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I've used this bag a few dozen times over the past year and have come to really like it. I just slept at 45 degrees and was just warm enough wearing some thermal underwear and socks. Anything warmer it's a dream. I never got the sleeping bag back into the compression sack, but it's so small I haven't really needed to compress it, just put it in a stuff sack. I think it's a great deal.

Love the weight to insulation ratio for this bag. Great price! Nice, comfortable material. Decently warm. But very tight for me all the way along my body, and I'm not huge (180lbs) - felt like my knees were pressed hard against the sides and like a straight jacket if I tried to zip it up with my arms inside. That tightness reduced the loft at my knees, elbows, and shoulders, which made it colder. I wish Marmot made this a bit wider - if they did, even at a few ounces heavier, it'd be an awesome bag.

This is the first premium sleeping bag I have purchased. All other have been under $20 from big box stores. My son had the opportunity to use for the first time this weekend on a Boy Scout Camp out. We had lots of rain overnight on this camp and unfortunately our tent door leaked and we got wet. My son was using this bag and while the outside was completely soaked (we could wring water out of the bag) the inside of the bag stayed dry. My bag on the other hand (cheap bag) got soaked and I did too. This is not something that I noticed in the description, but certainly something I found good enough to share with everybody.

USed for the first time this week in mid-50's at night... worked great! Love how small is packs down and only weight 1lb8oz. So small compared to my ) degree. Used on the beach off East Coast... still a little chilly at night (outside the bag, had to wear a fleece) but had to unzip partially to keep from sweating when I got in the bag.

I'm very impressed with the size and weight of this sleeping bag. Initially I was terrified by how difficult it was get pull out of the bag, then frustrated when I could not get it to fit back in the bag. But my problem was I was trying to roll it up like it was when I bought it. Don't roll it. Stuff it in, and it's much, much easier.

Motorcycle Camping so weight is not a big priority, but size and compactness is.

Bottom Line: A great compromise bag for summer camp and summer backpacking.

I bought this sleeping bag for use on a 4-day summer backpacking trip and it served its purpose well. The combination lightweight bag and high-performance compression sack (which squeezes the bag to a compact 12"h x 9"w cylinder), made it a solid choice for this trip. The bag keep me cozy during 47° nights, but I would not recommend it for anything cooler without a liner (which I plan to try as the weather cools). The cut is a bit narrow at the base (best for stationary sleepers). A recommended design change would be a second side zipper at the top, to help keep cool on warmer evenings.

I love, love, love this sleeping bag. I sleep rather average in cold/hot temperatures, and this works wonderfully for summer camping (I just don't zip it all the way) and, recently, in 22 F nights at Yosemite (used a liner). It compressed down to the size of an oblong volleyball and fits easily into the compression sak. Heck, I've used the compression sak as a daysack in town in Alaska and some outfitters pointed out they have the same bag and do the same thing, lol. The loft and comfort of this bag is really nice. I will say that this is my first "fitted" sleeping bag (narrow at the feet) and I'm a big fan. Even though I sleep in all sorts of positions, I never felt cramped. I'm 5'5" 135 lbs.

Great design and quality product. It's almost impossible to get out of the bag the first time. Repacking...stuff it, don't attempt to roll and stuff it.

This sleeping bag is an excellent bag for warm weather camping. It is small, compact, and most of all comfortable. Just make sure you're evenings don't dip below 55 degrees!

I've hiked with this bag just once so far, and I'm loving it. Very light. Packs small. (the included compression sack is nice, though I'm opting not to use the compression straps so it will pack longer and thinner for the shape of my bag.)

I would highly recommend this bag if you live in an area where there's warm-at-night backpacking. Note that it probably won't be your only sleeping bag unless you plan to exclusively do this kind of camping / backpacking.

Not the best bag I've even owned, but it does a good job for what it is. It runs a little small, but it doesn't bother me at all. I got the long, and I couldn't get it back in it's original stuff sack, so I got the REI 11 liter lightweight compression stuff sack and that one works perfectly (i've had no problems whatsoever getting it in and out).

I am an experienced backpacker, looking for a cheap option to go extra light in the summer. This product is in fact wonderfully light and easy- so easy- to pack, both in its compression sack and in your pack. Unfortunately it is terribly uncomfortable. I am a side sleeper and often switch sides throughout the night- this feels way more restrictive than every other mummy style bag I own. As you would imagine it is so thin it offers no cozy loftiness and it is cold in weather under 60 degrees, even with a sleeping pad that radiates heat back onto me. I am a woman, so I guess you can say I run colder than men, but I don't think any colder than most women. I am size S or XS and found that I felt so so restricted while sleeping, so much more than in any other bag I own- that I could not warrant keeping this, no matter how lovely and light weight it is and how much I loved the price!

I took this backpacking in Western Washington in August. The forecast said we would have a low of 50. I froze in this bag. I ended up wearing every piece of clothing I brought plus putting a garbage bag over the end to help keep in some body heat. I am returning it and getting a more expensive (down) bag that is rated lower and weighs the same.

Used this for a week on the Appalachian Trail in early June. Due to the higher altitudes of the Smokies, it actually got fairly cold (upper 30's), but this bag worked wonderfully. It packs so small and light that it's even possibly worth bringing along as a bag liner for much lower temperatures.

I was looking for a summer bag since I live in Phoenix and it gets pretty hot in the summer. Even on trips up north it's a little warm at night. I came across this bag and thought it would do the trick. Good price and seemed to be what I was looking for. Lightweight, small, and the right temp rating among with a killer price.

I like the bag itself and love how small and portable it is. But it is not meant for guys with broad shoulders. I couldn’t zip the bag past my chest. Had to return it.

I haven't even used this bag yet but already despise it. It was difficult getting this bag out of the 5L compression sack and impossible for me to put it back in. I purchased a 9L sack thinking that would work much better and about threw the whole thing out of the window today. I'm about to go on the Camino de Santiago and cannot spend 20 mins of anguish every morning getting this sleeping bag into a sack. I'm over it!

In September, I went hiking up on Mt. Baldy and camped for a night on the summit with this sleeping bag. I bought this bag for my girlfriend and it was very light and fit easily in her REI Co-op Traverse 28 backpack. I liked how it zipped open to use as a blanket or bed sheet. When the winds picked up at night, this bag still kept her warm and she slept very well. I highly recommend this bag for it's low price, compact size, and light weight.

Looking for a basic, lightweight, compact summer bag - this bag fit the bill on all counts. Very happy, would buy it again. Primary use for me is late spring - early fall in the Smoky Mountains

disappointed in the stuff bag, try as I might I could not stuff it, they supply a compression sack for stuffing but that is useless. If you get it into the bag you won't need to compress it. I recommend you plan on your own stuff sack. It will be fine otherwise.

Great bag for any price! Plenty of room, packs light and has a very conservative 46 degree rating. I used this recently on a night when temps dipped close to the 30's, nice and warm with just a ridge rest pad. Great buy!

Purchased this for a hiking trip, as my present bag was too bulky. This bag packs quickly, is comfortable,took up little space & weight in my pack, and was not too hot or cold (slept in huts.)

Really comfortable. It packs up well in your pack and is light. It is warm enough for mild evenings. I took it on an Appalachian section hike and loved it.

There was only 1 time soo far that in using this bag I felt a little chilly and that was at 3am when there was a decent amount of cold moisture/fog layer in the air in the location I was at. It probably dipped below 45 F. I think I just put on socks and switched to full-length base-layer bottoms and was good after that. I typically just sleep in a MotoX Jersey made of synthetic abrasion resistant fibers, and regular boxer length base-layer. This pack washes/rinses well back at home. It fits decently back into the compression sack too! I have this pack on top of a Big Agnes AirPad. I'm a side-sleeper and only on the coldest of nights did I ever feel the need to zip it up fully. I'm 5"10" 215 Lbs and broader than most in shoulder width. This bag in Lg was fine. When using the zipper... ya might want to learn how to hold up your other finger ahead of the finger pulling the zip in order to prevent the fabric from getting caught in the zipper. It's not *bad* on this product... but it does happen if you're rushing and not jutting out your fingers ahead of the zipper pull to push fabric out of the way. Overall been really happy with this bivvy.

-Warmys -Softys -Comfys It got down to 37 degrees and i didn't even wear socks

Great 3 season sleeping bag! Would definitely recommend.


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