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My wife and I purchased two new Towney bikes from REI in Bellingham. Great service from the bike department. I own a road bike and a mountain bike . The Towney is a different direction in biking. I seem to hear the song “Easy like Sunday morning” in my head while riding this bike. Nice seat, like riding in your easy chair!

Smooth and easy handling. Can't wait to get to Disney rv park so we can ride to all the activities.

I finally had to give in to my old bones; getting handlebars that set me up straighter. This bike is FANTASTIC! Easy to get on, the handlebars and neck height are so comfortable for my ailing hips, knees and back. I thought it would take me forever to get used to the new (to me) gear shift - but nope - all went GREAT. What a fun new ride!

I have had my 7D for two and a half years now. Have had recumbent bikes, recumbent tadpoles, fat bikes, and a hybrid. This is the only one left. Upright position, gearing, Comfort, and the ability to mount racks and fenders make this the perfect bike. It’s been ridden on rail trails, the NY Canal trail, and on the road. Add bags and a trunk and it’s off to the market. Absolutely love this bike. Keeps this 67 year old guy riding.

Bought a Townie for my wife and myself. Very comfortable and very easy to ride. Really like being able to start and stop flat footed. We are 64 and 65 and feel much safer on these bikes.

A classic styled bicycle with thicker tires for a smooth and very comfortable ride. I love the design and, with 7 speeds, enough variety to take on any road or lane in the city.

I love this bike. Well made and just fun to ride around town.

This is an excellent bike. I was starting to have back pain using my hybrid when commuting to work so I wanted to get a bike with a more upright sitting position. The Townie is great, its very comfortable, light weight, just not very good for going up hill. Otherwise, terrific. I bicycle 20 miles a day, to and from work, and it is perfect for that.

The Electra Townie is a beautiful bike. I am excited to ride it. Unfortunately it was poorly packaged. The front fork was zip tied to a piece of cardboard and resting on the bottom of the box. The fork is damaged, the wheel mounting slot is bent on one side and will not accept the wheel mounting bolt. The paint is badly chipped on both of the mounting slots. I am waiting for REI to replace the fork. Also missing is a screw that holds the handle bar plate.

Let me start by saying I have never purchased a bicycle for myself. Had one as a kid and have been wanting another for a while and decided on this guy thanks to all the positive reviews. This bike is worth every penny. I am almost 40 and little soft around the middle and was looking at riding for fun and a little exercise. I rode this bike for 2 hours on my first time out and was still able to walk the next day! I live in a hilly area and having all the gears made it almost effortless to pedal. I zoomed downhill with ease (prob due to the extra around the middle) and my back never hurt because I was never hunched over riding. I rode mostly on pavement and some on packed gravel without any difficulty. The bike is on the heavy side though so I opted for a hitch style mount instead of a roof mount for my subi. Bike was shipped fire to rei and they promptly assembled and I picked it up a few days later. Thanks rei I’ll be back to get one for my daughter with my annual dividend!

Gave as BDay gift to my hubby and he loves it. Rides smooth and seat is comfortable. The bike is great looking too.

Bike is great but when we picked it up we realized there were some major scratches and dings on the bike we guess from assembly - very disappointing for a $500 bike!

This bike is so comfortable to ride. Can ride long distance without hands and shoulders issues. The flat foot design makes it very steady when stopping. This is a great bike!

Great bike. The crank is set forward instead of directly under the seat. Make for a very easy ride.



I have a men's townie 7..when I'm cruising and I peddle in reverse there is no clicking or chain noise at all..is this normal?

It's unusual that a bike may be silent when pedaling backwards; however, the silence is not a sign of a malfunction. If you want to have it checked out, please bring it into your nearest REI retail store where one of our bike techs can look it over:


How do I know what year the bike was built?

​While there have been no major design changes to this bike, our stock is in line with the manufacturer's current production design.


This bike comes in a TALL version.  I’ve seen it at bike shops. Do you sell it or can you order it?  

As of November 2018, we do not stock the tall version and do not anticipate carrying this size in the near future. All available sizes are on our website.


Does this bike have a low enough gear to climb a steep hill?

​Neither the gearing nor other characteristics of this bike are designed for climbing steeper hills.


My front and rear brakes have locked onto the wheel frames. The bike has only been used twice. Can anyone tell me how to unlock?

Please call a bike shop for this information. To contact a REI store bike shop, see the link below:


Are there large frame bikes for tall(6'4") ??

As of August 2018, we only carry one size for this bike.


I am 6:4 is there a Townie that will fit me?

​Based on your height, this bike is going to be a good fit.

Jim B

I am 6feet tall and 190 pounds will this bike for me comfortably.

​ This bike will comfortably fit riders from 5'1" to 6'2".

Jim B

I am 6 ft tall and 190 pounds will,the bike for me ?

​Based on the information provided, this bike should work well for you. We recommend visiting the bike shop at your local REI to ensure that the bike fits properly.

Old guy

I’m 63 years old and 5’6” male is this a good bike for me 

This bike will fit your height but the geometry may be a little different than what you're accustomed to in a traditional bike. This bike will have you reaching a little further forward to grab the handlebars.


Is this available in the tall size?

As of May 2018, this bike is not available in a tall size.​


I like the style and looks with the townie bike, is there something for a petite person, I'm about 4"11. ?

Based on your height, the Electra Townie 7D Step-Through is going to be a better fit for you.


I have also seen the Elektra 7D bicycle in a steel frame Do you carry this one If yes How much and what is the advantage of the aluminum vs steel frame besides weight

As of March 2018, we do not have this bike available in a steel frame. Aside from weight, a steel frame bike is stronger and more flexible giving you a more comfortable ride.

Uchiha Najar

Hi im 5'3 female would this bike fit me?

Yes, your height falls within the size range for this bike.


What is the weight of this bike?

This bike weighs approximately 35.2 pounds.


I am 5'1" will the Electra Townie 7D fit me?

This bike is not the best fit for anyone shorter than 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Tom Shrink

What is the average electric distance? I weigh 184 pounds. 

This bike is not electric, so there is no "average distance", but simply as far as you would be able to pedal.


What is the length of the Townie 7D?

The overall length of the Townie 7D Bike is 72 inches.


Two questions: does this bike have a thru-axel? What is the weight limit on the bike?

No, this does not have a thru-axel.

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