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Too late...I should have purchased this a long time ago! We spend a lot of time peak bagging around the North East, I also camp a LOT as a Scout Leader, I have not slept this well outdoors since I was a young man (a long time ago!)I even splurged on a Microburst avoid moisture more than anything...this works pretty well too...and is small/light enough to bring along. My outdoor sleep system is finally complete. Have used this pad for a full season and felt it was time to post some feedback. This is at the top of my "must pack" list. It goes on every adventure now...period.

The Q-Core SL is the best pad I've ever used. It inflates super easy (with the Big Agnes Pumphouse) and doesn't leak. It is really lightweight and packs up quickly and easily too. I haven't used it in 15 degree weather so I can't comment on how accurate that rating is. It fits perfectly into the memory foam pad kit and both fit well into my Big Agnes sleeping bag. I honestly can't think of a single negative with this pad.

I bought this to replace an older mat and am quite disappointed. True, it is small, light, warm, and comfortable. But after just 5 nights of use it began to leak. It is not punctured - there's some sort of defect in a seam or the valve that causes the pad to deflate overnight. Multiple tests have not revealed a hole or obvious leak, so I can only assume it's a product defect. During my 8-day hike in Torres del Paine I was awoken at around 2 AM each night, lying on the hard cold ground. I just arrived in Tasmania and was forced to toss this pad and purchase a new one for the next round of hikes. Big fail by Big Agnes.

- This pad is more comfortable than my bed. - It doesn't move around when you turn over (or any other time while you're sleeping). - I don't bottom out when I sleep on my side on the Petite size (I'm 5'2" 100 lbs) - Inflating is quick & easy if you have either the Big Agnes Pumphouse Pad Pump Dry Sack or the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Pump Sack. Literally save your breath (& prevent moisture from condensing inside your pad) by spending $20 on the Pumphouse- it's worth every penny.

I cracked my hip on the AT in 2008 and it never fully healed. With this pad I can sleep on the hip all the way through the night.

This pad really packs up small and is very light, especially given the R4.5 rating. I used this pad for the first time last night and it took a solid 15-17 breaths to full inflate (seemed like a lot at the time but it does blow up pretty thick).

Great product, very comfortable. However, the fabric is way too slippery and at least once a night I slide off the pad. This is more pronounced that other pads because it is 3 inches high, so when I start to slide I end up off the pad. I am a side sleeper and tend to move around a little at night. Putting the pad in a bivy sack on perfectly level ground doesn't help. Otherwise the pad is great, but it is going back because of how slippery it is. My friend has a NeoAir All season pad that I have used and it is just as comfortable and isn't so slippery.

The older I get the more comfort I want. I sleep on my sides and enjoy more padding for my shoulders and hips. This pad is the perfect balance between comfort and pack weight. I just returned from an 8 day backpacking trip in Yosemite. I slept great every night using this pad.

I had a dividend to use. I've used therma rest for years, eventually purchasing some expensive ones. I decided to branch out and based my search on thickness and weight. A compromise of the two if need be was necessary but I eventually researched this product and figured on spending some serious cash on it. I've used it several times now and can not speak more highly of it. While it inflates in the traditional blow until your blue in the face through a tiny hole, it blows up in the usual allotted time based on effort. Its extremely comfortable to sleep on, nice and thick. My bag sticks well to it, no problem there. That was a concern on mine when I initially set it up the first time but has yet to be a problem. I have yet to slink down off of it in my bag on a gentle slope only to have to 'worm' my way back up. It packs up extremely well, taking little room in a pack. It holds the air well and there are no problems with sleeping on my side and having my hip dig into the ground. I used it this last weekend at an altitude over 8K, woke up with snow on my tent and had no idea of the cold weather, a great sleep had by me due in large part to this product. Good luck with your camping adventures.

Finally a good nights sleep in the woods. Took this pad up to Mt. Lassen for the weekend. I'm a side sleeper and was aways waking up with a sore hip and shoulder. I finally decided that sleep was more important than money and bought the q-core sl and boy am i glad I did, slept like a baby. Takes about 3.5 minutes to fill the long one which isn't bad. Getting the air out is a little hard but no biggy just need to roll out the air twice. Love the quilt design, felt like I was on a bed and it was very warm. would buy again and again.

This is the sleeping pad that made me give up my hammock. Until I tried this pad I was convinced that hammock camping was the only lightweight way to get a good night sleep in the back country. However, I was dead wrong.

I have a spinal fusion. I bought the mattress to use in the Grand Canyon. I slept on it a few times in my living room to make sure it would work for my back. The mattress popped a baffle, but it worked ok for my back. Took it to the Grand canyon. worked fine the first night, the second night it sprang a leak. I spent an hour with no luck, trying to find the leak. I had to blow the mattress up every hour for the rest of the night. Returned home and promptly returned the mattress for a refund. Back to my reliable Thermarest

I have had a lot of sleeping pads over the years, and this is the best one I have ever used. I am now 71 years old and the ground seems harder than it used to be, but this Big Agnes pad keeps me from feeling the ground even when I sleep on my side. It is a great product and I highly recommend it.

For that past three years I've been backpacking with a Thermarest Z Lite. I liked that pad for no risk of de-inflation during the night, and super light to carry. However, I hated how bulky it was, even strapped outside my pack. So I decided to give this Q-Core SL a try on three recent nights in the Three Sisters Wilderness. I slept like a baby, on the petite size, and I'm a 5'8" 175 lb male. I never did that on the Z Lite, I tossed and turned a lot. I don't mean to slag the Z Lite, but sleeping on this is an incredibly different experience. I disagree with every negative point others have made--this pad is comfortable, quiet and I didn't slide off. With about 30 puffs by mouth it was inflated firmly and I never felt the ground, even side sleeping. It never got down much below 50 so I can't verify warmth, but I'm confident it will be far warmer than the Z Lite also. I'm sold on this and I doubt I'll ever use any other pad.

5 of 7 of us hiking Isle Royal purchased the Q-core sleeping pad prior to our trip. 3 of 5 have been returned. Way too much noise when shifting during the night. Slept in the shelters 2 of 5 night and we all ended up rolling over at the same time to keep the noise confined to a specific time. Became very annoying. Even when sleeping in separate tents the noise could be heard between tents.

I just picked this pad up today at the local scratch and dent sale and after playing with it for a few hours, setting it up with the rest of my gear, and taking a short nap, I could not be any happier. I am a larger guy, 6 foot 3 and 240lbs, and the large version of this pad fits me perfectly. It was very warm and way too comfortable. The only con is that my nemo nocturne sleeping bag doesn't like to stay on top of the pad, but with the way I sleep it's not much of an issue. Best purchase decision I've made in a while.

This is a great pad for side sleepers and cooler temperatures. I don't understand why so many people complain about the noise it makes. This isn't a noisy pad like the Neo Air. I haven't had any problems sliding off. I actually appreciate that my arms can dangle off the edges. It helps me stretch out.

This is the 4th sleeping pad I've owned. I've taken it out for a total of 14 nights without a problem. It's extremely comfortable and warm. I love the pad pocket system that Big Agnus uses. No more chasing my pad around the tent all night. My only complaint is slight. It does take a while to inflate- I am a professional trumpet player- it should be easy for me.

This pad is a gem. I'm a side sleeper and suffer achy hips and thus, sleepless nights on adventures. I've tried all the sleeping pad and position options with no luck. The Q-core SL has solved this for me. It's thickness keeps my hip from contacting the ground and eliminate the aches, but yet it's super light. With stuff sack and all, it weighs 18.3 oz (petite length), and rolls to a nice size for packing. I only gave it a 4 (not 5) star rating because it is a bit narrow. With my top leg pulled up, I spill over the edge a bit. I'm sure I'll adapt. Note, I'm a small build, 5'6", 125#. Also, I use this in combo with a Big Agnes Edna sleeping bag -- I poo-poo'ed the bag/pad sleeve, but it's really handy. Keeps everything together, and actually helps remedy the leg spill-over issue mentioned above.

The mattress inflated surprisingly fast, which was good considering that I was tired the first time I inflated it. With every other airmattress I have owned, I have woken up in the middle of the night laying on the cold hard ground because the air inside compressed so much when the ground cooled. This one held its shape throughout the night. The waffled design also seemed to help distribute the support evenly.

This thing is super comfortable. I am 5'-10" and 225 lbs and at 3.5" thick, properly inflated you can sleep on your side and still not feel anything but air underneath you. I bought the Long Wide version for the extra 5" in width, which I think most people would benefit from. You gotta be pretty skinny to sleep on something 20" wide and at only 5oz more than the regular, it was a no brainer for me. Another thing I love about this is, it's the perfect size for my Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 Tent. I always orient my tent so my head is on the high side if there is any slope. So, lengthwise it can't slide down my tent since it fits it perfectly. I recently took it to Big Bend NP with low temps in the lower 40's in the mountains and it kept me very warm too. Is it expensive, yes, but it is worth it if you want the ultimate in space saving, light weight, comfort. Period.

When I viewed the pad, I knew something was up. I pumped it up to find that it's a full 1 1/2 inches too narrow, and several inches too short. I measured it thinking it must be my imagination. Nope. It's not as advertised. It doesn't sound like much of a difference, but it's the difference between your arms staying on the pad, and laying on the ground (for me at least). I can't recommend it for that reason.

I sleep on my side and have tried over ten sleeping pads. This is by far the most comfortable. It's also extremely light and easy to pack. My only complaint is that it's pretty narrow. I'm a pretty big guy (6'3" and 200lbs) so it might not seem as narrow to a person with a smaller frame.

I have an old lady hip and I'm a side sleeper, so I knew I needed a thick sleeping pad with a lot of cushioning. Usually lightweight and thick do not mix when it comes to sleeping pads. But this one is awesome. It's lightly insulated and thick enough to keep my hips off the ground. The quilting is awesome because I don't feel like I'm laying on a pool raft. I got the regular size and I'm 5'6"--the petite would have been too short when inflated. It was plenty wide for my broad shoulders, too. I have yet to try it camping, but I'm looking forward to it in a couple weeks.

This pad is warm and comfortable. I got the wider one because my arms hang off of the smaller width. I slept in 35 degrees, and this is warmer than my inflateable queen mattress i take car camping. And that is about 7 inches thick. It kept me off the ground even when I roll over or sleep on my side. Raised sides feel better like you are cradled. There are lighter, but what's the point if you can't sleep.

I have back problems, especially after a day of hiking. This Pad is wonderful! It is very compact when deflated and packed away. It inflates easily, slips into the sleeping bag pocket easy enough when fully inflated. I was able to get a really good nights rest on this pad, no problem. The only thing I don't like is that it has so little insulation, but that would ad unnecessary bulk and weight.

Let me start with what an awesome company Big Ages is and I have a lot of their gear and I really wanted this pad to work for me. I wanted a replacement for my Thermarest Prolite I had been using for years. Based on research I went with the Big Agnes Q-Core SL. Loved this in the sleeve of my Big Agnes bag, but could not stay on it without the sleeve. I have multiple bags and this pad was just too slippery and noisy climbing back on it. I was only on a very slight hill on a resent winter trip and I kept waking up at the bottom of my tent. I did not notice this problem in my encampment bag only my (non-BA) winter down bag. I also have an air pillow which would not stay under my head and resonated every crinkle. The encampment has a pillow pouch, my winter bag does not. I gave it a year and finally admitted I made a mistake. Love Big Agnes, just not the pad. Obviously made with the BA bag sleeve in mind. The R value is awesome. Slept warm at 20 degrees with no cold from below. The Q-core gets a 4-star with BA bag and a 2-Star without, so I gave it a 3.

This sleeping pad is comfortable because it keeps me completely off the ground and it's surprisingly firm. Inflating it is easily accomplished by exhaling normally into the valve while you organize your sleeping bag, backpack, etc inside your tent. Deflating the pad completely is a bit tricky, but rolling out the air from the bottom (think tube of toothpaste style) gets the job done just fine.

Very light-weight and comfortable, but deflates as I sleep on it (or even if I just let it sit on my living room at home). I can't find any holes or hear where the air is shaping from, but it is. Hopefully it is just a malfunctioning one that I was unlucky to get at the store... going to exchange it for a new one to see if it works.

Took this pad out for its maiden voyage on a weeklong canoe trip. On the first night, I inflated it and went to bed. Half an hour later, I woke up on the cold, hard ground. The next day, I pulled out the included repair kit, followed the instructions for finding and patching holes, and that went pretty well. Unfortunately, after letting it cure, I tried it again and it still wouldn't hold air. I dunked the pad underwater again and found another hole, and patching THAT. I ended up patching over seven holes (including holes around the valve). It never held its air, despite all the patching I did. VERY disappointing.

Truly wonderful night's sleep! I've used it for 15 nights already this summer and love it. I don't feel like it slips too much and, honestly, don't get the complaints that it's hard to fill up. Not a big deal to me at all. This is really one of the best purchases I've made. I've tried 3 different sleeping pads and this is by far the most comfortable.

I read about the measurements being off. My long wide arrived today and the measurements, 78x25, were spot on.

I'm looking forward to some good nights' sleep on this feels more like car camping comfort, but without the weight and bulk. I was concerned I would turn blue inflating it, but it was firm and ready to go wihout too much effort. While I am trying to be as light as possible, I don't want to sacrafice comfort, and this mattress does both.

I have used this pad twice and find it to be very confortable. It seems to have quality construction and materials. As I get older I find it necessary to have a thicker pad to get a good nights sleep. This pad weighs less than my last Big A pad and is 1.5" thicker. It is a little pricey, but if it holds up it will be a great purchase.

Bought this mattress for my wife before we left for a two month car camping/packpacking trip. Used the pad quite a bit and it functioned well, kept her warm and off the ground. Used it over 30 times during the two month trip. weather was an extreme of snow and rain at Glacier to 103 degrees at Joshua Tree. This pad has held up well.

this is a pretty good pad. not like my last crinkly pad.

My sleeping bag is also a BA and I am so glad I went with the matching set sleeping system. It makes a HUGE difference. This pad slides right into the pocket of the BA bag and keeps me warm throughout the night. What I love most about this sleep pad is that unlike others, IT DOESN'T DEFLATE throughout the night. In fact I filled mine as full of air as it could possible go in preparation for that slow deflation but it never did and I had to let out air so it wasn't so firm.

I've been using the Therm-a-rest Z Lite Original pad for the last few years to save weight, but for a side-sleeper like myself it's incredibly uncomfortable. Honestly I've never had a worse sleeping experience. The lack of sleep and morning pain make it just not worth it to save a few ounces.

I used this pad for 10 nights inside a tent on ground clear from rocks, and the valve started leaking. Fortunately, Big Agnes honored their warranty and sent me a new pad, but I would not trust this pad for a long term hike. I am thru-hiking the AT next year, and I will not be bringing this pad.

I've been searching for the perfect backcountry pad for a long time. Have tried lots of pads, including foam, therm-a-rest self inflating mattresses, the air core and the therm-a-rest XTherm. Being a side-sleeper, they were all very uncomfortable and lead to me waking up with sore shoulders.

This is a comfortable pad in terms of lift from the ground. It feels like a inflatable air mattress at grandma's house. I feel a lot of cold, and this pad kept me very warm in chilly nights camping in PA fall and Iceland late spring.

This pad really is super comfy and keeps you really warm. Although as others have pointed out, this product really is noisy when you roll around on it. The material really is very smooth and so it does cause me slide right off unless it's perfectly flat. When I packpack now I bring a twin size sheet to put over it and it stops me from sliding off and helps with the noise. It also does get slightly softer when you wake up in the morning.

After reading the many great reviews on this pad I purchased it and went on a 7 day backpack. The pad is rather narrow, compared to a thermarest, and the tough part is it is 3.5 inches tall. Because it is so tall one slip off the pad and you fall to the ground. My tent mate also complained that it was very loud.

My wife's main objection to backpacking (we're older) is sleeping on hard ground (ok, the food too). This pad is a revelation--ultra-light and ultra-comfortable. Recommended by REI staff, and they were right.

I bought this pad to take trekking in Peru. It is light weight and compact and so far seems to be warm as well. I've gone on a few pre trip overnight hikes and the only problem is that it seems to lose a little air overnight... Not totally deflated but a bit less then I went to sleep with. Also it is short and my feet tend to hang off the end (I'm 5'6"). Not a big deal and it's the price you pay for light weight I suppose.

I had been looking for a sleeping pad that packs small. Of sleeping pads in the store, the Q Core SL was one of the lightest, had a higher R value, and compact. I used it over several nights below freezing and was glad I had the extra R value of the Big Agnes. I slept great. The only negative comments I have are, I did slide a bit when sleeping on a site not completely flat and it does take more time to inflate.

I took this on a five day backpacking trip in the Colorado mountains. It was comfortable at first, but it is a bit too narrow, and unfortunately, I slid off it all night. I even had straps around it tied through the loops on my bag. And still I was slipping and sliding. You also have to inflate it by mouth, which wasn't a huge deal to me but might be to others. It is nice to be able to sleep on my side, though.

I purchased this pad to replace an older pad from a different manufacturer. I was a little Leary about purchasing this pad because the material it's made out of is so thin. I was originally attracted to this pad because it packs so small and inflates so thick. I've used the pad about a half dozen times and so far it's worked great. The pad is very thick and I'm able to inflate it to achieve the firmness I like. I'm a big guy at 240 lbs and this pad has the thickness/firmness to keep me off of the ground. I'm also very happy with how small this pad packs down. So far the only drawback is the amount of time and air that's required to fill it. For me that was not a problem but for someone looking for an easy fill pad this may not be for you.

This is a matress of a hiking pad that weighs one pound, super cumfy and way warmer than my last pad

I purchased this pad last spring, and since then it has been used 20+ times in temperatures as low as the 20's. It has kept me toasty warm and dry! It is very comfortable to sleep on. Only downfall, as others has mentioned, is that it is feels very narrow. I don't move around much, but often find my arms falling off the sides. It also takes a very long time to blow up (which I suppose is expected, but I didn't anticipate). I haven't noticed the noise that others complain about, especially compared to other lightweight pads on the market.

I bought this pad looking for a more comfortable night's sleep than some of the lighter, thinner pads I've used. I was not let down. It's thick and very well insulated, very comfortable, and exceeds my expectations. It is a little noisy, slick, and takes a while longer to blow up, but none of those bother me when I'm getting the best sleep I've ever had in the backcountry. If you're looking for an unrivaled combination of comfort, insulation, and packability, this is it. I went all out and bought the 25" wide version, and it's wonderful.

Bought this pad for a 10 day backpacking trip this past summer. I got the long/narrow version (I'm 6'2" 185lbs) so it would fit in the sleeve of my Big Agnes Lone Ranger bag. This combo is simply the best!!!! Never slept better out on the trail. Rocks, twigs/sticks, etc didn't matter - didn't feel anything but nice comfort.

I've just started to get back into backing, my last trip being when I was 12 and not a pain in site. I learned my lesson on the Buckhorn Wilderness, 20mile jot that an actual pad will do the trick. I'm the average 5'5", 130lb female and am sway-back. I can't do a foam pad, every side of me goes to sleep! This pad solved my problem. It not only provided the necessary distance between me and a rocky, cold, hard ground but I'm a cold sleeper. It kept me warm in addition to a warm sleeping bag. I've also had no incidents of rolling off.

This pad was awesome while it lasted. Lightweight, comfortable, all you could want in a pad. However after 2 years it leaks and I can't find the leak. Even dunking it in water and looking for bubbles didn't work. My dad has the same pad and it works just fine. I actually borrowed it for a recent trip to Utah and it worked perfectly. I even take better care of my gear than my dad. I guess the quality assurance isn't the best at Big Agnes after looking at the rest of these reviews. 5 stars if it didn't break after decent usage.

This is my second ultralight pad, my first being the Thermarest NeoAir, so I have another product in this same category to compare it to.

I wish this pad had been available when I bought my BA Dual Q-Core. It's lighter, easier to inflate/deflate and folds tighter. The inflating isn't the most fun, but what pad is fun to inflate with your lungs?! Wish there was a lightweight pump to help with inflation/deflation.

I use this for 3 season backpacking and car camping. This is by far the most comfortable sleeping pad I've used. I'm a side sleeper and it keeps my hips from boring into the ground. It packs down very small. At the end of a long day it can seem a little difficult to inflate but this is true of all non self inflating sleeping pads.

Great product. I have used this pad with the Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 degree bag.

Super comfortable and will not cause hip displacement or shoulder dislocation when sleeping on your side. Thick and warm and packs to a small volume which is a big bonus. Careful though, you may want to sit down when blowing the pad up as it requires big lungs but maybe a little bronchiole workout isn't a bad thing.

We just got this delivered on back order and blew it up along with another old maroon BA insulated pad to compare. Turns out the Q-Core is at least a half inch short all the way around (he thinks more like 1.5" total on the width, 2" total on length). We're not exactly giant people and we're going to have to return this- it's narrow enough that it will probably be annoying.

I took it on a 4 day backpack near Mammoth lakes recently. It's lighter and packs smaller than my old Thermarest. I'm a side sleeper and am happy to say I can comfortably do so in the back country again! It's a little on the narrow side and blowing it up at altitude was a bit rough but totally worth the effort!

This sleeping pad packs down to the perfect size, is extremely light and has a high R-value, making it perfect for me. It takes 2-3 minutes to get this pad inflated, but the comfort makes the time worth it. Like all other Big Agnes products, this is high quality! I would recommend it to anyone.

This mattress offers good support. Takes a little effort to inflate and the last few puffs are pretty necessary! Wish there was a way to connect two of these side by side. Also wish the surface was not so slippery- sleeping bag and small pillow were all over the place!

Felt like i was riding a balloon, rocking back and forth if in the middle, but sliding off the sides if not perfectly placed in the middle. Made so much crinkly noise when i moved on it, my friends in nearby tents could hear me. And it was slippery to boot.

As I get older, I'm willing to carry a little more weight to get a good night's sleep. I've only taken this out for one trip, but I slept very well on it. Even the largest size weighs in at less than 1.5 pounds, and the great sleep makes it well worth it!

This was the most comfortable pad I've ever slept on! Wasn't the width advertised and want to trade it in for the long/wide but sleeping on my back and on my side I slept great! Used it when it was 8°F outside and it paired witha 15° bag iI slept great!

The best air mattress I have ever had. Light wt., comfortable, and the insulation factor helps on cold ground. Small size when deflated is most helpful. Seems sturdy long lasting. Takes a little time to blow up (maybe 6 or 7 minutes).

Best pad I've owned so far (of 4 in the last 20+ years). Per others' suggestions, I opted for the long wide. I'm 5'10", 168 lbs, and I appreciate the fact that I don't have to stay on it extra carefully @ night. I'd say the wide is a must, for pretty much anyone. The regular is far too narrow, as others state. The 6oz luxury is each person's choice, but pretty important IMO.

Very comfortable. Thick enough to protect from rocky ground. Easier to inflate than I anticipated, even at high altitude (you don't really need assistance from sleeping pad "pumps.") It has made my other sleeping pads superfluous.

I was really excited purchasing this sleeping pad because it was very lightweight. It also packed down to a very small size and fit well in my pack. But when I slept on it at night it was very very slippery. In fact I slipped off of it most of the night and fell off the sides. Since it is a 2 inch pad I fell a pretty good ways on to the tent floor. My pillow also kept slipping off the Big Agnes sleeping pad throughout the night. I returned it to REI as soon as I got home from my camping trip.

This pad exceeded my expectations! I went for the 20x72x3.5 size so it would be longer than my body and I could sleep with my head on the pad and it weighs only 1 oz. more than the smallest pad. This pad is super lightweight and extremely comfortable. I am 5'4" and 120 lbs. so the 20 in. width is perfect for my frame. There is minimal noise from the pad when moving around and it proved quite durable for the terrain. I used it in 40 degree weather and it kept me really warm. I would imagine that it would suffice in lower temperatures as well. I highly recommend this sleeping pad for anyone that is looking for an ultralight, super comfortable, versatile sleeping pad, and if you are not looking to save weight, but don't want to sacrifice comfort, the Big Agnes Air Core series is another amazing pad.

This is by far the best pad I've ever slept on. 10x more comfort than my prolite therma, just as light and doesn't sound like you're sleeping on an inflated bag of potato chips like the neo air.

These are great: very comfortable yet they still pack compact. They also stay evenly inflated all night long. Only down-side is that they are a bit slippery is you have a slick sleeping bag.

I used this pad over a weekend on the MD AT. It was the best night sleep I have had on the trail yet. I purchased the pumphouse to make it easier to inflate. This is a great product.

I initially returned this pad to REI because of its width. After inflating the pad at home I found that when laying on my back my arms hung off off of the sides, which is weird since I'm kind of smallish-average size woman and my shoulders are definitely more narrow than most. This had not been a problem with my self-inflating 20 inch pad.

I purchased this pad nearly a year ago and have slept on it in the field some 40 or so nights. It is incredibly comfortable and lightweight for it's size. I really didn't fear puncturing it, because I was careful with selecting and preparing a clean tent site. The only thing I would ask from Big Agnes is that they offer a regular/wide option. I'm not a huge person, but having that extra 5" would have been the bomb and worth the added weight! Regular/wide would have earned 5 stars.

This is a great product and even though the pad is narrower than described, I can still sleep comfortably on it. I'm 6'2'' and have am fairly broad.

As a bigger guy, being comfy on the ground is tough. I've used standard 1.5" self inflating pads, and they work ok on soft, level ground, but on concrete or rock, they'd kill me, especially when I sleep on my side. There's just not enough to keep me up off the ground.

It's pretty much an UL pad with the comfort of a heavier pad. It's kind of skinny but that's how you shave weight.

Extremely comfortable when I didn't slip off. It'll be great with the sleeve on the Big Agnes sleeping bag!

This pad has by far given me the best sleep in the wilderness. I am a girl and a side sleeper and this is so comfortable on my hips! I also found it to be quite warm

I decided to upgrade my sleeping system, and after reading many reviews about the size after inflating, I still had this pad delivered next day air. Just in time for a three day trip in the Guadalupe Mountains. The pad seemed of good quality, and did not take long to inflate, even after a long day of climbing to over 8,000 ft. I'm 5'9"- 180lb. and this pad came NOWHERE close to being wide enough after inflation. You have to turn like a rotisserie chicken. If you pull your knees up, your butt slides off the back. If you pull your butt back onto the pad, your knees slide off the front. Unless you can sleep perfectly straight (not on your back) all night you're going to have problems. After a while of fighting this narrow pad, I went from a side sleeper, to a thrasher when the aggravation got the best of me. By this time the slick surface of this pad is sliding all over the floor of the tent. This is a quality product, but not for a grown adult. I did return this pad, and bought another brand. I like to save ounces as much as the next backcountry hiker, but suck it up and carry a few extra ounces, and get the wide long version of which ever pad you choose. You will more than appreciate it when you settle down for the nights much needed rest.

So... we have tried...several times too love these pads. We have two of them. My wife has used it several nights, my son has used one several nights, and I have used one several nights.... but just can't "love it" We have several other BA products and they are excellent.... but the pad.. for us, is a miss. I'm 5'10" and 175, my son is 14 and quite a bit smaller, and not going to share my wife's dimensions! :) :) But three different body styles and weights and none of us can get comfortable. Tried different inflation levels... just can't get there. Also, unless your camping site is perfectly flat, get ready for a middle of the night luge ride.... we all have slid off several times.

Best pad you will ever buy.

Easy to inflate, taking about 20 breaths for the Long 78x20 inch size. Good cushioning. I'm 5-10 and 165 lbs and found this size works well for me. A pair of wider pads would be too tight in my 2-man tent, a Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2. However, I'm disappointed in the cold weather performance of this pad. With ambient temperatures around 32 F it was not warm enough. The side of my body facing the pad was noticeably colder than the side facing up.

I've tried many different types of mattresses over the years to make my backpacking experience more comfortable. It's always the "comfort vs. weight" issue. The BA QCore has solved my problem. It is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever had. And it's compact size and light weight made it the obvious solution. The only downside is that it takes quite a while to deflate. Still, it's well worth the wait. Highly recommended!

I thought I was buying the best, especially since it cost so much. This pad was very uncomfortable however. Much, much less comfortable than a simple 1" self inflating pad.

So with this piece of equipment, I made the unfortunate mistake of not testing it out before I took it out. Sadly it is my own fault for not testing it out first, however, the first night of using it in the middle of nowhere it deflated within one hour of pumping it up. I researched this item fairly well, I thought it got the best ratings for the price. I ended up with an ALPS in the end, very happy with it.

I really wanted to like this sleeping pad. I love Big Agnes gear and expected this to meet it's standards. The positive is that it is very light and small packed up which is perfect for backpacking. Although very comfortable there were two things that were a deal breaker. The material used is so loud and noisy. On it's first backpacking trip, every time I moved I disturbed my camping mates in the next tent! They made me promise I would return this pad as soon as I got home. It was so noisy that it was bothering me as well, and I wear ear plugs. It also was very narrow. That may be because the thicker inches took up some width when blown up. I would have adjusted to that if it was the only problem. Too bad, because the pad itself is pretty comfortable with the tufted surface as opposed to the tube effect. Hopefully Big Agnes will rectify these problems because the idea is great.

Like another reviewer, I had to return this pad twice for leaks. I'm sad because I loved it. It's lightweight but provides a lot of comfort and warmth. Something is wrong with it though, since after only deflating it once it started to leak, both the first and second time I purchased it, and I was careful with it. REI was great about taking it back though. Still on the hunt for the perfect pad.

I like the Big Agnes bag system; no more rolling off the pad. They have had trouble with sizing on the longer pads, but this 20 by 66 inch pad completely filled its pocket. But it's a little noisy when I shift positions.

Honesty I am very sad because this is the most comfortable pad I've used so far but I have actually had 2 of them leak on me now. The problem is, as I've seen with other reviews, is that I cannot find the leak, it's to slow and discrete. But 2 hours later it's out of air. I am will be thru hiking the AT and wish I could bring this pad but I don't think it's trustworthy enough.

I was madly in love with this pad ... until I hiked up Guadalupe Peak and had it deflate in the middle of the night. Like many others, I can't find a hole and have read elsewhere, that this pad just plain leaks after one night, maybe five, and in my case 15 nights. I wanted to support Big Agnes so much, but this is a big disappointment. I'm moving to camp Sea to Summit.

I purchased this product, I had two over the last couple of years. As a side sleeper I really like the thickness and the extra room of the wide version. The stated weight for the wide version is 23 oz but my pads weighed 25.2 and 26 oz. When I contacted BA, after about a week, in mid Sept 2015, they indicated the spec was wrong and they would change it, but I am bothered by how the false spec was advertised, left in place for at least a couple of years like they didn't know it wasn't true? I returned this and ordered a Nemo Astro Air Lite 25. The wide version should weigh 17 oz (it's uninsulated); when I got it the weight was 18.2 oz and so now I'm calling Nemo about that. I love the BA Q-Core SL, and sleep GREAT on it, despite some noise, but I can't pass up any chance to reduce my weight and will have radiant barrier under my pad so insulation is not my priority. I really wish BA had this un-insulated, and was honest about their specs.

Love this sleeping pad! It packs down super small, but when it is inflated it provides big comfort. My poor camping partner was uncomfortable on his REI campbed 2.0 (sorry REI :( ) but I slept like a dream on my Big Agnes! The sides inflate slightly bigger to keep you from rolling off and it didn't lose any air during the night. Love it!

Good points: thick for good and adjustable cushioning, lightweight, doesn't leak, price seems reasonable these days. Fair points: seems reasonably warm but with a bag that has a thin bottom layer, it's not that warm. Not-so-good points: very slippery, quite noisy (not for teams of light sleepers), Big Agnes manual pump is terrible

I have had the Q-Core SL for over a year, and while it has served me well in cold temperatures, there is one very serious problem with this sleeping pad. It is incredibly noisy. Sure, it's it's not as noisy as the crinkling Neo Air, but it comes in close second. On my last three trips, others in my camp site have complained that they can hear me moving around all night long, as if I were sleeping on a giant bag of Doritos. The final straw was my wife on my last trip literally told me I needed to take this pad back, or else she wasn't going to be able to share my tent any more. haha! Okay, done deal with that one.

After using this 3 times I had to return it. It is very comfortable but the fabric very slippery. When on less than totally flat surfaces your sleeping bag is constantly slipping off the pad. Just for clarification, I did not use it as part of the Big Agnes system of putting the pad in the sleeve of a BA bag.

I have only used this once so far, but have been thouroughly impressed. It is narrow, but we are both side sleepers, so it doesnt bother us. It was so much more comfortable(and lighter) than the 1.5' pad that I swithced from. I just wish it was self-inflating, but it only takes a few minutes to blow-up.

Very light and comfy. I have the regular and it is a bit narrow but I had no problem staying on it and enjoyed being able to sleep comfortably on my side. Packs really small. I did not test the warmth factor as the temps at night barely dipped below 40. It's expensive but worth the good night's sleep.

The pad was comfortable to sleep on other than I put too much air in it so it was a little to hard for me. The worse part is the width, 20". This was the size that fit the Big Agnes sleeping bag, but every time I rolled over, I felt like I was going to fall off of it and I'm a side sleeper.

I decided to splurge a little and pick up the Q Core SL. It packs down so small (size of a nalgene) and weight about 1lb. Lying on the Grand Canyon floor this made my bed so comfortable. The Rvalue is fair but in combination with my bag I slept very warm on a 31 degree night with no chills.

This is by far the best backpacking sleeping pad I've used. I sleep on my side, and I'm a "cold" sleeper, and so sleeping in comfort while backpacking is not a simple proposition. This pad does the job much better than my prior setup (a Thermarest Prolite Plus combined with a Thermarest Z-Lite). I'm not knocking Thermarest--those are great pads which I also enjoyed--but the truth is that this one is much better and also weighs much less and is far, far less bulky. I was skeptical because this is a blow-up pad, but the first night I slept on it I was immediately convinced. I have used it several times in 3-season conditions in the Cascades in Washington, down to the 30's. It insulates well. I have not yet tested it on snow. It rolls up to about the size of a 1 liter Nalgene bottle, but weighs much less than a full bottle of water. I use the Big Agnes inflator to blow it up in order to avoid contaminating the insulation with the moisture from my breath. By all means, this was one purchase well worth the price.

The Q-Core SL is very compact, lightweight, and comfortable. With a year of use, I have been very happy with this sleeping pad, despite paying full price. Without a deep sleeping pad, I cannot sleep when backpacking. The Q-Core SL is more comfortable than my bed at home.

Very comfortable for side sleeping, my only criticism is it is very squeaky with even small movements. I've only used it a couple times so maybe it will break in and stop. I'm not a light sleeper so it doesn't bother me. But folks in a tent 15 feet away could hear it.

I used this while doing a 10 day trip. The next time I opened it up, mildew had formed on the bottom of the pad. I can't clean the inside. Also, I have the petite version. There is no way this is 20 inches across and 66 inches long. I've already returned it.

I purchased this sleeping pad for a backpacking trip in the Colorado Rockies. I was concerned about the pad not being self-inflating. That wasn't a problem. The pad is easy to inflate, very comfortable and much lighter than my self-inflating sleeping pad.

I have used sleeping pads that get the job done but this one is SOO comfy!! What more could you want than a light weight pad that is comfy. The only down side is have to manually blow air into it but it doesn't take long. Excited to use it more!

We bought two of these; one for my husband and one for me. He was very comfortable on it, but it made my back hurt because it's all air and I carry most of my weight in my hips. It also got a leak after one season of use.

I wanted a light, comfortable, warm sleeping pad that was durable and quiet. This fits the bill perfectly. I like the way the thicker tubes on the sides hold you on the pad. I'm 6', 180 lbs and it fits me fine.

I woke up on the ground on only my 3rd night of use. No holes that I could find but air leaked nonetheless. If it would hold air, this would be a stellar pad. This is my 2nd Big Agnes pad to have this problem.

Using with my Whiskey Park sleep system. Sitting up you can feel the ground but laying down it distributes the weight were well. I'm 6.2' and about 250lbs and south the sleeping bag and pad are big enough.

This pad was very comfortable. I used it with my new LuLu +15 women's sleeping bag. The only trouble I had with this pad was I was unable to roll it up compactly to fit back into the storage bag.

Worked great for the first six months. Warm and comfortable. But then it leaked for no apparent reason. Couldn't find the leak even with the bathtub test. Going back with ExPed.

I'm a side sleeper and this is the only pad I've used that keeps my hip bone off the ground. Combined with a Big Agnes bag with the pad pocket, this makes great sleep system.

Best lightweight sleeping pad I've used. Has more internal structure than an ultralight inflatable pad, making it much more comfortable but only slightly heavier.

I bought this pad in the petite size b/c it said 66". I am 65" and my feet were hanging off the end. It's going back for the reg size, or a different pad.

Absolutely love the sleep this pad gave me after a day of hiking 12+ miles. Lightweight and easy to pack, this pad has my approval!!

Used 14 times so far on bike tour. . Blow up with a bag, my hip doesn't touch ground (side sleeper) . So far, so good.

Great sleeping pad, very comfortable yet compact. Use with Big Agnes Lost Ranger bag both auto and motorcycle camping.

I'm very happy with this pad. Super light and packable. Only been used on one trip so far but couldn't be happier.

happy to trade a few puffs for a comfortable night. Have tried lighter types and found them totally unworthy.

I returned this pad. It was noisy and took too long to inflate

I've never written a review before, but I wanted to share my experience just in case it helps someone make a decision. I tend to rely on reviews for this type of thing, so hoping this helps someone. I put in 19 nights on my Q-Core SL, so I feel I have enough experience to offer an opinion now. For reference, I am 6'2" and 185#. I chose the Long Wide, as I tend to move around a lot while sleeping and figured the extra size would be nice. First the good: lots of room, cushy feel, light weight (for its size). I personally don't mind sleeping on pads, and this is certainly one of the cushier ones I've ever used. Now my cons and the reason I returned it: it's VERY slick. As in you'll slide around if sleeping on the slightest of slopes. At first I thought this was normal, but then I tried another brand and realized it's somewhat of a flaw and can lead to poor sleep. It's also quite loud compared to other pads, especially as you near the edges. It's also difficult to inflate and deflate/pack compared to other brands. If you've made it this far and are curious what I replaced it with, I went with a Nemo Vector and couldn't be happier. The specs are very similar, but it packs down smaller, deflates and inflates WAY faster/easier, is quieter, nowhere near as slick, and to me just as comfortable.

I purchased the wide pad as I knew it was worth the tiny bit of extra weight to have something I could wiggle about on. And indeed, it is. The pad works great and isn't nearly as hard to blow up as I had expected... it starts out seeming to take forever but before you know it you're done. For the Pacific Northwest definitely get something with insulation if you're someone who tends to get even slightly cold and, of course you may want to add air after a few nights though honestly you don't need to add more than a breath.

I purchased a pair of these pads for my wife and I to use in a double bag sleeping system from Feather Friends. The good is that they are light weight, though I didn't get my scale like some reviewers, and warm even when sleeping directly on snow.

I bought 2 of these (both 78 x 25) a few weeks ago before a 2 week trip that included 1 week in a nice camp ground and 1 week participating in Ragbrai (bike ride across Iowa) with my family. The second week, we pitched our tent on rough ground (some rocks and a rough, somewhat mowed hay field) a couple nights but there was no issue sleeping. The pad is very comfortable and thick enough that I could not feel the rough and uneven ground.

This is the most expensive, fanciest pad I've bought - I'm getting older, and we were leaving for a 2-week camping trip and I didn't want to be achy every day. I have the BA sleeping bag with the sleeve and really loved that I could fit the pad in the sleeve. I've never been able to do that before and it really makes a difference in staying on the mat and being able to roll into the sleeping bag (I toss and turn all night) instead of having the sleeping bag roll with you and get all bunched up. There were times where we couldn't find a spot that wasn't lumpy, but the pad was thick enough for me not to feel any lumps. I was very warm and comfy (it was in the high 40's at night). Thickness and comfiness and small size when packed would earn it 5 stars.



Will this pad fit in the big Agnes lost ranger?

Yes, the petite, regular and long versions of the Q-Core SL will all be compatible with the Lost Ranger sleeping bag.


The Q-Core SL Long is 78 inches long but only 18 inches wide when inflated (not 20). Every other sleeping pad in existence is measured for width after inflation. Is this defect going to be addressed or should I just consider other sleeping pad options?

We were able to pull a Q-Core SL in the 78 inch length from our warehouse and inflate it. The inflated width measured out to 20 inches.


Can this pad be inserted into the Big Agnes Whiskey Park Sleeping Bag?

This Q-Core pad in the Long Wide size will work in the Whiskey Park. That sleeping bag calls for a 25" wide pad, and the Long Wide fits the bill.

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