ENO - Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit

Category: Sleeping Pads, Cots and Hammocks

Kit is super easy to mount and doesn't look obnoxious when not in use! Well worth the $10

Perfect indoor hardware for indoor hammock set up. My 16 year old son hooks it up for studying and reading. No squeaks, he found studs with stud finder; measured height and wall width with easy directions; drilled; and installed in 15 minutes. Easy to attach and remove. Solid. REI had them in the back of the store stock room and while the cashier woman had no idea what they were and didn't take the time to find them on her computer she called for a capable man who brought them out to me.

Tried installing this in my room but broke one of the screws as I was installing it into my door frame. This was harder wood that the other side I installed. Now I need to buy a new screw to finish the installation. The first side I installed seems solid though.

I installed this in my 2 car garage through sheetrock into studs. You can hear creaks when weight is applied, but so far it has handled it well with no damage. It's cool to hang in the garage on a nice day and also convenient to dry out wet gear, whether it be a hammock or tying a line for other gear/clothes to dry.

Love this product. Super stable, everything you need and get way more use out of my hammock.

Now I have a hammock in the living room when ever I want. Wife wasn’t to happy at 1st. Till she got to try it out. It’s cheaper to buy this set. Then go to Home Depot.

Used the indoor hammock kit to hang my eno in the bedroom. Needless to say my wife wasn’t very happy, but the product worked perfectly!

Kit came with very clear instructions. It was extremely easy to install, requiring less than 30min total.

Works great. Perfect for hanging my daughters hammock in her room!

The hardest part is finding the studs. The kit is great overall.

2nd set we bought. Works great.... I now have 2 happy boys!!!!!

Pretty simple and does exactly what it's supposed to do.


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