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Mini stake broke when trying to drive into frozen soil. Hitting it with a rock to drive can break off the head. OK if you can push it into dirt. Not recommended for frozen, hard or rocky soil. The slightly larger ground hog stake is much more durable.

I was initially skeptical about these stakes because they are shorter than my normal stakes. But in the hard soil I find in the Great Smoky Moutains, they worked great.

You might be asking yourself, "It's just a tent stake, what's the big deal?" Well, let me tell you my friend, this isn't just any tent stake. It is an MSR Mini Ground Hog Stake. How is this any different than any other tent stake? Well, for starters, it's red. Not just metal like every other stake out there, but the engineers at MSR, decided to go all out and give this sucker and red anodized finish making it 74% (by my estimates) more red, than your average tent stake.

Replaced skinny hook-type tent stakes with MSR Mini Ground Hog stakes. These hold well, most of the time. But in really windy conditions, they pull right out, even at extreme angles. They just aren't long enough.

Bought these before a 3 night backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. On the trail, one broke at the neck in sandy soil intermixed with rocks. One neck bent when setting up next to a stream in semi-compressed sand/dirt mix. One failed when being extracted, the pull rope snapped. Overall, packed 2 extra stakes and was able to continue to trek without too many issues. These stakes seem to only be useable in soft, rock free soil, otherwise be VERY gentle when putting stakes in and removing from the ground.

I have snapped 3 of these stakes in hard ground. There is a dimensional change where the head meets the shaft. Actually can't work well. I swapped the remainder of the ones that I received with my Hubba NX with the older style I had received with an older Hubba Hubba. Cascade Designs should shelve this stake in favor of the previous design which is rock solid.

Picked up a set of these as I'd left my full size ground hog stakes at home. I love the full size stakes, I've used them for years and have a number, using them for everything from staking out a camping hammock to tents to various "creative" tarp setups.

These were a big fail for Sierra campsites with compacted or stony ground, you expect to pound in stakes and with these the heads will break off even with moderate force. I plan to return mine.

Nice stake. Flat end allows for hammering. Fin profile goes in easy but holds well. The string makes removal easy.

I was really disappointed with these stakes. I bought eight for a tarp, and broke two while tapping them into rocky ground on the first day out. These are probably ideal for perfectly ideal tent stake conditions: slightly damp, rockless soil, and they'll certainly break long before bending.

I bought about 20 of these before a recent camping outing with the family to a familiar campground that has very hard ground in spots. I am a lunatic when it comes to staking the tents down. I will say they exceeded my expectations by a lot. They are light... I pounded them with a mallet into that hard ground and they show know signs of wear. The even best recommendation I can give is that on the last night we were there a spring Noreaster blew through with driving rain and up to 60 MPH wind gusts. Tent never swayed. I am a fan of these little stakes. I also found them extremely hard to remove when breaking down camp. I couldn't pull them out alone, I have some back issues so that may be why, but if you slip a screwdriver in the little rope loop they come right up

I purchased the Ground Hog stakes to replace the standard aluminum stakes for my tent. I tend to camp in rocky areas and the MSR stakes don't bend over as soon as you hit a rock. The Ground Hogs also hold very well in soft and moist soil unlike plain round stakes

Used them in my back yard a few times and just got back from a week long camp. The ground was hard, really hard and the guys went in. Even after a pretty heavy rain storm they held great.

This is probably better than the solid ones of the same length and materials because it has better ground gripping and it is harder to bend, but about the same weight, i. e. very light.

I got two of these little guys to hold out the sides of my Hennessy Hammock, and they work great. They pack up small with my hammock straps that I use. A perfect match!

The tri-prong cross section gives this little peg a sturdy second moment of area - ie it don't bend easily; and being aluminium is light weight for its size. Use a rock or bit of wood to protect your hand if pushing into hard ground - else will leave a neat Y-shaped impression in your palm. But humans are renowned for using tools, so improvising a make-shift hammer shouldn't stress too may brain cells. It's tough enough, so bang the crep outa this peg - it will take it.

High quality product. Well made, light and sturdy. String loops make it easy to carry with a carabiner.

I used these once on a trip in central AZ. The stakes are sturdy and can be driven into rocky ground. They also hold securely. My complaint with the stakes is the upper portion where the guy line attaches. Compared to other stakes I've used there is minimal "hook" at the top. This required that I wrap the guyline around the head, which made adjustments difficult and added time. I would recommend with caveats.

For most backpackers and many car campers who use hammocks and tarps or small tents, even some with larger tents, these small, light, yet strong stakes are very effective and lighten the load and space taken in packs for most seasons. Ok, sure, for sand and snow or compressed gravel or rock, you need to do something else entirely. But in general, this is an adequate and capable stake.

These are lighter than the steel stakes that come with many tents, good for reducing weight in my pack, and also a better holding stake than the default ones that came with my Kelty and Fly Creek tents. They do bend a little easily if stressed while staking into the ground but that hasn't been a major issue. I'd like to see these in titanium.

I had to buy a replacement since I broke one trying to pull it out. First time using this stake and they work! One was so well seated, I could couldn’t get it out. The ground was hard and I eventually snapped the stake. It was inconvenient since I had no spares - 1st outing with this tent. Now I’m complete plus 2.

Gave these cute little stakes as a gift to my nephew. I’m sure they will come in quite handy as they are easy to see, have a slight twist to the design making for easy entry into any hard, rocky soil. Will certainly help lash down the rain flap or whatever when the wind is howling.

They pull out of the ground with my rain fly.

I use these with my MSR Hubba Hubba 2 person and they are a huge improvement from those that come standard. Similar in size to the standard stakes, the biggest benefit of the ground hog is the loop on top making it easy to pull out of the ground.

Carry four Mini's for tarp/hammock setup. There have been reports of the end breaking off, but so far I have had no issues. Might be worthwhile to add a secondary notch below the factory notches, just in case. Pack light and easily.

I went on a camping trip in southern Utah in March. Some of the days and nights had high winds, and these did a great job of keeping the tent in place. They are easy to install and are very lightweight. I highly recommend these!

I used to use pinner titanium stakes for my ultralight tarp tent but I always struggled to push them in and in loose soil they would pull out easily. These went into hard soil easily and held securely even in loose soil

I have used these throughout the south and southwest. They may be a bit pricey, but they are a solid addition to me pack. ( I’ve tossed the stakes that have come with my various tents and replaced them with these. )

I picked up a few of these tent stakes to supplement my existing supply and ended up replacing all of my stakes. These stakes are light, rigid and strong. They go in smoothly and release easily. Highly recommend them.

I bought four of these and four of the larger version to replace the stakes that came with my tent. These are lightweight, easy to see, and easy to get out of the ground when it's time to go. Definitely worth it.

Bought four of these to attach my hammock rain fly to, they worked well and they weigh next to nothing at all. Standard tent pegs should be pretty straight forward, and these seem to get the job done on all levels.

These are easy to hammer in, not so easy to get out...not enough "head" on them to pull out with hammer. I left four in the ground last weekend...looking for another type of stake.

These are probably the best stakes I've used. They are well-designed, easy to drive into the ground, and very robust. The nylon cord pulls make them easy to retrieve in the morning.

I use these for my rain fly over my hammock. Aluminum - super light and won't ever rust. Becare about rocks, if you try to hammer this into the ground and hit a rock, it'll bend.

I got these new stakes because the ones that came with my Kelty tentvwere weak. Several had bent. There were great. Light and strong. Not a 5 star because they are expensive.

I prefer these tent stakes over all the others. They are strong, dependable and work like an after markert tent stake should. In my opinion the larger size is not necessary.

Nicely balances holding power with minimal weight. (Every ounce taken off the weight of my tent cost me $$, so why add the weight back with the wrong kind of stake?)

I use the MSR mini Ground Hog stakes with a Hennessey hammock set up. They are strong, well designed and easy to remove! They are also easy to see, so no stumbling.

Bought a 1/2 Dome tent from REI, but had to replace the stakes with these. These MSR stakes are expensive but light and strong -- so a good deal, in my opinion.

These are a great size, not long or too short. They hold some dirt when pulled out, but easy to clean. These are light weight and the sting is reflective.

I used minI groundhog stakes for the first time on a recent trip and found them to be very easy to use...will purchase more for my other tents

The top of the spike is VERY unpleasant to drive by hand. An effective and light spike but the need for a hammer makes it far less useful

these are light and don't bend, have used in rocky soil; the loop on end us essential, I often need that to yank them out of the ground.

This is one of the more sturdy lightweight stakes available. Stakes drive very well and are easy to remove with cord loop.

Looking for a good back up for my eureka tent. I like the idea of buying what you need and not a full pack .

The product is light, compact and sturdy. The design makes the stake rigid and durable in all soil condition.

Lite and durable and the piece of cord is strong enough to pull it out of all kinds of dirt.

Bought four of these to hook down my hammock tarp. Works great, very light!

Won't bend, lightweight, holds tight! Well worth the price

Super light. Super sturdy. The best balance between them!

Does what u need it to. Holds tight.. Easy to remove


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