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On my second device. Both share the same issue of shutting off by itself. I don't know if the switch is hypersensitive, but after running about two miles it will just turn itself off. I turn it back on and five minutes later, its out again. Tested batteries and they both show max rated voltage. There will be no third device. Will be looking for something more reliable to keep me visible.

Clip is very sturdy and works VERY well. It stays on my clothing or backpack even when I am jogging and running say, to catch the bus or train. I plan to purchase a bike soon and I think this will work very well for bike light too. I liked it so much that I bought a couple extra to clip on my dog's harness for when we go for walks after dark. Again, it is so light and small, it does not bother him at all. Very satisfied and feel a lot safer walking at night now.

Device is bright, at least on fresh batteries. It's lightweight. The cost of a couple of CR2032 batteries periodically should be factored in. (about $5). The flashing choices are either high frequency strobe or steady on. The strobe frequency is such that I think many runners will need it to be fully out of sight or risk a lot of distraction. I bought these for my bike as a side light, but will have to use on solid mode. For a pure running light, worn out of sight, it's as lightweight and visible as anything out there.

I wear these on my shoes for my night runs and I really like them. They are bright enough to catch people's attention and as long as you aren't staring at your feet while you are running then you don't even notice them.

When the light goes out mid run (3-4 miles only) I assume it needs new batteries, but then it burns out mid run with brand new batteries. Poor design. I will be returning this. I've changed the batteries 3 times.

You'll barely notice you are wearing it, but this light won't fall off. The clip works great and is easy to get on/off.

This is one of the brighter lights I have bought, especially for it's small size. It is a very good safety light that can clip on to the back of a shirt collar, backpack, or bike bag. I can even clip it on my brake cable in the front when riding around as an extra light to my headlight. The battery life seems pretty good considering I've had it for a couple of years and haven't had to replace the battery yet.

I use these both for 200mi overnight relays and for running at dawn/dusk. I love that nathan makes green and gold/orange lights to distinguish us from bikes. I find they stay on well and I don't even notice they are there. I haven't had to change batteries on mine yet (I suppose I haven't used them enough to need to). Really pleased. I've always had really good luck with Nathan products.

I use this for cycling as an extra light to throw on. I love it because I can clip it to my shoes, bag or shirt and like other reviewers stays on! I haven't had to change the batteries yet, so I can't speak on that, but I like the fact there are different color options and they are all pretty darn bright for the size.

Like another reviewer noted, I attach one of these to show laces and it constantly turns off. Pressing the button turns it on again but it goes off again and again. I tried stretching the battery terminal springs on both sides for a tighter fit but this didn't solve the problem. I have two of these and they both operate poorly.

I bought this for World's Toughest Mudder, and while it worked well throughout the night, we could never figure out how to turn it off. We'd think we had it off, then the strobe would start a slow pulse.

This thing is bright! Can't attest to battery life or waterproof-ness yet, but it definitely gets driver's attention while running in the dark.

I purchased this for running. its very light weight and bright enough that the cars can see me. I recommend this to everyone.

Light is super bright. Doesn't just provide safety but even lights my path. An asset to my active gear.

Do NOT buy. Stopped working the minute I got it out of a “all sales are final” store...

Piece of junk. Got this and it didn't work straight out of the package

Perfect for early morning runs when the sun isn't out yet.


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