Sea to Summit - Alloy Buckle 3/4" Accessory Straps - Package of 2

Category: Sleeping Bags

They are lashing straps, small but strong and hold tight. Could you buy something for a quarter of the price, yes but the buckles will be plastic and break or they will not stay tight, buy them. I found these through an overland tech writeup and the guy was right to call them irreducible perfection.

These are the weakest straps I’ve ever used. They constantly loosen, and, in my latest experience, they loosened enough for my sleeping bag to slip out and off into the wilderness.

They worked as advertised and were as strong as advertised. THe only thing is they could have been about half as long. I don't have a hot knife to cut them and melt the ends.

OK they are straps

Awesome. Not sure why I need to add more to this review


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