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I bought this bike a few weeks ago after waiting 7 years to find a bike I could step through so that I could sit on the seat and still have my feet on the ground. It is a breeze to ride and so comfortable. No backaches!

I rode my boyfriend's men's Electra Townie the other day and fell in love! I went right out the next day and bought myself a women's one! It's a gorgeous bike to look at and SO comfortable to ride. We went on a 12 mile ride and I wasn't even sore the next day. If you're looking for a bike to ride around town then I would definitely recommend this one. Super smooth when climbing hills in first gear too. Love it!

A nice complement to my mountain bike for rides around town, to the store, along dirt paths. Super Cool too.

Based on the positive comments of several friends, I boght my first Townie (original 21D) two years ago. When it came time to replace my other bike (I usually have 2-3 at a time since I don't drive & bike everywhere instead), I knew I wanted another Townie & went with the 7D this time. So far I have used it for my 15 mile RT bike commute, and shorter trips like grocery shopping & had a great ride every time. Since I will be using it for shorter rides, shopping, etc. It is a tiny bit more of a bumpy ride since it doesn't have suspension like my other bike does, but it is not enought to detract from the ride at all. On days when my back is bothering me I really appreciate the step-through ability. One suggestion check around the various REI stores to get the color you want. The store I went to only had 3 or 4 colors. I did appreciate theat they were willing to have me order a different color & would put it together for me upon arrival at the store. But of course I wanted one right away! There are so many other fun colors outt here, though....I may need to buy another one!

This bike is the answer for those who want to ride but have back and knee problems. Easy to step through and very comfortable.

we just ride on the weekends. The bike is comfortable,built well, and comfortable to ride

My husband bought this bike for me as a gift. It is super smooth to pedal and easy to maneuver. Handles, break wire, the paint and the color combination is fun. Height wise, it is perfect since I stand 4'11. I also bought a basket for my stuff to put in. I already ride with my friend for about 6 miles and this bike never give me any sign of trouble on that day. I'm loving it for sure.

This is, by far, the best bike I've ever owned! I absolutely love it! I glides so effortlessly, it truely is a pleasure to ride!

Smooth and comfortable ride. Makes my 2 miles commute from home to work a pleasant experience. So far, no complaints; satisfied & enjoying...

I was having a hard time keeping up with my fellow bikers until the Townie. It is so easy to pedal. I love the 7 gears, not too many and not too few. The seat is so comfortable that I don't need to wear my padded shorts. My old bike hurt my neck and shoulders, the Townie does not. I LOVE MY NEW BIKE!!!

Bought for my wife in her sixties. She has found it easy to ride, especially getting on and off.

I'm not a strong rider, but this bike makes it so very easy.

either i just can't change my muscle memory (from biking forever as a kid) or I am just clumsy as I'm older now, but the pedal system isn't super ideal for standing up and pedalling up a hill. on flat no grade areas, it's awesome as a cruiser. I find it difficult to get off and then walk the heavy bike up the hill (since I can't stand up and pedal right). still working on it, but this did make me second guess my purchase. I didn't return it as overall the bike is super chill to ride and so much better than my replaced bike. (not an electra)

This is the best bike I've ever had. I'm an older female who hasn't ridden in awhile and this bike was comfortable the minute I sat on it. I will have no need for another bike, I have my bike for life. : )

This bike is NOT lightweight. Have a talk with you back before you purchase it. Preferably sitting down. Lead sled at 35 lbs. If you're rolling it into your garage or shed you're probably ok. But not up stairs into the house. The lightest weight electric battery powered bike is 34 lbs. selling at $5,000. But the Townie is a human powered bike with NO built in geared rear hub. Yep, it comes with a rear derailleur. So where's the weight? Try to figure that one out. It's supposed to have an aluminum frame. So where's the weight. Some will tell you that cruiser bike seats weigh in at 3 lbs. but still where is the weight on the Townie. When you lift it up you know that weight, all 35 lbs of it, is there.

Love my new Townie Bike. So comfy and easy to ride. I am all over town with the wind in my face and a big smile full of bugs. Having the time of my life, watch out here I come!

I had a stroke a few years ago and just couldn't balance well on my old bike, plus it was bad for my neck. My Townie is a dream! The upright position is so helpful and my local bike shop added a new piece to the handlebars to put them even closer to me so I can sit up even straighter. My husband wove a skirt guard after an unfortunate incident involving a long flowing skirt. It's a really cute bike, sturdy enough that I've been riding it to work for a couple years now and only the seat shows any effects of being stored outside (we don't have a garage). I highly recommend adding your own skirt guard if you wear skirts because with it being step- through, with the addition of a skirt guard you can ride while wearing just about anything. I have a garter with a magnet to hold shorter skirts in place. This bike has made it easy for me to stay active!

I just bought two bikes for my husband and I , we thought this is a great idea for us to do something together .... my husband especially likes the bike cause it's light to pedal when you needed to switch gear going up hill , also the seat are comfortable .I'm 5'1 but still comfortable , I also liked the fact that it comes in several colors .

Love my bike,nice looking and feels great,and best ever

I am really enjoying riding around my Age 55 Up neighborhood on my new Townie bike. It is so much easier to ride on our low hills with the speed shift changes than my old one speed coaster brake bike. The staff at REI has been so helpful. They even showed me how to easily remove the front wheel to make putting the bike in my car easier so I can take it to parks and trails for more riding adventures.

The Electra Townie itself is a general purpose bike which aims at the around town on road leisurely bike riding market. It hits the mark squarely. Not a performance bike, not a mountain bike- but for what it does it's close to ideal. As delivered (assembled at the REI store) it came with both the front and rear brakes badly out of adjustment. The cable adjusters were screwed out to the limits and even so the brakes barely applied; both handles bottomed out on the handlebar with very moderate pressure. The centering springs were also misadjusted so that the calipers were way off center. Easily fixed by my husband who is mechanically apt but I would have had to load it back in the car and return it for work. Other than that, the bike itself it just fine.

The Townie 7D is the perfect bike for cruising on the street or pathways in fairly flat areas. But with the 7 gears you can make hills well too! I’m a over 65yrs woman who enjoys biking & this Electra Flat Foot Technology is very comfortable on the back & knees. Plus, it makes me feel so stable on stops to be able to plant feet flat on ground...not tip toes! Riding a bike is such a fun, freeing feeling at any age! Love my classy Icy Blue Electra townie 7D bike!!!

Best bike due to medical reasons and bad knees traded out seat as a smaller seat is better for longer rides 10-25 miles

I bought this for my Fiance for her birthday to replace an older bike. The difference is night and day. She loves riding now more than before, and the bike looks great, rides nicely and is very comfortable.

My Grandaughter bikes to school whenever possible. Now her Mom and brother come also on this new bike and kid seat that rides on the top tube & is attached to handlebar stem. Dad rides along on his own bike and new REI helmet. They repeat the ride the other direction after school. This is a PERFECT family "bonding" + exercise + not using gasoline event which can be repeated often. REI has the breadth and quality of offerings that make them the perfect place for us to shop

I just got my Townie bike and I love it. I biked 13 miles today with a baby seat on the back and it was so much fun! Great bike.

I actually planned on buying another Trek hybrid and rode the Verve. My current bike didn't feel safe and did not have the step-through option, so it was suggested that I try the Townie 7D. Never thought I would like a bike like this. After I got used to the higher handlebars (at first they seemed "loose" to me) I absolutely loved that the pedals are more out in front. I wondered if I would have trouble on hills with only 7 gears, but I was able to ride so smoothly and shift easily. Before I would stand up on many hills, which I don't think I could on this bike. I like to ride trails and country roads, and I don't have to work as hard as I used to with my more "athletic" hybrid. I absolutely love this bike- bought it in rose gold.

I haven’t had or riden a bike in years, but I found myself in need of a bike. This bike is so comfortable to ride and easy to handle. It’s pretty light for a cruiser and it’s adorable. If you’re on the fence, do it! You will not regret getting this bike.

Bought this townie for my girlfriend and she loves it. Very smooth ride and switching gears is a breeze. It is comfortable for that morning ride or afternoon ride. Perfect bike for the price.

Bought this as a surprise for out daughters 30th! She LOVES everything about it...especially that you sit up straight !! She loves Vintage/Retro too. PERFECT BIKE

I am quite happy with the bikes performance, feel, and handling. The best thing about it is the that when I see it the fun colors I am motivated to hop on and ride.

A super smooth ride and my usually aching back doesn't ache. I love how it positions you over the seat, and having 7 speeds is perfect for my rides to and from work and on the beach path. Love it!

Love my Townie Bike. It's my scoot around town bike. I was looking for a bike that would allow me to comfortably put my feet down when stopped. The seat is comfortable and the distance to handle bars provides an upright feel. I wish I would have gotten it years ago.

I just bought my bike today...and already I love it....my old bike hurt my body to ride and I would only go once around the RV park...today I went twice and could have gone another round....so comfortable that I don't even want to get of it...

Most comfortable bike I've ever owned. My friends and I had rented one and loved it, so I bought the exact same model and color. The pedals are set more forward than a conventional bike and makes the saddle much more comfortable.

I love my new bike, it's rides like a dream! It makes me feel like a kid again! If you're looking to find a bike that is a comfortable ride, beautiful appearance, great quality, this is the bike for you!

Very comfortable .Bought it for my wife and she loves it. Easy to ride around on paved roads.

Great bike. Enjoy the easy ride! Would recommend to others.

Flatfoot technology is perfect. You don’t have to mount your bike like a Pony Express Rider! 7 speed gearing is perfect! Gears 4/5/6 are just right for cruising around TOWNIE. (Pun intended) excellent addition to my other Bikes!

Just began riding yesterday so I can't give a total opinion yet. But yesterday's ride was terrific.

I used to ride a mountain bike but got to the point (age) where riding hunched over handle bars lost its appeal. After some online research I decided to test ride an Electra Townie 7D and am so glad I did!

The electronics went out within a month on ours. Had it repaired at the store but then they went out again. The derailer is bad, kickstand bends super easy, brakes need to be adjusted every month. Nothing on it seems to work anymore.

This was purchased as a gift for my teen daughter. I took it for a spin before her and it is by far the comfiest bike I’ve ever ridden. Love it!



I am female 5’ tall with 28” inseam and want a bike.  What size do you recommend?  Looking at an Electra Townie and Trek Verve low step.  What do you recommend/size?

The Townie 7D Step-Through is a great choice. The step-through combined with Electra’s Flat Foot Technology means that the bike can fit a rider ranging in height from 4’11” and up.


Dies it have a foot brake

This bike does not have coaster brakes. It has hand-controlled cantilever brakes.


Does this bike come in a 24” wheel?

We suggest looking at the Electra Original 7D or Cruiser 1 as alternatives to this bike or see all 24" wheel bikes listed in link below..


Hi i am 4 ft 6“ tall. Eil this bike fits me? Thanks

Electra feels that at 4' 6", this bike would be too large. They suggest going with a 24" wheel sized bike.


How do I Take off tire.

Great question! Check this article out:


Can I put this bike, Townie 7D  into a bike trainer when it is bad weather outside? Do you recommend any particular style of trainer? 

This bike can be used with a bike trainer when the weather is bad. The Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Bike Trainer is a great choice. Out of the box it is compatible with the Townie 7D Step-Through without having to buy any additional accessories. In addition to being super quiet, it fold up into a compact carry bag that can be carried on an airplane if needed.


What is the size of the tube used in the tires

This bike's tire uses a 26" tire tube with a 1.9 – 2.125 inch inflation width and a Shrader valve stem.


Can I fit a rear rack mounted bike seat on this bike and if so what brand of seat will work?

This bike can accommodate a rear-mounted child seat. The Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi Child Bike Seat. You will also need a rear rack that accommodate at least 55 pounds. The Planet Bike Eco Rack Bike Rack is a good choice.


What is the weight limit for this bike ?

This bike can handle a max weight of 350 pounds.


Can you have fenders put on the Electra Women’s Townie 7D step through?

Fenders are available for this bike. The SKS Beavertail Fenders are a great choice and can be located in the link below.


Whats the batter life

This bike model does not have a battery.


Can I use this Electra townie to pull the burley D’Lite double bike trailer behind it?

​Yes, that bike trailer works with the Townie 7D out of the box.


Is there a weight limit for the rider?

Yes, Electra puts a weight limit of 300 lbs. for the rider and gear.


Are Palm and Matte Violet the newest" colors for the Women's Electra Townie 7D? I am interested in learning the new colors for 2019- 20 before I purchase asap. I want to avoid "color remorse." Thank you.

​As of August 2019, the color palm and matte violet are the newest colors available and we not not sure when Electra will update the colors again.


will this bike work on pebble roads? My neighborhood has paved roads but they are not smooth pavement and the last bike I bought let me feel every bump. 

Yes, you can use this bike over pebble and cobblestone surfaces. There is no additional frame suspension to the dampen the feel, however, it can help to inflate the 2 inch wide tires to a medium-high pressure.


Hi, Are genders available for the Townie 7d step through model? If so which fender model will work? Will any of the cruiser models fit, if they are made to fit 26" tires? Thanks

Electra considers the Townie 7D bike with a step-through frame to be a women's bike because of the geometry. Men can certainly ride Townie 7D Step-Through bike if needed. In addition, Electra makes a unisex version of the Townie 7D that does not have a step-through style frame. As of August 2019, we unfortunately do not have fenders for the Townie series. Fenders can be ordered directly from Electra/Bontrager.


I’m 5’2.  66 yrs young.  Will I be able to ride this bike?  And can I get measured for a correct size bike?

Based on your height, this bike is a great choice for you. Electra bikes with a step-through frame are designed for riders 4'11" and up. One of our bike experts at any of our retail stores would be more than happy to size this bike to you.


Hello, I saw a lot of your bikes in Naples Florida. I live in Virginia on an unpaved road. Would these tires be wide enough wide with enough tread for the occasional loose gravel. Cydney

Yes, this bike will provide an efficient amount of tread for gravel surfaces. For more information, please see the features.


Does the townie have a quick release front wheel? I’ve been trying to research online and can’t find any info 

​This bike does have quick release skewers.


What is the maximum weight limit?

This bike has a 300 lb weight capacity.

townie girl

Is it possible to purchase fenders for the Townie bike in the current color offerings?  I recently purchased the 7D, Icy Blue without fenders from REI.  I just saw the D7 EQ model with fenders in Icy Blue at a different sporting goods store.  Thanks!

We sell fenders but they're not color matched to any specific bike brand or model. Therefore, we suggest contacting the manufacturer for your request.


What’s the difference in spending $550 verses $3,000 for one these electric  bikes? 

​This bike is manufactured by Electra but is not a electric assist bike.


I’ve always wanted an Electra I am 6’ tall. Would this model work for me or is there a different model that would be better? Thanks for the help :)

​According to Electra's sizing chart, this bike will work for most riders up to 6' 1" tall.


Tire psi?

​The tire on this bike has a recommended tire pressure of 30 to 55psi.


What is the frame size of this bike?

This bike has one frame size to fit most people. The standover height of this frame is 78cm.


Will this bike work with a home trainer? Most say you need a quick release tire..

This bike is compatible with most indoor trainers. Quick release skewers are usually included with most trainers but it does depend on the model. Feel free to contact us directly at 1 (800) 426-4840 for further assistance.


What is the effective top tube length? 

​The effective top tube length for this bike is 27.1 inches.


If I want to add fenders, front basket and rear cargo rack, what would be additional charge?

Please give us a call at (800) 426-4840 for advice on selecting these add-ons for this bike.


will this work on hills like sf streets up and down?

This is a good recreational bike with 7 gears, which includes a generous shifting range (14 to 34 tooth cassette cogs) to help with some hills. For daily commuting, you can choose a hybrid or endurance bike with better climbing power.


What is the diameter of the stem? I want to see if the bike is compatible with the Thule yepp mini childseat. 

​This bike uses a 25.4 mm stem.


What is weight capacity of this bike. Is it easy on knees?

​This bike has a 300 lb weight capacity. The more upright sitting position allows for a more comfortable riding experience.


How much does the Electra Townie 7D Step-Through Women's Bike weigh?

​This bike weighs approximately 35.2 pounds.


I want to buy the raspberry bike.  Can I get a white seat instead of a black seat?  I live in year round sunshine and black seats are way too hot.

Unfortunately, we cannot swap components prior to shipment, but you can purchase a bike seat separately and we'll be happy to assist changing it out at one of our REI Bike shops.


Which gear is the easiest to peddle 

​The lowest gear is easiest to pedal, however the highest gear will off the most efficiency.


I 'd like to know if It is posibble to buy a bike and send it to Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) in euros  Thanx 

As of November 2017, these bikes can only be shipped to an REI store.


I'm in the market to purchase a bike that I can not only ride on paths but also beach. Is this bike sufficient to do both? 

This Townie is meant for general riding on pavement. It has wider tires and can also be used on some sandy paths and dirt trails, but its performance is diminished on these surfaces.


Can a Electron assist wheel be put on this bike replacing the front wheel?? Does RIE carry Electron wheels?

We cannot suggest putting an electric assist wheel on this bike. As of September 2017, we do not have this type of product available at REI.


Are the tires quick release wheels? I would be taking this bike to college and I want to be able to take the front tire off to lock the bike around both wheels and the frame with a simple U-lock so it does not get stolen.

This bike comes with quick release skewers.


Can this bike be recommended for a commuter on a budget in a smaller city, hilly area? Or should the Loft 7D or 21D be considered?

This bike is not the best choice for commuting in a hilly area. The bike only has 7 gears. The Townie 21D has 21 gears and is a better choice for hills.


Can fenders be purchased for this bike?

Fenders are available for this bike. The SKS Beavertail Fenders are a fine choice.


Wanting to take my dog on bike rides, can a dog bike leash attach to this bike?

We do not recommend attaching a dog leash to this bike.


Can I get color coordinated fenders?

​As of June 2017, we do not stock color coordinating fenders for this bicycle.


What is the weight? I plan to lift it onto a car rack. Also, is 7 gears adequate for hills in & around metro Atlanta? I went to the store during anniversary sale, but salespeople were too busy to answer my questions. Thanks

​7 gears will handle just fine for hills; unfortunately Electra does not provide us with the weights of their bikes. Currently there is no industry standard for accurately quoting the weight of bikes. Frame size, componentry and whether or not certain accessories (reflectors, racks or pedals) are included with the bike can cause a significant variance in bike weight.


My first bike with gears! I mostly ride on flat surfaces...what setting should I use? If I shift on one handle do I have to shift the other handle simultaneously? Sorry to be dense. Thanks!

We recommend viewing our Expert Advice article about shifting.


What kind of tires does the Electra 7D have? Is this a comfortable bike for a senior with bad knees?

This bike comes with Semi-Slick Street 26x2.0. Most people find this bike very comfortable to ride.


I am only 5'3". Will this fit me?

Based on your height, the step-through and Flat Foot Technology of the bike, this bike will fit you.


I am only  four feet nine inches tall ,will this bike work for me ?

This bike is not the best fit for anyone shorter than 5 feet 2 inches tall.


Why are different colors different prices?

​Discontinued colors are reduced in price.


What kind of child seat cold you put on here?

As of April 2017 we have one choice that works well on this bike, the Thule RideAlong Child Bike Seat - Mini;


I was in a store the other day looking at this bike, going over the specs w a sales person and it had quick release tires but I don't see it listed here. Does this bike have it or not?  Also, does this bike not come equipped with reflectors? 

​This bike does come with quick release skewers and reflectors.


Are fenders available for this bike?

Fenders are available for this bike. The SKS Beavertail Fenders are a fine choice.


I want to know how much weight can these bikes carry? I weight about 300lbs

Electra states the maximum rider weight is 300 lbs. with up to 30 lbs. of gear. This is for paved roads, bike paths and similar conditions.


Can you stand up and ride up steep hills? I HAVE HEARD IT IS DIFFICULT ON THIS BIKE BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS A PLUS FOR IT.......

The pedals on the Townie 7D Step-Through Women's Bike are in a more forward position compared to most bikes. Given this configuration, it can be more challenging to pedals up hills.


How many teeth on the front sprocket of this bike? The 21-speed has 48/38/28 teeth in the front, so which one does the 7-speed have in front? I'm trying to figure out how much of a hill it will climb.

According to the manufacturer, the Townie 7D has a front chainring of 44 teeth.


What fenders can I get that will fit this bike. Can I get them installed when I pick up my bike at the Fresno store. What would I need to do to make that happen.

Electra offers a variety of fenders specifically for the Townie; however, REI does not stock them. The most similar option we have is the Planet Bike Hardcore ATB Fender:


Hi, I'm 5'3 and wondering if this bike would be right for me?  Also, do you assemble these?  How much does that cost?   Thank you

Based on your height, the Townie 7D Step-Through Women's Bike is a fine choice. Any bike that is ordered on REI.com and shipped to the one of our retail stores will be fully assembled at no cost once it arrives.


do you know the size (length) in inches this bike is?

The Townie 7D Step-Through bike is approximately 71 inches long from the front of the front tire, to the back of the back tire.


Can different colors be ordered in the stores? Does this bike come with fenders? I test drove one in East Hanover, NJ and I remember that it had fenders.

It is possible that your local store could order a different color in the Townie 7D. This can vary from store to store so we would recommend checking with the store closest to you.

knee deep

How much does this bike weigh?

Unfortunately Electra does not provide us with the weights of their bikes. Currently there is no industry standard for accurately quoting the weight of bikes. Frame size, componentry and whether or not certain accessories (reflectors, racks or pedals) are included with the bike can cause a significant variance in bike weight.


I'm only 5 feet.. Is this bike ok for someone my height?

The Electra Townie 7D Step-Through Women's Bike - 2014 will not be a good fit for anyone shorter than 5 feet 2 inches tall.

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