La Sportiva - Miura VS Climbing Shoes - Women's

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These shoes are awesome! The rubber is super sticky which makes me much more confident in my feet. The shape is also perfect for all types of climbing.

This is my second pair of climbing shoes, and I couldn't be happier with these. I've only had them for a month so I don't know about the durability yet, but these are perfect for bouldering. I'm not a huge fan of the flowers, but it's worth it to have the lower ankle in the back (the men's version is too high and cuts into your ankle). I think it heel hooks great, you get great precision and power from the toe, and the edging is awesome. I love this shoe and won't be switching anytime soon. It has definitely improved my bouldering just by allowing me to have more confidence in my feet.

I've only been climbing for about 8 months and these are my second pair of shoes. It was definitely an adjustment from the more beginner shoes I previously owned but I don't notice any discomfort anymore. I normally wear size 10 shoes and I purchased a 40. They were very tight at first but it's been about a month and they're much more comfortable now and I could see at some point going another half size down. I like that I can be confident about these shoes outdoors but use them all the time in the gym.

If a shoe were ever made for my foot, it would be the Muira. I have high arches, so the amount of camber pretty much makes the shoe fit like a glove. I have never felt so much precision and gotten so much edging ability out of any other shoe. Rubber does wear down quicker than I'd like, but I attribute that to my sloppy footwork and not to the material itself. Never had this shoe fail me construction-wise. I also love that Sportiva shoes don't develop the horrible odor other brands do after extensive use. Also- FINALLY the ugly flower pattern is no more. :)

I have been super happy with my Miura's so far, these are my first pair of aggressive climbing shoes and the fit it amazing. I have flat wide feet and these feel tight but not painful like some other down turned shoes. I wear a men's 9 in streets and went with a 38.5, I only got the women's version because I preferred the blue color over the yellow men's version. As far as I could tell they felt the same, I would strongly recommend trying them on in person though and be prepared for them to stretch probably close to half a size. Oh also they don't stink!

This is a great shoe. This was going to be my second pair of climbing shoes. The first pair I ever bought was the La Sportiva Mythos but it got a hole in the toe. I tried the Miura out in the gym a couple times and loved it. Somehow it can help you stick on the wall for the smallest holds or heel hooks. I have different size feet (my left foot is one size bigger than my right) so I had to return the shoe because wasn't able to find the perfect in between size for this model of shoe. I would have kept the shoe otherwise though.

I got them a couple of weeks ago. So far I love them. They are great advanced shoes and are amazing for heal hooking. I do not like the writing on the bottom of the heal because it covers the rubber and makes it slip, however I know that I won't use the heal for stepping on very much. That is the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

I initially had purchased a pair of non-aggressive Scarpas from REI that were great beginner shoes, but I started getting to the 5.11 routes, and my feet would slip off the grips, and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. A friend pointed out that my Scarpas were too large (firstly), and secondly, could use a more aggressive angle for the tougher routes. So I purchased the La Sportiva VS shoes in a 1/2 size smaller than I normally am; I'm normally a size 7 so I purchased the 6.5. It was not comfortable, like my Scarpas had been, which gave me hope that I'd have a better climbing experience. And I have! The Sportiva VS is a game changer. I have been able to "trust" my feet and their grip on the holds. I have even been able to hook onto the wall, and trust my feet when there isn't a hold. Amazing!

This is my favorite pair of climbing shoes ever, I am so happy I bought them. These shoes are really solid on everything, even little tiny holds. I feel like I can balance on anything. The bottom of the shoe is very stiff and supportive, but still comfortable enough for me to wear for a few hours.

I am on my third pair of Miura VS (love the blue!), still rotating through all three with resoles. They are by far my favorite stiffer shoe. I have a very wide fore foot (bunion on one of them, ugh), short-ish toes, high arches and a narrow heel, and they fit me perfectly. I wear an 8W / 8.5M street shoe and I'm now sizing down to a 36.5...painful the first few days in the gym then nicely broken in, but I do take them off after every route. My first pair was a 38 several (5?) years ago - I wasn't ready to size down so much, but also they appear to only be a half size bigger than my current ones so maybe the sizing changed at some point? After a couple of resoles, the 38s are my outside / warmer weather shoes. My only complaint is that the first buckle wears out the strap eventually from toe hooks, but I love them still.

I bought two sizes too small (on purpose) which was uncomfortable at first but the show gently forms to your foot for a better comfort and fit. I really enjoy these shoes and any of La Sportiva's products. Since I have very narrow feet, La Sportiva shoes fit me much better and the Miura's are a perfect fit for my small, narrow feet!

My favorite shoe (and I own 12-15 pairs). On it's second resole, and fits like a glove. I'm a 7.5 street shoe, and I sized down to 36.5 for these shoes. Best for steep routes, sport climbs, technical edging. I sized them tight, so not great for all day multi-pitch routes or smearing, but could get the job done if sized a bit bigger.

Flowers replaced with sleek blue speed stripes, great improvement. I have wide feet and big toes so I really have to jam them in there, often resorting to tape to prevent digits from rubbing raw, but that's my reality with most shoes so I don't count it against them. The weird shape takes getting use to but they are sticky for sure.

Best shoes everrrr! I have wide feet but they are pretty comfy even when downsized. The rubber is awesome! It's my favorite shoe that I've ever owned so far & I highly recommend them.

Ive had these shoes for 2 months and though at first they were almost unbearable, they've stretched out a fair amount. They're also really good for overhangs and bouldering!

Been climbing on and off for years. These are by far the best shoes I have ever had. Highly recommend!

I have only been climbing for about a year (with a 4 month gap in there), and only climbing seriously for around 5 months. I have only had 1 other pair of shoes, the Mythos. I love them, but they are very soft, like I feel I could run a few miles in them and be fine. Moving into advanced 5.10/5.11 climbs, I wanted to try a more aggressive shoe to help me stick the smaller footholds. I wear a size 7 street shoe, and a 37 in the mythos. I originally bought a 37 in the miuras, but they were way too painful, so I returned them for a 37.5. These shoes are incredible. I feel so much more secure on slab and tougher routes. I've been wearing them for a few weeks, and I will say they can really hurt my feet. Like sometimes after a route I cannot wait to get them off, and they start to cause a lot of pain if I'm stuck working a slab crux for a longer period of time. Some days they feel worse than others. After a longer session at the gym, the bones in my toes ache for a few days afterwards. I've been wearing them for weeks so I can't return them, but next time I may go for a size 38 in these. I have a slightly wider toe bed, so if you have wide toes you may want to size up by 1/2 size. Despite the discomfort they can cause, I love these shoes. I rotate them with my mythos every few climbs to give my feet a break, wear my mythos on moderate routes and save the miuras for tougher climbs. Definitely worth the money!


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