Cocoon - Microfiber Mummy Liner

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Bought this to use as a protective liner for my bag. It is thin, comfortable, and fits well inside of my bag. I did notice a temperature difference while camping in 30 degree weather so I was pleased with that. I had plenty of room inside, but I am a smaller individual. Overall, its to protect my bag and it does that well.

One of the worst products I have ever had the misfortune of purchasing. Loose stitching and aberrant threads made the fabric nearly fall apart the second I unfurled it. The fabric itself is nothing special. I am rather disappointed REI even stocks this product. Needlessly to say, I returned it.

I travelled to Norway and Portugal for vacation. one half of the trip was backpacking so this came in handy. It was great to use as a clean lining to a rented sleeping bag I had to get. Kept me feeling clean! and then when I was in hotels, this was nice to sleep in as well. Very easy to pack, took up very little space in my backpack.

I bought this liner for a camping trip in Florida, and it was glorious. Super light to pack, breathable, and comfortable, it offered exactly the sleeping protection I needed. I'm also excited to use it en tandem with my sleeping back because it will make keeping my bag clean so much easier!

If you're really trying to add warmth in your mummy, this may not be the best liner, but to add a little bit, keep your bag clean I imagine it would be good. I bought it as a warm weather bag, and it was perfect on a recent camping trip in Puerto Rico. It's also tiny and travels easily.

Used this all over Arizona including the Grand Canyon with my 50F sleeping bag. Soft and comfortable material, packs down small, lightweight, easy to clean. Love this little liner. It will be a nice addition to my warmer weather pack for use without a bag as well.

This is obviously my fault expecting a $25 "camp" sheet to be more than just a regular old sheet. When rolled up only slightly smaller than a queen sized sheet....but then again I honestly don't know why I expected anything different.

I sprayed the outside of this with a bug treatment and put it in my suitcase for travel. Gave me peace of mind while staying in dorm style hostels.

I use this liner as sheets when I sleep in hostels, and it works really well for that. I sleep very warm and it wicks moisture and heat away from my body. However, the foot end is designed to fit nicely into a sleeping bag, so I can't really roll around a lot or separate my legs much, which can be annoying if you're in an actual bed.

I bought this primarily to use in my mummy bag to add a little warmth. I have not used it this way yet (it is middle of summer now). I have slept in it in my house (wife was snoring). The fabric is kind of thin but I was comfortable in it so it did add some warmth. I think it will do fine in a sleeping bag when it gets colder.

This is light weight, packs small and was the lowest cost liner at the store. My one small beef is that the material has no stretch which can make getting into it and moving within the bag a bit more difficult. In contrast I have a cold weather Sea-to- Summit liner which is very stretchy.

I was skeptical about this product when I purchased it. Now, I will never camp without it. It keeps you quite warm in your sleeping bag. It is also very comfortable. It stows away into the included stuff sucks and is compact and light.

As a cheaper liner this is useful traveling (especially if you are sleeping in hostels and prefer your own sheets) but does not add significant warmth or comfort. Good for mild climates and long trips with hostel stays.

Lovely for when it's too hot for a zipped sleeping bag, but too cold for no sleeping bag. Also nice if you're gross and sweaty from hiking and don't want to have to wash your sleeping bag as often.

This fits perfectly in my mummy bag. I love that when I sleep in my bag with shorts and a t-shirt I won't get sweaty at night. It wicks away to keep me cool.

Used this in north Texas on a cool night around 70 and it kept me perfectly warm all night. Easily packs back into its stuff sack.

I bought this for me and my son for Scout Summer Camp. The Cocoon was comfortable and cool for those summer nights.

The best there is. This is the very best water carrying system there is"


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