Coleman - Xtreme 5 Cooler - 70 qts.

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I bought 2 of these to take to a family reunion at Tx Coast. They worked extremely well, kept everything chilly for many days(added ice one time after initial fill during the entire week)and in all honesty worked better/colder/longer than the other, more expensive cooler I brought that rhymes with Eddie :)

I purchased this cooler several years ago for car camping. We usually stay at a remote camp for five days without facilities. We could clearly go several days longer. The trick is to pre-chill the cooler before a trip. I use block ice on the bottom and fill all the voids with big cubes, and keep a towel over the cooler, only open it when needed. This year we went six days and the block ice was only half melted. I had to put it bag in my freezer at home. The interior temp of the cooler was 32ยบ. Considering the price of a Yeti , I have to say I am satisfied.

Pros: Inexpensive and well-insulated; keeps things nice a cold for a long time.

This cooler held a lot of food, is tall enough to carry a carton of milk, and there was still ice in the cooler at the end of 4 days of camping!!

Needed more room for perishable fruit and veggies that won't fit in fridge and need to be kept cool, not cold. Particularly important when traveling in the food desert. Put 9 frozen 16 oz water bottles, 6 cans of juice, bottle of canola oil and large jar of apple juice along side and between 5 containers of fresh fruit and veggies. Trip lasted 5 days and cooler remained cool. No frozen water bottles by 4th day, but everything remained fresh. We added 2 frozen water bottles for the trip home. Temps ranged from 50* in the morning to 85* during the day. Anything longer and we would b e looking for ice...

I had this cooler for a year and liked its' size and it did a good job of keeping things cool for longer than I expected (3-4 days at least). The problem was it became very heavy when filled with water and ultimately, while lifting it out of the back of my truck, the handle simply broke spilling the contents everywhere. Once that happens it is almost impossible to carry and I was on a road trip which was a pain. I returned this cooler and went with steel. Steel is more manageable and durable.

Another great example of you get what you pay for. Don't buy this expecting it to hold ice for 5 days or last a long time. I used this cooler on four different camping trips and not once did ice make it to the end of the second day. Only one of those trips was it over 90 degrees but it was wall covered in a shaded area to reduce direct heat from the sun. I think the main flaw is the lid is poorly designed and does not stay latched all the time allowing the cold from escaping as well as it might be able to. The latches and handles are plastic and will absolutely break after only a couple of years. I had a cheap $20 igloo that performed better than this did. I was hoping to not have to spend the money but have returned this to buy a Yeti.

WE were going car camping for 5 days and decided we needed a larger coleman cooler than the one we had purchased the year before (which was also a 5 day keeps cool cooler). Unlike the smaller cooler (54 qt or so) the thickness or insulation of the sides were a lot thinner. The blue 54 qt one was used in eastern washington with temps in mid 80's for five days and food was still cool. This 70 qt one we tried out in western washington with temps in low 70's and the ice melting rapidly. although we could get more food into it which was a plus it didn't cut it for keeping cool the entire 5 day trip. We followed instructions and put ice into the cooler a day ahead so it would be cool when the fresh ice was put in, etc. This cooler would need to have more than a block of ice and a bag of ice to last 5 days, which would leave less space for food. We kept the cooler in the van at all times and in the shade. We returned the cooler and are just sticking with the smaller coleman cooler that has much thicker insulation and takes less ice and keeps things cool as advertised. We really liked the color and size of the cooler and the way it felt -- if you only plan to use it for 2-3 days it would probably work out. It is a nice looking cooler. we were sorry we had to return it.

I am very dissatisfied with this cooler. I bought one in 2014. The handle broke in 2016. REI replaced it begrudgingly. In 2018, the handle broke again. Both times the chest was fully loaded with food and ice and the handle snapped while we were carrying it. REI will not replace again because they won't cover accidental damage. I would not recommend this and I would not purchase again. I don't believe using the cooler as it is intended and it breaking is considered accidental. We only use it about 6 times a year for short weekend trips.

I bought this cooler for the following reasons: size (large size), no wheels (just another thing to break and doesn't pack well), handles, overall rugged construction AND it has a drain (a lot of coolers don't have the drain anymore), and lastly price. The cooler has worked very well for me and I like it...would recommend it.

I didn't find that it was as good as others have mentioned -- I went through a 5 lb bag of ice in 3 days with daily puddles forming and that was with the cooler in the shade the whole time and 55-75F temps -- however, for the price it is a great value. It's easy to drain with a plug on the side and one on the bottom. It worked better than the other coolers that were on the trip. I actually went to REI for the steel-belted Coleman but my store was out of stock (despite what the website said) so I left, disappointed, with this one. But, it grew on me over the weekend and I'm going to keep it. I also considered the YETI but after using this one, I don't feel the need to spend 6x as much just to get a couple more days out of a bag of ice. This cooler is sporty, cheap enough that you don't have to worry about beating it up a little, and the closure is extremely firm.

Its a pretty standard cooler. Decent capacity. Seems to keep things as cold for as long as expected, neither disapointing or impresive. Dood handles. Easy to drain.

This cooler should be called a melter. It burned through 60 lbs of ice on a recent 1.5-day car camping trip. It sat under a picnic table in 85-degree heat and just couldn't keep ice. I'm baffled by the rave reviews this item inspires. Maybe we got a bad unit.

This thing costs a fraction of the cost of some competitors but I found its performance to be just as good. We took this cooler on a long weekend trip to Great Sand Dunes NP. With a 5 lb. bag of ice this thing held temperature without issue for 3+ days. I'm completely confident that it would last the advertised 5 days with the appropriate amount of ice. Their design with cup holders is a nice touch too!

We have a Coleman Extreme that is about 10 years old. We just used it for 2 5-day trips, Canyonlands and Big Bend. The thing still works perfectly. On both trips it held ice for all 5 days. On the last day most ice was gone but the water was still very cold. Could still make martinis the last day. It is sturdy enough to sit on. You just need to be efficient and not leave it open. It kept meat and salad for day 5. We have used it a lot and it is still perfect with no leaks after 10 years. I would buy a new one but there is no need.

The title pretty much says it all. I haven't been using this thing for too long, so I can't say much about it's longevity, but it certainly seems solid. After 3 days in mid 60 degree weather camping, the ice was only about 1/5 melted, which seems pretty good. I'd recommend.

We bought this cooler as an extra cooler for drinks while camping. It says it holds ice for a longer time. Under cool conditions outdoors and two camping trips later it has not held ice for a longer time than 6 hours. I would not purchase this cooler again!

Upgraded our cooler for recent trip to Tuoloumne Meadows. Bought one bag of ice. Still have half bag of ice left after a 5 day trip. It is built well and very attractive to boot.

if you load to the max this cooler the handles will give in

Simply put, this thing will hold ice for about a day, in the shade, that's about it. the insulation is too thin.

Says 5 day cool but it only stays cold for about a day to a day and a half

I bought this based on good reviews but it didn't even hold ice for 24 hours.

Roomy and works well when your frig goes on the blink.

Loved it, the Xtreme 5 actually kept our ice pretty well until day 6, we dumped it on day 8 then it was just very cold water. Helped us get through hurricane Irma with no power. I have refused for years to pay the price of the popular high end coolers, I feel this one works well enough without breaking the bank!

I love my cooler. Love the design and the colors. It works like a cooler is made to and it is big enough for everything I need to keep cold. I got lucky and found it last year at an REI garage sale, only needed a plug. I found one for about $5, easy fix. I definitely plan to use for many more years.

I have not used this yet. However, from the inside and out the cooler is as advertised. It has a large spacious interior, good drain plug, and the color scheme is sharp. I am anxious to test this cooler out as temperatures today reached 104 degrees.

Big step up from the run of the mill cooler in Walmart or Target or somewhere. Kept everything nice and cold for a few days. Solidly built and fits perfectly in the cargo area of my FJ Cruiser.

Used in SC for 1 day. Held ice extremely well. Only gave 4 stars because something this size needs wheels. Only filled a little more than half way and it was heavy.

Works great, will have to get back to you on durability, but keeps cold pretty long. Unfortunately, Home Depot put them on sale so this one had to go back.

Purchased after seeing online video being compared to a Yeti cooler. So far, I love it. It works great!

Fantastic price on sale! Perfect size for my travels

Way better than my old cooler. Best cooler for the $


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