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I purchased the large size, which fits me fine, being 5'8" with broad shoulders. I tried it several nights at home, and slept very well. I wrapped it in a T-shirt, although if you are really tired, the textured polyester would work, I think. I haven't used it camping yet, so I can't say if it feels hot in summer weather. It wasn't hot at room temperature.

After trying the Cocoon Hyperlite pillow I was very skeptical of an inflatable pillow. I decided to give the Exped a try. I am glad I did! This pillow is very light and inflates in seconds. I just got done spending 4 days on Mt Hood and this pillow performed perfect. IT is great for side/back and stomach sleepers. For the big guys, you can turn this pillow on its side and use the dip to put your head. Never loses air! Can't say enough good things about this pillow!

I have had my Exped medium for over 4 years now, and I really liked it, and enjoyed showing off how small and light it was. It has been very comfortable for head support and against my skin.

As a scouter I have done A LOT of camping over the years. Always rolled up rain gear into a fleece and made the best of it. I finally broke down and got a pillow. After a bit of research this one looked ok. First trip with it was a Live Aboard trip on the air craft carrier Lexington in Corpus Christi. I wish I had purchased it along time ago. Very, very comfy. Packs down to nothing, mine is stuffed into sack with air mattress.

This pillow is by far the best air pillow around. I have zero complaints about the product but...

I have two Expeds; the smaller for backpacking and the larger for car camping. The backpacking size has over 100 nights of use, and is still airtight. Highly recommended. HINT: If you have not used an inflatable pillow before, try inflating it less than full; it holds the head better that way.

...but it Just didn't do it for me. I didn't find this pillow to be all that comfortable. The second valve seems to be overkill and I really don't need another piece of gear to inflate and patch.

I used the Exped Air Pillow papproximately a dozen times for bike camping, kayaking and backpacking and was initially very satisfied with its performance. However, on a recent backpacking trip to Mt Rogers, the one-way value failed making it impossible to inflate to the desired level of firmness. To have a piece of gear this expensive fail with so few uses is distressing. I'll be looking to REI for a refund for sure.

I used this pillow on my bicycle trip across the USA twice, from west to east, and north to south. Its very compact, very lightweight, and very comfortable! What more needs to be said? but anyway ;-) There is more to the design of it than meets the eye. A typical inflatable pillow is too hard, yet this one isn't. The material it is made of is somewhat stretchy, giving the pillow enough give to be comfortable. I've tried the down pillows and others, and they don't deliver the comfort that this one does. Until I found this one, I was always interested in finding a better pillow. Now, search ended. I suppose my memory foam pillow at home is better, but when space and weight count, this is the one!

I needed to find a comfortable camp pillow that wasn't too bulky, but had the adequate support I am used to with a memory foam pillow. This turned out to be perfect. I bought a large. Deflated and packed away it is about as big around as a rolled up t-shirt. I thought it had very good support and comfort. While other brands offered a softer fabric top, sliding this inside a t shirt would work just as easily. However, I didn't find the need to do that. Great product.

This is a great pillow so I'm not going to repeat the praise it's already got. The only problems I have with it is that for what it is it's overpriced and not great for side sleepers.

I bought this to replace a cheap air pillow that I got at a department store. I've found that I like it nearly full of air. It adds enough cush to be about as nice as my pillows at home. I tuck the pillow into the hood of my sleeping bag & I'm set for the night.

I have 2 fusions in my neck and could never find good neck support. I'd wake up with migraines. This pillow offers perfect neck support. I use it even when sleeping in motels.

We bought two of these about 10 years ago from REI. Loved it, very convenient, packs so small so that we can take it everywhere we travel in case the pillows aren't adequate, or we need a little extra support on an airplane, etc. Then one of the times this happened, I did need another pillow in a dorm room for a conference, and it burst. Like, everywhere. All the seams were suddenly shot. I tried using the enclosed repair glue pack. Followed the instructions exactly. Blew it up again the next day and all sorts of new seam holes popped open. Very disappointing, threw it in the trash. I guess nothing lasts forever, but for this price, I wish it had lasted a few more years.

I bought this pillow to reduce weight and bulk when I am backpacking. Its comfortable and supportive. However, I had the same issue as a previous reviewer. The pillow has separate inflate and deflate valves which I liked. The inflate valve has an internal flap which holds the air pressure while you take your next breath. The flap came off inside the pillow. Its not secured robustly enough. This pillow has been lightly used and occurred only 6 months after purchase.

i cant believe how great this pillow is. I use this for travel and backpacking. I did a 12 day backpacking trip in New Mexico over the summer and the pillow did great. It is easy to inflate and deflate. I am getting ready to buy two more for family to use.

I purchased the Exped pillow based on user reviews. I was amazed at how small it was and yet it was just as comfortable as one of the large pillows from home. I use it in conjunction with the REI comfort cot and REI 3.5 mattress. That's an awesome trio for decadent comfy camping. I cover it with a pillowcase. The material is a little noisy but I wouldn't let that be a major negative and the valve is flat so it's a little hard to inflate - again one can deal with that. It needs only a couple of breaths to inflate it. It would be a definite asset for backpackers, motorcycle campers and families that don't want to empty out the pillows from their home. It cames packed in a little bag - ladies you can throw it into your purse and comes with a patch kit.

First off, I'm very picky on pillows. I was very excited about this pillow when I got it because its incredibly light and compact. Unfortunately, my head just doesn't agree with it and I usually end up with a headache in the morning. I can't get comfortable on it and it ends up feeling like I'm rolling around on a balloon. I've tried multiple levels of inflation, and none have agreed with me thus far. Even with a sweatshirt acting as a pillow case, I can't recommend this pillow.

I used this for a 3 week bike tour, and then during Burning Man, and it worked great. Only takes 30 seconds to inflate. Nice!

Exped air pillow, (size~medium) is, for me, the one I have been waiting for. Head support is perfect height while laying on back. On my side it is just a tad (a tad) bit shy of the Ultimate neck support. But the cut~out relief shape for neck/shoulder is ideal. I use a pullover top or thermal leggings to fill the ultimate neck~support void. The bonus is, I know where to find them (warm), if needed during the night and/or on cold morning starts, prior to exiting my cocoon. The added bonus is that inflated to my personal liking, it fits very snuggly in the integrated pillow pocket of my Nemo 15° bag. Highly recommend. So comfortable, per another review, I also bought a large. Worth every penny! Thank you ExPed for another fine product! Happy trails everyone!

Excellent pillow. Very easy to inflate. I like to put it inside of a t-shirt. Ahhh...comfortable.

I bought this pillow for a trip to Indonesia. I used it on the plane flights, in airports, and worked great in combination with the ExPed bed mat when the hotel beds were a bit questionable.

I like the way its angled to fit my neck when i sleep on my side. Sleep like a baby along with my big agnes pad.

the medium size fits nicely in the hood of my mummy bag.

The pros: You won't find a smaller,lighter, more comfortable pillow. There's no excuse for using your clothing as a pillow when you have this thing. It goes everywhere. It has multiple sides of differing widths so you can find the most comfortable position for your sleeping style. The cons: My first trip out with this, I was in a grass pasture with the pillow inside my tent. I had to inflate the thing 3-4 times during the night and it kept losing air. I returned it to the manufacturer because I figured one of the valves was defective. Well they shipped it back to me after patching it. (I highly doubt I punctured it since I was no where near sharp objects). So now, I basically spent [$], plus shipping to them for repair, only to have a patched pillow. Today was the last straw. I went to inflate it, and the one way valve fell to inflate it off inside the pillow. Now there's no way to inflate the pillow fully and close the valve without air leaking out and having a 75% inflated pillow. I guess I could return it to the manufacturer, but after last times unsatisfactory service, i think I'd rather save the shipping cost to buy a different pillow.

Absolutely the best to have firm side-sleeping nirvana! I am 5'2" but I bought the L because it has almost the same weight as the M and I want more options with height. Love blowing it up with the Schnozzel, too.

After maybe 3 years, 30 or so nights' use, a small split appeared in the seam so the pillow would no longer hold air. The pillow essentially consists of two pieces of fabric stuck together along a seam. When I looked closely, the seam is narrower in one part than in the rest of the pillow, and that's the part that split. On reflection, I think that was probably a manufacturing defect. I attempted to glue the seam as suggested by some online sources; it held for one night then failed. While it lasted, the pillow was definitely big enough and worked fine.

As the saying goes "You get what you pay for." I've been studying all the reviews on-line including Hammock Forum and other backpacking web pages regarding the best pillow for camping. Lots of opinions as you would expect. But one thing was consistent - - the Exped Air Pillow is highly regarded. So today I picked one up at REI and I am thrilled with the purchase. Here's why: 1. Exped is a top notch company and it shows. This is a beautiful product that is very well made. 2. This is Size Large. You won't how light this pillow is and how small you can pack it up. It's unbelievable! 3. Fabric on the pillow: To be honest, I was a bit concerned about the fabric on the pillow and whether it would make me sweat a lot or feel clammy. Not at all. It is very comfortable to the skin. I'll probably put a T-shirt around the pillow when I'm camping just to keep it clean. Bottom line is that I'm amazed how comfortable (and good looking) the fabric is. 4. Ergonomic Shape: Recommend you check out the Exped Pillow video on the REI web page. The pillow has a unique shape that just cradles your head whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or belly sleeper. All you do is rotate the pillow depending on your sleeping position. And I found (just as the Exped video explains) that letting a little air out makes it even more comfortable. 5. Retention Tabs on the pillow can be used to keep the pillow in place. I'm going to use this in my Dream Hammock and will tie a retention cord to the pillow so it doesn't slip away. 6. But the real test of its comfort was when I tested it out (at home) this afternoon. This thing is so comfortable that, even though I wasn't tired, I fell asleep and didn't wake up for about an hour. I'm going to test this out on a tent camping trip later this month and I'm sure my wife is going to try to steal this pillow from me. Guessing there will be another Exped Air Pillow in our future. :)

The pillow is easy to inflate and use to pack. It's very compact. It's fairly comfortable. But, it doesn't stay put all the time. It will slide around unless you're right on top of it. I would recommend it for long range hiking, camping.

A pillow seems to make or break how I sleep in a tent in the backcountry. I used this on a five day backpack in Glacier National Park and had the best sleep I've ever had. I love having one side that is about four inches thick and one that is about two inches thick to switch depending on my needs. It blew up with only three breaths. I love the soft cover (although I also just wrapped a shirt around it). When done it easily deflates and rolls up into about a four by three inch little pouch. I wouldn't camp without it now!

High tech... but doesn't feel that nice, unless you wrap it in some cloth. It is nature of this kind of pillows. Make sure size fits you. It is worth of checking though.

Exped continues to be my favorite company for sleeping pads and now for this. I leave it just a little under inflated and its unbeatable for how light and small it is.

For it's pack size, weight, and adjustable comfort when inflated - it simply cannot be beat. The valve system rocks too by the way. Buy it and become a believer.

I’ve had one of these for at least 5 years and works really well for sleeping on the plane as well as for camping. Fits perfectly in my mummy bag.

Great, comfortable pillow. Lightweight, easy to blow up but a bit difficult to deflate but nothing that should detract from a quality product.

I had to purchase this pillow for my husband who likes to sleep with his head propped up. It was a great solution for our camping excursions.

Love this pillow, packed up can fit in your coffee mug. Way better support for your neck than a stuff sack filled with clothes.

Both my GF and I sleep on our sides much of the night and need a good pillow. Found one. Say no more.

I really like this pillow. The ergonomic design is perfect for back and side sleepers. The big inflation and deflation valved make this pillow a breeze to inflate and deflate. The material used on the top of the pillow is very comfortable. Overall this is a great, lightweight, easily packable pillow (smaller than a soda can when packed).

I'm mid 60 yrs old, have done a ton of tent camping and have had quite a few different pillows, always looking for THIS ONE. Best by far for comfort and packability. Now my 2 sons have theirs too, and their girlfriends, and my step son. I was so impressed with Exped that I got one of their pads also.

This pillow was lightweight and very small when storing in my pack. We purchased this pillow for those two factors. If it gets wet for whatever reason, no big deal because it dries fast. Easy to blow up and deflate. My big issue was it just was not comfortable at all. Wrecked my neck. You are better off lumping up a coat to use as a pillow, because it's cheaper, no extra weight, and more comfortable than this pillow.

This is a great space and weight saving option for backpackers trying to limit their load's size and weight. It inflates and deflates quickly and easily, while packing away tightly in the included stuff sack. The pillow does provide some head support for a more comfortable night's sleep but it won't ever be anywhere near as comfortable as a real pillow. I struggled to find that sweet spot on the three separate trips I've taken with this inflatable pillow, but it's better than a balled up jacket.

I bought this in Large and Medium. Since the deflated size is so tiny in any size (smaller than a 12oz can), I kept the Large. I use it as a second pillow though. I do not like sleeping on it because it is clammy and bouncy like a medicine ball.

I love this pillow.

This is a great pillow when wrapped in a micro fleece. The pillow itself isn't terribly comfortable against the skin. Also, the pillow has a dip feature in the middle for some reason. I found it terribly uncomfortable for the first few nights in the backcountry before I got used to it. All and all I haven't found a better pillow (I haven't tried the Big Agnes). Glad I bought it.

The Exped Air Pillow is like a real pillow in the backcountry, except it packs down very small and weighs very little.  I've used mine on numerous trips backpacking trips over the past year (most recently to Olympic National Park in February), and its' held up well.

Finally got tired of using stuff sacks and decided to add a pillow to my sleep system. Between a neck injury and being a side sleeper getting comfortable is a challenge. The Exped Air Pillow completely changed the situation. The Large slightly less than fully inflated works perfectly even while I thrash around. The small stuff sack fits in a pants pocket so the additional bulk is negligible. Should have got one years ago.

Glad I bought this. Can’t imagine going without it anymore. Its small and light so it won’t weigh you down. Easy to inflate and deflate. Comes with a nice carrying pouch. Very comfortable and you can easily adjust the inflation level to your comfort. I can totally imagine using this for flights or long car rides too! I give this a 6/5 rating and would definitely buy again (I bought my girlfriend one)

This item was definitely a gift to myself. I love this pillow, it makes backpacking out in the country so much more enjoyable and gives you that small comfort of home. I recommend this to all backpackers that have the room in their packs and that value their sleep. Great item, from a great company. Next acquisition, the chair kit for my exped 9 pad, and then off to the Emigrant Wilderness!

I bought this to save packing volume and weight. By itself, it does feel like a balloon and may not be comfortable enough alone but I assume most inflatables are like that. So I fill it with 80% air and put some kind of clothing over it like a t-shirt and then something else under it to elevate it and then it works fine. It should only be used for backpacking purposes and not general camping.

I went through several types of pillows until I found the exped. Love this pillow! Has been great and a good alternative to a real pillow out in the backcountry. I normally sleep on a therapedic pillow at home because of arthritis in my neck, so I needed something with similar support....this pillow provided it. Doesn't weigh much and packs down very small. Definitely a winner in my book!

Pretty hard to find a fault with this thing. It folds up so tiny it barely takes up any space at all in a pack. The large option inflates to an impressive size. And it's easy to adjust in terms of finding the right firmness/size for comfort. Seems durable so far and I just spent two weeks using it on the trail. Recommend making a tshirt pillow case for a better texture.

Been using it a couple of times now. Inflated too hard and it will slip away during sleeping. Have the UL version. Not sure if I like or dislike this pillow. I prefer stuffing my clothes into my pump sack and use that as a pillow.

Even though I haven't had it on the trail yet I can recommend this product. I bought it at least six months ago, inflated it once only and used it daily ever since. I find it perfect between my knees which eases my chronic sore back. Now my wife has discovered it just right for propping up her head for reading in bed. Am online now to order another!

I like it so far...blows up and deflates quickly. Also stuffs down to very small package.

Overall - I would say this is a pretty good purchase. It’s not a must have because there are a million other ways to support your head while in the woods.

I have no complaints with this pillow. It has served me on a dozen backpacking trips so far with no issues. LARGE fill/deflate valves make this thing a pleasure to use. Packs sooo small, i usually just roll it up inside my big agnes and takes up no additional space in my pack. No more rolling up clothes for a pillow.

I purchased two of these pillows; my partner and i don't agree on firmness and this pillow inflated at full PSI with 5 breaths, or created a soft barrier between my head and my pad with 3. It held air all night, didn't puncture when my dog decided it would be hers, and can fit in your pocket when all packed up.

I will be returning this pillow. I used it on my backpacking trip this weekend and it just wasn't all that comfortable. It did pack completely flat in my pack and doesn't weigh much but just wasn't that much better than a bag of clothes. It wouldn't stay in place and wasn't as soft as I was hoping for.

Me: 5'8 and 175 lbs. Will only review after 3+ uses in non-vanilla conditions. This is a great add to your gear. I'm picky about my home pillow and while not a good, a light, compact, firm go-to in the backcountry. No hesitation to recommend, but will not fit into a Nemo sleeping bag pillow sleeve.

It collapses into a very small package and is barely noticeable. The ability to adjust how much air is in the pillow provides a really stiff pillow or a fluffy one. I use this every night for sleeping not just for camping and it is amazing. The material is very sturdy and so far no tears or wear.

This pillow is so comfortable, and can be adapted to your sleeping style ie side sleeper or back sleeper. I've used it on multi-day backpacking trips and for travel in foreign countries. My pillow now comes with me -- always!! So light, easy to clean. Worth every penny you'll pay for it!

This pillow is great. Easy to inflate with a few breaths. Deflating is easy. The fabric is comfortable against your face. Great to be able to tie a cord to it to keep it in place. Looking forward to using it on my PCT adventure next year.

I used this on a 7 day backpacking trip and this is the best pillow I have ever used (besides the one on my bed at home!). I got the large size and it fits in my sleeping bag and doesn't slide around. Very easy to blow up and deflate.

Very comfortable. I am glad I brought it to my 300 mile trekking trip in Iceland. One needs to take time to learn how to inflate it "to perfection" (not to under or over inflate it). Two separate valves help. Surface feels good too.

This pillow is more better for back sleepers. Didn’t really work for me when I went backpacking. I had to keep deflating the pillow because it was to stiff. But on the plus side this pillow is very light weight and compact.

After the last few camping trips without a pillow, I decided it was time to get one. Wow the size is perfect for my REI Trail Pod 30 and it packs down so small. Really should have brought one of these months ago.

This is a great pillow to take along on a fishing trip. After a long day I like to lay down and relax. I put a t-shirt over the pillow for more comfort. I sleep on my side so this works great.



Are the dimensions given for an inflated pillow or uninflated--flat?

The inflated dimensions are listed under Specs. The uninflated dimensions are listed in the Details. When in the package, this is about 1" thick.


What are the weights of the various sizes? It seems very unlikely that they'd all be the same weight as listed.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will update the information on REI.com as soon as possible.


What would you used for attachments to fit in the loops on the sides? Looking to attach to sleeping pad so it doesn't keep falling off.

​Any kind of small cord is a great option to attach to the retention tabs to help hold the pillow to a sleeping pad.

barrel roller

Which size is best to fit inside the REI flash sleeping bag (Long left)?

​The large pillow is the best choice for the REI Flash sleeping bag.


Is this durable enough to use as a seat cushion if you had it on a tarp or something?  Or would a 200lb dude pop it like a balloon?

We would not recommend using the Air Pillow as a seat cushion.

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