Redpoint - 3/4" Webbing Straps with Side-Release Buckles - Package of 2

Category: Sleeping Bags

I was just looking for a quick-release buckle strap to keep my yoga (actually stretching) mat contained. This fit the bill perfectly, and beats the heavy-duty rafting strap I had been using. My wife, upon seeing the strap, immediately grabbed the second one, proclaiming she knew exactly what to use it for (I did not ask). Does the job - no muss, no fuss

We have a cat who likes to jump on top of the vertical support (balluster?) of our wood railing. Now we have scratch marks. So, I put some bubble wrap (to irritate the feline) under a towel and strapped the wrap/towel combo around the wood support to keep it in place. Works great!

uh they're straps................................................................

I bought these because they are useful for many things; not just a sleeping pad or roll. I always make sure I have a pair of these when hiking! They work great and never had any issues with them!

Bought these to help secure my tent to the outside of my Osprey Aura 50L pack (this pack does not have gear clips at the bottom). So far they have withstood general wear and tear.

Used these to hold a 13 liter Sea To summit dry sack to my handle bars on a mountain bike. Very smooth action to tighten and release. Good quality straps, great price!

I bought the webbing...the buckles were an added extra to complete my heat sealable lightweight backpack. Of course I used the buckles also. It's working GREAT!

Great replacement for the velcro straps that come with the REI inflatable 3.5 mattress. Actually it makes the roll-up easier to cinch and release.

Secured camping gear to the Bonneville with these straps, they worked perfect. They did duty for beer and ice runs too. Proper tool for the job.

The 40 Inch are perfect for the job,But were too short.So I ordered 60 inch and will use the 40 inch for another project. Thanks

My cat chew the string on my sleeping bag and the straps came in very handy. It allow me to secure and store my sleeping bags.

More than what I needed; but I did not want to make my own. I would like a brighter colour, so it would be harder to lose.

Tie on, externals. Strap down, internals. Need a tourniquet? You got one. Buckles work snappy easy; strap is strong.

Works great for my sleeping bag. I could have used straps that were a little shorter. Quality seems good.

Had no issues using this to strip down my tripod to my pack and sleeping bag

Straps are good for lashing a sleeping pad or tent onto your backpack.

works well! will hold gear in place nicely and seems well built.


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