Knew immediately when I had scooted off of it. Its great for warming ypu up.

Good, lightweight pad, practical and convenient. Makes for a quick pack up when backpacking.

My brand new ultralight high R value air pad sprang a leak first night out. Fortunately, first night was spent at the trailhead and there was an REI 15 minutes away. Next morning I exchanged the pad, but didn't trust it going out untested so I picked up one of these for that trip. It's certainly not as cushy as an airpad, but it definitely had some positives. For one, the darn thing isn't going to ever spring a leak! Other pleasant surprises: I found that it was a bit more relaxing not having to balance my body on a cushion of air; since it's close to the ground, I could let knees and elbows hang off the side without that "overflowing" feeling; strapped to the outside of my pack, and not needing inflation, it was a joy to whip out for a quick seat or even a place to lie down for a bit on the trail. Cons: while just adequate on a level tent pad, it's not cushy enough to sleep on a bed of stones in a primitive camp; it's the same weight, but WAY bulkier than my airpad; it's not full length, so my legs hung off the end; the R value is about half the airpad. Still haven't had a chance to actually sleep on the airpad, so the jury is still out, but I think this little mat is going to earn its keep.

Good product. Not as comfy as, say a blow up pad, but it won't pop and it layers well!

I have used this on several trips now. Great Pad for both sleeping comfy and light.

I used this pad during winter training exercise. Keep me comfortable and warm.

As expectated, we need a sleepingpad for sin terminar and we foud it

You can put it on the outside of your pack and it won’t tear

Great weight vs. Comfort, replacing my old therm a rest.

the pad was nice, the best part is it folds up nicely

Great comfort and warmth for the price and weight.

Very nice for the price provides a lot of comfort!

works well

I purchased this pad for my 2014 Pacific Crest Trail Thru Hike more or less just for weight savings. I got the regular size pad and cut off several sections to make it just long enough to go from my knees to my shoulders, thus making it lighter than anything else on the market.



Does this item count towards the members dividen?

​All regular priced items earn a dividend.


I'm looking for a new pad for my hammock set up. Would this work? My concern is it's a very flat design, using it in a hammock would cause it to flex inwards width wise.

​This sleeping pad may be a little too rigid to work well in a hammock. Instead, we recommend using an underquilt to insulate your hammock:


So do you put this under sleeping bag? Can you wrap it in anything else?

The pad is intended to lay flat on the ground under your sleeping bag.


Can this be folded in half or in thirds to use as a seat during the day?

​This seat can be folded up to use as a seat pad during the day.


Can you use this with the chair kit?

​Yes, you can use this with a Thermarest Chair Kit.


Could these pads be cut down for a custom size?

Disregard. I saw a similar question earlier which I had missed and the answer was yes.


I am looking for a closed cell, foldable style sleeping pad, but I can't seem to find one that would suit a person of my height (6'3"). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

As of July 2018, we do not stock long size in this pad. All available sizes are on our website.


What is the folded size of the pad? I am wondering if it could have a secondary use as the back pad for my ultra-light pack.

The folded size of the regular pad is 20 x 5.5 x 5 inches and the short pad is 20 x 5.5 x 4 inches.


My fiancé and I do a lot of car camping, and we sleep on thick air mattresses. We're looking to insulate ourselves a little better on cold nights-- would a closed-cell foam pad like this layered on our air mattresses do the trick?

​Yes, this is excellent choice to add as a second insulation layer.


Can you actually purchase a waterproof bag to place this in and attach it to your backpack?

Yes, this sleeping pad can be placed in a waterproof stuff sack if it is larger than the packed dimensions of the pad.


Does this product contain any flame retardants?  Thanks.

We require all our vendors to comply with all federal regulations but do not have specific chemical information, unfortunately. We encourage you to contact Cascade Designs.

Cold Feet

I'm 6'4". The 72" pad is too short for me to be completely off the ground. Not a problem in warmer weather but it's an issue in cold weather. Is there a longer version available of this product?

As of October 2017, we do not have the Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol available in longer lengths. All available sizes are on our website.


Would this work as a bed bug barrier on a mattress that may be affected? 

​We do not recommend using this pad as a barrier against bed bugs.


Could I use this pad as an extra layer on a cot?

​Yes, you could use this pad on top of a cot.


Is the Z-Lite Sol waterproof?

​This pad is made of closed cell foam and is inherently waterproof.


Could this be used as bottom insulation for a Hammock shelter in colder temperatures?

This sleeping pad could be used with a hammock to provide a layer of insulation.


Is there a sack that would perfectly fit this pad, for storage or to protect from the elements while hiking?

​A stuff sack around a 20 liter size is a viable option to put this sleeping pad in for storage:


Would this work well for a floorless tent?

Yes, you can lie this pad directly on the ground if your tent has no floor.


How many sections the small has compared to the regular size? Im looking to cut the mat into 2 zseats, and a dog mat. Im wondering if i can do this with the smaller size?

The regular length pad has 14 sections while the short version has 10 sections.

Bo B

Will this sleeping pad be too warm for summer/warm weather camping?

We have not heard any feedback that this sleeping pad is too insulated for warm weather, and a lot of customers do use it throughout the summer.


Would this product become permanently stained if blood got on it while harvesting a game animal? Or if other items in my pack which were bloody were to be strapped-in beside it?

If blood from a harvested animal comes in contact with this pad it will more than likely leave a stain. Therm-a-Rest recommends cleaning the pad with household cleaners such as 409 should it get dirty.


Can/should the thermarest z lite sol be rolled up?

No, we don't recommend trying to roll the Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad up. It is designed to be folded accordion-style.


If I'm 5'2, should I get the small or the regular?  I'm not looking for comfort so much as warmth.  

A size small in the Z Lite Sol would save weight, however, your feet would not be on the pad. For ultimate warmth we recommend the regular size.


How do I clean my pad? spray it down? dust it? damp cloth? not sure how to get into all of the grooves... :)

The Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad is made of closed cell foam. This material is extremely tough and can be washed with basic hot water and soap.


I have a Hennessy hammock and keep hearing you need a pad or something under your sleeping bag (being your in the air). My question is, would this work in a hammock? 

Yes, the Z Lite Sol would work in a Hennessy Hammock.


Does this absorb water/ can it get wet? Curious because obviously the size makes it likely to be stored on the outside of the pack and was wondering if I would also need to buy a water proof cover for this.

The Z Lite Sol Sleeping Pad is made from closed cell foam so it will not take on water the way a sponge will. Carrying it on the outside of your pack will be just fine. We would just recommend wiping the pad down if it gets wet.

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