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I almost hate to put this review up, and ruin it's perfect rating. But I feel obligated to warn others. This pad may be amazing, but I learned it's not for everyone. I am 6' 4" and this pad was awfully uncomfortable. It is more built for someone that is 6' or shorter. I tested this out on my deck and half way through the night, I deflated it and opted to sleep on the hard cold deck and slept better.

This weird looking pad sucked me in at its low weight and its premise that deleting tubes would allow my sleeping bag to loft in the space to insulate me from the ground. I spent two nights on this pad on my living room floor. I can't address its insulation value, as I won't take this mattress camping. AT my height, 5'8.5", this kind of worked for me if I kept myself a few inches below where my head should go on the mattress, i.e. the pad had 10 tubes to support my shoulders, hips and feet. The big BUT is that removing support tubes required the remaining tubes to support the same weight as before, translating to more pressure on the body parts that contact them. That made side sleeping a sensory nightmare for me when I flexed my hips and knees--continuous pressure morphed to pain at the contact points where body parts crossed the tubes. It hurt my wimpy limbs. I achieved some relief if I lined up a calf or thigh with the tubes, but that required staying aware of body position, which didn't permit a solid night's rest. I have tried changing the amount of air filling the tubes with no improvement. I didn't sleep well on my back either. I had this mattress under my sleeping bag, and I know that using the pad inside my bag wouldn't have addressed the issues I had. The 1.5" thickness is a huge step in the wrong direction from the 2.5" mattresses with which it fails to compete on any measure but weight. To sleep well, I must have support for ALL parts of me.

I received this as a gift from my wife and was admittedly skeptical of the comfort of this pad. After 2 weekends in the Tetons I can say I am blown away. It does everything a camping pad is supposed to, but better. It is very comfortable for me as a side sleeper, is the lightest and most compact pad I have ever seen, and seems pretty bomber compared to other inflatable pads I have used. I was most surprised by the warmth. I know exactly how cold I can take this pad because the warmth is based on the temperature rating of my bag. 18 degrees was toasty on this thing in my SD Nitro 15. I'm not so sure it would work at -50 in a -50 bag though...but at normal winter temps I think it will be fine. Bottom line for me is that I really sleep well on this pad, and it saves me a ton of weight.

This pad completly popped inside my sleeping bag on the second night on a Wind Rivers trip, cut the trip short. When I sent it back the company, they took forever, and then didn't send me a new one, but rather, the same one with a weak patch on it. I do not trust it, won't use it, don't recommend it.

Just back from an overnight in Zion, and tried this pad for the first time. Should have tested it at home. Flat within an hour, and stayed flat, despite several attempts to re inflate. This was the products first use. Back at home, put it in the bathtub, and immediately saw that the pump valve was leaking. I removed the valve fittings with a toothpick, washed it out, and put it back together. It seems to be holding air right now, but certainly something to watch out for. You don't want to be trying to clean this valve in the middle of the night.

IT WORKS! Ive owned multiple types of sleeping pads and they were comperable with one exception, side and wight. I weigt 255 and Im 6'1. This pad is a great example of thinking outside the box. I was in Colorado for 7 days and temps got down to 35 deg or so and all I know is when dressed appropriatly I was comportable. I used this mat in my bag and outside the bag and it was fine. I am able to find my center more easily with this mat because of the frame work design. There was not a tendancy to get pushed to the side.

There are plenty of reviews on this product so I ill keep it short. I am used to the more bulky foam pad. I live in Texas so I haven't used it to keep me warm yet. However, it was great for side sleeping and almost just as good for when I lay on my back. Best pluses are the light weight, compact size, and easy inflation process.

I bought this sleeping pad one year ago to use on my summit bid of Aconcagua (22,841'). I was really trying to shave weight and bulk from my backpack (unlike Kilimanjaro, porters aren't generally used to schlep everything up this mountain), and this sleeping pad does blow everything else currently on the market out of the water on those two fronts. However, after just one night on the trail, it be came very clear just how uncomfortable this sleeping pad was, and I'm very surprised to see all the great reviews detailing the comfort of this pad, because that wasn't my experience at all.

I am currently in Virginia and just weathered through a night here in late fall. So far i loved it! Lightweight, cool looking, and good concept for keeping the sleeping bag lofted...until i used it. Dont get me wrong, if youre looking for a lightweight pad in warm weather, get it. But if youre planing on using it anything colder than 60F, then get supplemental insulating pads.

Bottom line, it offers just the right amount of comfort with ultra light, ultra compact, ultra ease of use. I do agree with an earlier reviewer who suggested having an alternate size for a smaller (ie. women's) bag. It does fit a bit too snuggly inside my bag (which is not a women's bag even) to the point that I would not be able to tighten/close the hood as much, if needed.

This pad is probably the best pad I've ever used! I move around a lot at night and it stays with me (6'1" and 165lbs). I feel like this pad is specifically made for people my height. I throw it inside my sleeping bag(Phantom +32) and its surprisingly very warm. 30 degrees and up. This product does what is says. I would recommend using this only for 3 season by itself. Thanks for the great product which I'm sure ill use for many seasons! Good Job Klymit!

I would suggest putting this inside your sleeping bag to ensure that you never fall off. This is the first inflating sleeping pad I have ever used. I had a good experience. We did a short trek in Philmont Scout Ranch and this pad lived to tell the tale. It was comfortable and it fit my frame. It was extremely lightweight and convenient to set-up.

I like the concept of leaving out sections to save weight, but the width of this is just to narrow for me. Even sleeping perfectly centered on my back, both of my arms hang off the sides. I guess if you sleep with your arms folded across your stomach it would be ok. I also tend to move a lot in my sleep, switching between side and back sleeping, and there's just no room for error on this thing. I'm 5'10, 150 lbs.

I got this as a gift, so I have no financial attachment to it. It works great. It's VERY comfortable, surprising by the way it looks. I sleep on my back, side, and stomach sometimes and all 3 work good with this pad. Believe it or not, I find side-sleeping is the most comfortable on this thing. I'm shorter 5'6" so I had to scoot a little for my best fit, but I also use an additional pillow and wasn't worried about my head. I first tried it with my feet off of the pad, but it felt really weird having my feet at a lower level than the rest of my body, so using the footrest at the bottom felt much better. I roll this up with my sleeping bags and keep it in the stuff sack. Light and very packable. I have not slept with it inside my sleeping bag and don't plan to. But under the bag works great. I do notice it slips a little bit on the ground, however, my bag and body go with it, so I don't even notice it while I'm sleeping. But when I get up in the mornings, it's in a little different location. I use the product for backpacking, camping, and sleeping over at other people's homes on the floor when needed. Inflates very easily(I don't use the pump). The only thing I don't know is how durable it will be. So far, so good though. I do notice sometimes if you're sleeping on your side and your body pinches your shoulder against one of the tubes rather than the whole pad surface area, you'll wake up with your arm asleep, I have had that happen a couple of times and just readjust.

Went out on a limb and bought this right before making the trip up to the Big Sur Hot Springs. I got it because it was light and just overall cool looking. Glad I went based on looks because this thing rocked, the framing is just right in order to maintain a pretty comfortable sleep. Definitely the way to go if you want to sacrifice a little bit of comfort in exchange for some extra space.

When I first saw the Inertia X I didn't think it would work. Then I had a chance to try out a demo at REI and lay down on it. Surprise! It was very comfortable. I bought it and tried it out on my next trip. It took a while to get the air pressure just right. After using the pump to get the ideal pressure I snuggled into my bag. The next thing I knew it was morning. Amazing.

It isn't too often you see a genuine innovation in something like a sleeping pad. This baby is sweet, it is lighter, smaller and more durable than my old Neo air. It's a cool color, and people always want to know what it is. To boot, i keep one in my messenger bag all the time for unexpected need to crash at a friend's house or an airport floor. Best sleeping pad ever!

The pad felt comfortable when I spent a few overnights on the bedroom floor. I sleep on my side and face-down and was pleased with the pad.

Looking at the box you wouldn't think you could get solid performance out of such minimal coverage, but the pad works surprisingly well and I would recommend it to anyone! You won't find anything that packs as light/compact as this without completely compromising performance.

I had my doubts that that this would work but it was excellent. I used it under a thin sleeping mat while traveling in Asia. Is was comfortable and much appreciated. I am 5'9" and the inflated sections seemed to line up perfectly with my head, shoulders, and hips.

Plan to use it on 10 day Boy Scout high adventure trip to Philmont. At this point, I have enjoyed it for the weekend prep hikes.

Wish I would have had this on my 50 miler. It's super light, compact, 10 seconds to inflate and comfortable. Highly recommend.


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