Redpoint - 1" Webbing Straps with Side-Release Buckles - Package of 2

Category: Sleeping Bags

When traveling, I use one of the straps to connect a smaller piece of rolling luggage to the larger piece. I can easily pull both pieces by myself using this product. The straps are strong, and durable. The strap makes it easy to travel alone with more than one piece of luggage. It is easy to connect/disconnect the strap by myself.

Bought this when the straps on one of my backpacks got damaged... this webbing is the same width and strength as what was on my backpack. Took the backpack and these 1” straps to a shoe / luggage repair shop and they had me back on the trail in no time. The new clips were compatible with my original hardware - make sure to confirm this and try to keep the old clips just in case until the repair is complete.

I have several pairs of these in black and blue and will buy at least one more pair. I use them as belts for several pairs of casual pants and shorts. They work better than the nylon belts that come with some hiking pants.Probably dozens of other uses for these handy straps. I mean, I have a grown up leather belt for suits and stuff but for anything else, these are the bees knees.

Got them for a 3000 mile motorcycle trip. Wanted something other than bungee chords to secure stuff to my pack. These kept my jacket and hoodie nice and secure. The buckles held even when I had to sinch down kind of tight. I wouldn't mind if they were wider, but no complaints. Will be used again.

These straps are strong and versatile. I use them to secure bicycles on the bike rack. Great for holding several pieces of gear together. One even works great as a belt (with no metal parts). I've used these straps for years and never had one break.

First time I tried to use these straps one of the buckles snapped. I’m a little dude and am surprised they I was able to snap it so easily. I’d recommend going with something more heavy duty if you’re planning on using any amount of force.

They're quick to "set up" and do precisely what I want them to do.

these straps are well built and sewn to offer any extra lashing down that one might need. The only suggestion I would have is to make the buckles different colors in order to keep gear or straps better organized.

I purchased these to pair with the longer version to wrap around my Christmas Tree box and snug it tight. They do the job and will be easy to open when it comes time to pull the tree out next year.

Whenever I took my bike on my car bike rack. The front wheel was always spinning while I drive my car on the Highway. This straps that I got at the REI put an end to it!Happy Cyclist.

Bought this for a bed roll and it worked as intended. Will buy again since it comes in various lengths and thickness.

Good quality straps.good quality durable plastic. Using it for traveling. Usually attach my jacket to backpack

These are solid and functional. The length was just right for my use -- shorter ones can also be purchased.

I needed something to support hanging a 1st Aid Kit off of the head rest of my car. This does the trick...

Bought the straps to secure a 2 man tent to the bottom of my backpack. Worked just as I had hoped.

Plastic buckle broke the first time I attempted to use these. I was highly disappointed.

These straps also make great inexpensive belts! Now my pants stay up.

Repaired my motorcycle saddlebags. They are now better than new .

I use them for belts, as REI didn't have what I was looking for.


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