Garmin - tempe Wireless Temperature Sensor

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This sensor is accurate in a stable environment, i.e., indoors, total shade, neutral placement conditions. However, further research and development could advance the effectiveness of this tool. In my house, it reflects an accurate temperature, same as thermostat. Take it hiking, and that changes dramatically. On its first trip on a local desert trail, I moved it to a number of different locations, including boot laces, pack zip pocket, waist loop belt, and finally under the top edge of my pack on the carrying handle which was also shaded by a hat with a neck flap to provide additional shade. I checked the actual outdoor temperature on my cell phone. The sensor was anywhere from nine to four degrees off the actual temperature. It will be awhile before we have cloudy, overcast days again in the desert, and it will be interesting to see if the absence of sunlight will result in more accurate readings. I would suggest to begin with that Garmin make the housing "white" and also design it for air to pass through the housing. I am contemplating returning this item.

My new Garmin tempetature Wireless Temperature Sensor


Mark and April

Is this compatible with my Garmin Etrex H gps personal navigator? Or how about my Samsung S4 mobile phone?

The only eTrex model that is compatible with the tempe would be the eTrex 30. It is not compatible with older eTrex models.


Is this compatible with my Motorola smart phone?

According to Garmin, it will not be compatible with your Motorola smart phone. The Garmin Tempe Wireless Temperature Sensor is compatible with the following Garmin items:


What is the field of range for this product? I have a fenix 2 and would be using this to monitor inside vehicle temperature when transporting dogs. Thanks!

The Tempe must be within 9.8 feet of the Fenix2 to get a reading.

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