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This is simply the best camping pillow out there. So go out and buy it, and then do this: Untie and remove the shock cord from the back of the pillow. Rethread the shock cord through the four corner sewn loops to make a |X| configuration, and tie the ends together. Place the pillow on your sleeping pad, and slip the X of the shock cord around the pad. Viola! Your pillow will stay in place all night under your sleeping bag. You won't get to feel the soft microfiber on your face, but that doesn't bother me nearly as much as a roaming pillow!

Sure it's fairly heavy and a little pricey but there's certainly no regrets here. Though it's heavy it packs down to a very manageable size for a pack or a dry bag for river trips. It's so comfortable that I feel like I'm sleeping at home. You can simply inflate or deflate to make it absolutely perfect. The memory foam is so nice and the soft cover feels great on my skin. Thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.

Tried a bunch of pillows in the quest to have something without having to carry something too large. The "crinkle sound" that so many make is at least muffled with the Nemo. It's not small or light compared to many alternatives. But it's pretty darn comfortable.

I have literally bragged on this pillow to friends when we camp lol. You can make this pillow really firm, which I like, or leave it less firm. The foam under the top is like the perfect touch, and the outer top feels great to lay your face or head on. I use the netting every time to stuff a jacket or shirt in for more loft. I will bring this on every camping trip for the rest of my life, simply because of how it improved my sleep!

Is it pricey? Sure. Does it weigh more than a lot of other pillows? Yeah. Rest assured, it’s well worth the cost and weight. For a side sleeper like me, it’s important to have good support for my head. In years past I’d put up with clothes in a stuff sack or some other “solution” and the resulting neck and shoulder comfort discomfort made for some unrestful nights out in the backcountry. With this pillow I’ve slept much better than I ever had while camping. The outer material is soft and comfortable, even on really warm nights. The air bladder provides good support and with the cords on the bottom, I can customize the height perfectly. Better sleep = better days out on trail, especially on multi day trips.

I am not a long distance or 'light weight hiker' and was looking for a small pillow to keep between my 70 year-old knees as I am a side sleeper with two nice 'bionic hips' that need some support for me to get to sleep. The NEMO Fillo was very light and is an excellent pillow, but not for trying to keep between my knees due to the slippery side. I had no problem returning this to REI and used my old "pillow", a stuff sack with down gear, as a better working alternative for my knees. I got a therma-rest compressible (L) (12 oz.), wash it, dried it and it turned out better than my regular pillows at home as far as comfort.

My girlfriend and I picked up a pair of these for a camping trip recently and have been extremely pleased! It's easy to fill/deflate and incredibly easy to pack, since the stuff sack is integrated into the pillow and it packs down quite small. The layer of foam means it's comfier than a plain inflatable pillow and the valve is very easy to use if you need to add more air or want to deflate it a bit for a softer feel. We used ours throughout the trip and never had issues with air leakage either. As a bonus, it worked great on the plane too!

I bought this pillow for a 4 day backpacking trip on the Inca Trail. It was light and comfortable. The pillow was a little large for backpacking, but it was lightweight so I didn't mind carrying it. I didn't need to stuff any additional clothing in the stuff area to make it higher. I placed it in the top of my mummy sleeping bag and the pillow stayed warm throughout the night, despite temperatures dropping into the 30's outside.

I was hemming and hawing about a new backpacking pillow. I was convinced the Thermorest was the way to go with it's many sizes. I ended up with this one because of it's popularity and inflatability. I was going to take it back but ran out of time. I am very glad I didn't.

This pillow is comfortable and has enough lift for me to side sleep. It seems durable, and I have used it every night for 3 months. The material on the back though is very slippery, and it slides right off of every sleeping pad, ground cloth, floor, or anything I’ve used it on. It won’t stay put. I have to flip it over to keep it from slipping around everywhere and lay something over it (like a shirt) since the good side is face down. It could have been a great pillow if it weren’t for this substantial oversight. Overall I don’t recommend this pillow until this issue is sorted out.

I like the size of the pillow and the ability to ad some of your clothing under it for added height as I'm a side sleeper. This pillow uses air and some memory foam padding that works well together creating an near at home pillow feel. It is a little more weight than some other pillows for backpacking out their, but for me it was totally worth it for the added comfort and feel it provides. After a long day hiking it's nice to be rewarded with a good nights sleep on the right padding.

I love this thing. compact and small, half foam, half air (or however much air you want) and doesnt make a sound. i work on boats, so sleeping on rolling seas is a normal occurance, this pillow was quiet and extremely comfortable. held up for 3 months at sea so far with no complaints. i got the smaller size for my first one, which was a good travel sized pillow, but i think im going to grab the larger normal pillow size for my next trip out on the ocean.

Sadly, I had to return this pillow. It was just too uncomfortable. I wanted to like this pillow, because of its weight and size, but it was just not comfortable for me.

Aftr trying a number of inflatables (Thermorest, Cocoon, and Sea to Summit) ive finally found a great backpacking pillow that helps me get a good night's sleep. The Nemo packs small, is quiet while sleeping and stays put. The air baffle is very easy to inflate (~3 breaths) and highly adjustable to "dial in" your desired firmness. I choose this model as its small enough to into my mummy if desired yet large enough for side sleeping on warmer nights. I like it so much, I actually bought two (just in case Nemo discontinues!) Buy this; you wont be disappointed.

I upgraded to this pillow from an inflatable vinyl inflatable pillow, and wow what a difference. The pillow blows up in two breathes and has great support. The cloth feel is far superior to the vinyl against your face. I am a side sleeper so my cheek is on the pillow and I had no sweat issues. The pillow did not compress as much as the vinyl, however, for the little extra space in your pack, this is worth the luxury on the sleep end. I have also used a stuff sack in the past and this holds its form far better like a regular style pillow.

I mainly wanted to write this review in response to commenter Godzilla (and all others who had issues with the stuff sack). It is inside out and upside down because you are supposed to stuff the pillow there and slide it over the pillow almost as if you are putting a pillow case on (so think of the process of using the stuff sack in a backwards way). It's very simple once you get it.

I bought this pillow for a tent camping trip in Yosemite. I have a bad neck and am a side sleeper, so I was concerned about choosing.the proper pillow. My neck did not hurt after.sleeping on it but the pillow has a slippery side that moved around while sleeping which was annoying.

I'm one of those people that doesn't like to sacrifice sleep quality, even in the wilderness. I tend to car camp more than anything and have been known to bring along a couple full size pillows to sleep with. This pillow is very easy to inflate and the memory foam layer gives the illusion that it's an actual pillow and not just a bag of air. Granted, you can still tell you're lying your head down on what feels like a miniature air mattress but the memory foam masks it enough that it's very comfortable. Very pleased that I can now get a good night's sleep camping without having to bring full sized pillows along. Only gripe is the built in stuff sack is not intuitive to use and I gave up on trying to figure it out and just got a little 3L ditty sack to stuff it in instead.

I bought this the day before a five-day Boundary Waters trip and it was exactly what I was looking for! I am a side-sleeper who hates the plastic-feeling of traditional blow-up camping pillows. I also find that regular blow-up pillows are too tall and hurt my neck. This one seems to have a smaller air bladder and the foam adds just the right amount of height and support. In the past I would use rolled up clothes in a dry bag and my PFD as a pillow but wasn't feeling as rested as I should have been. I did that to cut down on the mount of gear we were carrying, but I decided more restful sleep was worth the space. And this pillow did it for me; I slept great the whole trip. This pillow doesn't take up too much space. It rolls up into itself, but I usually just would deflate it and leave it in my sleeping bag when I jammed it into the stuff-sack. I use a Marmot mummy sleeping bag and was able to tuck it into the hood. There is a foam layer between you and the air bladder, which was the big selling point for me. It cushioned my head perfectly and gave me just the right amount of support for a side-sleeper. The outside it also really soft, almost a suede-feel to it, another big selling point for me. The pillow is easy to clean. The foam and air bladder, which are sewn together into one piece, comes out easily so you can wash the outside layer in a regular washing machine. The pouch you roll it into, which is sewn to the pillow, it not waterproof, which was another reason I kept it in my sleeping bag when I packed up. I highly recommend this product, it made a big difference on my quality of sleep!

Great allround pillow. Packs down in its selfcontained pouch, and you can put as much air in as you like for comfort. The valves are very easy to use and adjust air capacity. Had no issues with pillow deflating, they hold their air well. I'm a side sleeper and it works great for me. My wife and I both use this pillow and couldn't be happier with them.

Countless pack trips where filling the sleeping bag stuff sack with miscellaneous clothing was the norm has now been replaced by this lovely gem. A small luxury that pays huge dividends.

This pillow has three main flaws that make it a poor choice for camping.

I like my pillow on the softer side. The problem with most camping pillows is when I let 1/4 to 1/3 of the air out, it rolls up around my face like a taco shell. Not this pillow. It takes a little fine tuning each time I use it, but I can make this pillow feel just like the one at home. The memory foam separates it from all the other inflatable pillows. They pack up pretty small into their own attached stuff sack. My daughter & I both have one.

I have used this on a few different trips sense purchasing and absolutely love it. I normally would just use my jacket as a pillow while hiking, but would always wake with a sore neck. Finally I decided to take a leap and purchase this pillow for my backpacking trips and I have no regrets. The pillow is just the right height and very comfortable. You can add more or less air depending on how hard/soft you want the pillow or to adjust the height. The built in stuff sack makes it easy to pack and the removable cover is great for washing after a trip.

Was SO tired (literally) of camping/backpacking without a pillow and using balled up clothing instead. Decided to splurge and get a good quality pillow that seemed comfortable and lightweight, and this one gets both right! I am not a seasoned backpacker by any means, but this thing packs down pretty small but is so much more comfortable than a regular inflatable backpacking pillow. I tried it out camping for the first time last night and I slept like a baby. Will update with further use, but so far I am very pleased with the quality of this pillow.

The cover for this pillow is nice and plush and the pillow is comfortable but the included stuff sack is cumbersome. It's not super packable.

Probably one of the best camping pillows out there. A bit pricey though.

I never get that much sleep when on the trail but with this pillow I had the best nights ever. The air bladder lets me get the height I need (I'm a side sleeper) while the soft foam makes it comfortable and gives a more normal "sink" like my pillows at home. It also stayed put and didn't run away like past air pillows. I appreciated the built-in stuff sack, and that it hides away when in use.

Bought this and have tried it out. The backing makes quite bit of "krinkling" sound as you move which leads me to believe they could possibly found a better material. The sound transmits through the pillow and could maybe wake you up if you move a lot? Some will do as well putting a down vest in a small stuff sack. Best to describe it as working in a pinch. Was hoping I could use it on a plane and as a replacement for overstuffed pillows that hurt my neck--maybe?

I bought this three years ago for hiking and liked it so much I recently bought a second Fillo to have handy for traveling. I have a bad neck and back and that makes me very finicky about pillows. I have tried several camping pillows and none of them worked as well as the Fillo does. Weather I am tent camping or hammock camping I can adjust the Fillo to just the right amount of lift to keep my neck level. Also the foam padding with the brushed fleece make this pillow crazy comfortable.

Got as a gift for motorcycle camping trips and it is perfect. Nice small size when packed up is great when space is at a premium and it's nice and comfy!

We've used these 3 times now and have been happy with them each time. The combination of air and memory foam is very comfortable. They are a little tricky to get back in the attached storage sack but with practice it's not too bad. The Fillo is pricey but after having spent uncomfortable nights with the wrong camp pillow the money is definitely justified. Note that it's best to store the pillow expanded out flat rather than in the bag to preserve the expandability of the foam.

This pillow worked very well. I am a side sleeper. This pillow helped me sleep the best I have slept on the trail.

Easy to use and easy to clean! A little bigger than other pillows

Second one I bought for a friends birthday. I commute on a Surly Big Dummy expedition configured bike to 24 hour shifts at fire station. We SOMETIMES have regular pillows there but most time not. I bought one of these from review info and experience with other what I call toy pillow. This thing is very well made, very adjustable, quiet and the closest to a real pillow. A few ounce heavier than some but well worth those few extra ounces.

Not the lightest, but I was finally able to sleep on the trail. Used recently for three nights on the JMT and it did not disappoint. Great pillow for us side sleepers. Was able to roll around and still have a pillow under my head.

I switched it from Sea to Summit's Aeros Pillow Premium and I hoped that it would improve but not really... I literally can't sleep on it, even if I forced myself to sleep on it. It won't hold my head in the place - my head kept rolling over like a baseball ball and this woke me up per hour. Its aesthetic is sexy but it is not recommended if you don't like an air pillow.

I got this for backpacking. For years, i would just fold and stack clothes in a stuff sack and put a clean t-shirt over it. I see people using large Buffs now as a cover. Worked well enough, but i tired of the extra nightly ritual of folding clothes to get an un-lumpy, even fill.

I purchased this for my previous camping trip. I had another pillow that compresses to a quarter of the size fo the Nemo, but the Nemo is far superior in comfort. The only thing I didn't like was the material on the underside, kept sliding around on my sleeping pad. Other than that minor inconvenience, I'd really recommend you go down to your nearest camping supply store and pick yourself one up.

This is now the only pillow I use - camping, traveling and AT HOME. It's the first fully predictable pillow I've had, of maybe 20 I've tried. I tested every pillow REI offered, and got this - hands down most comfortable for me - for a trip in a friend's camper-van. Liked it so much I've retired all the rest. It looks a little out of proportion when we make the bed at home; small price to pay.

I've mostly car camped. But I got rid of the car so I needed another portable pillow. I had a Cocoon but it punctured.

Honestly I didn't have super high expectations comfort wise when I bought this - bought it more for space and versatility. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it comfortable to sleep on, but easy to pack and I love that it comes with it's own stuff sack. Tucked in perfectly into my sleeping bag and had no additional problems. Valve is easy to use and it deflates well.

I like to do overnight hikes and I Iike to sleep on my side. The NEMO Fillo works extremely well for me in this regard and is also comfortable on the rare occasion I sleep on my back. It also is easy to fit into my pack when not inflated. I am quite happy with my purchase.

Takes minimal space in the pack, and makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep. Wouldn't go without it now.

I purchased this because I did not get a great night’s rest on my extra clothes on our first backpacking trip. Rest is important and this pillow helped me sleep much better. It packs up into its pillow cover to about the size of a nalgene and is easy to inflate. I store it flat so the memory foam doesn’t get bunched up. comfy and packable!

From 0 (worst backpacking pillow I've ever tried) to 5 (best backpacking pillow I've ever tried) I give this a 5.

This is the first inflatable pillow that I’m not constantly waking up in the middle of the night looking for!!! I move a lot when I’m asleep, so other pillows end up everywhere but under my head. This one has a fleece like surface that holds it in place against my sleeping pad....Bravo!!

I used this on my latest backpacking trip and it was a sleep saver! It allowed me to wear all my cushion/warm clothes to stay warm at night, and never had weird bulges like a clothes pillow often does. I'm bringing this on all my backpacking trips.

I'm the kind of person that likes good support when it comes to pillows. I tried several brands before I got my Nemo pillow. Thermarest makes one I liked pretty well, but the Nemo has great support and that foam topper makes it ultra comfortable.

If you ever camp Then you know a good nights rest is key This inflatable pillow is not only compact but comfortable as well and you can adjust the soft/firmness with air. You can’t go wrong I even bought a second one to keep in my car

This was a nice upgrade from a small packable down pillow. It provided good support and cushion. I really enjoyed using this pillow. My mummy-style sleeping bag kept it in place all night. The product was easy to setup and pack away.

I haven't had a chance to use it indoors yet but I have been using it at home which tells you how comfortable this pillow really is. This will now be my go-to hiking and traveling pillow... Great investment plus it's easy to pack.

went on a transcontinental bike ride this summer from washington dc to lopez island. cammped approximately 18 days. pillow was easy to inflate, deflate, and pack back up. carried it in my bike packs without any problems.

Quiet, held its air level through multiple nights, supported head in side sleep as well as back sleep position, fits in sleeping bag stuff sack alongside bag when not inflated -- what could be better?

This pillow makes my sleep so much better. My old cocoon pillow was super crunchy and I couldn’t sleep. This Nemo pillow is so comfortable, I had a great night sleep, I slept through me alarm.

I simply like the feeling of it. Other pillows might be higher tech but don't feel so nice. Best - compare all of them at the store. This one is definitely worth of checking.

My only recommendation is to not inflate it all the way. It is very soft on the top and the stuff sack bag never got in the way. It compacts easily as well and is light.

This pillow is very comfortable, doesn't feel like an air mattress, and still folds up compactly. I was very happy to have this with me on a recent kayak camping trip.

I use this for my travels as it's small and fits very conveniently in my bag. Very easy to use and super comfortable. Definitely my luxury item when I go backpacking.

This little pillow is awesome! Doesn’t pack into the smallest size but worth it for a good night’s sleep! Can’t wait to get it out on the trail.

This pillow made all the difference in getting a good night sleep while camping during a backpacking trip. It’s worth the extra weight it packs.

Easy to blow up and good enough cushion for sleeping. Expensive but worth it when backpacking. Need light weight and comfort. Highly recommend.

Love the ease of setting this baby up. Very comfortable. The only ding I have on this is that it's too bulky to take on a backpacking trip.

This pillow fits perfectly in the pillow pouch in my Nemo sleeping bag! Great for a side sleeper like me! Worth the extra little weight.

I bought this for a four day trip to BWCA and found it very comfortable to sleep on and it takes up very little space in my pack.

This pillow is amazing. Very comfortable, packs down really small and is fairly light weight. Definitely worth picking on up.

This is the most comfortable hiking pillow ever! It has a nice soft layer and it adjusts firmness easily. Extremely compact.

Perfect for any situation that arises. Extremely comfortable and easy to pack tighlty away.

I take it with me almost everywhere i go, Camping, road trips, school, its so easy to pack.

Perfect pillow. Light, inflated easily, Works well as a lumbar support while driving too!

This is a great pillow! It is very comfortable and makes for a great nights sleep.

worked perfect inside my mummy bag. very comfortable. packs down small enough.

Very comfortable but slipped around too much on my Marmot bag.

This pillow is cery comfortable and doesnt way all that mich.

Comfort and compact in one - First use Scotland 500

Just purchased and returned shortly after purchase



I've owned one for the past 3 years and swear by it.  Want to purchase one for my daughter- does the current version still have the bunji cords on the back? A plus in my opinion.

​This model does not have bungee cord on the back. The NEMO Fillo Luxury Pillow is the version with bungee cord.


I am a thin pillow person. Can it be inflated to only 2 inches as well?

You can pump this pillow up with as much or little air as you feel comfortable.


What are packed dimensions? Would this be good for motorcycle camping with limited packing space?

The packed size of this pillow is 6 x 4 inches. This is a great choice for motorcycle camping.


Can you give the thickness when inflated?

​This pillow inflates to a little over 4" thick.


What are the thoughts of using this for sleeping in a hammock? 

The Fillo Backpacking Pillow is a fine choice for a hammock.

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